Old Friends

Chapter 1

I don't own anthing that is mentioned except for Sasha and that's it. Everything else belongs to Rockstar Games and any other company that helps make Grand Theft Auto.

It was another night in Liberty city. Prostitutes are out trying to get their money, people going out to the night clubs, and people just trying to get home from a long night out. Packie on the other hand was leaving from another one night stand with some random girl he met at a bar. He was walking home since the place wasn't far from his house up in Dukes. As he was walking down the street he bumped into a woman. They both stopped in their tracks. The woman looked like she could be of a mixed race. She was wearing a trench coat with Jeans and black boots. Her long hair was in a knit beret.

"Excuse me, watch where your going"said the woman.

"Fuck you"said Packie. The woman stopped and looked at Packie.

"Packie McReary"asked the woman.

"Who's askin' " asked Packie.

"It's me, Sasha Young. I lived next door to you in Dukes"said Sasha. Packie was confused but then he realized who she was.

"How have you been, It's been years"said Packie.

"I know, I've been good. I can see you still have that asshole attitude"said Sasha.

"Yeah, I guess"said Packie.

"How your Ma doing"asked Sasha.

"She's doing good, I guess."said Packie.

"That's good. Well,I'm kinda trying to get home"said Sasha.

"Where do you live"asked Packie.

"Bohan"said Sasha.

"Why are you walking that far"asked Packie.

"I'm not, My car is up the street. You wanna ride home"asked Sasha.

"Yeah"said Packie. Sasha walked up to her red Cavacade and unlocked it. "Nice car"

"Thanks"said Sasha. They both got into the car. "You live in the same neighborhood"

"Yeah"said Packie. Sasha turned the car on and started driving towards Packie's house.

"How are your siblings"asked Sasha trying to break the silence in the car.

"Derek is a drug addict, Francis is an asshole, Gerry is still locked up and Kate is still holding onto her virginity"said Packie.

"Well, that sounds like Kate"said Sasha.

"What about your siblings"asked Packie.

"Well, I haven't seen or talked to them since I moved out at 16"She says keeping her concentration on the road. "Are you still doing cocaine"

"Here and there"said Packie. "What about you"

"I do when I feel I need to but I sell it for this chick name Elizabeta Torres"said Sasha

"Since when"asked Packie.

"Since I decided I was going to leave the country just like I planned to do years ago"said Sasha.

"You still remember that"asked Packie.

"Yeah, We were about 15 going on 16. We were sitting in Meadow park near the fountain. We were high as hell off of the cocaine and we had maybe 2 beers. then I said I wanted to leave and go to somwhere like Ireland or Australia. Then you were like Why do you want to go there for. Then I explained the way I've been living since I was 9 years old. Then for some reason you kissed me"said Sasha.

"I did not kiss you"said Packie.

"Yeah, you did. I finished my story and we were quiet. Then you kissed me dead on the lips, Packie"said Sasha.

"Whatever"said Packie. Sasha pulled up in front of the house.

"We're here"said Sasha.

"It was nice seeing you"said Packie. "Can I have your number"

"Yeah, let me see you cellphone"said Sasha.

"I don't have it with me. Why don't you come on in"said Packie.

"Alright"said Sasha. She followed Packie into the house that he shares with his mother and his sister Kate. The house was dark until lights were turned on upstairs in the hallway.

"Patrick"said Kate from the top of the stairs. Packie walked down the stairs to get Sasha's number.

"Kate, Take your ass back to bed"said Packie.

"Who's that downstairs with you"said Kate. Sasha put her number into her phone. Sasha called her phone, which made her phone vibrate.

"Alright, you have my number"said Sasha

"Alright thanks, I'll call you when I can"said Packie.

"Bye Packie"said Sasha. Sasha went out the front door. Packie made his way back upstairs. Kate was still standing there.

"Who was that"asked Kate.

"None your damn business"said Packie.

"I think I should know"said Kate.

"Good night Kate"said Packie. He closes his door and layed on his bed. He started reminiscing about the time he's spent with Sasha. Sasha is the only female who knows about what happened when he was younger. She's probably the only one who really knows about the abuse he suffered when he was younger. Most girls he had to be high in order to talk to them but Sasha was different. He could have a conversation with her and he didn't have to be high to to do it.

I decided to take a crack at another Grand Theft Auto Story, since my first one didn't really work. I really don't know much about the Irish culture but I'm doing research on it. I'm also trying to to portray Packie character since It's been a while since I've played Grand Theft Auto IV in a while but I have the brand new one. Packie was in the game but he barely talked in the missions. Anyways I hope you liked it and feel free to review it.