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Previously on GBWOWL:

Finally he was in pieces and I threw all of then in the fire, except his head. I made him watch his brother finished burning along with his own pieces. "Rot in hell you bastard." I said kicking his head down the throne room steps and into the fire.

I heard the applause ring out throughout the throne room but I only had eyes for one person in the room. I made my way to my mate and scooped her up in my arms and laid a kiss worthy of a porno on her only it was very loving.

"It's time for our forever now sugar, no more drama." I assured her pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

"That was sexy the way you took them out Major, wanna get outta here and," she trailed off wiggling her eyebrows.

"Oh you my mate, are naughty, naughty." She giggled and raced off. I heard Alice telling the family we would be regroup at the home back in Arizona in two weeks but that the mated couples were separating for a while and then we would finish preparing for the wedding.

Chapter 30: Epilogue

Bella POV:

I stood in front of a full length mirror and I thought of all the things that brought me to this very place at this very moment. Things have changed so much since the first time I met Jasper. I felt like for years I trained, like a soldier, which it turned out, I wasn't. The things, I thought I needed to know, I really didn't. I don't blame my parents for this, maybe they were still stuck in their war times when things were like that. I would assume, had I been born one hundred years earlier, I would have needed those rules, but now in peacetime for vampires, it wasn't needed. The only thing I needed was to love him, and I loved him to hell and back.

I remember that day, three months ago, after he killed the Volturi, after our very heated kiss, Jasper had looked around and every head was bowed toward him in respect. He looked at me in surprise, and I bowed my head just the slightest bit to show that I respected their decision. It seemed that while Jasper and I were too involved in each other the others had basically nominated that Jasper take control over the whole vampire race.

He went to protest and Carlisle was the one who calmed him down, "Jasper, listen, when word gets out that you killed the Volturi Kings, the whole world will fear you more then they already do. You know they respect you everywhere you go, take this son, you deserve it."

Jasper still hadn't spoken, and he looked at me, I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head, "You deserve this." Then I bowed my head again just as the others had.

"If I am to rule the vampire race, then you will be my Queen, and my Queen bows to no one." Jasper finally spoke and put a finger under my chin to lift my head back to its normal position.

It was decided then, that Jasper would take over and rule everything, but he would have help from, Daddy and Carlisle, he trusted them the most. Alice wanted to have the biggest wedding ever now, to announce Jasper's takeover and introduce us to the whole world as a couple. She started muttering to herself about visions and I just rolled my eyes are her and let her have her way.

Grandfather, was standing on the sidelines just watching everyone and he seemed unsure of what was going to happen to him. Jasper flat out asked him, "What is it you want to do Marcus? You have been locked away in this castle for how long? When's the last time you actually went somewhere?"

Grandfather looked confused and didn't answer before Jasper continued, "See, go out, see the world, maybe you'll even find someone."

I smiled really big at that, I wanted Grandfather to be as happy as the rest of my family was. So he left that day, he modernized his look, and traveled all over the world. While he was in Bangkok, Thailand he met Cindy. She helped him pick out some clothes and even took him to get a hair cut. She was on a study abroad trip and was originally from Rhode Island. After many talks with Jasper as well as Carlisle, Grandfather finally acknowledged that if Didyme was his true mate, he would have died of a broken heart after she did. For someone who see's relationships, he really didn't have a clue when it came to himself. Anyway, he took her out a few times, they went to shows, to dinner. By the forth date, he was admitting he was in love with her and wanted to bring her home for the wedding. I was ecstatic. I was so happy to hear Grandfather was happy.

While Jasper was situating the whole world of vampires, I was working with Alice on wedding invitations as well as redecorating the castle. She said it was scary and that it needed to be more 'homey.' I agreed with her, but dreaded all the decisions that would need to be made. Mama, Rose, Jane and Leila were there helping whole time, with both projects. I seriously felt like I haven't spent more then five minutes with Jasper without being interrupted.

One night two weeks before our wedding day, I found him in his office yelling at someone over the phone. I had felt his irritation like it was my own as well as the anger he had that was about to boil over, so I made my way closer to him so I could figure out what was going on. I didn't recognize the voice, but I could tell Jasper was very angry, besides feeling it, I could see it in his face. I leaned against the doorway and waited until he acknowledged my presence.

Suddenly his head whipped in my direction and he ended his call with a "Fix it, now." He pulled me into the office and shut the door. I looked around and knew that I needed to get him more comfortable in there too, it was just so, not Jasper.

I sat in his big chair behind his desk and tossed my feet up on the desk, "You know Jazzy, I don't think I like this whole King and Queen thing. I hardly get to see you and honestly I want to just run away and hide in Antarctica or something." I sighed.

He stood with his arms crossed and his back to me, as he was looking over some papers in his hand, but when I finished talking he whipped around at vampire speed and was instantly sitting on the desk next to my feet. "I know I've been busy a lot Bella, but I swear this will all slow down soon."

"You said we would have our forever after we got rid of them. You said you were going to show me the world, Jazzy." I wanted to cry, his irritation had gotten to me and I was feeling really upset about it. I had no idea how Jasper dealt with everyone's emotions when I could barely handle his.

"I know I did, and I will. We have forever Bella, but someone has to run things. It just has to be done." He said with a finality.

I didn't respond, I just stood and walked toward the door, but before I got there he was blocking my way. "Stay."

"No, I have stuff to do and obviously you do too." I huffed. "I guess I'll see you later."

He gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and moved the scarf I was wearing to cover my scar as he traced it with his finger. It was a simple gesture that meant so much to me. It showed he cared, it showed that he worried and it showed that he still loved me. I didn't want to lose him to this ruling the world thing, but sometimes I felt like I just might.

The next day, I was told by Alice that she would take care of whatever we were doing that day, because Jasper wanted to spend the day with me. I was so excited, I actually asked her to pick something for me to wear so I would look great for him.

An hour later, I was met with a knock on my door and a heavenly scent hit my nose. A smiling Jasper waited for me on the other side. We spent the day, touring Volterra and we even went back to Rome. Halfway through the day Jasper stopped me and sat me down on a bench in the middle of the city, "Do you really not want to do this? You say the word and we will leave." He asked grabbing my hand and holding in his.

"Jasper, tell me about the day you killed them." I asked before answering his question.

"You want to know why things are different," he paused, "Well you know how you started to bring the Major out, and you called me Jasper Hale the lap dog, and all that right?" I nodded, "Well, they merged, and for real this time. I've had episodes with the Major taking over and you have experienced those, but now, we are completely one person. I am just Jasper Whitlock. No Major and no Hale."

I smiled so proud of him, he felt it and kissed my forehead. We strolled around some more after that and I thought a lot about what I wanted to do, "Jazzy, I think we should stay. You love this, I mean it's not horrible like when you were with Maria, and it's not high school all the time like before, I think you'll be perfect for this."

He didn't say anything, but I could feel his emotions and it allowed me to know he was proud, and very happy, close to ecstatic. Then I added real quickly, "You better start finding some time for me though, my mate, because if you don't I'll have to find someone else to fulfill my sexual needs." I giggled and walked a little further in front of him. He came up behind me and picked me up around the waist and spun me in a circle, "You my mate are very naughty."

We had love that night, and I swear it was like it was the first time. We were so connected, physically and emotionally, it was one of those times I wished I could cry.

So now, here we are on my wedding day, as I stand with my family. My dress is perfect, and apparently Alice had it custom made. It was simple, yet elegant. It was sleeveless, and tied in the back like a corset, and then sprouted out at my waist and had diamonds all along the skirt bottom. It looked like a dress fit for a queen. And I wasn't even upset that my scar across my neck was visible. It needed to be seen, I'm sure, no one said anything, but once they saw that, they would know not to mess with me, just like Jasper's scars told people about him.

Alice caught my eye in the mirror and nodded, "You look perfect Bella, but you seem to be missing a few things."

I looked around, full of confusion and immediately settled on my mother, "What's missing? Is Jazzy okay?"

"He's fine, silly girl, calm down." Mama appeased me while trying not to giggle, "What Alice meant was the traditional wedding stuff, something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue."

I looked in the mirror again and noticed the only jewelry I was wearing was my W necklace and my engagement ring and neither of those fit any of those descriptions. "My dress is new." I countered.

"Yes, it is, and I have your something borrowed." Rose handed me a small tennis bracelet, "Emmett gave me this as my something old when we got married. When I found him, he was carrying his mother's bracelet in his pocket. The bear he was hunting had killed her, and he was out for revenge, he wanted to have a piece of her with him. He gave it to me, and I have kept it safe ever since, so I am allowing you to borrow it for your own special day."

I was so touched, she was giving me a piece of both her and Emmett, I smiled and thanked her with a hug. Before I could say anything Alice and Jane pulled a small box out and handed it to me. Inside was a garter, a lacy and very scandalized garter. The lace was white, but had a small blue lace ribbon over the top of it. "We thought Jasper might like to pull this from your thigh later at the reception." Jane giggled. Alice could barely contain herself, but fell into a vision.

"It seems your Grandfather has your something old and would like a word with you. Then your dad is going to come in and have a chat and then missy, it's time to get you married, officially." Alice said as she shooed everyone out of the room.

I placed the garter on my thigh as they left before Grandfather came in and was trying to put the bracelet in place and felt his hands reach to help me. "Granddaughter, you look radiant." He whispered.

"I've missed you." I hugged him close.

"Well as young Alice I'm sure has told you, I have your something old." He pulled out a small jewelry box and popped it open. Inside was a pair of diamond and sapphire drop earrings. "These belonged to my Didyme. I'm giving them to you, hoping they give you luck."

I placed them in my ears, and gave Grandfather another hug, "I must go soon, Isabella. Cindy awaits my arrival." He chuckled.

No sooner did he leave did my daddy come back in. He looked me up and down and let out a small whistle, "Clean up nice Bells." He laughed full out.

"Hey Daddy." I smiled at him.

"Well, um your mama and I got you a present. Well we spoke to Jazz about it and he agreed with me so we got you something." He rambled, "And then we talked some more and it's a little weird that he's my brother, but you're my daughter, so it's like your marrying your uncle. So I decided that if you wanted to call me Peter from now on and forget I was ever your daddy, that'd be alright, I guess. I mean, you're a grown woman and you have a mate, and he's King, I mean how much safer could you get."

Daddy just kept rambling about how I didn't need him anymore and I wanted to punch him in the mouth, but thought it would be un-lady like. "Did you say you had something for me?" I asked ignoring everything else he just said.

He handed me a box and smiled, "Yeah, here."

Inside was a crown, not like a little girly tiara, but a full out crown. It had a W incrusted in the front to represent Whitlock and was silver all around with different stones all around it. I found diamonds, rubies, sapphires, there were just so many.

"Thank you Daddy." I whispered, "You'll always be my daddy, even when I'm a thousand years old." I giggled.

A knock came at the door and he looked at me, "Seems like it's time to get you hitched."

Jasper POV:

If someone would have told me five years ago that Alice wasn't my mate, and that she wasn't really Alice, that Peter and Char had a kid who was my true mate and that I would be running the vampire world, I would have laughed in their face. But now, as I stand here in my chambers and my 'guards' are stationed outside my room to stop a possible threat, I'm starting to believe this is all too good to be true. Today was the day, our wedding day, the day I would officially make Bella, my wife as well as my mate.

The ceremony would be held in the throne room that had been redone by my darling mate. She has my main 'throne' (I like to call it a chair), in the middle and then there are chairs all along the round walls for the guard and the members of my family. I told Bella I wanted her to put a chair in next to mine, I just hope she got it ordered in time.

The last three months have been, tiring, as weird as it sounds for a vampire. I have been exhausted. I have been trying to contact all nomadic vampires to let them know that the Volturi are no long in power and that I am. I have told many of them to pass on the message as well as the invite to the wedding. The only ones that seem to have a problem with my takeover are the Romanians, Stephan and Vladimir. They seemed to think that they should be ruling, but they just want to dominate and take over. They want to have everyone working for them. It would just be like having Aro back in control or even worse if Maria had gotten control.

During all the shit I had to do, I really thought I had lost Bella for good. I had sent Leila to use her tracking ability to find out exactly where the Romanians were hiding because they were keeping too quiet these days. During the first few weeks of the switchover, they were always calling and demanding for things, wanting to be invited to meetings for rule changes and such. I didn't invite them and then a month ago, they fell off the face of the planet. So I sent my tracker to find them, that was the night Bella came to my office and I thought I'd lost her.

Our trip into the cities was great and we bonded, maybe even closer then we were before. It felt good to tell her how I'd merged the Major into my daily life. I wasn't sure why I didn't tell her officially before. I think she suspected, but never said anything. She was so damn proud of me, and I wanted her to feel like that all the time. I didn't want to screw this thing up, and I didn't want to lose her to it, but damn if I didn't love running the show. I loved training the guards in real combat that I hope we'll never have to face, I love taking charge of the situations, I love how my family looks to me for help now, instead of the sad pathetic looks I had gotten over the years.

It's been a very entertaining three months to say the least, I however, have been impatiently waiting for this day. I understood what Bella wanted now. I couldn't wait to show Bella off to the whole vampire race as my bride, mate, and Queen.

As I was fixing my tie on my tux, I saw Peter come into my room through the mirror. "Hey Peter," I greeted him with a smile, but I got a scowl in return.

"Jasper, I am not here as your brother and best friend, I am here as Bella's father." He paused, "I don't want to lose my little girl."

"She's not really a little girl anymore Peter." I put a hand on his shoulder, "She's going to be the most protected vampire in the world. I promise. If I have it my way, which I do, Bella will never see another day of battle or conflict. I will deal with it all and keep her safe in the process." I assured him.

"I…..gotta go talk to her." He silently let out a sob, "I um, got that thing we talked about before, and I'm gonna go give it to her. I'll see you out there, just….make sure you keep your promise Jazz. You may be my best friend, but that little girl means the world to me. I would have no problem ending you, if you hurt her." He walked away and I knew he was serious.

I couldn't even contemplate hurting Bella, the thought alone made me sick, as did the thought of her in battle. I kiss her scar across her throat every day, or trace it with my finger to show how much I love her and how grateful I am that she is still with me.

As Peter left, Emmett, Carlisle, and Archer came in through the door. "Where's Alec?" I asked looking for the missing male in our family.

Emmett chuckled, "Alice has him fixing last minute screw ups from the decorators."

I let out a laugh myself, "So boys, this is it."

"I'm not ready to get married again." Carlisle suddenly blurted out.

We all just looked at him, and waited for him to continue, "I mean I love Leila, and I can't believe I ever thought Esme was my mate. She makes me feel alive and my age for once, I just….don't want to fall back into that husband/father role. I love you all but I gotta act my age sometimes. I am enjoying being someone's boyfriend and having spontaneous sex with any girl in my fantasies."

I think I gagged in my mouth as did the other guys and tried to find a way out of this situation. What do you say to that? "OK, dad, sounds good to me." I really wasn't sure.

Archer changed the subject to a much happier one that we had discussed a few weeks ago. "Jasper, are you sure you don't mind me doing this today?"

"I think it will be perfect." I assured my friend.

Emmett was still confused and asked, "What the hell's going on?"

"Archer is proposing to Jane during the reception." I chuckled. "How'd that conversation with Alec go?"

He groaned and then smiled, "He's happy for her, he didn't want her to be alone for eternity."

Before anything else could be said, I was met with Charlotte's face outside my door, "Come on Jazz, let's get you and my daughter married."

Charlotte was the only one who wasn't a bridesmaid. She was sitting with Marcus and his date Cindy (who was basically the only human in attendance), as the mother of the bride and after Peter walked her down the aisle he would join Char sitting in the seats.

Jane was Bella's maid of honor so that made Archer my best man, I was happy about it, we had grown rather close over our time together. Bella asked me if I wanted Emmett to be my best man, because then she would have picked Rose, it really was a hard choice for her, but she allowed everyone in the family to be in the bridal party. This would show to all the other vampires who the royal family was, because anyone who made even one move toward any person in my family would be severely punished.

I made my way down to the throne room and I saw Eleazar standing to officiate the service. When I walked in, ever vampire in attendance rose to their feet and bowed their heads in my direction, except for the Romanians. I wanted to fight them on it, but didn't want to ruin this perfect day that Bella and the girls put together. I took a deep unneeded breathe and braced myself for what I was about to see.

I heard some music start, but not the kind I wanted. I briefly remember seeing Char being escorted to her seat by Marcus. I barely remember seeing Alice, Leila, Rose and Jane coming down the aisle with their mates on their arms. I heard the bridal march start and the whole room stood, this was the moment I had been waiting for.

When the throne doors opened again, I nearly fell to my knees at the sight before me. Surely I was blessed with an angel, because that's what she looked like. I perfect angel. With her father on her arm, and a small bouquet of flowers, she made her way to me. When she caught my eye, she mouthed, "you like?" and I just nodded and mouthed back, "I love you."

When she reached me, finally, she grabbed my hand in hers and I was happy to see her. No one had let me see her for nearly twenty four hours and I was going out of my mind. I noticed that her dress didn't cover her scar around her neck and she didn't try to cover it at all.

I heard a muffled whisper say something about Bella having her head ripped off. I turned and let out a snarl in the direction. Bella grabbed my face, "It's okay, Jazzy, come on. Marry me now, please." She lightly kissed my lips and I literally felt the women in the room swoon. It was a great feeling.

"Sorry Eleazar. Please continue." I turned back to my bride to be and went along with the ceremony. Words were said, promises were made, but the only thing that mattered was that she was mine in every sense of the word. We were bonded through love, venom, and now legally.

When it came time to kiss my bride, I didn't hold back. I let her have one of the most love filled kisses I'd ever given her. I wasn't embarrassed for anyone to see me in that light. I hoped that everyone would see now how we worked as a family and now as a government.

We made our way out into the hall while the others went toward the ball room for the reception. "So Mrs. Bella Whitlock, how's it feel?"

"Why Mr. Whitlock, I adore being your wife." She giggled, "We have a party to get to."

"Ah yes, maybe I should have said, Queen Bella Whitlock." I chuckled and she hip bumped me telling me to shut up.

Alice was in charge of pretty much everything, but she said she wanted to make the announcement as we arrived for our guests, we gave her that, and bargained to get out of Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.

As we made our way to the ballroom door, two guards opened it as Alice told the crowd that "His Majesty, Major Jasper Whitlock and his bride, Queen Isabella Whitlock, rulers of our world."

The room wasn't as shocked as I expected them to be. Bella and I spent the next hour getting congratulations from people that I'd never even met before. When we got to the Romanians, Stephan uttered one sentence, "Enjoy it while you can, Major." I knew then, that they would be planning something, I just didn't know what or when. I tried not to think about it and enjoy having Bella on my arm.

"Let's just dance Jazzy, and forget about everyone else." Bella pulled me to the dance floor and I wrapped her into my arms, "Hold me tight husband."

And I did just that for three or four songs, until Alice called for the Father and Daughter Dance. Peter came and took Bella from me while I danced with Char. I saw Alice dancing with Carlisle while Alec danced awkwardly with Leila. I tried not to laugh, but couldn't hold it in. For a while, I forgot I was dancing and just watched as my Bella's face would turn into a giggle, or see how she would step on Peter's toes because even as a vampire she wasn't very graceful.

Alice ran back to the stage and said, "Before our King can have his Queen back, there was a request for a Grandfather and Granddaughter dance, so Marcus, get your butt out here and shake what your mama gave you."

Alice had been trying out all the slangs that she missed out on using and we were all having to endure it. Sometimes they were funny, but some where just embarrassing.

I watched as Marcus and Bella danced, after two spins he pulled her onto his feet and they were gliding around the floor. Everyone watched in awe as they danced. When I finally got my bride back it was hard to not just run away with her. I knew a few more things needed to happen, but I just wanted to be alone with her.

Alice looked at me and shook her head no as an answer to if I had enough time to have my way with my wife before anyone would find us. I wanted her so bad and I was bursting with excitement.

We danced some more when Emmett declared it time for us to throw the bouquet and the garter. I had let it be known that when Bella through the bouquet everyone was to move so that Jane was the one to catch it. Then when I threw the garter to Archer, and it was his turn to put the garter on her, he would pull out his ring box and propose to her instead. It sounded flawless, I just hope it didn't get messed up.

Bella was placed in a chair in the middle of the floor and I pushed her dress up so I could see her garter on her thigh. I had to bite my cheek to stop from moaning out load. I loved seeing any sort of lace on my girl, but this, was just delectable. I put my mouth on her thigh and kissed and sucked the area all around the garter, avoiding it all I could, Bella let out a moan as I bit into the garter to pull it down with my teeth. When it was off, Bella looked like she was out of breath and ready to pounce me right then and there.

"Patience my dear, something wonderful is about to happen." I chuckled and pushed her back toward the floor so she could throw her flowers. Just as planned all the girls moved and Jane caught them.

"What just happened?" Bella asked as she saw only Jane standing there.

"You'll see." I assured her, letting go of her hand. It was my turn to throw. I tossed it right into Archer's waiting hands with no surprise from anyone except Jane and Bella.

Alice placed the chair back in the center of the floor and made Jane sit in it. Jane looked like she would be blushing if she cook, and covered her face. Archer kneeled down in front of Jane. "Jane, I know we haven't been mated very long, and I know that I'm odd and you're just so wonderful, but would you please do me the honor of being my wife as well as my mate?"

I wanted to laugh, that had been the weirdest proposal I'd ever seen. Jane looked to Alec first and he nodded his head at her, then she squealed out a yes. The room was then full of surprise because most of them knew hard ass Jane Volturi, and hadn't had the pleasure of being in the company of our Jane.

The night slowed down after that. More guests came to speak to us, with concerns or questions, and suggestions. I wanted to forget work stuff and only focus on my love for Bella but I knew that wasn't possible.

Just as I was about to steal my wife away from the girls, Peter stopped me. "You know those Romanians are going to cause trouble right?" He asked.

I nodded my head, "Yeah I do, but we'll be ready for them."

"They want to overthrow you and keep your mate for themselves. What do you plan to do about it?" he goaded me.

"Do we have any solid proof of that? Could they stand trial right now?" I was angry and felt like tearing them apart.

"Sorry Jazz, but no, just hearsay." He shrugged. "You better have your best guards on Bella at all times."

"I made a promise to you Peter and I don't break my promises." I assured him and set off to find my wife.

I wasn't sure how long we had until the Romanians decided to try and overtake us. It could be days, or weeks, it could be years or decades, but that didn't matter. We would be ready for them and I would do anything to keep Bella safe.

I was about to take Bella away, but as I watched her laugh, I knew this was the right decision, we were a family before we were leaders. As she laughed with my sisters and teased my brothers, I knew that this woman was the perfect one for me. I wanted to thank Peter and Char a million times over for saving her and bringing her to me. I would go through all the hell I went through before her, over and over again as long as the end result was her. Sure sometimes, I wish things were different. Maybe if Alice wasn't captured, things would have been totally different, but they didn't happen that way and I couldn't live in a world of what ifs.

Bella caught me staring at her and came to my side, "Well Major, I think you've got some hard work to do as leader of the vampire world."

"I think I'll be just fine with you by my side, Bella." I kissed the side of her head, "I love you."

"I love you too Jazzy." She kissed my chin.

"Wanna get outta here?" I smirked at her.

"I thought you'd never ask." Bella grabbed my hand and we ran out of the ball room and towards our chambers, forgetting everyone we'd left behind and allowing ourselves to fall into a world of just the two of us.

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