A really short spur of the moment one shot... really I should be working on my other fanfic ideas but... The story was just random, a little oneshot focaused on Raikou...

Spoilers: Chapter 25

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Breaking. He swiftly walked away, forcing himself to walk, to force one foot before the other. The heat of the roaring fire made his back hot, scorched him, burned him.

He knew she would still be standing there, but he couldn't look back. He wouldn't look back. Cut ties, all ties cut. There was nothing back there, nothing to return to. He had destroyed it all, destroyed his old life. He couldn't look back now.

Not now.

He blamed the smoke for making it hard to see, the haze sending him walking no where, just away. He ignored the tears that stung the back of his eyes, just forced himself onward.

He gripped the sword pommel; it dug into his hands a stinging pain that brought him back to his senses that kept him from breaking down, from allowing the tears to run freely.


After pushing everything away from himself, cutting all ties that was the only avenue left, the only chance to begin again, to recreate himself.

He continued onward, the one thought pushing him, giving him a reason to continue to breathe, continue to live while all others had been cut down.

Ash fell like snow around him as he walked further away from what had once been his home.

A scream ripped through the air, small girls cry of horror at what he brother had done. But it went unheard by him, he ignored it, he refused to recognize the anguish of his sister.

It didn't matter; nothing from his past mattered anymore.

Broken, it was all broken, now he would have to piece together his destroyed life.

Just my thoughts on how Raikou might have felt after killing his family and going to join the Kairoushuu... though I think it's a bit off since he's still pained by the past... ah well...

I actually did another one shot! Well, that just adds another short story xD