Hello lovelies,

I was just letting you know that X-Men: The Succubus is complete and I shall being starting on the newest arc momentarily. I had plans to make this story just one long work, but due to time constraints and the busyness of this coming school year I feel that it would not really be possible. So, I have split the work into several parts (arcs) and plan to work on those periodically as time permits. This first arc has been an introduction of sorts to Harry and the working relationships of the major characters for this work. The second arc shall be meeting with the Brotherhood and people from Harry/Logan's past and will mainly contain a lot of back story and developing relationships between characters, which should span three, maybe four days in the work. The third will continue with the plotline and Stryker as well as the aftermath and such. Depending on how everything goes from there, I may add a fourth arc, which will deal with the year following the showdown with Stryker.

I hope this makes things a little clearer and that everyone who started this journey with me, shall continue to read the work as it progresses as a whole. I know this may seem a little weird with this arc business, but I felt that I wasn't making any notable progress and I suspected some people felt the same.

Anyway, the newest arc shall begin momentarily and I hope everyone enjoys this little bit of history about our boys (Logan, Victor and Harry). Also, I plan on explaining my idea of ferals in the coming chapters of the second arc, so that I can clear up any confusion left behind about ages and habits of Victor, Harry and Logan.

Thank you all so much for coming this far with me and I hope we continue this journey together.