Simon's Gift To Us

Olivia wakes up in the middle of the night hot and hungry for sex. She wanted the brown-skinned woman lying next to her, her wife of ten years, Melinda Benson. She begins to kiss a sleeping Melinda on the lips. Of course this wakes Melinda.

Mmm…mmm…mmm, Melinda moans as she deepens the kiss.

Still kissing, Olivia slowly moves her right hand and cups Melinda's left breast. She could feel the hardening of Melinda left nipple.

Yes…. ohhh….yes, Melinda moans as Olivia sucks her breast. "Baby what's gotten into you tonight" Melinda says.

Olivia never answered; she just continued to suck Melinda's perfect breasts. After ten minutes Olivia finally spoke… "Mel, it's all about you tonight. I just want to satisfy you", Liv said.

Ok baby, Melinda said as she continued to moan.

Olivia started kissing Mel's stomach and then went down to her thighs.

Oohhh baby, I can't take it anymore. I need you inside me, Mel said. I want to feel your tongue in my hot, wet pussy.

Mel knew this would drive Olivia crazy. Liv loved it when Mel talked dirty. Heck that's the only time Melinda used dirty language, she never swears outside the bedroom. Olivia inserted one and then two fingers into Mel's warmth.

"Damn baby, you're so wet" Liv says while she rubs her thumb over Melinda's clitoris.

Olivia slowly begins to move her fingers in and out, out and in of Melinda's warm pussy.

Yeah, that feels so good…yeah baby fuck this pussy, Melinda tells her wife.

Olivia moves up and starts sucking Melinda nipples while finger fucking her.

Olivia knows this was going to send Melinda into overdrive.

"Yes….yes….. Oh God…fuck….fuck me…fuck me harder…yes baby…yes…I'm about to cum"

. Olivia then lowers her head and begins licking and sucking Melinda's wet, juicy pussy.

"Yeah baby, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you" Liv says.

"Liv…...I'm….cumming" Melinda struggled to say as juices flowed from her into Olivia's mouth.

Olivia moves up towards Melinda's face and begin kissing her passionately.

It's 7:20am Olivia walks in to the precinct 20 minutes late and she's greeted by Fin.

Morning Liv, you look like you had fun last night.

"Ya know Fin, I feel like a Million Dollar Woman this morning" she said, smiling.

Damn Liv, you must have had a great night.

Yeah I did, she said, as she winked her eye at him and sat down at her desk.

Morning Liv.

Morning El. Any new cases today?

No, nothing yet. I guess the criminals of New York decided to be civil today, El said while he read the newspaper and sipped a cup of coffee. So, five days until you go on vacation, huh? So where are you two going?

We're going to visit my brother, his girlfriend and my 3 year old nieces. He lives just north of Palm Beach, in a town called Stuart. They're getting married.

Ahh, that's nice. Hey Liv, could you do me a favor?

What is it, El?

Well…your brother and I never really hit it off. In fact, I thought he did rape those girls a few years back. Could you tell him, I'm sorry and I wish him and his bride happiness?

Sure El….but don't kick yourself for it. I thought he was guilty as well. I told him, he was just like our father. You know, "Like father like son". I was wrong, dead wrong. I'm just glad he's forgiven me and has allowed me to be a part of his life and his family.

Ring….ring…ring…"Special Victims Unit Detective Benson" she said, as she answered the phone. "Is this Detective Olivia Benson" said a voice on the other end.

Yes, it is. How may I help you?

Detective, this is Sergeant Ortega with the Martin County Sheriff's Office in Stuart, Florida; do you have a brother name Simon Marser?

Yes, I do. "Oh gosh, what have Simon gotten himself into now" Liv thought to herself.

"Detective, I'm sorry to have to inform you of such terrible news over the phone. Your brother and his girlfriend were killed in an automobile accident earlier this morning" said the Sergeant on the other end of the phone.

Oh no…..no…...no….NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Liv yelled into the phone, as she began to cry. No damn it…. Why….. Why…. Why, she said over and over again.

Elliot immediately stood up. Liv you okay? What's going on?

It's my brother she says, crying.

Elliot walked over and took the phone from Olivia. "Hello, this is Detective Stabler"

Detective, this is Sergeant Ortega with the MCSO out of Stuart, Florida. I was told to inform Detective Benson of the loss of her brother and his girlfriend.

"Oh God", Elliot thought. "How'd it happen" Elliot asked the Sergeant.

A Drunk Driver cross lanes and hit them head on. They were killed on impact and the toddlers were medevac to St. Mary's Children Hospital in Palm Beach. They're in ICU but are expected to make a full recovery.

How'd you get Detective Benson number? Elliot asked.

It was in her brother's cell phone contact list, she was listed in there as sister Detective Benson.

Well, thanks Sergeant we appreciate you informing us of this tragedy, Elliot said softly.

"Wait" said the Sergeant. We need Detective Benson to come to Florida; she has to positive ID the body. And the toddlers, who's going to care for them?

Sergeant, Detective Benson is in shock right now, she will contact you in a little while. Just give me your number and email address and I will see to it, she calls you.

Fin walks over and pickup Liv off the floor. He takes her up on the roof, that's a special place for Fin and Liv. They're close and they often meet on the roof when they need to vent or when the job has taken a toll on them. Olivia was going through a rough time trying to adapt to life after SealView and it was Fin who met her on the roof everyday for six months. She could talk to Fin about SealView because he was there; he understood what she went through. Fin is her best friend and was her best man at her wedding. If anyone in the precinct could get her to calm down it was Fin.

Liv, baby girl what's wrong? Fin asked puzzled. Still crying, she says, "It's Simon, he's dead". Fin walks over to her and puts his arms around her. Baby girl, I'm sorry to hear that, he says. Lets get you home. I'll call Melinda and let her know, I'm driving you home.

As Olivia walked up to her home, the door opened. Liv, sweetie, I'm so sorry said Melinda, as she placed her arms around Olivia.

They walked over to the couch and Melinda took off Olivia shoes and brought her a cup of hot tea from the kitchen.

Liv, you want to talk about it, Melinda said.

No not right now, I have to call Sergeant Ortega back and then book a flight to Palm Beach. They want me down there as soon as possible. I need to positive ID the bodies, Liv says, choking up. Mackenzie and Taylor is in ICU at a Children's Hospital in Palm Beach, so I need to leave on the next flight to Palm Beach.

Mel, would you come to…

"Don't worry baby, I already booked a flight for us", Melinda says. I'll pack the bags, our flight leaves in three hours.

I don't know what I'd do without you, I'm lucky to have you in my life, Olivia says with tears filling up her eyes again.

Melinda walks over give her wife a kiss on the forehead. She looks Olivia in the eyes and says "Liv, you're my world, my everything and you complete me. If anyone's lucky it's me" as she wipes Olivia's tears away. Melinda leaves the room to pack for the trip to Florida.

The plane landed at 3pm in Palm Beach, Florida. Olivia and Melinda first stop is to the hospital to visit her twin nieces Mackenzie and Taylor. Olivia was greeted by Dr. Wesley, who gave her an update on the girls' status.

Olivia and Melinda walked into the ICU ward and set next to the two girls. The girls were one month old, the last time they saw them and now they're three years old. Their pale skin at birth had darkened, they had long curly hair and you could tell they were interracial.

They look like little angels lying here, Melinda said.

Yeah, they do. Olivia said, as her eyes begin to fill up with tears. "Oh God…please…please don't take them from me. Please God, let them be okay", Olivia said, crying. Melinda has never seen Olivia like this. Olivia was always the strong one. Melinda put her arms around her wife and assures her everything was going to be alright.

After spending two hours at the hospital, Olivia and Melinda made the 40 mile drive to Stuart, Florida. They went straight to the Martin County Sheriff's Office. They were greeted by Sergeant Ortega and left with him to head to the morgue. Olivia, ID the bodies of her brother and his girlfriend. The Bensons, stayed in Florida and made funeral arrangements. The twins were released from the hospital the day before the funeral. After the funeral, Olivia and Melinda decided to take the twins back to New York with them.

Six months later….

Melinda was making dinner and Olivia was playing with the twins on the floor in the living room. The girls were laughing so hard, Melinda went into the living room to see what was causing them to laugh so much.

As Melinda entered the living room from the kitchen, Taylor ran up to her as Olivia chased her. "Mommy…mommy… save me, mommy is trying to tickle me".

This surprised Melinda as well as Olivia. This was the first time the twins called either of them mommy.

Taylor, what did you call me? Melinda asked in shock.

I called you mommy. You our mommy aintcha? The little girl said, with those big brown eyes of hers.

If Melinda's your mommy than who am I? Asked Olivia

You our mommy too. We got two mommies, right Kenzie?

That's right, said Mackenzie

Melinda and Olivia eyes begin to fill up with tears. They tried invetro for two years only to be told Melinda couldn't have kids. A year ago they were thinking about adopting a little girl. Now they are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

A Year Later….

Olivia and Melinda have their closest friends over to their home for the official signing of their adoption of Taylor and Mackenzie.

Olivia makes a toast: First I want to thank you all for coming today, this means so much to Mel and me. I am so thankful to have a beautiful, loving wife who's stood by me through good and bad times. She's smart, patient, understanding and sexy. I fell in love with Doctor Melinda Warner 13 years ago and I love her more today than the day I married her. So, if you could raise your glasses please; God must love me to bless me with such a loving family. This toast is for my wife and two little angels.

"To the happy family", Fin said. And everyone toast to the happy family.

Olivia and Melinda cleaned up after everyone left. Melinda poured two glasses of wine and headed to the bedroom. She peaked in on the girls and saw Olivia in their room. The girls were asleep; they were exhausted from all the excitement today. Melinda overheard Olivia talking

"Thank you Simon, for giving us these beautiful gifts. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives. I promise, I will not let you down". Olivia saw her wife standing at the door; she walked over to Melinda and kissed her passionately.

Melinda hand Olivia her glass of wine.

"I love you Mrs. Benson" says Melinda.

"And I love you too Mrs. Benson", Olivia replied as they took a sip of wine and then kissed each other passionately.