a/n: First of all this is kind of based on POKEMON SPECIAL/ADVENTURES so sorry in advance if you came in looking for an anime fic.

And I know Kotone/Lyra isn't actually in the manga and Crystal wears her clothes, but I don't care, I'll call her Soul so her name will fit the manga naming pattern.

- END -

It was the beginning of the second semester at Indigo Plateau High. Students were meeting each other again, hugging and screaming, but even seeing their friends wasn't enough to make them forget the horrible truth. School had started again.

Gold, Silver, and Crystal's first class was 'Advanced Type'. Gold was wearing his trademark red and white jacket under his black school blazer and blue pants. Silver was more well dressed as he was wearing a white shirt and red tie under his buttoned navy blue school blazer as he as supposed to. Chris was also wearing a white shirt. It was tucked in her black skirt and she was loosely wearing a red bolo tie with the school's emblem. Her navy blue blazer was unbuttoned and her skirt was tight.

"I hear there's a new student coming to our class," said Chris.

"And by that you mean it's a rumor or…?" asked Gold cockily.

"I know it! I have my sources," said Chris.

"And by sources you mean-" Gold continued.

"Platina! As in the student council president. Don't question me!" she said angrily.

"This early in the morning and you're already having a fight with your girlfriend," smirked Silver.

"I am not his girlfriend!" Chris yelled.

"I know, you're way out of his league." Silver pointed at Gold.

"Who are you talking about? I don't see any girls fluttering around you!" Gold said, pissed.

"I don't need any weak scrawny girls around me, unlike you who needs them to hide his own weak self." Silver smirked more.

"Who are you calling weak? You're not strong, you're just scary to every girl other than Blue. Don't scare the new student if she's a girl, okay?" Gold turned away from him.

"She doesn't have to be afraid of me to run away from you." Silver also turned away as Lucian walked in with a new student.

"Children, this young lady is Soul," Lucian said. She will be in your class starting this semester until you graduate next year. Go on, introduce yourself."

The girl seemed shy. She was wearing a white shirt and black skirt which had suspenders. She was also wearing a white shirt and black skirt which had suspenders. She was also wearing a red ribbon, which matched the one on her hairband. Her jacket was hanging on her bag. "I'm Soul. I came here from New Bark Town. Pleased to meet you."

Suddenly, Gold moved. "New Bark Town?" he said loudly.

Soul was surprised. She raised her head to look at him. "Gold?"

"Soul? Soul!" Gold yelled happily, "Long time no see."

Soul smiled. The teacher told her to sit right in front of him, between Chris and Silver. "You know him?" asked Chris. Soul nodded. "Nice to meet you, I'm Chris."

After a long hour of learning which type has more attack stats, the class ended.

"So, Soul, which dorm are you in?" Chris asked.

Soul looked at a paper in her hand. "North Wing, Group A, Room 3," she said.

"Awesome, were' in the same dorm," said Chris. "I'll introduce you to the others at lunch."

"So, how's everyone back home?" asked Gold.

"They're fine. Professor Elm said he was going to give a few lectures here this semester about baby Pokemon and breeding," Soul said. "He even asked your parents if he could borrow a few eggs."

"I hope my mom will send some food with him," said Gold. "I'll give you some if you want. I'll even share it with that strict woman if she asks nicely, but I won't give it to that guy with the black aura."

"Who would want to eat the same food as you," said Silver rudely.

"You're just jealous because my mom sent me home cooked food," said Gold.

"What food? It's not even real."

"Even if it's not real, you're not getting any. Hmpf!" said Gold, and raised his nose.

"They're such good friends," smiled Soul.

"Who's good friends with that guy?" Silver yelled, looking angrily at Soul.

Soul took step back. "I-I'm sorry…" she said quietly.

Silver moved back slightly when he saw her expression.

"Look what you did," said Gold. "You almost made her cry!"

"Shut up, the both of you!" Chris said finally. "It's both of yours fault. It's her first day here, geesh."

It was almost lunch time, and with Chris' help, Soul made it until then without another problematic situation.

"Again, I'm sorry about those two idiots," said Chris.

"No problem," said Soul. "New experiences are always scary."

"Don't say that. Let me introduce you to the other girls in our dorm," said Chris, walking toward a table with four girls. "This is Blue, she's a senior. A year ahead of us." Blue had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black tank top and a red tie. She had a white skirt on. Blue smiled and said "hi".

"This here is Yellow. She's in the same class as Blue." Yellow was short, but had long blonde hair. She was wearing a black shirt, red tie, and school vest. She also had a white skirt.

"Wait…you're older than me?" asked Soul, shocked. Yellow nodded.

"This is Sapphire. She's a year younger than us, a sophomore." Sapphire had short brown hair which she tie up with a barrette, excluding two parts in the front. She was wearing a half unbuttoned white shirt over black shorts. Her school jacket was tied to her waist.

"Hiya. You can call meh Sapphy," she said.

"And this is Platina. She's a freshman, but she's also the student council president. You'll be sharing a room with her." Platina had long blue hair. She was wearing a white shirt and black vest over her black skirt. Her jacket was longer and reached to the end of her skirt. She also had a pink scarf the same color as her socks. She courtly bowed her head to greet Soul.

"Guys, this is Soul. She's in my class and she came here from New Bark Town today. She'll be staying with us," explained Chris.

Soul smiled. "Hi."

"Okay, I'll leave you here for awhile. I need to go to the elementary section to check up on Emerald," said Chris as she left.

"So if you're from New Bark," said Blue, "you must know Gold. He said it was a small town."

"Yes, we're old friends," said Soul.

"So you must know his secrets or maybe embarrassing memories," grinned Blue.

"I might. Though I'm not sure if I should tell you," Soul said, hesitating.

"Too bad. I thought I had some good gossip or stuff for Silver mock about," sighed Blue. "Oh, did you meet Silver, he's also in you class."

"I just came here today, I can't remember anyone's name other than Crystal and Gold," said Soul.

"Ya can't miss him," said Sapphy while stuffing her face. "He's da one with red hair 'n da bad attitude."

Soul suddenly flinched. "I guess you did meet him," said Platina.

"Sapphire, no!" suddenly a guy yelled and took the food away from Sapphire. He was wearing a white shirt over a red t-shirt and had an unbuttoned navy blue vest over them.

"What da ya think yer doin'? Ruby you idiot!" yelled Sapphy.

"You're eating like a barbarian, you'll mess up your clothes," he said and started to look at her if he was already too late. "What happened to your skirt, I especially prepared it for you to wear it today!"

"Nonna yer business. I feel more comfortable like this! Now give meh mah food back!" yelled Sapphy and took her food back from Ruby.

"Ugh!" Ruby was defeated. Then he suddenly noticed the new face. "Hi, you must be new. I'm Ruby."

"I'm Soul," Soul said, shaking his hand.

"Don't mind this brute, she wasn't supposed to be born a girl," said Ruby.

"What did ya say?" yelled Sapphy angrily.

"Nothing, nothing. Just don't eat too much or you'll get fat," he said as he left.

"Ruby, ya idiot. I'm gonna kill ya!" said Sapphy as she took a last bite and went after him.

"Don't worry about them," said Blue. "They actually have a very good relationship. They just bicker like this when there's nothing going on. Anyway, did Silver do something to you? I can yell at him for it. He'll listen to me, I'm like his big sister."

"It's okay. It was probably just my new school jitters," said Soul.

Suddenly, two guys came to their table. One with black hair who was wearing a white vest and red tie over a black shirt, and the other with brown hair who was wearing a semi-buttoned black shirt with an untied bowtie. Both had white pants.

"Hi!" said the black-haired one.

"Soul, these are Red and Green. Green, Red, this is Soul," introduced Blue.

"Our class is about to start," said Green.

"Oh, right!" said Blue as she and Yellow packed their stuff. "Sorry, we have to leave."

"See you at the dorm." Yellow waved goodbye.

Now only Soul and Platina were left at the table. Soul found herself looking at the blue-haired girl and losing herself in thought.

Suddenly Platina looked up to her. "Don't worry, I'll sit with you until Chris gets back," she said.

"Oh, thanks," Soul smiled. "I actually hadn't thought of that."

And then suddenly two boys came and sat on either side of Platina. One was black-haired and wearing a hat. He was wearing a white shirt and a navy blue vest. He also had a red scarf. The other was blond. He had a navy blue blazer over his white shirt and he also had a green scarf.

"Missy, we came as soon as we were done with our lunch. We came to pick you up for class," said the blond one.

"Don't be rude. I'm accompanying Soul here until Chris gets back. Be polite and introduce yourselves," said Platina.

The guys had just noticed Soul.

"I'm Diamond, feel free to call me Dia," said the black-haired boy.

"I'm Pearl," said the blond one.

"Can I have a piece of that?" asked Dia, pointing at Soul's bento.

"Don't be rude," said Platina as Pearl hit Dia's head.

"It's okay, you can have some. I don't think I'll able to finish it all anyway," smiled Soul as she pushed the rest of her food towards Dia.

"Thank you," Dia smiled as he received the generous donation. "He wouldn't let me finish what I started to eat."

"Because you started to eat from other people's plates," said Pearl.

Soul giggled. "You think it's funny?" asked Dia. Soul was a bit taken aback, but nodded. "That's great! We want to be a famous comedy duo, you know."

Soul instantly felt better. "That's great. I'd love to watch it sometime. At least I know you won't get mad at me for thinking you're friends," smiled Soul. Right at that moment Silver was walking pass right behind her. She didn't see him, but he heard her.

"Why would we do that? We've been best friends forever," said Pearl. "And Missy's been our other best friend ever since we met her."

"Are you guys also in the student council?" asked Soul.

The boys shook their heads. "Missy's the politician. She's smart, we're funny," said Dia.

"And she won't admit she laughs at out jokes," said Pearl.

"That's because I don't. As a Berlitz I must always keep my poise," said Platina. All three of them just stared at her.

"Hey guys." Suddenly a cheery voice came from behind. It was Chris. "I kinda got caught up talking to Emerald and I ran all the way back when I realized how late it was. Thanks for taking care of Soul. Come on Soul, we got to get to gym pronto."

Gym was a great class. Everyone loved it mostly because they could train with the Pokémon. Today's lesson was about the Pokéathlon and Crasher Wake paired everyone up so two people could form a team with their Pokémon.

"Okay, this is simple. Today we'll practice 'Goal Roll', but instead of three your teams will have two Pokémon. On from each team member. Remember, it's important to have a great bond with your Pokémon, but at this school we teach you how to bond with other trainers as well, so look at the board to see who you're paired up with."

Everyone dashed to the board and everything was a mess. But eventually it began to become calmer and teams started to form.

"Looks like you're with me Chris," grinned Gold.

"My lucky day." She rolled her eyes. "Who're you with Soul?"

Soul was still trying to find her name. "She's with me," said Silver, appearing from Gold's back.

"Since when were you here?" Gold jumped.

"Since the class began. Seriously, how did you get this far without failing," mocked Silver.

"Oh, enough with you two," said Chris. "We have work to do. Come out, Arckee." She took out her Arcanine.

"Right," said Gold, and took out Ataro. "I see an empty space over there, c'mon Chris."

They left and now Soul was with Silver, her teammate. There was an awkward silence between them.

Silver ended that. "Look, about today..." Soul didn't know what was happening and she was afraid so she just closed her eyes and leaned away. "I'm sorr—"

Just as Soul was opening her eyes after hearing what he was saying, she saw Gold between them. "What do you think you're doing? Making her cry again? What's wrong with you picking on her just because she's my friend? Is that why? Do you wanna learn my embarrassing secrets from her? If that's going to make you leave her alone I'll tell you. I slept with a Jigglypuff doll until last summer. I gave my mother's Vulpix a bad haircut and told her it was Ataro and—" Gold suddenly stopped when he realized everyone including Chris and Soul were laughing at him. Silver was trying very hard to keep his cool and not burst out laughing.

"He was just apologizing Gold," said Soul.

Then everyone suddenly stopped laughing. "H-he was apologizing?" asked Gold in total shock. Soul nodded. He pointed at Silver. "This guy? Are you sure it was this guy with the red shaggy hair?" Again, Soul nodded.

Silver suddenly got restless. Lightly, he grabbed Soul's wrist and started to walk away. "Come on, we have things to do."


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