Gary and Wyatt walked down the crowded school hallway, holding their girlfriends close, greeting friends. Summer had fallen upon Farber High School, the dawn of booty shorts and tank tops. Yes, life was good for the two former nerds; they had practically fallen in love over night with the girls of their dreams.

But this isn't about them; Gary and Wyatt's lifves are already close to perfect. This is about the two boys who lost their social status and their girlfriends to the two former nerds. Ian and Max's lives seem like they will never be the same. They stared as Gary and Wyatt paraded around the hallways.

"Those toads," Ian sneered, leaned up against the side of his locker, his head tilted sideways as he glared at the two.

"Tell me about it," Max replied with the same tone of voice as his friend.

At the time, no one bothered with them. They didn't have the attention they used to when they were dating Deb and Hilly. And, to say the least, they weren't exactly content with their new lives as nobodies.

You would think that no one would want anything to do with Gary and Wyatt after how strange that party was. It started with some dumb ass bartender who had a serious anger problem, and ended with mutant bikers terrorizing the guests.

Ian and Max had no idea what happened after that, because they escaped before anything got too serious with the bikers. But they had stuck around to see the atomic bomb and were convinced to wear bra son their heads because the two nerds had promised to make them their own girl.

Of course, it didn't fucking work. It seemed that Max didn't care as much as Ian did about their reputation. Sure, he missed all the attention, but he was getting sick of dating Hilly anyway. Ian didn't care much about Deb; it was just that the two kids who used to have no friends were more popular than them in a matter of days.

Max looked at Ian intently, the silence between them had become awkward and he waited for his friend to say something.

"What goes around comes around," he finally spoke, his facial expression turning sour.

"You have a plan?" his partner in crime questioned, a small smirk forming on his lips.

"It's a work in progress," Ian paused before continuing, "meet me at the bleachers on the football field after school."

Max only got a nod out before Ian had begun to walk away, class was about to start and another tardy meant another detention for him and he COULD NOT afford another detention. Max didn't understand why Ian had changed so much. Ever since that dumb party he hadn't been the same.

Ian sat in biology class, barely paying attention as the teacher rambled on about genetics and gene pools or whatever. He held his head in his hand and stared out the window, just another perfect day in Illinois. The day was almost over, so he would be out there soon.

The teacher stopped in mid sentence as the door had been opened and the principal walked into the classroom. Automatically, Ian perked up and pretended to pay attention to whatever the teacher had been saying. The room filled with silence and directly after the principal had walked in, a girl Ian had never seen before, followed.

He stared at her, his insides had tightened up, and it was a strange sensation. Ian had never felt anything like that before when he had seen a girl.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to introduce you guys this new students," Principal McClusky announced, gesturing for the girl to step up.

The girl rolled her eyes, and reluctantly did as he had said.

"This is Gabrielle Hall," he said, as a fake grinned splashed across his face.

The room remained uncomfortably quiet, as the students stared at the new girl. She just stood there; her posture slightly slouched with her hands folded across her chest.

"Uhm. okay, well on with the rest of the tour!" The principal announced, dragging the new girl out of the classroom, leaving the students who just stared.

The guys in the classroom laughed, it was a tradition at the school to make new kids as uncomfortable as possible and it looked like it had worked. During the rest of the class, the students talked about the new girl, creating nasty rumors to spread throughout the school, after all, it was high school.

Ian carried his books as he walked down the hallway towards his locker. What used to be the best time of the day, messing around with other kids and meeting up with friends had now turned into the worst part of the day. He didn't talk to anyone BUT Max, and he had been getting on his nerves lately.

It was like Max couldn't do anything on his own, that he had to follow everything that Ian said. It had gotten annoying, ever since that party. That party, Ian thought bitterly.

He made it to his locker when he noticed the new girl again, putting her stuff into a locker that had been given to her. Ian shoved all of his books quickly into his locker and slammed it shut. New kids were easy prey, or at least back when he was popular they were.

Ian walked over towards her and caught one of her books just as she had dropped it.

"Thanks," Gabrielle said, taking it out of his hand and putting it evenly on top of her other ones.

Ian could feel his insides knot together again, but kept his cool. "So…you're that new girl," he managed to choke out.

"Yep," She answered, not sounding to interested.

"Erm, I'm Ian," he introduced himself, and leaned against the locker besides her.

"And you already know my name," Gaby replied, in a sort of annoyed voice.

"So…you doing anything later?" Ian questioned, trying to keep a straight face.

"Nope," she closed her locker and faced him completely.

" Do you…want me to show you around town?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know, from what I've heard you're kind of an asshole…" Gaby spoke, giving him a sly look.

"W-well I-uh," Ian stuttered, almost losing.

"Hey, its alright. That's the way I like my guys," She smirked slightly and started to walk away.

He stood there, dumbstruck. So was that a yes or a no? Ian was even more confused than he was before, what was with this girl? He raced down the hallway after her, intent on asking her what she had meant by that. She had perked his interested from the start and he wasn't going to give on her.

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