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I love Phoenix. I loved the sun, the dry desert and the cloudless sky, but apparently there was something bad in all of that 'cause my parents decided to move to fucking Forks.

I googled Forks; you know that it has the coldest weather in the entire fucking country? I'm not kidding. And their entire population is smaller than my school population! This was going to be hell. How boring a town can be? Not a fucking bar in the entire area and only one school; Forks High, my next school. I love my school in Phoenix, I used to have all the girls I wanted, dudes were always trying to act like me and nerds were always running away from me, it was so much fun. I'll miss that, most of all the sun. I'll miss my popularity, but hell, I'll be so fucking popular in a town like Forks; they are not ready for someone like me.

"Can you help with these?" Emmett said to me, he was my big brother and man, he was fucking huge and you don't mess with him if you want to live.

We were in the airport taking our suitcases to a van. Our things had been shipped in a week ago (we had to stay at grandma's all of this time), so the rest of our stuff was already at the new house. Apparently the new house was huge, so I didn't have to share rooms with Emmett, which was great 'cause he's always bringing girls to the house and I would normally have to stay out for hours. I, on the other hand, barely ever bring girls to the house and when I do it's because we have to do a project or something. The only girl I have brought home, besides for a school project, was my last girlfriend, Victoria. I've been texting her since the time I got off the plane, but not a fucking response, she didn't say goodbye to me when I left…

"Not a store in the whole town," Alice whined when we stopped outside of our new house. My little sister, who was almost a dwarf compared with Emmett, was a shopaholic. Thank god my dad is a goddamn doctor, 'cause we'll be living in a dumpster for all the money she spends shopping.

"My god, how will we survive?" I teased her, she stick her tongue out and she ran to the door, turning around and she said "I'm gonna get the bigger room" and ran inside.

"Shoot," Emmett and I said, we ran after her, but she was already inside a bedroom on the second floor and, apparently, it was the biggest, 'cause her closet was bigger than my old room. Emmett picked a room on the second floor too and I chose one on the third floor, the room wasn't huge, but at least it was all mine.

I told the guys from the moving company to leave my stuff in the room and I started unpacking right away.

"How you like the house?" Esme, my mother, said. She was standing in my door frame.

"The house is great," I said, exaggerating the word house, 'cause the town, not so much.

"You'll like the town eventually, it's a good change of air and I'm sure there's a lot of good looking girls in town."

"I'm sure that are a lot of 'good looking' girls in town," I said, making air quotes with my hands, "but I'm looking for hot girls, and I'm sure I won't find those here," she laughed and she ruffled my hair.

"Just wait and see," she said, chuckling. "Now, I'm going to help your father, call me if you need anything. Your father is going to the store later, to get some food and supplies, you and Emmett should go with him, 'cause he has to buy a million things."

"'kay mom," I said, trying to assemble my desk. I only turned when she left my room, whistling, apparently she liked Forks very much. I still don't understand why we had to move so far away from Phoenix. It's was so out of the blue, one day we were eating dinner and my parents announced the news, almost a week ago.

I check my cell phone once again but there was no sign from Victoria. I called her cell phone but it went straight to voicemail. When my desk was ready I turned on my laptop to check my email, but there was nothing there and when I check my Facebook I noticed that Victoria closed her profile. That was weird, was she trying to hide from me? Why? I haven't done anything wrong to her… well, I wouldn't say anything, maybe I fuck a couple of girls when I was dating her, but she never caught me… I think… I thought about leaving a message for her best friend, asking about Victoria, but that sounded way too desperate, and Edward Cullen was not desperate.

After three hours my room was finally unpacked. I flopped down on the bed to rest but my father knock on my door asking if I would go with him to the store. I changed my t-shirt and we were in the car on our way. The town was fucking small, it was so lame. I wanted to turn around and head back to Arizona.

We had to buy a lot of things for the new house, so we stayed over an hour and a half in the store. We were walking to my father's car with our grocery when a woman and, what I assume was her son, approached us. The boy was normal, tan, brown hair and brown eyes, maybe 6'1'' and he looked about my age.

"Are you Carlisle Cullen?" the woman asked my father.

"Yes, I am," my father said, he was smiling softly, a little taken aback.

"I'm Beth Crowley," extending her hand and my father shook it "my husband, Eric, works at the hospital, he told that you would be arriving soon, as you can tell, we don't meet new people frequently," she said, smiling.

"Oh, sure, it's so nice to meet you. This are my sons, Emmett and Edward," he introduced us, we just nodded, our hands full with bags.

"Are you going to Forks High?" the boy asked. Duh, of course, were else can we go?

"Yeah, we are," my brother said, "Edward is a junior and I'm a senior"

"Cool, I'm a junior too, you should totally come to my house tonight, I'm throwing a party and everyone is coming." I saw my brother's face light up at the word 'party', he never misses one, god knows how many times I have carried his wasted body to our house. That's how I have a body that's so toned, it takes a whole lot of strength to carry this monster.

"Cool," Emmett said, "that's a great way to meeting everyone before Monday." Translation: that's a great way to get drunk our first night in this tiny boring town. "We'll go, we'll bring our sister as well, she's going to start on Forks High this Monday as well." He gave us instructions to get to his place, he gave us his phone number just in case and he told us his name was Tyler. After that we went home, Emmett was almost bouncing in his seat, excited at the idea of music, booze and a lot of new girls to bang. We told Alice and she was excited as well, she loves an excuse to dress up and she loves making new friends.

"Your father told me you are invited to a party?" My mom asked us at dinner.

"Yeah, a guy named Tyler Crowley invited us," I said.

"Are you going to go?"

"Of course mom, he invited everyone in school, it's a great way to meet our new classmates." I couldn't care less about my new classmates, I only wanted to party, but this was the reason my mother wanted to hear.

"Okay. But behave; I don't want troubles on our first day, are we clear?"

"Problems?" I said, opening my mouth with faked shock and touching my heart with my hand, "why do you think we'll make trouble mother, I'm hurt," everyone at the table laughed.

"I mean it Edward, you too Emmett. I don't want problems, okay?"

"Okay," we both said.

After we ate dinner we got ready to go to this party. Emmett and I were ready in no time, but Alice was another story. She always took too much time to get ready, she always changed her outfit like three times before she found the 'right one' (don't know what the fuck that's supposes to mean, how can clothes be wrong?) and then she spend a half an hour doing her hair and makeup.

"What the fuck Alice, we've been waiting for you for like an hour, what the hell are you doing?" I asked her. Emmett and I had already been to the store to get some booze (nothing decent by the way) and she was still getting ready when we got back; and we had been sitting downstairs waiting for another half an hour and she still wasn't ready.

"I'm ready, I'm ready," she said, closing her purse. I groaned when she walked next to me, "so little patience Edward. To look like this," she said, gesturing with her hands, "you have to take your time." I shook my head and we walked outside and climbed into my Volvo. I was the official driver; my brother always gets too drunk to drive and my mother always insisted I should be the one to take care of my sister, making us all ride together.

We get to the house, we were sure it was the right one 'cause it was full of people and you could hear the music from a mile away. We climbed out of the car and the few people that were outside stared at us. I looked around and I was very surprised when my eyes caught sight with a BMW, an M3 to be more specific. I thought that people in this town were too lame to have cars like that one. We walked slowly to the house, feeling a lot of people staring at us, we were about to enter when Tyler came outside.

"Hey! You made it!" he said smiling, he looked at my sister and he smiled with more excitement, "you must be the little sister, I'm Tyler," he said, extending his hand, my sister shook it with the same amount of enthusiasm.

"Yeah, I'm Alice, nice to meet you, it looks like a good party," she said.

"It's even more fun inside, come in, let me introduce you to the rest of the people," Tyler said, guiding us inside. When we walk in, almost every conversation stopped and everybody looked at us, apparently we were the first novelty in god knows how many years. Someone turned down the music a little bit, "Hey everybody, these are the Cullens; Emmett, Edward and Alice," he introduced us and the three of us waved awkwardly, this was fucking embarrassing. "They are starting school with us on Monday, make them feel welcome," he stopped his little speech and he turned to talk to us, "that was easy that introduce you one by one," he was smiling, "want something to drink?"

"No, thanks, we brought our stuff," Emmett said, showing the brown paper bag with the rum in it.

"Great, I'll bring you some glasses, stay here and mingle, I'll be right up" and with that he left. A couple of girls approached us the moment Tyler left us; one girl was strawberry blonde, with long curly hair, she was fucking hot, maybe my mother wasn't so far off with the girls in town. The other girl had cornsilk, blonde hair, she wasn't as hot as the other one, but wasn't so bad either.

"Hi!" the first girl said, "I'm Tanya Denali and this is my girl Lauren Mallory," she said, gesturing to the girl beside her, "Welcome, how do you like Forks so far?"

"It's not so bad so far." Well, until a couple of seconds ago I thought that it was fucking horrible, but hot girls are something I wasn't expecting, so that made Forks bearable.

We walked to the center of the living room and we sat on a couch. Tyler brought us glasses and we poured the rum and we mix it with a little coke. Alice stood up and went to another group to 'mingle', Emmett left with some guys of the football team, obviously impressed by Emmett's size, hoping he would join the team. I, on the other hand, was left in the couch with two girls that were so obviously hitting on me. Tanya and Lauren weren't shy, so the flirting was actually hot, I was almost expecting to be asked to do a threesome with them, by the way they flirted with me. They told me everything I 'need to know', who was 'in' and who was 'out', I was so uninterested in that, I prefer the shameless flirt instead the goddamn gossip. They told me they ruled this fucking place and there's a girl name Bella, who apparently thinks that she's the 'bee queen', but everyone knows she's just a whore. I don't know what's bad with that; I like a slutty girl from time to time, and they didn't seem too un-slutty themselves, throwing themselves at the new guy. Well, I know they can't resist, I'm fucking hot and I know it, girls have problems resisting me.

They introduced me to the rest of the people in the party. There were a lot of decent girls, but a lot of ugly girls too; the only really hot girl I've met is this Tanya girl, who's drooling all over me. I met a lot of guys too, just a bunch of fucking losers; it'll be easy to rule this place, they don't know what's coming. Around twelve thirty we heard some motorcycles outside, and Lauren's eyes shined, "Jacob," she said to Tanya, smiling. Three guys entered the room; they were really big with a lot of muscles, like Emmett. Lauren went running to where they stood.

"Jacob, I thought you weren't coming!" she said to the biggest guy. He was wearing ragged jeans and a leather jacket. Assuming he was the one with the motorcycles, this was a fucking stereotype.

"I wasn't, but Bella told me she was going to be here," the big guy said. Apparently he was screwing the slut. For the face Lauren made you could assume she wasn't so happy about it.

"I don't know what you see in her Jacob. She is so plain and so boring," Lauren said, making a face.

"She's a lot better than you Lauren," Jacob said, not even looking at Lauren. He was clearly searching for someone else across the room.

"You know that's not true. I can do things to you that you know she can't," Lauren said in a very seductive voice. For a short moment an emotion I knew well cross Jacob's face; pleasure. Good old fucking pleasure. He closed his eyes, shook his head and kept searching. He's eyes searched the room twice and his eyes stopped on me. He walked toward me and he extended his hand.

"Jacob Black. You must be one of the new guys; the Cullen?" He made it a question. I shook his hand nodding.

"That's right, I'm Edward. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. I hope you like Forks, its fucking boring though, I gotta warn you," he said smiling. His friends were at his flanks, they didn't introduce themselves but they were smiling too.

"Yeah, I can see that," I said smiling too. Apparently the 'tough guy' was just a façade, this guy wasn't so bad, compared to the rest.

"I can keep you entertained," Tanya whispered in my ear. I was drinking from my cup and I almost choke. Apparently she had no shame.

"Well, I have to go; I came searching for someone else. I'll see you on Monday, bye," Jacob said, and he walked away quickly, with Lauren at his heels. A couple of seconds later, Lauren came back.

"I don't know what he sees in her," Lauren said to Tanya and they started to talk bad about this Bella all over again. I got bored of it and I stood up, walking to where my brother was talking with Tyler and some other guys. My sister was across the room talking to some girls.

"What's up, bro?" Emmett yelled at me, although I was right beside him. Clearly, he was already toasted. "Why did you leave those beautiful girls all alone?"

"They got boring, bitching about some girl," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Oh, too bad. The guys here are telling me to join the football team."

"It's that so?" I asked, really uninterested, but this was probably better than to listen how ugly Bella is.

"Yeah, your brother is what the team is missing, I'm sure. The only big guy in our school is Jacob, but he isn't into sports," a guy told me. I think his name was Matt or something. In that moment my sister came running to me.

"Can I talk to you Edward," she said, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me away from the rest of the group.

"What's up sis?" I asked her. She was probably going to tell me she found the best girl for me (she always does) and she'll try to introduce me, always playing the matchmaker.

"You are not going to believe this. But I was walking towards the bathroom, when I saw a familiar face, and you are not going to believe who it was," she said, wide eyed. Apparently the news was exciting to her, 'cause she was practically bouncing.

"Not a clue," I said, and that was the truth, I had no idea who.

"Isabella Swan. Remember her?" she said, slowly. Isabella Swan? That hideous geek? Ugly duckling? Chukie's wife? Oh, this is going to be soooo good.

"Where is she?" I said, a smile growing on my face.

"I know that face Edward, don't you go causing trouble on our first day," Alice said, reproaching me.

"I just want to say hello," I said, the smile growing larger in my face. I knew that Alice wasn't going to answer me, so I walked towards Tyler to ask him where the bathroom was. When he pointed me towards the hall I walked there without second thoughts. Isabella Swan was a usual victim of my teasing and it was fun. That may sound bad, but she was no one, she was the weakest link of the chain. I was a predator and she was no more than a fucking fly.

When I got to the hallway where the bathroom was I was taken aback by the reception I got. Jacob was practically fucking a girl against the hallway wall. I was about to turn around but a moan escaped the girl's mouth, I coughed to get the couple's attention.

They both stopped kissing right away. They look into each other's eyes for a second and they turned around ever so slowly to look at me. I was taken aback once again; the girl who was kissing Jacob was Isabella Swan.

Did I enter the Twilight zone? This isn't how the universe works. Swan is an outcast, she doesn't go to parties and boys don't want to fuck her in a hallway.

"I-Isabella Swan?" I stuttered, stupidly. Recognition crossed her face for a split second.

"Yes?" she asked, and then she chuckled a little. "Oh my god, you came here on Rose's orders, didn't you?" Who's orders? I was going to say something, but she turned around to talk to Jacob. "Rose said that, if you didn't want to see what was in front of you, she was going to fix me with a date to make you jealous," she giggled, "I never thought that she was actually going to do it," she giggled some more. She turned to me again. "I'm reeeally sorry for this, I'm going to talk to Rose now, she'll make it up to you, I swear," she winked at me and she gave me a huge smile. She grabbed Jacob's hand and she walked away, passing right by me without a second glance. I heard her giggling all the way.

I stood there for a whole minute. Trying to understand what just happened. She didn't recognize me. Me. I'm not a person you usually forget, or that's what I've been told. And she was kissing a guy, and apparently a very popular guy. This must be a joke. Maybe this was like that movie, Carrie, where the popular people take the outcast to a party, making her feel special, and then they throw pig's blood on her head. That must be it.

I walked to the living room and I poured myself a big cup of rum and coke. Emmett saw me, standing all alone on a corner, and went to talk to me.

"Hey bro, what's with the long face?"

"I just saw Isabella Swan."

"Isabella Swan?" Emmett said, confused.

"The girl I used to tease in junior high. Chuckie's wife, remember?" recognition crossed my brother's face and he nodded.

"She lives here?" Emmett asked, surprised.

"Apparently so," I said, taking a deep gulp from my cup.

"Did she see you?"


"And what did she do? Did she start crying?" Emmett said, chuckling. Remembering all the times I left her about to cry.

"She acted like she didn't know me."

"How can she not know you? You were her worst nightmare the entire time she lived in Phoenix."

"I know," I said.

"What are you going to do?" Emmett asked.

"I'll make her remember."

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