Dinotopia The TV series: Novelization

by Mysticgohan88


Chapter two: Making good, part two.

The world was a blur, as Frank drifted in and out of consciousness. The gentle lapping of waves touching his sides, caused his eyes to slowly open. The man was half inside the ocean, with his torso laid flat on the sandy beach. Coughing up salt water, the middle aged man moan as he tried to remember what happened. "Where am I? I was...in a boat with the others...got knocked into the ocean and then..nothing". Lifting his head up, as he realized it was the early morning sun that shun down upon him; he slowly glanced to the right to see lying on his back unmoving; Karl.

"Karl" he shouted hoarsely, as he forced himself up, despite how wobbly his legs felt from the thundering waves. "Karl" he called once more weakly, as he rushed to his eldest son's side. Calling his name several times, he shook his son in an attempt to awaken him. When he recovered no response, he proceeded to apply CPR. "Don't do this to me Karl. Please, don't do this" he begged between giving mouthfuls of air. Pumping water out of his lungs, he smiled ecstatically as Karl coughed.

Waking up in a jolt, finding his father hugging him; Karl's mind was blank. What had happened? Realizing the others weren't there, he asked "Where's the others"? Receiving no answer, Karl jumped to his feet as he called "Marion! Samantha! Jake"! Rushing to the left of the beach whilst looking through the water, he continued to call their names. "Where are you guys" he called out in misery.

"Jake! Marion! Samantha" Frank called out, as he looked desperately for the two girls and his son. Whilst he was worried about the girls, he was mostly worried about his son! Receiving no answer upon realizing that no one was here, he collapsed to his knees in defeat as he tried to stop himself from crying! His son was dead! He had killed his son by taking him out to sea with him! "I...I never even got the chance to...apologize" he thought, as he whimpered softly to himself.

Meanwhile, a few miles east of where the boys had woken up; Samantha slowly came too. Her hair was hanging over his eyes, blinding her as her thoughts returned. "I'm...alive" she asked, remembering what had happened. Removing her hair from her eyes, she felt flinched as the sun glared down into her eyes as she held her hand to block the sun. She was lying back flat on the sand, as she slowly sat up. Shaking her head to ride herself of the weariness, she looked around in a turmoil. "Jake...Marion" she said hoarsely. Spotting her sister lying halfway in the shore, she crawled weakly over to pull her out.

Marion groaned, as she felt herself being dragged from the water. Blinking softly, as she was gently put down; she put a hand to her head and felt something warm. Looking at her hand, she cringed. Blood. She was bleeding! Glancing up, she saw Samantha as she stared down at her in concern. Perhaps if she had the energy, she'd lecture or yell at Samantha for being so stupid in not listening to her, but she felt her energy fade as she lowered her head.

As Samantha slowly removed a piece of her shirt sleeve to wrap around Marion's head, she was unaware of the prehistoric crocodile that approached from the waters. Smiling as she finished, Samantha sighed as she thought "Dad and Ma...Jake...even Marion we're right. There is no way of the island". Hearing the approaching growl, she looked up to see Mosasaurus, two of them growling. Panicking, she helped her sister up who let out a cry of shock as the two backed against the rocky walls.

It seemed to be curtains for the two sisters, until the two shrieks of a flying pair of skybax, rode by David and Romana; arrived. Landing in front of the two sisters, David leaped off his bird as Freefall kicked its talon feet at the crocs as he pulled the petrified Marion to her feet as he helped support her to get away from the horrible beast!

Samantha was too shaky to respond, as Romana called for her to get up. Realizing she was too shocked to speak, she lifted her up onto her back as she carried her to get away. Looking over to see David help Marion, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealously. However, she was snapped out of her train of thoughts as her bird, and David's wings were bitten! Watching as they struggled free before flying to catch up with them, weakly.

"Uggggg" Jake groaned in pain, as he slid himself on the rocky walls to keep himself up. His legs had gotten roughed up in the waves and had knocked him all over the place! He had woken up to see a large log was laying on his legs. It had taken sometime, but he had managed to slide his legs out and find now real damage to them. They were still sore as heck though, since he was having trouble walking without falling over so he had to resort to sliding across the canyon walls near the beach.

"Well, hasn't been the first time I've been tossed around widely. Cept, I didn't get knocked out by a giant wave last time. I swam towards shore" he told himself as he kept moving. With no more rocks to support himself, he decided to use a large stick to keep himself up and on his feet until he could walk on his own.

Carrying his own weight, he let out a weak laugh. "Ha..ha. If..if they're all drowned, and I've lost my brother and father...I don't know what I'll do. Probably blame myself for being unable to stop them from going through with...with trying to leave". He really blamed Karl especially. He had tried to leave the island one time, but he learned the hard way that it was impossible. He should have tried to stop dad instead of going along with it.

Almost collapsing, he thought of Samantha. "If you're still alive, please tell me you've reconsidered trying to leave. I think that giant wave that hit us was proof enough that there's no way off of this island" he thought. Heading towards the forest, he thought "I think my legs we'll be better soon".

"Wish I could tell you both that we were gonna be okay" David admitted to Freefall, as he watched Romana's skybax; Quetzal; try to comfort Freefall. Walking back to the small camp that had been set up, David looked at everyone's face. Marion was sitting, eagerly awaiting his idea of their situation. Romana had her head in her hand, probably upset about her friend and partner getting an injured wing. Samantha...she had her head in her knees, and...was she crying?

Figuring she didn't want to be bothered, he said "That croc may as well have torn their wings off. I don't think they're gonna be able to fly any of us out of here. We'll have to walk back if we want to get back home".

"Maybe they made it across" Marion smiled, trying to keep optimistic.

David shrugged, as he muttered "I'd like to think that they did". Feeling a hug from behind, he glanced back to see Romana smiling at him.

"You need to have more faith David. If you have thoughts that like, then they might as well be gone. I'm certain that they either made it across, or our still here" Romana admitted. She then smiled at Marion, who nodded back. Romana had to keep herself from laughing at the flushed look on David's face as she admitted this.

"I err..I got the message from my dad" David said, as Romana let go. The two eagerly awaited, as David had to hold back chocked tears. "He..wanted me to know that. That he was..proud...of me". Shrugging, he said "Oh man, why can't people say these things at the right time huh"? That really got David happy on the inside. My father...proud of me. He has no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that.

"He's always been proud of you Davy" called a voice. The group's heads snapped up, as through the bushes came Jake. "I've also been proud of you. Your an awesome big brother" he smirked, trying to keep things casual. Looking over, he saw Samantha staring at him with awe. "Hey Samantha. You look like you've seen a ghost" he smirked.

Immediately, she jumped up and hugged him as he fell back against the tree he was near, as she apologized "I'm sorry Jake! I'm so sorry! I...I was acting and...thinking so selfishly that I...I wasn't thinking clearly. I don't...want you to leave me again! Please don't..hic..me mad". She felt terrible for doing this to him just cause she wanted to leave because she was bored!

"Hey, I'm used to getting beaten up like this. Also, compared to some of the training I did; like having to scale a straight cliff with ten extra pounds on both my arms and legs. Compared to that, this was nothing" Jake joked.

Meanwhile, back in waterfall city. The outsiders had managed to round up most of the rest of their group and brought them to the city. Usually, the dinotopians and scalies would be around as well to try and lecture them and guilt them into stopping what they were doing and to do the right/moral thing. Thank goodness they weren't here now.

"Where are the scalies" Lola asked, curious about where the T-rexes had gone.

"They probably ate what they could find and moved on" Dennis informed.

Quatron smirked in victory. The scalies truly were afraid of him! Then again, he count really say that he was surprised. After all, he was a rather feared man throughout dinotopian so that even the T-rexes feared him! Hearing a roar of anger; he whirled around crossbow ready as his followers readied their weapons as well. Seems one had forgotten to leave.

"Something has it spooked "Le Sage noticed. The T-rex would usually have attacked by now, but this...for some reason it held its ground and didn't attack at all! Why? In fact, it was backing away! Whilst staring at Quatron for some reason. "Come on! It's now or never" Le sage called out.

"No! Don't kill it" Quatron shouted in return. The T-rex seemed to be staring at his jewel, and wasn't attacking since he was the closet. Putting his weapon over his shoulder, he decided to test it. Approaching the T-rex until he was right in front of it, he slowly smiled as it didn't attack him. "Ha ha" he chuckled evilly as he looked at the others who were shocked at this revelation. "No one is going to hurt my friend" he shouted, as he looked at the T-rex once more. "Can't you see, what's going on" the sneered as he pointed to his mind.

"I see that you are slipping further into madness. These things aren't pets. Now get out of the way" Le sage shouted, as she readied to throw her spear at the beast. She was surprised as a somewhat bored Quatron approached, as he slapped her across the jaw. Feeling herself picked up, she looked back as Quatron ordered her to be locked up. "You scum" she though angrily.

The five had followed Freefall and Quetzal after they had led them from the camp, and towards a small cave. They're the group had found a ceremonial chamber, with a rather intimidating statue. Explaining the story to the trio, she sighed "Pendenazuru" Marion said softly, as she looked at the statue. "I always thought it was a myth" she sighed, realizing how wrong she had been.

"So, this guy Morwan becomes king of the tyrannosaurs all because of a green gem" David asked, finding this all hard to believe. Then again, he really shouldn't doubt since he had seen some pretty weird stuff whilst being here.

"It's not just any gem. It gives its owners control over the T-rexes, Morwan almost destroyed the whole island with it" Marion sighed. It had happened two hundred years ago when an offworlder named Morwan Razeul, had taken the green gem and named himself king of the T-rexes. "But then they got it away from him, and sealed it inside a special box that nullified its effects. His powers gone, he was defeated".

"Someone's taken it" Jake sighed as he looked at the opening of where the gem had once been stored. The box was gone as well. "This explains abit. Its powers seemed to nullify the effects that the sunstones seemed to have, like it protects the T-rexes and keeps them able to go through the barriers".

"So unless that box and gem are retrieved, then we'll have to deal with the T-rexes here on this island until the eventually overrun us and kill us" Samantha said, nervously. Suddenly, she was afraid. Usually she was a very brave person who didn't let much get to her, but this...this was abit much even for her.

"Well then we have to find whoever took the two items, and put them back here" Romana mused, as she gently touched the opening on where the box had been. "But, how do you think we'll do it though? I mean, who would take it" she then asked. None of the others gave an answer. As Jake looked like he was about to give his opinion on just how screwed he thought they were, a loud cry of pain echoed from outside and into the cave.

David, raised his head as he recognized the voice, "Dad" he asked aloud. Indicating for the others to follow, he continued to call out his father's name as they followed the cries of pain.

Not that far from the group, Karl was using all his muscular strength to try and free his father from the giant trapped he had stepped into. What appeared to be a T-rexes version of a mouse trap, was clamped on Franks leg! Had a large boulder not been stuck between the teethes of the trap; Frank would have lost his leg. Gasping in pain, Karl stopped as his dad panted for him to wait a sec.

"Dad, are you out their" Jake called out, feeling more awake and more active now as he trudge behind his brother.

"David? Jake?" Frank asked, confused. He narrowed his eyes, as he grinned widely at the sight of his two sons approach. Romana, Marion and Samantha were amongst the group as Karl asked for them to help open the trap. The group of late teens surrounded the trap, as they grabbed and grunted as they lifted! Frank growled in pain, as he weakly lifted his leg out of the trap, dizzy from blood loss. Smiling, he looked over at a grinning Jake who hugged Karl upon seeing him.

Pulling his David and Jake into a hug, he begged "I'm sorry boys. I'm so sorry! It was wrong for what I said back in waterfall city. I was angry, and frustrated and I..I". He was silenced as his sons hugged him back. God, I thought I lost you in the storm Jake".

"Its alright dad. It's alright" Jake said, trying to calm his dad down. As much as he wanted to enjoy the moment of the family reunion, he turned to the trap. "What's this doing here? I thought dinotopians didn't hunt" he pointed out.

"We don't hunt. It's against our Morales and ways of life, since we let the dinosaurs live in peace" Romana retorted.

"Yeah? Then, what's this doing here then" Frank said, still in pain as Jake wrapped a large cloth around his bleeding leg.

Marion, noticing another large trap; a log with many spikes upon it; she said "I recognized the handiwork of whoever did this" she mused. Looking back to the others, she explained "Its the outsiders".

"I can't believe that these outsiders hunt T-rexes" Karl grumbled. He was feeling abit vengeful at the moment, for wanting to take a shot at the scum that hurt his dad.

"Believe me, they've done alot worse" Marion pointed out. Listing it off, she noted "Its cruel, savage and goes against anything dinotopia stands for; then its right up their alley". Looking at the Scotts, she explained "They enjoy ruining anything that we work on".

"So, what kind of stuff do they wreck" Jake asked, curiously.

"Festivals, ceremonies. They steal from us. They beat some of us up. They vandalize, destroy property. Anything that'll involve ruining something that we've worked hard on; they'll destroy" Samantha explained to Jake, as she thought "Feels like at times that they sound like my kind of people".

"I'm just hoping they don't realize the kind of power that they've found. If they have, then we can pretty much kiss the island goodbye since they'd immediately get to work in wrecking everything" Romana said softly.

Cut off by Franks cry of pain, the brothers wanted to stop, but their stubborn father refused to stop just cause he was hurt. Forcing them to keep going, he sighed in pain. "I got these kids into this mess by trying some damn foolish move to leave the island. It's not right that they should have to pay for my injury". It had taken awhile, but the group had managed to get to the outskirts of waterfall city where the outsiders had taken up their new home. They had explained the situation to Karl and Frank about the gem.

Examining Franks wound, Marion mused "Its getting infected. Do you think Freefall or Quetzal could take him to Vidabba earth farm"?

"No way. They can barely fly on their own cause of their injuries" David reasoned.

Before an argument could erupt, Frank interrupted "Forget about me. You've got more important things to worry about". Jake looked like he wanted to argue, but Frank snapped "Listen to me. You've got to get the gem back. Every second you waste means someone else dies". The teens hesitated as they seemed reluctant to leave behind Frank. "Go on, get out of here. I'm not going anywhere" Frank groaned, as he looked to David. "Davy, you know I'm right" Frank insisted.

Sighing, as David realized he was being put in charge; he said "We'll be back for you alright".

Waterfall city was a mess!

Whatever had already been destroyed by the T-rexes, had been made worse by the roguish, Outsiders. The group of six had to take many side alleys, and underpass tunnels just to get to the fountain square. The outsiders had destroyed shops, stolen any jewels or valuables and were now partying like they're was no tomorrow! They could see the Outsiders either beating up one another, bathing in the fountain fully clothed and even smashing art! "What brutes" Marion mused, as they came out into the open.

However, a group of outsiders that were coming to the square, noticed them. They knew that they were not fellow outsiders, so the best thing to do was to lock them up!

"They're everywhere, what should we do" Jake asked, abit worried. "These people are nuts" he thought.

"I dunno, we gotta find the head honcho. He's probably got the gem" Karl responded back, looking for any signs of danger.

"How are we supposed to know who's in charge of these guys" Jake asked again, but was silenced by a glare from Karl. Obviously, he wasn't too keen to questions at the moment.

"So what, were just gonna waltz up and take it from him" David asked, thinking this was the stupidity plan he had ever heard in his life.

"If you have a better plan, then please tell me" Karl shot back, the tone inviting for a retort.

David shook his head in frustration. That had always been Karl's problem: He never had a plan! It was complete and total improvisation. Glancing back, he noticed a group of outsiders about to get the jump on them. Deciding that improvising sounded good about now, he responded "Yeah, run"! Taking off, he was immediately captured from behind as the outsiders grabbed the group.

Everyone struggled but only Jake seemed to take it to the offense, as he growled "Hands off of me, you meat head"! He then managed to whirl around and sock the man in the nose. However, he was then grabbed from behind as the man he punched, sucked punched Jake in the gut as Jake felt the wind sucked out of him as he was dragged along with the others!

Hearing the roar of a T-rex, Jake glanced up to see one grinning down at him as he thought "Oh yeah, they have the gem alright and know how to use it! Oh man, we're in trouble". Glancing over at the mayors home, he watched as four people walked out; a man with a mighty scar on his eye, a blonde woman, a nerdy looking man and another man with long hair. "Scar guy there must be the leader" he assumed.

Quatron glanced down, as he said "What do we have here". He had assumed some huge party of lizard lovers, armed had come to try and stop him. All he could see where six kids, all in their mid to late teens. "Not very meaty are they" he asked his new T-rex companion. Receiving a smirk, he smirked back "They'll do eh? Heh, lock them up. We'll have some fun with them later".

"Hey you can't throw them in here! This is my cell! Hey" Le Sage shouted angrily to the guards, as she watched as a trio of kids were tossed in here! Sighing irrigated, she thought "Great, no way am I gonna be a babysitter for these brats".

"Oh this is just great! Trapped down here, and with no way to get that gem" Karl grunted in annoyance. Hearing the lady ask who he was, he vaguely answered "Me? I'm just a tourist on devils island".

"Tourist" Le Sage repeated, not used to the word. However, another word came to mind as she suddenly looked at the six hopefully. "You offworlders" she asked, glee coming to her. "Are you" she repeated, grinning now as she walked over to the three boys. "I've never seen an offworlder before. Oh c'mon, make my day. Tell me your here for a short visit and you can get me off this dump of an island and back to your big, amazing lizard free world" she begged.

"Sorry lady" Jake apologized, getting the wind back from the gut punch.

"Drat" Le Sage muttered sarcastically. Sitting down at the bench, she noted "Still, not a total loss. C'mon, sit down! Tell me everything".

Annoyed, Karl said "Honestly I'd love to give you a little show and tell, but were running a little low on time here since they're a psycho out their whose ready to nuke this entire place, and were the only ones who can stop him".

"As..." Samantha started. Everyone turned to her, as she looked at Le Sage. "As annoyed as I can get at times with this island for never changing, it's still my home. I don't care if I have to go through a hundred T-rexes to stop it from being destroyed". She then hugged Jake, who nodded approvingly, worried that she didn't care about the island at all.

Le Sage, unimpressed; commented "Fine, be a bore and save the world. I'm outta here". Getting up, she remember that the door was locked, so she said "Alright then. Take those stools and hold them up near the door". When no one did anything, she insisted "Just do it"! Pointing for the three girls, and for Jake to get out of sight; she smirked at the three before running up to the door with Jake and David at the sides of it.

Whistling seductively, she called to the guards "Hi! It's me". As they approached, she grinned "You two are looking good". Gently running a finger across one of the guards cheek, she whispered "Listen, my boots are too tight. I was hoping you could come on in and help me take them off". Rushing back over to the chair, she smirked as she watched the guards open the door.

The moment the two guards stepped into the shadow, Karl and David smashed the chairs into their scalps. One was knocked out instantly, but the other was resilient as he went to attack David. Jake stepped out of the shadows as he front kicked the man, causing him to bend over in pain. He then finished him off with an axe kick to his head, knocking him out.

"I can't believe that actually worked" Karl laughed, as he clapped a hand on Jakes shoulder for the martial arts moves!

Feeling cheeky, Le Sage commented "Well that's the thing about guards, they can't be too clever or they wouldn't be guards, get it? See ya"!

"Well wait a sec, we could use all the help we could get" David asked, offering her to join them.

"Sorry kids, I got to get out of here" she retorted, as she turned to run.

"Are you saying you don't want to take a shot at the head honcho" Karl asked, wondering if she had some sort of personnel vendetta against this man. He smirked as he watched her pause and turn to him.

Jake and Samantha had decide to split up from the others to search for the box and gem! Entering the lounge room, they found Quint who was casually tossing up and down what appeared to be the box! Jake, pointing at the guy, nodded Samantha as he approached him from behind. Poking him on the shoulder, he said "Heya"!

"What the" Quint gasped, as he saw the two escaped teens.

"Can you do me a favor and not take this too personally" Jake asked sincerely.

"What" Quint asked.

Before Jake could react, Samantha then came up from behind, and smashed a vase into the top of his head! Smirking in victory, she tossed the destroyed vase aside as she watched Quint pass out from the blow. Looking up, she saw Jakes stunned face. "What? I never liked that vase" she said.

"You were supposed to hang back, whilst I knocked him out" Jake answered, abt stunned and at the same time, attracted to the dangerous side of her!

"Sorry Jakey! Guess I wanted to knock him out this time" she smirked, as she looked over at what he was tossing. "Its not the box" she said sadly, as she showed it was a box, but it was a music box! "Oh well, knocking him out was fun" Samantha smirked as she pulled the stunned Jake from the room.

Meanwhile, Dennis was inside Waldo's room, trying on his robe and necklace. He couldn't help but grin at how amazing he looked. When the curtain in the mirror behind him ripped open, he froze as he saw an angry young matriarch! "Hey! Those are my father's" she insisted to him!

"I know. Aren't they amazing" he grinned! He got the shock of his life, as she hooked him in the jaw; knocking him out! Whirling around to see the shocked Karl, she asked "What? Its my father's things"! Noticing the right box, she went to grab it, but Le Sage beat her too it!

"If your through abusing the help" Le Sage asked. Watching as she rushed out with the others, she turned to Karl as she commented "Feisty little thing isn't she".

Still abit stunned by her sudden ferociousness, Karl nodded "No kidding".

Frank wasn't faring too well on his own! He had moved himself up to a higher spot next to the birds, as he grunted "This is just great! What kind of father am I"? Chuckling weakly at his own mess ups, he noted "First, I almost drown them by crashing into the sea! Then, I almost drowned them again"!

He should be there with them, helping to get back that gem! He had been a natural explore when he was younger at times! "But now look at me! I'm sitting here like a beached whale. Whilst those kids, my kids; out there risking their lives".

Feeling sarcastic, he grumbled "Look at me. I'm sitting here, talking to a pair of two ton chickens".

Freefall and Quetzal made a squawk noise that sounded like they were offended.

"I'm sorry, I apologize. You saved Marion's life, whilst I almost drowned her. If anyone's a prize turkey here; its me" he groaned. He had failed to keep his kids safe, or be with them when he had almost drowned and ended up in the world beneath. Then he almost killed his sons, by trying to stubbornly cross through a storm! "Yeah, father of the year right here folks" he thought bitterly.

Freefall seemed to feel sympathy for the distraught father as he slowly turned around, and spread his wings. Squawking for him to climb on! "We'll help your kids Mr. Scott" thought Freefall.

Lola and Quatron had just started in making out, and were about to get to stage two when an unexpected arrival showed up. "I'm busy" Quatron snapped angrily, turning to yell at the idiot that had decided to get in the way! Finding that it was only Le Sage, he growled "Who let you out of your cage".

"Now what kind of welcome is that? I thought you'd be a little friendlier" Le Sage grinned.

"Your still alive aren't you" Quatron pointed out.

"Alive and kicking! Feeling kinda frisky, is this a bad time" she asked seductively. Already, she could see the lust in Quatron's eyes.

"Babe, send her away" Lola snapped, wanting to get her out of there.

"Heh, you get out" he smirked, wanting Le Sage more than ever now! Tossing Lola aside, he smirked playfully as he said "Ah Torus, you finally came to your senses huh". Watching as she playfully sat on his knees and hugged him, he failed to notice her looking at the gem on the table.

"I could no longer resist the chance, to do this" she smirked before kneeing him in the groin! Elbowing him in the head then, she snatched the gem off the table as she rushed out! Handing it to the kids, she could hear Quatron scream angrily as he recovered.

Hearing them being called out, the three brothers looked up to see outsiders had spotted. Looking at each other, the three brothers shouted as they charged and rammed right through the outsiders; the girls right behind them.

One of the outsiders grabbed Romana by the leg. "I got you now babe" he grinned! Romana responded by swiftly kicking him in the jaw, causing him to collapse. "Sorry sleazebag, I already have a boyfriend" she answered, as she went to catch up with David.

Le Sage had separated as she watched the group all run past. Smirking, she said "Sorry kids, I've had my fun".

Still running, the group frantically rushed outside as they opened the box. However, before they could place the gem back inside, Quatron had caught up and snatched it from them! Pushing them away, he grinned to his T-rex friends! "Enjoy your lunch" he sneered as he held the gem in his hand victoriously as he held it above his head!

The T-rexes approached to kill the trio, but it seemed luck was on their side! Like an angel from the skies, Frank swooped down on Freefall, as he snatched the gem out of Quatrons hand!

Frank grinned widely, glad he had helped his kids! "Freefall, get close to David! Right above him" he asked, as he watched what transpired below!

Quatron screamed in fear, as his foot was caught under some rubble; making him unable to escape! His men and women quickly fled, choosing to save themselves rather than help their leader! "This isn't right! This isn't how its supposed to be! I'm in charge! I am a god" he thought panicking as the T-rex leered over him, and then greedily; ripped him to shreds!

The gem dropped at the feet of the teens, as Samantha picked it up and tossed it to David, who quickly put it into the box and shut it! "Did it work" Samantha asked, wordily. Nothing happened and it seemed like they were doomed when suddenly the stone glowed once more, as the T-rexes withered in pain over the effects of the sunstone! Panicking, the T-rexes in the city fled in fear!

"We did it! Yes" Jake cheered, as he gently grabbed Samantha and kissed her passionately on the lips! Romana was much gentler, as she gently cupped David's jaw and kissed him, causing his eyes to widen in shock. "That one was for the record" she smirked. "Way to go dad" Karl called up to his dad! "Good job Mr. Scott" Marion cheered! The team had done it! For a second time, dinotopia had been averted of disaster; thanks to the combined efforts of the Scotts and the Syvilles!

A few days later...

A celebration had occurred in waterfall city where the Scotts had been commended for their bravery, and for helping to save the island for a second time! The outsiders had cleared out of the city, and off to parts unknown. Even the mysterious Le Sage had vanished! David and Romana had skipped out on the party to go and deposit the gem into the sea, so no one could ever use it again for their wicked deeds!

After the party, Frank had met up with Ethan once more and had been taken back to the bar that they had first met at. There, the two friends enjoyed a drink together! "This is pretty good" Frank smiled, as he drunk once more!

Ethan chuckled, as he said "Well, I do pride myself on making the best damn Martine on the island".

"Only damn Martine" Frank commented, as he chuckled. Remembering the offer he had made about them coming with him, Frank sighed "I'm glad you weren't out there. You were right; they're no way across that reef".

"So, what are you gonna do now then" Ethan asked curiously.

Frank shrugged, as he drunk again. "I don't know, it hasn't sunk in yet".

Ethan smiled, feeling for his new friend as he said "I'll tell you what. My wife's parents farm had been pretty torn up during the T-rex attack. They would love it if we went and fixed it up, and then lived with them. You let me show you how to make a decent cocktail; and this place is yours".

Frank looked around, stunned at the kind gesture. "Ethan, I couldn't possibly" Frank started but was silenced as Ethan insisted. Being handed his cowboy hat, Frank smiled as Ethan insisted it was a gift and how one couldn't refuse a gift on Dinotopia. Smiling, he said "I'll take it, on one condition".

"Yeah, what's that" Ethan asked, smirking.

"After you fix up the farm enough, you work with me here as a partner. It'd be nice to have a buddy whose from back home, and actually knows what real alcohol is" Frank smiled as he put out a hand.

Ethan smiled, as he reached forward and shook Franks hand. "You got a deal Frank" he nodded!

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