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Far Away

L.K. Schooler and Emma Twain

Chapter 1

"Where are they, Timmy?"

"I don't know. Tony and Ziva are riding together 'cause there's only two cars."

"But I wanna see their costumes."

"Just calm down, Abby."

It was Halloween, and the NCIS crew was at a Halloween party in California. They were in California because there was a conference and this was a party to celebrate the end of it. And it just happened to be on Halloween.

Abby was Raggedy Ann while McGee was Raggedy Andy. Even Sarah was there. She was Bella Swan.

Ducky and Palmer were back in DC, as it was an agent convention. Abby just flew in for the party.

"I don't know if I can wait any longer," Abby said. She was practically hopping in her seat.

"Abby," McGee told her. "Tony's probably waiting on Ziva. You know she got a late start on her make-up."

"But I don't even know what they're supposed to be. And with Gibbs not being here makes me want to see them that much more."

"Abby, I know this may be hard for you," Sarah said. "But can you be still for like, I don't know, five minutes?"

"Sarah," Abby said. "I have had three extra large Caf-Pows in two hours. What do you think?"

Just then, two vampires walked in. A count and a countess; one with dark brown hair, and the other with medium brown hair.

"There they are!" Abby exclaimed.

Tony and Ziva walked up to the table. Ziva was wearing a gothic renaissance dress, with slits running up both sides, stopping mid-thigh. Tony was wearing a tux-type suit with a Dracula cape over it.

"You guys look awesome!" Abby said getting up to hug them.

"You look great too, Abby." Ziva said.

They all sat down as Tony chuckled.

"What?" McGee asked.

"You honestly have to ask, McAndy?" He said through laughs. He waved his arm towards McGee.

"Abby made me," McGee said. "She wanted a partner for her Halloween costume."

"There can't be a Raggedy Ann without a Raggedy Andy," Abby said.

"I completely agree with Abby," Ziva said. "I mean you can't think of Raggedy Ann without thinking of Raggedy Andy."

"Thank you, Ziva," McGee said, thankful that somebody was standing up for him than just one person.

"Why didn't Gibbs come?" Abby said.

"He said he didn't wanna do Halloween this year and he'd see us later," Tony said.

"Just have fun, Abby," Ziva told her.

"I am. I just wanted to see what he would've done for a costume."

"Probably a NCIS agent," Tony said. Everyone laughed.

Ziva looked nervously around the room, waiting for it to happen.


Ziva stepped inside her hotel room, and immediately knew something wasn't right. She pulled her gun out and stared looking around. There was a figure in the shadows in the corner of the room by the window.

"Who is there?" she said. "Show yourself!"

"Ziva," a thick Israeli accent told her. "You don't recognize your own brother?" The figure stepped out of the shadows, and sure enough, Ari Haswari was standing right in front of her.

"That is impossible," Ziva said. "You are dead. I saw you myself."

"No, no, no," the Ari look-alike said. "What you saw was my doppelganger, not me."

"What doppelganger?" she said. She hadn't put the gun down.

"You see, Ziva, Gibbs and his team had to believe I was dead. In order for him to truly believe, I couldn't tell you."

"And why didn't you tell me afterwards?"

"Because you work with Gibbs. He would have known if you were hiding something from him, and he would have stopped at almost nothing to get the truth from you."

"So why are you telling me now?"

"Because I need your help."

"For what?"

"Finishing what I started four years ago."

"Which Was?"

"Killing Gibbs."

She couldn't believe she agreed to it. But she knew if she hadn't, he would kill everybody else. But she wasn't going to let him kill Gibbs. She was going to save the closest thing she ever had to a father, if it was the last thing she ever did.

"Zee-vah? You okay?" Tony asked.

"What? Oh, yes, fine. I was just thinking." She started focusing on the conversation again, But Tony was watching her.

"But I'm surprised that you would try to convince Gibbs to come, Ziva," Abby said.

"Even Gibbs deserves to have a little fun," she told her.

"It would've been nice to see Gibbs again," Sarah said.

Gun-shots rang out just then, and everyone dove to the ground. McGee protectively pushed down Abby and Sarah, and Tony grabbed Ziva and pushed her to the ground.

"Tell me where Gibbs is and nobody gets hurt," the same thick Israeli accent said.

Oh no,Ziva thought. It's happening now.