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Chapter 1:

Cammie Morgan POV

I watched the moving truck as it headed away from my new house. The last of our stuff had been delivered today. It is official; I must accept my new life.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cameron, but call me Cam or Cammie. I have a older sister, Macey, and a twin Brother, Grant, and a only the greatest dad in the world! My mom died a while back, but I don't like to talk about it.

If you are wondering why I moved into the small town I am wondering, too. Okay, so there is a reason. My dad is a big corporate owner of the Ford car company. He was transferred here to Roseville, Virginia. I just do not understand why we had to move to this small of a town. I grew up in Atlanta; it is not like I need big cities, it is just that I have been well adapted to them. However, it seems my dad thinks I am in need of a change. I will be going from my old school, Gallagher High School, to Roseville high. There is a huge difference in attendees; there is almost a 2000 person difference.

Let me explain my family. My sister, Macey, is the fashionable one of the family. This may help explain why she thinks I need a complete makeover. Apparently, t-shirts, baseball caps, and tennis shoes just cannot cut it anymore. Despite Macey's obsession with my unfortunate looks, I do love her a lot. I look to her for anything just like any girl would do.

Then there is Grant, my twin. I will not lie. Grant is attractive; that is an understatement. Whenever we go out somewhere, girls are swooning over him. It is actually quite hilarious, and he seems to enjoy himself. On the rare occasion that a boy may shoot me a smile, Grant seems to ruin my chances. You see, Grant is unfortunately incredibly overprotective. But I do love him. We are mostly into the same things. He loves football, soccer and basketball almost more than I do. Note the almost.

You may be asking yourself, what do I do? I could be stereotyped as a sporty girl. I play soccer, basketball, softball, and i run cross-country and track. I also play football any chance I get, but they don't let me play on any teams since I am a girl. Can you say, sexist? I would leave you to believe it is.

Let me explain the current situation. I'm sitting on the front steps. Grant, Macey, and my dad are all inside doing all sorts of things. I can't help but notice that the neighborhood I am currently living is for people who are loaded with cash. We have a three-story house; there are two real floors and a basement. We also have a pool with a diving board and a slide. I will enjoy that. Best of all, we had a basketball court, soccer/football field, baseball diamond, and a running path in my neighborhood for residents to use. Which is now me! This makes me incredibly excited.

I got up and went in the door, up the stairs. I immediately took a left into my room. My room is incredible. It is lime green with a black and white bedspread. Best of all, there is a balcony! I must admit, this house is definitely growing on me.

I decided to change into shorts and a t-shirt. I looked out of my window to see a group of kids over at the football field. They must be playing some sort of game. "Grant!" I yelled across the hall. He walked out of his room and into mine. "You want to go see if we can play with those kids. They look about our age." I said. That got his attention. Grant likes group games. He went to change, and he came out in five minutes. We headed off to meet our new neighbors.

As we walked towards the group, one by one heads turned to look at us. I could see all the girls eyeing Grant. A couple of the boys were even looking at me! I hoped Grant didn't notice. "You must be our new neighbors." A brunette spoke. I took time to take in his features. He was about 6.2 to 6.3. His frame had a muscular build that indicated he worked out a lot. However, the thing that stood out to me most was his piercing green eyes. For some reason, I found myself staring into them. They were beautiful. The brunette continued," I'm Zach. And this is Tina, Bex, Liz, Jonas, Chase, Logan, Drew, Ben, Josh, and Anna." He said, pointing to each one of the kids in front of us.

"Hey, I'm Cammie and this is my brother Grant." They all waved and we waved back. They seemed pretty nice.

"So Grant do you want to play football with us?" Zach asked him? He nodded.

"Cammie." Tina said sweetly. "Do you want to come and practice cheers with us? We heard you were athletic, and we could really use you on the team." Grant laughed. Tina looked taken-aback.

"Um, if the guys don't mind, I'd rather play with them." I said. Many of the guys turned to look at me, and I found myself looking into Zach's eyes. I blushed and he smirked. I must admit, he looks hot smirking. Then again, from what I can tell, he could look hot no matter what.

"Yeah, that's fine, Bex plays with us too. She want sit out for anything." Josh said. I had time to take in his features. How I had not managed to see that he was incredibly cute, I do not know. Maybe it was because he was standing next to Zach; Zach seems to make everyone look unattractive. When really, it is not true. Josh looked like a little sweetie. He looked like the genuine guy that would never lie to anyone. He had blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. Yet, they were no match towards Zach's.

I smiled at Bex; we high fived.

"Sorry, didn't know you were into sports." Zach apologized. I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Its okay." I said. "I get that a lot." He smiled back.

We walked out onto the field. "So, Grant do you play football?" Chase asked him.

"Yeah, quarterback." He responded.

"Cool, our school teams quarterback is amazing. His name is Austin. Unfortunately, he is such a player and has such a bad reputation. I hope you can take his place." Bex said sweetly. I may be no expert, but I think she was trying to flirt. Grant smiled back. Clearly it was working. I couldn't help but notice that they would make an incredibly cute couple.

"So, who are the captains?" I asked. I was ready to play.

"Um, how bout Zach and Grant." Drew said. They both shrugged. I guess it was settled.

"You can choose first." Zach said. Aw he's so sweet.

"Cammie." Grant said automatically. Everyone's head shot up. Clearly they were shocked. Sexist pigs.

"But she's a girl." Logan challenged. "So she should suck." I couldn't help but scowl at his comment. However, being the better person, I let him go. He would learn for himself that girls can do all that boys can do.

Zach shot Logan a warning glance. It seemed to say play-nice. "Okay." Zach said awkwardly trying to break the tension. Not working so well, but that's okay. "I pick Logan." Logan smirked at me and I scowled at him again. Of all people Zach had to pick, he had to choose Logan. Urg.

Poor Grant he didn't know who to pick seeing as he barely knows these kids. But some of them looked obviously better than others, including Bex. "Bex." He said. She smiled at him. Guess the guys don't pick her first usually just because she's a girl.

"Aww look. Grant's got a team of girls. As if we can't take them." Can you guess who said that? Logan. I let that comment slide, but my patience was being undermined.

"Drew." Zach said.

"Josh." Grant said.

"Ben." Zach said.

"Chase." Grant said.

"Jonas." Zach said.

"Okay, so I guess we can play two hand tag since the girls are playing." Logan said. Bex frowned and so did I.

"We can play tackle." I said then they all looked at me. They waved it off.

We walked to the end of the field. We were receiving the ball. "What positions can I play?" I asked.

They all looked at each other. "Wide receiver." I smiled. That's my favorite position.

Zach kicked the ball off and it came to me. I smiled. This would be fun. I got to the 50. It was not a bad run, but it could have been better. Grant snapped the ball and I took of running. He threw a perfect spiral towards me and I took off. I heard someone running behind me; they were really fast. In a split second, I felt myself being lifted into the air and spun around. I was laughing. Then I was set on the ground ever so gently. "Gotcha." Zach said. I laughed, and he helped me up. He was so fun so sweet, so loving. Wow, I have known him for a day. It is official. I'm pathetic.

We scored the next play, and then we kicked off. Logan got the ball and I smiled. Then I ran straight at him. He smirked, challenging me to try to tackle. Bring. It. On. I didn't slow my pace and I ran straight into him successfully knocking him over. They all gaped at me. Then I did the nice thing. I pulled Logan up, only to have him yank me down headfirst into the ground. He laughed and Zach and Josh ran to me automatically. I knew they were the sweet ones. "Cam, are u okay?" Josh asked me? He was already calling me Cam. How cute!

"Yeah, thanks y'all" I said. Zach offered me his hand; I felt sparks fly when our hands touched and my heart began to race. I became sad after he pulled me up for he let go of my hand. Then I saw Grant. He was about to kill Logan. As much as I wanted, I couldn't let that happen.

"Grant." I yelled at me. "Not worth it." He turned and looked at me. He was holding Logan by his shirt collar. I walked over to him, and I removed his hand from Logan's shirt. He scowled at me. I clasped my hands together and rocked on the bottom of my feet. "Thanks for everything you guys. Can't wait to see ya'll around. But I think we have to go." I said.

"Bye Bex, bye Anna, Tina." I yelled to them. They smiled at me and waved.

"Bye guys. Nice to meet ya'll," I said.

Many of them mumbled things such as "You too." and they all waved, except for Logan. Whatever. He should be thankful. I saved his sorry little butt.

Grant was muttering cuss words under his breath. "If. That. Son. Of. A. Bitch. Ever. Does. That. Again. I. Will. Personally. Knock. The. Shit. Out. Of. Him." I laughed. Only Grant.

"Grant, I'm fine. I'm not a baby. I can take care of myself." I said, although it was comforting to know that I always had Grant as back up.

We were inside watching TV for about 15 minutes when the doorbell rang. I opened the door only to see Bex standing there. " I just want to apologize right now for Logan. He is so, urg. Rude."

"Its okay. You want to come in?" I asked. She nodded. "So which house is yours?"

"3 doors down." She responded. I frowned. It would have been cool for her to be my real neighbor.

"Who lives next to me then?" I asked.

"Zach." I smiled at that. "And Logan." The smile disappeared. I scowled. Crud. Things just became more interesting for me.

Chapter 2

I could not seem to fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. I had met some people who had seemed really nice today, so when school starts tomorrow morning, maybe I won't be so lost. As hard as I tried, sleep would not come.

Pro's and Con's of Being a Teenage Girl:
Pro: When you are moody, you have an excuse.
Con: When you are mad, people automatically think that is the reason.
Pro: We can multitask.
Con: Sometimes we aren't as efficient.
Pro: We have a high attention span.
Con: This can cause us to be sleep deprived.
Pro: We can think a lot of different thoughts.
Con: Those thoughts may include a certain green-eyed boy that you met today.

-the next morning-

"CAMMIE. Open your door now! I have been here for five minutes! Get up lazy butt!" Grant yelled knocking obnoxiously on my door. Some people wonder why I'm not a morning person, but can you blame me? If you woke up to Grant banging on your door every morning, you wouldn't exactly be merry either.

"Why?" I muttered back. I threw a pillow at my door hoping that it would make him go away. It only seemed to exacerbate my problems. He began to pick my lock. Somehow, it was jammed. God was on my side this morning. Who knows what Grant would do if he got in.

"Open up. We have school today." I waved that fact aside.

"Let me sleep." I grumbled again.

"Cammie!" Macey's soothing voice said. "Wake up sweetie!" Believe me, I would much rather wake up to that.

"Ugh." I gave a clearly noticeable groan. Macey doesn't believe I am quite right in the head. She thinks that it is her job to get me ready. It's sad really. I mean think about it. I am a 16-year-old girl that has her sister help her get ready. I don't believe that's something you should share on a first date.

"Now!" Macey yelled. I slowly walked to my door and opened it. She smiled at me and welcomed herself into my room; she went straight to my closet. Macey looked through my clothes and picked out a black shirt, dark navy skinny jeans, black boots, and a pink necklace with my initials (CAM= Cameron Ann Morgan) with matching earrings. " You should wear this today!" Macey said.

There was no point in arguing with her. That girl gets everything she wants, so I just agreed and saved my breath. I put my clothes on in the bathroom and came back out. "What next?"

Macey looked at me for a minute. Her dark blue eyes stared into my lighter eyes. "Lose curls." She said. My hair is down a little passed midway to my back, and Macey says I look prettiest like this. So I let her have the fun of curling my hair. She then put makeup on me; I felt like a doll. When I was done getting ready, Macey approved of course, I went down to eat a bowl of cereal. None of my family is really all that good at cooking. Except for Macey, but she is good at everything.

After that it was 7:45, and homeroom starts at 8:00. I got all my stuff together and called Grant down. We each have a car (I have a black Honda Xterra, grant has a 2011 black Hyundai Sonata.) but we just ride to school together unless one of us has something to do after school. We took my Xterra for 2 reasons. 1. I like to drive. 2. We like my car better.

When we got to school we went to the office. She gave us each a schedule. Our lockers were a few away from each other, we had 2nd and 4th period together (in a day we have 6 periods) and lunch, so I was pretty happy. I would get to see Grant but I wouldn't be stuck with him all day like it usually happens.

I walked into my homeroom (Mrs. Heaton) right as the bell rung. I gave her my new student form and she smiled at me. Must be a nice teacher. I looked around for people I knew when I spotted Bex, Josh and Zach sitting at the back in a little group. "Mind if I join?" I said.

"Nope," Zach said smiling as he scooted over. "You look pretty today Cam." AWW!

"Yeah, really pretty." Josh added. They glared at each other for a minute.

"Thanks!" I was already in a great mood. Nothing could ruin this first day!

Chapter 3 (New Chapter)

So far, the day has gone by smoothly. It turned out that I had every class with Zach. I thought it was fate. I also had all classes with Bex and Liz. I had one class with Tina and Jonas. To bad, they were nice. Much to my dismay, Logan was in 4 of my classes. Chase, Drew, Ben, Josh, and Anna were in 3. We all ate lunch together.

By forth period, however, things began to come to a downfall. I got to meet the quarterback, Austin.

We were in our math class. The classroom was set up so that the seats were in groups of two. We had assigned seats and Zach was to my left, just at the other table. Unfortunately, Austin sat beside me.

For those of you who do not remember Austin, he is the player-quarterback I was warned about. I reluctantly sat down beside him. He scooted his chair closer so that our legs were touching. I scooted away from him. "Playing hard to get I see." He said. "Eww. Back off." Apparently, this teacher was not a very good one. She didn't care if people talked. In fact, the only thing she cared about was these stupid assigned seats.

"Honey don't you know who I am? I'm the star quarterback." He gave a disturbing smile. "You would be lucky to date me."

"You currently are the star quarter back. Once the new football tryouts start, I believe you will be bench warming." He seemed to be taken aback. At first, he was angered. Then he seemed to become flirty again.

"Baby, baby, baby. Who could beat me out of that slot."

"My twin brother. And he could also beat your sorry ass." That seemed to make him shut up. I looked over at Zach having known he was listening to the whole conversation.

"Nice one Gallagher Girl." I'm pretty sure my face reflected surprise.

"Have you become my stalker?" I said jokingly, "Because I don't remember mentioning that to you."

He smirked. "I like to think of myself as more of a spy. Zach Goode isn't a stalker." He began to mumble, "I wish I could say the same about Austin."

We both began to laugh and Austin shot us glares. I know for a fact he did not hear our conversation, but I think he could tell we were talking about him.

Zach and I spent the rest of the period talking. Bex was at the front of the classroom, and as she spun around, she began to wiggle her eyebrows at me. I knew we would be discussing this later. It was nice to know I had someone to talk to about everything.

The bell rang and as I stood up, and started to walk I was tripped, and I fell on my butt. Everyone began to laugh. Austin had done it. Zach walked over to Austin and began talking to him loud enough for the whole room to hear. "Don't you ever touch her again." Zach said. Aww he defended me. He just kept getting better and better.

"You got a problem Goode? You have to defend your little girlfriend?" Austin replied.

By now the whole room was silent. "No she's my friend. Now, I understand that you may not understand that term, considering you have none. But, if you mess with her, you mess with me. Got it? Good." the whole room went silent. Zach turned and walked away from Austin.

"You'll be sorry you did that Goode." Austin yelled. Zach didn't seem the least bit worried. He actually let out a chuckle.

"Are you okay, Gallagher Girl." Looks like my new nickname was sticking.

"Yeah, thanks for sticking up for me Goode." I replied. He smirked when I called him Goode.

"Anytime. That's what friends are for, right?"

I nodded. Friends.

I got all my stuff together, and when the bell rung, I was ready to leave.

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