Getting Back What Once Was Lost

Summary: Peter and Char find Bella…they know she is the Major's mate…so they make her into his perfect match, everything he would ever want. When the time comes for them to finally meet…will they fall in love or will he stay devoted to a family that doesn't seem him in the same light? Twist turns and Volturi!

I own nothing. Steph M does. Grrr. But I wouldn't mind taking the Major for a ride….he he he.

Eh….here is my first go around….really I was reading and went to sleep and had dreams about this stuff. I really am hoping I'm not copying anyones ideas I really just wanted to go from a dream state to paper…well….word document he he. Things will get complex and weird and it will not be instant love I promiseee. But it also wont be drawn out for 4893084390 chapters k? thanks!

Training the Major's Mate

Peter POV:

For the past 11 years my mate Charlotte and I have had the pleasure of taking care of (and training) the Major's mate. Isabella…she has always been beautiful, but as the years go on her beauty grows. We have lived in Arizona since Charlotte and I found her, and saved her from the household she was in.


"Peter!" Charlotte yelled for me, "I found her I found her!"

I had no idea what she was going on and on about, but then it hit me! The Major's mate! But Char looked like she would cry if she could.

"Baby whats wrong?" I asked her.

"Peter….look at this place….the mother is selling drugs and they don't even feed her….she is 5 years old and she is COOKING….cooking Peter….who does that at 5? This isn't fair we have to take her with us, please…we can take care of her right? And when Jasper is ready we will introduce them….right? Please Peter?"

"Char babe….do you really think….how about we watch for a few days and if it is as bad as you think we will take her okay?" I compromised with her but she didn't look satisfied.

"Fine Peter but she isn't leaving my sight."

So we stayed there for three days and watch drug deal after drug deal go down in that house, the mother wouldn't even acknowledge Isabella. So it was time to take things into our own hands….Char and I made a quick meal out of the nasty drug dealing bastards, and then I covered the house with gasoline. Char went up to Isabella's room and got her to pick her favorite things to take with her….strangly enough…she picked books.

"Isabella…my name is Charlotte….I'm going to take you away from here okay? Everything is going to be better from now on."

"Are you an angel?" she said, "you look like an angel, you are so pretty? Will you be my mommy? Can I call you mommy…oh this is going to be great!"

That child was STRANGE! But she would fit it great. I walked in behind Char to see her holding Isabella….and she looked so happy. I was happy that my mate was happy…now if only we could get Jasper to be as happy one day…but I can forsee some complication.

End flashback

I was pulled from my flashback as Bella came running down the stairs screaming something about not wanting to wear pink.

"Bells, what's wrong?" I asked

"Daddddddyyy….." she drawled out….oh know this cannot be good she only plays that card when she wants something or did something to piss off Char.

"What did you do Bella?"

"Nothing Daddy…..I just want you to take Mama for a hunt so I can have some alone time…"

"Alone time? What….are you reading his books again Bella?"

"I…um…well….no.." she stuttered out and blushed. Bella loved to read Jasper's history books or books about him.

When she turned 13 we told her all about vampires and how she was destined to be with the Major even if he didn't know it yet. I told her all about our days with Maria, how Jasper had found Alice. Then she asked the most sought out question…"if Jasper loves Alice so much how come they aren't mates?" I didn't have an answer for it so I explained Char's aura gift where she can find soul mates because their auras will be halves to a whole. And with total recall as vampires she could always remember Jasper's so when she met Isabella of course she knew he was his other half.

"Bells…you know we leave in a few days….we have told you everything we know and you have read all those books a thousand times. There isn't anything you can do except meet him. You know how to act, we have taught you well. He just won't know you are what he needs right away…remember…he has been different from who he really is for a long time…" I could tell she was self conscious about all this stuff, she didn't think she was meant for him, she always called him beautiful whenever she would see old pictures from throughtout the years.

"but….okay fine….just…I'm nervous really really nervous and I don't know what I am going to do if.." she trailed off and looked at the floor, I hated when she did that.

"Bells…." Char finally came down into the picture, "you are my daughter…and he will love you. It should be instant, but no promises, you know this we have told you, he has been changed….its not his fault…you have to help bring him back to who he was and when he figures it all out…he will love you even more…now go on and have your alone time…remember we are leaving in the morning for Fork's and then we will meet Jasper….so…get ready…we will see you in the morning."

Ah my Char always understood these teenage mood swings. Poor Jasper is an empath and will feel all that shit all the time. Ugh. Anyways so I taking my wife on a hunt and off to rainy, Forks to meet the Cullen's. I just hope all this doesn't fall apart.


I have been in this family for decades. They all look at me with pity filled looks or fear. Yes they fear the scars that cover my body but really all the pity is what kills me. I don't want to be pitied. I want to be loved…like everyone else, but that doesn't seem possible.

I feel like something is changing, but I don't know what it is. For vampires change is rare. I wonder where Alice is? She changed everything for me. I don't know where I would be without her…I owe her everything. I know she isn't my true mate, my best friends Peter and Char told me so years ago, but I would never leave her, I couldn't. I owe her way too much.

Just as I was sitting waiting my phone rings, I pick it up and all I hear is "Tomorrow fucker…look for a hot little brunette….you won't miss her…"

What is that supposed to mean? Well I could see if Alice knows….maybe she does….Peter is always been weird…but hey I guess we could just go with the flow.

Alice walks in and she is nervous…."Ali what's wrong honey?"

"Nothing Jasper" well that sounded rehearsed…why is she feeling hurt?

"Alice….Peter just called and said to these are his words not mine "look for a hot little brunnette" do you know anything about it? Have you had any visions?" I asked her slowly.

"No Jasper I haven't. Sorry." And she walked away and all I could feel from her is disbelief and deciet. Well this can't be good. Guess we'll have to wait and see what fate has in store tomorrow.

Bella POV

I was sitting at home, packing the last of my things and all I could think about was tomorrow. Finally I would meet him. I couldn't wait. I just hope that he accepted me and gets rid of that little wife of his. From everything Mom and Dad have told me, I already love him. How could I not? I mean to escape those horrible wars and that Cuntpire grr stupid Maria hurting everyone I love.

Thankfully Mom and Dad left me alone for a while, I am so nervous! I know everything that the Major would want in a mate. The rules to be his mate and the reaction I should get, but what if that doesn't happen? Dad says he will need time to accept who he was once again without all the war torn murder involved. I like to think of it as a compromise. I know he can't be happy with those…Cullen's…..they don't love him. I can just feel it. But I know he has to be happy without killing people. I think his vegitarian diet is so brave, but catch myself wondering what he would look like with red eyes like Mom and Dads. I shake my head to clear those thoughts and focus on what to do. Basically I live by two simple rules with him.

1. Never call him his name unless he says to. Always refer to him as Major, Master or sir.

2. Never question and order. Always follow his directions.

Suddenly my phone rings….caller id reading Jane…from the Volturi? I wonder what she wants…..before I answer I think of the memory of when I first met the Volturi.


Mom and Dad have been called to Volterra….all because I am still human and know about the existence of vampires….really who would I tell that wouldn't throw me into a padded room. Anyway we are on our way to meet them and explain the situation.

"Aro will see you know" says the small blonde little child looking like vampire.

"Hi…what's your name" I ask her…I am a curious little 14 year old girl what do you expect?

She looks shocked before she answers "Jane"

And after that we were fast friends. I spoke with Aro and he couldn't really all my thoughts he really was upset about all that…but he said he wanted something in return for not killing me. Mom and Dad seemed tense.

"Hmmm I think that when your mate accepts you….both of you will have to come and serve in my guard….his skills and your shield will both be powerful….we will talk at another time dear….but good luck"

End Flashback

So now Jane calls every once and a while to see how things are going. I can see us hanging out when we go to Volterra…I mean it's a great place and has people and maybe if the Major doesn't want me I will go there until he is ready.

"JANE!" I yell into the phone finally answering it.

"Bells…listen I only have a minute…Alec and I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow and you know Alec says if Jasper doesn't want you you are welcome to be his mate…..ew brother why did you make me say that."

Haha I couldn't help but laugh. Alec has always had a little crush on me and he is uber cute but compared to the Major…I don't think so.

"tell him I will keep that in mind Janey….well I have to get to bed…don't want bags under my eyes tomorrow. I will let you know what happens okay?"

"Just remember Aro wants a full report too."

Ugh. At least I talked him into letting Mom and Dad come with the Major and I when we come or if I go alone. Oh I'm getting really nervous now.

Before it got too late I pulled Jasper…I mean the Major's old war journal out from under my pillow and read until I fall asleep just like I do every night….hoping that tomorrow will bring happiness to everyone involved in this situation.

Char POV

Peter and I returened from our hunt to see Bella on her bed with Jasper's war journal…..again. That has to be the 100th time I have seen her read it. She must have it memorized. But it seems that she feels a part of him with her when she does. I wonder how he will think of her. I know Peter called and told him to be on the out look for her….but still doesn't mean he understands. And his midget of a wife….well let's just say she wont be any help.

Jasper is her puppet…and I hate it, but I wont say anything against her because it will only upset him. I hate that we haven't seen him in a while. We wouldn't let him come here for fear of him seeing Bella too soon, maybe we should have…maybe we have gone about this all wrong. I just hope we havent ruined her life. But when we went to see Jasper a few years ago…he seemed so sad, so detached, so unwanted and I hate those Cullens for treating him that way.

I really hope Bella can pull him out of this funk. And I hope that he gives her all the happiness she deserves…I love my daughter I really do, I just hope I have done right by her.

"Char….she will be fine…come on let's get on the road….its time for the Major to meet his mate"