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Matters of a hairy sort.

"Hey lieutenant Shiba-san?" Rukia Kuchiki had a question, "How come Captain Ukitake doesn't wear his hair pulled back anymore? I thought it looked kinda cool like that."

Kaien scratched at the back of his head. "Not really sure rookie, but I guess it's not really our business." he gave her a small push forward.

Up on the rooftop of Squad Thirteen's main building two hidden figures laughed at the exchange.

"Figures someone would have to ask that," sighed the man with long white hair.

A low rumbling chuckle came from the man directly behind him. "Hmm! Don't suppose you're in a mood to show them why your hair's been down lately." A warm, wet tongue licked a line of liquid heat across the exposed neck.

"Shunsui!" the voice was half laugh, half chide. "I really don't want anyone to see that my fellow captain and the most wonderful lover in the world has control issues."

"Control issues? Me? Never my dear Jyuu-chan." Shunsui Kyoraku tried and failed to look shocked. After a few more swipes with his tongue he began to lightly bite around Jyuushiro Ukitake's neck, moving from ear to ear. Ukitake was wiggling under the bigger man.

"Shun...Shun...OH MY GOD SHUNSUI, not that," he struggled to push his long time lover away. "Now I'm gonna have to wear it down like this for another week until that heals."

"But I like it down."

"It gets in the way."

"Not my way!" a large tanned hand swept the silvery white mass aside and began to nibble some more. "You always look so breathtaking with your lovely hair down.

Besides who ever said that if that one mark healed there wouldn't be others that followed it?"

Ukitake knew for sure at that point that he would probably never be able to wear his hair pulled back again if Shunsui would have anything to do with it.

Sighing deeply Jyuushiro simply pressed back further into Shunsui's strong embrace.

"Love you."

"Love you too," was the husky voiced reply.