I'm sorry! Oh my god, I didn't realize it's been so long. :(

Camille POV

Apparently, I'm in a coma. I don't remember how or why this happened, but I'm laying in a hospital bed in a deep sleep. Fun, right? No. Logan keeps talking to me, and I can't reply back! It's torture! I don't think he realizes I hear him though. But whatever.

I got raped I guess. I don't remember it though. Jo and Stephanie were, too. Logan tells me I'm in the worst condition because the guy that raped me was the size of the Hulk. Also, the guys who did this to us, killed blond Jennifer. This really sucks. All this is happening, and I'm sleeping. Ugh. I really wanna help!

I wonder if I could make myself wake up. What if I held my breath? Could I? Eh, I'm gunna try it! Why haven't I thought of this before!

Ok, here I go...

Logan POV

I was walking down the hall to Camille's room when I heard what most doctors call a 'flat line'. I immediately ran into her room and saw that Camille's pale features had gotten paler. A hint of blue flushed through her cheeks. My jaw was agape.

A big group of doctors and nurses ran into the room like crazed animals. What was happening? Was she dying?

I looked over to see them rubbing paddles together, and saying, "CLEAR!" I almost passed out when I saw them slam them against her.

Suddenly, her eyes opened. And before anyone could respond, she screamed.

"OWWWW! JESUS CHRIST! OWW!" she rolled over and covered the spot where it hit her. I couldn't help but smile at her reaction, and that she was awake. I ran around the people to get to her.

"Camille!" I exclaimed. She looked at me with a dazed out expression. I smiled. "I missed you!"

She smiled at me.

"I know."

James POV

I was sitting at the Palmwoods pool, relaxing. That's why when Logan called me, I didn't answer. Nor the second time. I needed some relaxation too! Logan, Carlos, and Kendall's girls were in the hospital; well, actually Jo's recovered and back at the Palmwoods. They've been bugging out about it all the time. I just needed a break from all of that. But, when my phone vibrated the THIRD time, i just got sick of it and answered.

"WHAT, CAN BE SOOOOO IMPORTANT?" I yelled into the phone. I saw others at the pool look at me. I waved and grinned, they looked away.

"Sorry! Maybe I'll call you back later!" that wasn't Logan. That was Camille! She was awake!

"NONONO! Oh my god, Camille!" I ran my hand through my hair in amazement. "You're awake!"

"I am!" she giggled into the phone.

"It's soooo great to hear your cheery voice again! Everyone around here lately has been gloomy."

"Well, someone died."

"Yeah... wait? How'd you know that?" I wondered. We said we weren't going to tell Camille and Stephanie until they recovered.

"Logan told me."


"A while ago. It was like a couple days after she was killed, I think."

Wait. When Jennifer was killed, Camille was still in a coma. This doesn't make any sence... I thought to myself.

"Weren't you-"

"Yes, I was in a coma. He talked to me every single day. I heard him. Everything that he said."

"That's amazing! I thought he was just crazy; talking to you while you were, well, ya know."

"Yeah, I know right? Well, I have to go. I just had to call you and tell you! Ok, bye!" She hung up. I pushed the red button on my phone, and threw it onto the towel i had laying on the pool chair beside me. I layed back and looked at the pale blue sky, just to think. I smiled to myself: miracles do happen.

Regular POV

*It's now 1 am.*

"Tom! Lets go! We dont have much time," Ricky whispered to his partner. The man tied up what looked to be a sack and threw it over his shoulder. Another man was waiting for the two in the blue van parked outside. Tom and Rickey walked out of the abandoned building and onto the cracked road. Suddenly, high beam lights shown brightly in their eyes.

"Moris! What the hell!" Ricky yelled. Moris laughed out loud and turned off the lights. The other two made their way to the van. As soon as the doors closed, they were off.

Ricky pulled out a dirty picture of a girl. The girl was smiling with her friends, she probably had no idea who was going to get their hands on it.

"Guys, she's perfect."