Whispering Words

Disclaimer: This story is based on the STXI movie script and movie itself with changes and additional problems posed by the prompt. I do NOT own anything. All ideas and scenarios from the movie or the script belong to their respective owners, Paramount, Gene Roddenberry, etc.


Warnings: Homosexuality, Vulgar Language, Mature Content, H&C, Angst, Alternate Universe

Universe: nu!Trek, AU

Pairing(s): Spock x Kirk (Spirk, Spork, Kock)

Positions: Top!Spock x Bottom!Kirk


A/N – I discovered a prompt on the st_xi_kink meme that I could not pass up. It sounded so good that I felt a driving burn to fill it. Plus, I thought it would be fun! *blush*giggle*

Prompt: Inspired by another prompt, Nero captures Winona's shuttle and raises Kirk as his own. At 22, Kirk is sent to Starfleet Academy as a spy. Because Nero knows that Jim is suppose to have an epic friendship with Spock, Kirk is tasked with pretending to be Spock's friend and then betraying him to Nero. But he grows attached to Spock and Bones and his Academy friends and along the way he finds out the truth about his parents, or his history with Spock from another universe from Spock Prime, or both. So, conflicting loyalties? Falling in love with a Vulcan he was brought up to hate? And then maybe Spock finds out Kirk was suppose to be a traitor and is heartbroken?


Compared to the bulk of the Narada, the collision of the USS Kelvin offered a small distraction as well as minimal damage. However, filled with rage and the pain of a broken heart, Captain Nero did not let his enemies limp away. Looking over the view screen, he saw the shuttles making their escape from his wrath, but Nero would have none of it. Crossing a glance at his most trusted friend, Commander Ayel, the other Romulan knew what he was thinking without the help of empathy. Ayel understood his grief and suffered with him. In the past or no, the Commander would not let them escape. With a swift hand, Ayel gave the order to attack any shuttles within range.

They fired.

Captain Nero watched the view screen with the patience and dedication a doctor would for an operating patient. His eyes studied the debris, watching the explosions plume and fade in the dark vacuum of space as the oxygen was stripped from the very cores of the shuttles. In space, no one can hear you scream.

Though he was furious that most of the shuttles had departed from the range of their weapons, the Romulan Captain found himself pleased that they had at least brought two to destruction and one down to its knees.

"This shuttle is still showing two life forms remaining alive, Captain." An officer said from his monitoring station. Nero gave Ayel a sideways glance, ushering the Commander to the station. Ayel confirmed it. "Should we destroy the shuttle?" The same officer asked, this time looking up at Ayel for approval. The Romulan Commander turned briefly to look at his Captain, so quiet and festering in his own anger. He didn't need to read Nero's thoughts to understand his grief against this universe, but he didn't give the officer the attack order. Something behind his Captain's eye was shining, brimming with new intensity and curiosity. Ayel knew that look. It was one that he had seen many times when they were younger and wild children. Thinking over what was best, he not only surprised the officer, but his own Captain with his next order.

"Use the tractor beam and bring them into dock." Ayel peered into his Captain's curious eyes, "It appears we will be having guests."

The shuttle was in shambles. It was surprising that enough oxygen had remained to allow the lives within the metal heap to survive being pulled into dock. Captain Nero and Ayel came into the dock with heavy footsteps and determination. If the officers inside proved important, they would interrogate them, find out more information about this past. However, when the doors were thrust open, the Romulans were not greeted with the silence of death, the sounds of dying moans, or the bodies of surviving officers. Instead, what greeted their pointy ears was the faint sound of a child's tears.

Ayel assumed his Captain would turn and head back to his quarters, now that all seemed lost for this shuttle. He would be berated later for using their power to pull in a useless scrap piece, but Nero didn't leave. The Captain's feet began moving before Ayel's heartbeat could match and he watched, questioningly as the Captain moved inside the destroyed shuttle. Ayel followed.

Every step they made, brought the crying closer. Sparks crackled around them like an obscene dance, and smoke puffed in and out from various places. As Nero treaded on, he found the source of the tears and stopped briefly to observe the scene before him. It was sickening, and yet Nero felt no remorse for his actions, even as he stared into the bloodied face of a gasping woman, in her arms, protectively holding a small infant. They had found the source of the crying.

The blonde haired woman was pinned to the far wall, half her body crushed below the waist by a medical bed and metal. Her breaths were short, sharp, and Nero knew she would not last long. The baby's wails became their soundtrack as the woman brought her head up weakly, her eyes showing regret, hatred, and sadness.

She coughed, burbled blood, then feebly brought the baby out from her breast. "My… baby…" she barely ground out, her voice as harsh and grating as nails on a chalkboard. "Please… my baby…" Her arms shook with the weight, the infant's cries becoming louder as she took him from the warmth of her blood-crusted breast. Her actions spoke volumes to Nero, his mind fleeting back to his own departed wife and how she had never even gotten a chance like this with their own unborn child. For a moment, he pitied her.

No order was given, but Ayel moved past his Captain, approaching the dying woman. She looked up at him, pain written all over her, tears mixing with the red on her face. Ayel could not lie to himself, knowing that this was painful for him in ways he could not understand. He was a miner, not a murderer, and this almost seemed too much for him.

"Please…" she tried again, and Ayel needed not a second more as he reached forward and took the crying baby from her arms, the infant slowly calming in the warmth of Ayel's embrace. The woman, even with her pain, smiled. Her gratitude of his arms around her child appearing to give her relief. Ayel looked at the infant and realized it had been recently birthed, and noting the fallen instruments in the shuttle that this place was the spot of this child's very birth. The woman lowered her head, like the weight was beginning to be too much. Ayel knew she would breath her last breath in mere moments.

The Romulan Commander cradled the baby, looking at his Human features, rounded ears, and soft, pink flesh. He then turned to the mother, brining her chin up with the support of his hand as she appeared too weak to do so.

"What is the child's name?" Her eyes appeared like faint candles, dimming in the distance. She brought a bloodied hand up, grasping his in hers, barely supporting her own head's weight as she spoke in a sputtered whisper.

"J-Ji—Jim…" She coughed. "Jim K—Jim Ki…" but they wouldn't hear her finish. The blonde woman slowly faded out of reality, her eyes upturning, lids sliding closed. Her breath shallowed, then disappeared completely. Her head dropped forward, the weight of her own body finally taking rest over the crush medical bed and twisted metal. Ayel would not tell his Captain, but he mourned for her.

Nero pushed his way through Ayel at such speed that he bumped into him, causing the baby Ayel now knew as Jim to start and cry. Ruthlessly, Nero pulled up the blonde Human's head, tossing it side to side to move her sticky, bloody hair from her medical gown. His fingers took on a speed he'd only seen when desperation overtook his friend. Finally, the pushing and shoving stopped when Captain Nero apparently found what he was looking for. Nero used his thumb to wipe the dried blood away from her nametag, stared at its letters and went wide-eyed.

After Romulus's destruction, Ayel remembered Nero taking a vow of silence, but right then, Nero broke his vow as he whispered, "Kirk…" Ayel looked down at the baby, snuggling up into his chest, faint cries bouncing from his infantile lips.

"Jim Kirk." Ayel stated, amazed that in his hands he was holding the baby form of a legend.

"James T. Kirk." Nero breathed after him. He turned on his heels, peered down at the baby and snarled. This was the legend at his beginning. He could kill this child right now, and end all of his troubles. All he had to do was reach out and snap his neck, or cover his mouth and nose to suffocate him. Nero acted on the impulse and greedily, hungrily reached out for the infant with his bloodied hands, but Ayel stepped back from him defiantly. Nero's gaze shot up to his, anger welling up inside him.

"No." Ayel said, rocking the child in his arms. "We must not kill him."

"Ayel," Nero murmured, confirming that he would be breaking his vow from here on out, "don't you understand what this means? If we murder Jim Kirk, he will never grow to be anything in Starfleet. The Federation will be weak." Ayel still refused and brought the baby Jim up to his neck, holding him close like he had done many times for his own children. "Give me the child." The Commander knew if he refused, he would be killed with the baby, but if he accepted, then a great injustice would be done to this universe. Ayel knew of the influence Jim Kirk would have on Spock and how that influence would later lead to Spock's help in maintaining the Romulan species. If there was no Kirk, then there really would be no future for Romulus.

Ayel looked at the baby, now resting on his shoulder with his fist in his mouth, falling asleep peacefully. The Romulan now knew he was a murderer, but he would not allow this great injustice by his friend. For the sake of his future, he chose a different method of persuasion now that he could speak with his childhood companion.

"My friend," Nero looked like he was spearing him with his eyes, but it was a chance Ayel was willing to take, "I think it would be best for Romulus if we keep him alive." The reaction was expected. Nero became furious and thrashed about.

"Best for Romulus! What would you know is best for Romulus? I want him dead! The Federation will be weak without him!"

"Yes," Ayel agreed, "that is possible, but this is about Spock, not the Federation. That part came come later." Nero's lips became a thin line. The Commander knew he was testing his Captain's patience. He decided it best to give his alternative. "I propose to you we keep Kirk alive and—raise him. Ourselves." The Captain paused briefly, considering this. Ayel continued. "Think about it, Friend. We raise James T. Kirk, train him, teach him, and use him to get to Spock. We have to wait over twenty-years for that old bastard to return, and in that time, we can prepare Kirk and have him infiltrate the Federation and tear them down from the inside out." Nero turned away, placing a hand on his chin in thought. Ayel spoke truth. If they raised Kirk to be on their side, they could send him into Starfleet and destroy Spock before he has a chance to destroy Romulus. At the same time, they could also teach him to take down the Federation and leave them open for attack—a war. Yes, yes, Ayel spoke logic for being Romulan, and Nero was quite pleased.

The Captain turned, a smile playing on his lips as he reached over to the dead mother, coating his fingers in fresh blood, then approached Ayel with the infant. Ayel lowered the baby Kirk gently, so not to rouse him from his slumber. Nero darkly laughed.

"James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life." Bloody fingers traced intricate patterns on the infant's forehead. Ayel knew these patterns as signs of loss and they would wash away once the baby was bathed. A cruel trick for the Jim Kirk this child would never be. To be born, to experience loss, and then left no time to grieve, even with Romulan traditions. It was new to him, but Ayel felt something strong in this child, and for an instant, regretted that he had not allowed his friend to murder the baby. Perhaps giving him life had been a mistake.

Only time would tell.

The hover platform was moving at speeds that should not ever be allowed for a transport vehicle. It had obviously been re-wired to go the velocity it was currently pursuing, but Jim took all credit. His boisterous pride showing through him as he sped down the Narada's corridors, buzzing past crewmen, and causing many to throw themselves out of his way to avoid a collision with the platform.

Jim cheered as he fled by the crewmen. The speed felt so nice to him, natural even. He pushed the home-made throttle harder, pushing the platform's limits, and ignoring the growing heat from the tiny engines.

Ayel was off-duty, resting in the private library. He left the door open to allow circulation into the room as it had felt stuffy when he entered. Had he not left it open, though, he would have missed the young Human flying by the door at dangerous speeds down the halls on what looked to be a transport platform.

"Hi Uncle—Bye Uncle!" Jim shouted quickly as he went by. The Romulan Commander flew up from his seat just as hastily as Jim had gone by him. He raced to the door and managed to see the Human turning a corner, shouting profanities and hollering like a hooligan for the others to get out of his way.

"Jim!" Ayel called, worried that his nephew was going to collide with something again, much like he had done weeks before with a mining cart. As fast as his feet would take him, Ayel rushed down the halls, passing scared crewmen and hoping he wouldn't trip over his off-duty robes.

He barreled down the corridors, the whine of Jim overusing the small engine clearly in the air. This was just like his nephew. When he wasn't training or studying, he was tinkering with ship machinery and causing mayhem. It had been a long eleven years, and Ayel began to wonder when his Human vigor would wind down and settle. Romulan children just weren't like this! Jim was like a ball of pure, concentrated, energy, and it had been more hell for him than his father Nero, since Ayel ended up not only being the boy's teacher, but his nanny as well.

I'm going to whip his tail-end for this! No supper! No play time! I'll—I'll… Ayel paused instantly as he watched Jim's modified platform speed directly into the cat-walk chambers. If he moved about too quickly in there, or possibly calculated his hovering wrong, Jim would go right over the edges and fall to an unfortunate death! Many crewmen had died this way and the last thing on Ayel's mind was for Jim to meet the same fate. He ran faster, calling out to his nephew. "Jim! Jim!"

However, Jim didn't hear Uncle Ayel shouting for him because the wind rushing by his ears was too fantastic. His body was pumping with adrenaline, his eyes excited to see the fast blurs of the ship moving around him. All he had ever known was the Narada, and it was getting to him. Blurry motions were better than seeing the same rooms, the same lights, the same everything every day.

It was always, 'Jim, do your training' or 'Jim, recite history' or even 'Jim, go to fucking bed' and he had had enough. No more torturing trainings. No more study halls with boring lessons about how Vulcans could suck his half-Romulan dick. He just wanted to be free and play! Why couldn't his father and uncle understand that?

His thoughts had been so concentrated that Jim didn't even notice he had gone into the cat-walk corridors until the room around him had grown to vast proportions. All around him was empty space with the small walk-ways strewn about like spider's web. A knot caught in his throat. He hadn't meant to go this far.

Panicking, Jim released the throttle and began shoving his small hands on the break. In the distance was coming a sharp turn that Jim knew he wouldn't make, and with time shortening every second, his thoughts could barely comprehend how much time he lad left to stop himself. Now the wind rippling about his face that had felt so good moments before was a like a terrible shrill, an alert to his heart to beat faster. Jim pushed on the break, but the descent in speed was hardly noticeable and wouldn't slow him down fast enough. As the point of no return crept closer, with nowhere else to turn off on to, Jim knew what he had to do. If he was going to make it out of this alive, he was going to have to jump.

The turning ledge filled Jim's view completely, his heart hissing in his ears and at the last moment, Jim pushed himself off the hovering platform, forcing it over the side ledge and falling to the deck so harshly, it knocked the breath out of him. His momentum kept him going for a few more feet, bringing him closer to the edge, Jim looking back in time to see he was about to go over it when suddenly large, warm hands grasped his wrists and brought him to a skidding halt. His feet dangled over the ledge, reminders of just how close to his own death he had come. He heard the platform echo into shattering pieces far below him.

Jim was yanked up by his wrists and brought back to the safety of the ledge. When he looked to his captor, he was tipped off by the certain pattern of tattoos and the strong brow line: it was none other than his Uncle. And Ayel looked pissed. His robes were dirty from sliding across the floor with his nephew, and his jaw was tightening from the near death experience they both almost had. But then, to Jim's surprise, Ayel wrapped his arms tightly about Jim's body and hugged him so firmly that he let out a grunt.

"Thank the gods that you are safe!" Ayel breathed into his neck, trying to bring him closer. "What were you thinking?"

"I'm sorry, Uncle." Jim muttered, feeling Ayel shake in his grip as he hugged him back. He felt like loose wires, shaking in the air units. He hadn't meant to take his road trip that far. He didn't mean to frighten his Uncle. Pain and sorrow washed over him as the scene that just about happened flashed through his memory. Ayel pulled away, but kept his grip firm on Jim's shoulders. The Commander then leaned forward and pressed his lips to Jim's forehead, not even caring that Jim's bangs were in the way.

"You are such a fool sometimes." He gave a weak smile to keep his nephew from sniffling and bringing about tears. Jim appreciated it, or did as long as he could. Instantly, both looked up as a door slammed behind them and from the depths of the Narada came Jim's father, Nero. He looked angry, not like he ever looked like anything else to Jim, and approached them with fervor. Ayel quickly understood the rampage and stood, placing Jim behind him, as if to protect him from Nero's hard gaze. Jim grasped his robes tightly, there was no since in hiding it. Everyone knew that Jim was terrified of his own father.

"Step aside, Ayel." Nero barked. Ayel didn't move, protecting his nephew.

"He's still a child, Captain. A human child." Nero smacked him once. Hard. Ayel kept his ground.

"He's Romulan." Nero stated flatly. "And he will behave as a Romulan. Now, remove yourself, Commander."

"Punishing him will do nothing to curb what is natural."

"Are you trying to tell me how to raise my child?" Ayel lowered his head.

"No, Sir, just that maybe a gentler approach—" Nero gave a laugh.

"Gentler? Gentler? Listen here, if I want someone to read James a bedtime story and powder his bottom, I'll call for you—but that is not how I will raise him! To take a product transport, modify it to dangerous speeds, and then to cause hazards to himself and my crew is insubordination! He will be punished!" Nero went to grab Jim from behind him, but Ayel pushed him around himself and out of his friend's grasp. Jim recoiled and tugged on Ayel's robes tighter.

"Nero, you can't keep treating him like one of your crew! This is an obvious attempt to tell us that Jim is being pushed too much! He's just a boy! Not a soldier! He needs fresh air and wide fields to play in! Children his own age to play with!" The fingers that took Jim from behind him had moved so swiftly, Ayel hadn't noticed them until he saw Nero tugging the boy away in fierce anger. The Commander went after him. As they walked out of the cat-walk corridors, Nero ordered under his breath for the officers within range to restrain Ayel and bring him to the brig. They complied immediately, taking Ayel's shoulders in forced grip.

Jim looked behind him, his father tugging his hand along, and saw a look on his uncle's face that he couldn't quite translate. He looked sorry, but also angry. Jim wanted nothing more but to break from his father's grip and run to the safe arms of Ayel. Ayel understood him. Knew him. It was sad to know that his father had command over him.

Nero tugged his arm harshly and brought Jim's attention back to them.

Ten lashings. That's how many times his father whipped him before Jim crumpled on the floor in a pool of tears. They were in the brig, a small area of the ship, but just big enough to fit close to thirty or forty persons. Ayel was in one of the cells, locked helplessly away from his nephew and had been forced to watch as the young boy took the abuse from his friend, his Captain. Five lashings were for Jim's actions, and the other five had been for Ayel's interference. The Romulan Commander felt his worst hearing Jim cry out as Nero reminded him that this was his fault.

Nero threw the cell door open. "Take him to quarters. Do not take him to Medical. I want him to remember this. This is the last time James will try my patience." Ayel stepped out slowly, eyeing his commanding officer. Nero looked back at him directly. "Now. Commander." His footsteps were heavy as the Captain left with the guards. Over on the far side was Jim, crying, sobbing onto the floor. His back was torn from the lashes, red blood dripping from cuts. Ayel rushed to him, not caring that he was ruining his robes by embracing the small boy. Jim hugged him back in a grip that was terrifying. The Romulan tried to shush him, but then realized there was no point and allowed Jim to cry aimlessly into his breast.

"I'm sorry, Jim." Ayel whispered into his blonde hair. "I'm so sorry."

"Why?" Jim wailed, catching him off guard. Was he referring to Ayel's apology? "Why, Uncle? Why couldn't you have been my father? I hate him! I hate Nero!" He continued on this way for many moments, his breath washing into silence upon his robes, muffling his sobs and tears. Ayel just let him. It was his fault, after all. Even if it wasn't, the Commander felt responsible.

"Your father is a harsh leader," he began when Jim's cries were slowing down. The Romulan then picked Jim up and cradled him into his arms, Jim went willingly. "but, he does love you. He only wants what's best."

"All he cares about is turning me into one of his crew! He could care less that I'm his own flesh and blood!"

"Shh, Jim, that is not true. He cares, I know he does. You just have to give him more time to show it." He gently rocked them side to side in reminiscence of how Ayel used to rock the tiny Human to sleep when he was an infant. Jim fell victim to it easily and calmed down. "One day, you will be a strong soldier, and you will prove yourself to Nero. When that day comes, you will see how much he truly loves you. I promise."

"But, what if I don't become strong?" Jim pushed his face out of Ayel's robes, "I'm only half Romulan! I'm more Human than I am Romulan and Father doesn't seem like he remembers that I'm not as strong as you." Ayel stroked his head softly.

"Jim you are strong. More than you know. In fact, James T. Kirk is the strongest Human I've ever known!"

Jim smiled and scoffed, "You're just saying that, Uncle."

"No, it's true. Jim," he took his shoulders, wiping the dirt and tears from his pale face, "you may not believe this now, and you may not believe it in the future, but you are going to grow up into something beautiful and strong one day. You were meant for greatness. I know this, Jim. Trust me, I know this." Jim wiped his own face, smearing tears and mucus along his arms.

"How can you be so sure, Uncle?" he asked softly as Ayel used the bottom of his sleeves to wipe Jim's arms down.

The Commander kissed his forehead, then picked him up like he was the lightest package in the world, minding Jim's injuries and intending to take him to his quarters and nurse him himself. Nero wouldn't have to know about it. "Because when you were just a little baby," Ayel began, retelling the story that Jim always loved to hear, "you had survived a horrible explosion, holding on to life even as an infant, and that to me, means you are strong and great. Don't you think so?" Jim nodded lightly into his shoulder and just let his Uncle carry him off.

"Tell me the story again." Jim sighed as fatigue began to over take him. Ayel simply carried his little package, recalling the story he and Nero had devised for Jim's birth, but only Ayel could tell him the partial truths. And those truths meant more to Jim than he would ever know.

Jim clutched his robes, loving the warm feeling of being in his uncle's embrace as they descended the corridors. Ayel's voice was even, baritone, and gentle. Jim couldn't have asked for a better uncle if he tried. When he heard the silent swish of the cabin doors, Ayel had just finished retelling the wonderful story of his survival.

"I love you, Uncle." Jim spoke in a soft breath of air, though he had intended it to only be said in his mind. Ayel paused for a moment, shocked at the spoken words that he had assumed but had never heard before. He was uncertain what to say back, but found he didn't have to respond. Jim had fallen asleep in his arms. Well, perhaps he could clean him up after he rested, the Commander thought, and perhaps one day, he could tell his nephew just how much he loved him back.


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