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Prologue: Junior High


Junior high was a fucking nightmare, I lived in Phoenix with my mom and I attended school there, and like I said, it was a fucking nightmare.

I'm not beautiful, but I'm not ugly either. Anyways, in school I was constantly reminded that I was no beauty, that I was the biggest nerd on school ('cause apparently being intelligent is a crime) and that I use to spend a lot of time in the library. Thank God nobody knew about my constant hours crying in the bathroom. The name-calling can be bearable if you have someone to hold to, but I didn't have anybody, not one fucking friend to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

The worst part of my nightmare was Edward Cullen. Edward was the most beautiful boy in school, he and his brother and sister, Emmett and Alice, were it; everybody wanted to be with them, everybody fucking worshipped the floor beneath them and, worst of all, they knew it. Emmett and Alice weren't too bad, they knew that they fucking rocked but they were also nice to the people around them. Emmett only teased me a couple of times, nothing too hurtful, and Alice never did. Of course she always looked at me with pity and I think that was worst than Emmet's teasing. I don't need anybody's fucking pity.

Anyways, like I was saying, the worst of all was Edward Cullen. He was the one who usually started all the teasing, the one who contributed most of my nicknames: bookworm, nerd, nobody, "too ugly to look at", "Casper" (did I tell you that I'm way to white to live in Phoenix?), "Chucky's wife", "ugly duckling", and a lot more. He usually teased me about my obvious lack of balance, I mean; I was unable to walk without falling or tripping. I still do, balance is not my strong suit. It was because of Edward Cullen that I spent most of my time crying in the bathroom, why I spent most of my time eating alone in the stairs that led to the basement, why I spent more time in the library…

So, when I graduate from junior high I put my foot down and requested my mother to send me back to my dad's in Forks. I was going to start high school in a new city, where nobody knew me or my stupid nicknames; it was going to be a clean start.

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