Warning! This chapter contains violence, not too extreme violence, but violence none the less.

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A little help from my friends


I cried and I cried, not caring that the men in front of me was my enemy, not caring that I was being weak in front of him, not caring about the ramifications of my actions. I couldn't care about anything, I couldn't feel anything, anything but the pain in my face, my leg and my arm. I cried because I've been a fool, I've been weak and I couldn't defend myself like I should have, like my father had taught me, like I swear I would if something like this ever came to happen.

I felt a touch in my shoulder and I flinched immediately.

"Sorry," Cullen said and I realized that I had forgotten that he was next to me; I don't know how long I've been crying, but somewhere in between Cullen came to sit next to me. "Can you, please, tell me what happen?"

I looked at his eyes and saw true concern there, I must be in terrible shape if I made Edward Cullen care, even a bit, about me.

"I-I fell," I lied.

"Bullshit," he replied, seeing right through it. I couldn't tell him what really had happened, nobody could know, especially not him.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it," I told him closing my eyes. My wrist was starting to throb; the adrenaline must be wearing off.

"As you wish," he sighed. "You need to get to the hospital, can you get up?"

"No hospitals," I argued. "I can't go to a hospital, it isn't that bad."

"Your forehead is bleeding, your lips are swollen and seeing how you are holding your hand so gingerly, I think you broke it," he argued back.

"It's not broken," I told him, although it felt like it was broken.

"Let me see," he said in a softer tone.

"What?" I asked.

"Let me see your hand," he said again. "My brother's always breaking his bones; I know how to recognize a broken wrist from a sprained one."

I looked at him for a while trying to look for any signs of deceive, any signs that showed me any foul intention, but I saw none, so I showed him my hand. He took it carefully; he turned it slowly and saw the bruises I had at the other side.

"Can you try to make a fist?" he asked me, I inhaled deeply and proceed to do as told. It hurt, like a bitch, but I did make a fist without any problems.

"It hurts," I told him and he just nodded. He rotated it – I flinched again at that – and he nodded again.

"I think is just sprained," he finally diagnosed it. "But I really think you should go to a hospital, my dad is working tonight and maybe he can take a look at this."

"No," I argued. "I'll go to The Hale's house; the twins' mother is a nurse, she can take a look at me, I just have to get some support for my wrist and clean the cuts, nothing else."

"I'll take you there," Cullen offered. "I don´t think you can drive with a wrist that swollen."

"I drove myself here, didn't I?" I argued.

"Adrenaline, I am sure," he argued back, elevating the sound of his voice a little. "I am going to take you to the Hale's and that's it. Maybe tomorrow you'll be good enough to come looking for your car, it's not like someone will steal that piece of crap."

"Finally," I sighed.

"Finally what?" he asked confused.

"You were being a little too nice, it was starting to confuse me," I told him and he snorted.

"Even I can't be a dick when I see someone who needs my help," he replied. "Get up, my car is parked at the other side of the street."

I got up and started walking slowly behind him, my leg had some cuts and it hurt a little – I think I twisted my ankle while I was running – so I had to limp my way to Cullen's car. He opened the door and waited for me to get in the car; I fasten my seatbelt while he sat in the driver's sit. This was too weird, but I know Cullen was only acting this way 'cause he saw I was really in trouble and I was in no position to refuse his help – even if he was my enemy – I was barely able to drive myself here, I don't know what would I done if Cullen hadn't showed up… maybe I would've called Jasper to pick me up, once my panic attack was under control.

I gave Cullen the direction to get to Jasper's house and we were there in no more than five minutes, he pulled up in the curve and open the car door for me once again, helping me out. We were walking towards the house's door when it suddenly blew open and Jasper appeared at the threshold. He looked at me with shock and he slowly look to my side, where Cullen was, in a second he was shoving at him and yelling.

"What the fuck did you do to her?" he was yelling while shoving him, apparently Cullen was too shocked to do anything else than shook his head.

"Jasper stop," I yelled at him, "he didn't do anything – he actually helped me, stop shoving him!"

"He helped you?" I suddenly stopped. "Edward fucking Cullen helped you?"

"Yes he did," I said. "Now, let him go, he already did enough."

"Ok," Jasper replied. "Sorry Edward, I just thought you had hurt her, I was out of my mind."

"I know, no hard feelings," he replied, still a little shocked.

"Thank you Edward," I told him too. "I'm really, really grateful, you are a very good person, even if you try hard enough to not let it show."

"Ye-yeah," he stuttered. "No problem Swan, I told you I couldn't not do anything when I saw you in that park."

"You could've turned around and you didn't, so thank you," I argued. "I owe you one."

"Su-sure," he stuttered once again. "See both of you around."

"Bye," Jasper and I said at the same time. He turned around, got inside his car and left.

We walked inside Jasper's house, he closed the door and it was enough for get my crying all over again.

"Bells, tell me what happened," he cooed, rubbing my back. I didn't recall coming to Jasper's bedroom. I tried to calm myself, whipping my tears and blowing my nose.

"I fell," I told him in a halfheartedly lie. He groaned and looked at me with reproach.

"Bella, please don't lie to me. Was it Edward?" he inquired.

"I already told you it wasn't Edward," I replied tired of all the crying and the turmoil.

He stood up and walked to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked him, scared of being alone.

"Don't worry Bells, I'm going to look for my mom stuff to clean your wounds," he replied.

"I've a sprained wrist," I showed him my left hand and he sighed and nodded. In about five minutes he was back in the room.

"I wish my mom were here," he told me, "she would treat these wounds better than I will."

"Is better if no one sees me like this," I replied in a low voice. He started cleaning the wound on my forehead with a saline solution, his hands smelled like soup, so I knew he washed his hands first; maybe he isn't a nurse like his mom, but she had taught him well.

"Where's your dad by the way?" I inquired, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"He volunteered as a chaperone for tonight's dance," he answered with a snort.

"Your dad has never ever done something like that."

"My sister has never ever gone to a dance with a date," he replied and we both laughed.

"This must be making your dad nuts!"

"Yeah, he's not too thrilled about this," he finished with the cut in my forehead and started with the cut in my lip.

"You don't have to tell me what happened," he told me. "But I think you need it, you need to tell someone, even if it's not me, but you have to tell someone."

He finished with my lip and asked me if I had any more cuts so I showed him my leg.

"You better take your pants off," he said and I looked at him with horror.

"Honey, I've seen you in nothing but underwear," he said with a meaning look. "Remember that time a couple of months ago when we drunk way too much tequila and you and my sister thought it was funny to take your clothes off and started singing Shania Twain?"

"Ohhh," I gasped. "I had totally forgotten about that."

"So take off your pants, I'll clean your wounds and then you can use one of Rosalie's sweatpants."

So I did what I was told. He cleaned the scrapes in my leg and gave me one of Rosalie's sweatpants, he told me I should clean my face and try to watch my injured hand before he put some bandages around my wrist, so I went to the bathroom. I looked terrible; even though Jasper had already clean the blood and covered the cut in my forehead, I looked like crap, there were weeds in my hair, dirt in my face and clothing and my eyes were puffy after crying so much. I took a deep breath and tried not to losing it again, so I focused in getting clean, taking the leafs out of my hair, brushing it and pulling it up in a ponytail, after that I focused in my face, cleaning it but avoiding the cut in my forehead; it was just a little cut, didn't even need a bandage for it, but apparently had bleed out a lot, I got to this conclusion after seeing how many bloody gauze Jasper had to throw away before he focused on the cut itself. After my face was clean again I focused on my hands, there was a lot of dirt under the nails and I had little scrapes in my fingertips; I focused in my right first – washing it without my left hand's help, – it was a little difficult but I managed, I was going to ask Jasper for help about the dirt under my nails, I couldn't clean them without my left hand. After that I focused on my left hand; the cold water felt nice against the swelling, it took me a while to get that hand cleaned, it hurt a little but I even got to clean those fingernails.

"I look less creepy now?" I asked Jasper when I got to his room, he was looking outside his window and gave me a halfheartedly smile at my pathetic intent of a joke.

"You look clean enough," he assured me. "You should call your dad and tell him you are going to stay here for the night."

"Thank you," I told him, not only for letting me stay, but for cleaning my cuts and for not pushing me to tell him what happened tonight. I went to hug him and he hugged me back.

"You are welcome," he kissed my forehead. "But before you call we have to put some bandages on your hand; if it's just a sprained wrist you need to move it as little as you can and the bandages will help you immobilize it."

"Sure," I told him and he carefully immobilized my left wrist. After that I called my dad – I had to leave a message actually, he was probably still on the date he had with Sue.

After calling my dad Jasper and I went to his room where we laid in his bed listening to some music, in the process I fell asleep and didn't wake until I heard someone laughing in the first floor. I looked at Jasper who was reading a book and he smiled sweetly at me.

"You fell asleep," he said and I nodded. "My sister just got from the dance apparently."

I sat and drunk from a glass of water that Jasper had bring to me earlier.

"Do you want something to eat?" he asked next to me.

"I'm not hungry," I replied. In that moment Rosalie opened Jasper's door, she was laughing and was about to say something when she looked at my face. I know what must have made her stop; the little cut in my forehead, my swollen lip, my wrapped hand and, most of all, my red puffy eyes.

"What happened?" she asked in a low voice, cracking a little at the end. She looked beautiful in her blood red dress.

"She says she fell, we're not buying it," Jasper answered for me and I flinched. Rosalie sighed deeply and came to sit by me.

"You look like hell Bells," she told me in a sweet voice. She rubbed my back a little and looked at Jasper with a pained look.

"How was the dance?" I inquired, trying to change the subject.

"Fun, I guess," she said with a shrug. "I talked to Emmett must of the night, we barely even danced."

She stood up and went to her bedroom, a couple of minutes later she was with some sweatpants and a face free of makeup.

"Are you staying tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah, I already called my dad," I told her.

"Good," she replied. "I'm bringing you food. You want something too Jasper?"

Jasper told her she wanted a simple sandwich and a glass of juice, I just nodded because I knew better than to go against her will; if she told me I should eat, I will with a smile on my face.

She returned with a tray full of sandwiches, some chips and three glasses of orange juice. She set the tray in Jasper's bed and sat across from us, grabbing a sandwich and giving it to me. We all chewed in silence for a couple of minutes, Rose finished her first sandwich and took a gulp from her glass.

"I already told dad you are going to stay here tonight," she told me, smiling at me and then looking at my half eaten sandwich with a frown.

"What happened, Bella?" She asked once again, looking at me with her piercing blue eyes, I heard Jasper next to me sighing deeply.

"I-I," I stuttered. "I don't want to lie to you. I really can't lie to you."

"Then, don't" Rosalie said with a shrug. "Bella, you already know we'll be here for you, no matter what, you know that you can tell us everything – we will not judge you and we'll do anything we can do to help you."

"I-I know," I stuttered once again, my voice failing me. "It's not that… It's just so-so… hard. Every time I close my eyes… I wish I could turn my mind off…"

"Bella, tell us not because we're asking," Jasper said in almost a whisper, rubbing my back and whipping the tears that were able to escape from my eyes. "Tell us to help you cope with this. I know it hurts you, I could see it in your eyes the moment you were at my door; I knew it even better when I heard you cry without stop. I already told you, you need to tell someone, it doesn't have to be us, it can be anyone, but don't go through this by yourself, 'cause it will eat you alive."

"You're right," I whispered, the tears were streaming freely down my face without stop.

"Yes, he's right," Rosalie whispered too, her voice cracking a little. "You can tell us now, later or never at all, but you have to tell someone, because I've never seen you so broken, not even when you got to this town, so we know is something big and we know is too much for one person."

I nodded and sighed deeply. I just knew I had to tell them; they were my rock, always there for me since the beginning, when they didn't even know me that well, they were there, trying to put together the broken pieces of a Bella who didn't even know who she was until they helped her. They need to know because I need to tell them, I need them to know, I need to take this pain out of my chest before it crushes me and I knew they were the ones to help me with that, the ones who will help me get through this, the ones who will always help me getting through anything.

"I was walking from Jake's house to my car," I started. The twins looked at each other and Jasper squeezed my knee and then grabbed my good hand. "He had to help his father at some friend's house and I told him I was going to be fine walking to my car all by my own.

"I was walking to my car that was at the beach, walking alongside the forest instead of walking at the other side of the road… Although now that I think about it I don't believe it would've made too much of a difference… Well, I was walking listening to some music, when I heard someone yelling my name, I looked up and I saw Sam – he's one of Jacob's friend, well sort of friend – he was alone and he was waving at me so I waved back and kept walking, but before I knew it he was right next to me.

"So I took my ear buds off and looked at him. He asked me where was I going all alone and I told him that I was going to get my car because I was heading home, he asked me once again if I wanted to go to this party he told me when we – Jacob and I – run with him earlier and I politely declined once again. He accepted my denial but told me he would walk me to my car so I just shrugged, he was giving me a weird vibe and I didn't want to upset him any further.

"So we kept walking toward first beach, were my car was parked and Sam started saying all this things about how beautiful I was, how Jacob didn't deserve me and that he was more suitable for me and he would treat me much better than Jake, I told him – again, very politely – that I was really happy with Jacob and that I much appreciated all of his compliments…"

I shrugged and took a shaky breath, Jasper embraced me and Rosalie gave me a tissue to blow my nose and some juice for me to drink. I tried to breathe normally, but I was too tense and too upset to make it happen, the tears just kept flowing endlessly during the whole process of telling the story… And we were just getting to the bad part…

"So," I continued with my story, "in that moment he didn't take my rejection quite well… He-he… He grabbed me by my arm with more strength than necessary and made me look at him… He told me something in the lines that I'd be his, but I-I can't recall quite well…"

"Just take a breath Bella," Jasper told me, hugging me more tightly, only then I noticed that I was shaking. I slowly inhaled and exhaled and kept telling what had happened.

"The-then he grabbed my fa-face and kissed my right on the lips. Whe-when I tried to pull away he just grabbed me tigh-tighter. Then he just-just pushed me against the trees and when I was about to scream he placed a hand over my mouth. I-I didn't know what to do, I just tried to wiggle away but he had so much strength, I couldn't do anything but to-to flailing my arms and legs helplessly, trying to-to scratch him, trying to do him harm, so he wo-would let me alone… I just wanted to be left alone… I just wanted to disappear, to be in my house, to be away… Just…"

"Bella you're safe now," Rosalie said, her voice breaking and trembling. "You are here and you're safe."

I just took another shaky breath and nodded.

"Then he started walking with me – one hand in my mouth, one arm holding me – further into the woods, then he…" I gulped noisily and shook my head. "I really didn't know what to do, how to escape, you know? Like everything my father ever taught me – how to defend myself and attack in case it is needed – just escaped me, I couldn't recall what I had to do to free myself from his grasp, but-but I just couldn't… Just couldn't…"

"Not even all the preparation in the world could help you against this type of attack," Jasper told me in a whisper. "When someone attacks you like this you just have to be lucky to react properly and save yourself, but most of the time the surprise of the attack and the fear leave you defenseless…"

"But I should've reacted earlier…" I shook my head angrily. "But he had me pinned against the floor before I could know what was really happening, what was really on his mind, what he wanted to do with me… Before I could know it he had his hand under my shirt and was squeezing my breast… And he-he was laughing for Christ's sake! And the only thing I could do was cry, cry and hope it would be over soon… I just wanted to be over!

"When he saw I had stopped fighting he stopped covering my mouth and started unzipping his pants… At first I was still too confused and too frightened to do anything and only then I noticed I could scream for help… And I did… I screamed bloody murder and before I knew it he was covering my mouth again… He pressed with so much force this time that his ring cut my lip… But I took advantage that his other hand was still in his pants and pushed him away from me, he just rolled to the side but it was enough for me to escape… I only took a couple of steps when he grabbed me by the ankle and dragged me down again… That's when I twisted my hand I think. I screamed for help once again hoping this time someone would heard me…

"He was on top of me once again, with his hand on my mouth, when he told me that I was doomed, than no one would hear me, so the only thing I could do was cry even harder… He-he sta-started un-unzipping my pants – laughing a little and mumbling something I couldn't quite make – when I looked to my side and noticed that the pepper spray that was in my purse was now on the ground with the rest of my things. In that moment we heard footsteps running in our direction and that was all I needed – he lost focus and I was able to reach for the pepper spray and spray him all over the face, he screamed and started rubbing his face, but was still grabbing me securely; I was trying to escape when the footsteps finally came to a stop and I saw Embry and Quil with his faces full of shock and horror. They saw me then they saw Sam grabbing me with his unzipped pants and his face red and full of tears. They lunched against Sam and told me to run, I got up to escape when I saw my car keys lying on the ground, so I took them and I ran. I ran like I've never ran in my life, I ran until I was in my car and with shaky hands started the engine… I really don't remember anything until Edward found me at the park…"

"Edward?" Rosalie asked confused. "As Edward Cullen?"

"Yeah," I told her, whipping my tears. "He found me there and brought me here. I must have been in a terrible shape if he was willing to help me out," a shaky laugh escaped my mouth.

"Oh sweetie," Rosalie cried, hugging me, not caring that she send the tray and the sandwiches falling to the ground. "I'm so glad you are safe now, I'm so glad that Sam couldn't do anything more to you."

"He will be behind bars soon," Jasper said with a fierce conviction. "But not after I try to beat him to death."

"No," I shrieked at him. "Sam is a dangerous person with dangerous friends. He even has friends in the police station. You don't want to mess with him – I don't want to mess with him. Let's just leave things like they are, it'll be safer for all of us."

"You have to be kidding me," Rosalie almost growled. "You have people at the police station; you have your dad, remember him? You can't leave Sam without punishment for what he did to you."

"My father can't know," I told her, a little frantic. "No one can know – no one beside you two."

"Embry and Quil are witnesses," Jasper argued. "They will tell."

"They won't," I argued back. "They're too afraid of him, they may have stopped him, but they won't turn him in."

"Bella this is screwed up," Rosalie shook her head forcefully. "You have to tell someone, you can't let him get away with it."

"He didn't get the chance to do anything," I argued, shaking my head too.

"He tried to rape you Bella," Rose shrieked. "He has to be locked away. He's dangerous."

"I know, and he knows even more dangerous people," I replied. "I won't put at risk anyone for ratting him out. Maybe he has more powerful friends that Forks' chief police and I don't wanna try to find out. So no one can know, don't make me regret telling you."

"We won't tell," Jasper said, sighing deeply. "Even though I don't agree with it, but we said we wouldn't judge and we would help. So we won't tell anyone."

"Thank you," I said relieved. "And thanks for listening and be there for me."

"That's our job," he replied hugging me once again. "We'll help you get through this, in any way we're able, I swear."

"I know you will," I said, hugging them once again and feeling a little more secure having them at my sides. I know they're right, I know Sam should be punished, but even thinking about it gave me the chills, I was scared to death by him and with good reason. He already hurt me but I won't let him hurt any of my friends or my father in that case, I could only wish that Embry and Quil didn't tell Jacob about what happened, because he would get in serious trouble for this and he could get really hurt in the process. I shivered and just hoped this bad dream would end right here, without hurting anyone but myself.

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