Sorry if the prologue is a little too harsh and serious even though this fanfiction is under the 'comedy' section. The funnier parts are in the later chapters :)


As the defenceless Byakuran braced himself up for the X-burner Tsuna fired at him, he could not help but reminisce, about the time where the Cervello looked for him to be the bearer of the sky Mare ring, about the time he was told about his fate as a "player" and the time he was warned of the other two sky ring wielders as the other two "players".

He closed his eyes, as if expecting the X-burner to engulf him totally, charring his body till there is nothing left of him. Just as he was positive the sky flames actually touched his skin, a sudden gush of wind tore by, blasted him out of his position and seemingly uprooted him. [Refer to chapter 280]

"Strange… isn't the X-burner supposed to hit me yet?" He opened his eyes slowly as a foreign backdrop formed just in front of his eyes. A giant crescent moon hung onto the deep black sky which appears to be capable of swallowing one into the empty space if he were to stare at it. Getting up from the sandy ground he landed on, he spotted a man gazing at him with amusement.

"My, my, you don't seem to be in the best of shape, aren't you?"

"Who… are you?"

"Pardon me for my rudeness. I am Aizen Sōsuke, the true wielder of the Tri-ni-sette and I feel the need to thank you for delivering two of its missing main component…"

Byakuran's eyes widened in shock. "What are you trying to say…"

Chuckling, Aizen walked over to Byakuran and drew his sword. "Do you want to know why you have been unsuccessful in activating the Tri-ni-sette in your parallel worlds? Other than the Mare rings, the Vongola rings and the Arcobaleno pacifier, there are three other components which are needed to fully awaken the Tri-ni-sette and one such component is..."

Aizen inched closer towards the unarmed Byakuran. "You… though I have to thank you once again for not only offering yourself to help me awaken the Tri-ni-sette, but also allowing the sky Arcobaleno's soul to return to the Tri-ni-sette where it should be… Now, with the completed Tri-ni-sette obtained from another parallel world, I am only missing one last component."

With that, Byakuran could only look helplessly as Aizen closed up towards him. "Farewell…" Aizen mouthed as he brought his sword down…

It can't be... after all my efforts... the object I'm trying to attain actually needs my soul for it to be fully awakened?

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So... basically some infomation about the Tri-ni-sette:

In this world, there exist a large number of Rings with hidden powers. The most powerful of these are the Mare Rings, the Vongola Rings, and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, which are the Rings that make up the Tri-ni-set or 7³. Each set contains 7 Rings, so there are 21 Rings in total. 7³ is the foundation of this world, and the Arcobaleno sacrifice themselves in order to protect it. Byakuran wants the 7³ to create a new world.
[Extracted from Reborn! wikia]

For this fanfiction, Aizen managed to obtain the fully assembled Tri-ni-sette from another parallel world and came to this specific world to "collect" the remaining three components since it will be much easier to [Uni sacrificed herself in this world to allow Tsuna and gang to return to the past; Byakuran got defeated by Tsuna]. Through the use of the remaining powers of the Hōgyoku, Aizen enabled himself the ability to jump through time as well since the Hōgyoku materializes a person's inner desire.