Chapter 5: Bachelor and Bachorelette Party

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At Zeke's Suite

"Hey man, I picked up your-" Justin trailed off upon noticing Zeke sitting crossed legged on the floor of his honeymoon suite" why are you meditating?"

Zeke opened his eyes and got up off the floor. He gave Justin a quizzical look, as if to say ' isn't it obvious?' "I always meditate when I'm nervous. You know that."

Justin walked over and placed Zeke's tuxedo - which he picked up from the dry cleaners- on the bed before giving him a sideways glance. "Why are you nervous?"

"Hello? I'm getting married in 2 Days!"

Justin waved his hand dismissively " Come on, Zeke, this ceremony is just a formality. There is no need to be nervous. I mean, Harper has been shacking up with you for the past 4 years"

"That doesn't change the fact that I'm nervous."

Justin contemplated this for a moment. "I suppose not" He grabbed a bottle of water off of a table by the bed and took a sip.

"Hey! Thanks again, you came all the way to L.A for my Wedding means a lot to me" Zeke called over his shoulder as he put the mat in the bottom drawer of one of the dresser in the room. "I know you don't believe in this wedding stuff and all"

"No problem, what is best friend for and what is the use of the best man, if not to throw the groom a kick ass bachelor party?"

"When did you planned this" Zeke asked little surprisingly "You just came here"

"So what, I have my connections" Justin chuckled and proudly pulled his collar up.

"I swear to god, I heard someone says PARTY" Max emerging from the Zeke Suite's doorway out of nowhere "Hey, you guys ready to let the dogs out?"

"What? Do what?" Zeke asked questioningly.

"Let the dogs out. You know, like 'Who let the dogs out? Who, who..." Max replied

"Yes Buddy, we are ready to let the dogs out" Justin makes a howling dog noise while Max whistles loudly.

And three of them left the suite. (A/N: With "Who let the dogs out" Song in Background )

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Meanwhile at Harper's Suite

""Oh, I miss him soooo much, but I'm glad he's having fun with his Bachelor Party" Harper said automatically.

"If you miss him that much, than tell him to see you after his so called "Bachelor Party's" over with no alcohol, no girls, and …" Alex replied Jokingly.

"Hahaha! Very Funny, But I hope it's true" Harper replied with little concern. "And I can't tell him to see me, you do know that it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding, right?" says while gave Alex a quizzical look,

"Pffft, that's a load of bull." Alex said while rolling her eyes.

Harper couldn't help but laughed at the Alex's statement.

"I rented the place out for your bachelorette party!" Alex exclaimed proudly "Why should only boys have all the fun?"

"You do, you are the Best sister ever" Harper replied excitedly.

"Yes we are" Alex said proudly.

And they also left the suite.

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