Someone to Hold...Forever

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Kagome ran through the woods of "The Forest of Inuyasha" blinded by tears. She had just had the unfortunate luck of stepping into the clearing where Inuyasha and Kikyo were mating. She could still here Kikyo's passion filled cries and Inuyasha's feral growls.

'Stupid hanyou!' Kagome thought bitterly. 'Why does this always happen to me? Did I do somethig wrong? Did I anger the kamis? All I want is someone to hold and to be held... forever.' Kagome looked up to the heavens and screamed "Why are you torturing me! What have I done wrong? Do you get a kick out of seeing me fall? Why? I just want to be held forever. Is that to much to ask?"

"Maybe the problem is you freely give your heart to a bastard that would gladly see you die to have a claypot." Kagome whipped around and saw in all his glory "Sesshomaru." Kagome whispered as if to the wind.

She stood up wiping her tears. There was no way she would allow them to fall infront of him. "What do you want?"

Sesshomaru walked towards his miko. Yes his he had decided long ago that Kagome was his. "I'm here miko to pick up the pieces of your heart that my foolish half brother so carelessly crushed and stepped on."

Kagomes eyes widened at the proclamation from him. "Are you saying you love me?" She silently whispered. "Hai." Sesshomaru nodded his head. The next thing he knew he had her warm body against his in a hug. He slowly wrapped his arms around her. She pulled back and slowly inched her lips closer to his and kissed a boy no a man that loved her for her. He didn't see her as a copy or has a quickey. No he loves her.

Sesshomaru pulled away and pressed his forhead as he whispered softly "You will never be alone Kagome. I will hold you... forever. I promise."

Kagome smiled softly at him. "Thank you Sesshomaru." "For what?" he asked her slightly confused.

"For holding me...forever.

&%&%&%End Of Time&%&%&%

Sesshomaru smiled down at the beutiful woman in his arms. "Kagome. I told you I'd hold you forever. It's the end of time itself, but not forever. I will still hold onto you in the next life."

Kagome smiled up at Sesshomaru "I love you." "I love you to my Kagome." 'I am the luckiest person ever' Was the last thought they ever had alive. If you go to heaven you'll find Sesshomaru still holding Kagome because death is part of forever.


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