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Chapter One:

Where I'm Deserted On Sanity Island

Monday, July 14th.

Al's being weird again. He stormed off breakfast as soon as the post arrived. He took the letter addressed to him and ran back upstairs to his room not without shutting the door and calling: "Thanks for breakfast Lils!"

What with Mum and Dad taking the next two weeks off to relax and re-bond with each other (as if they don't display enough affection when we're home and shag like rabbits ever since I joined James and Al at school). I shudder at the thought yet I at least acknowledge it instead of denying any physical contact between them, like James and Al and Teddy often do.

Speaking of dear Tedward, he and Vic finally found a place they both agree on. That was quite the discussion since past Easter after they got married. They got back from their honeymoon just in time for James' party, now that he finished Hogwarts and signed with the Cannons for their reserve team.

Uncle Ron was on the verge of crying when James broke the news and told James he's like the son he never had. He spent that night at our guest room and Hugo still refuses to speak to him.

Poor Uncle Ron and he's faulted emotional range, as Aunt Hermione said that night over and over again. Rose and Uncle George think it's hysterical.

Al is calling me from Dad's study.

Monday, July 14th

It seems like we're going to have a guest coming over to stay with us this summer. Al and Rose best friend, Scorpius, is coming to stay with us for the rest of the summer holydays. Usually he comes towards the last two weeks of August but since his grandfather has taken ill and was moved to the south of France to be nursed back into health his Father suggested he'd get off their back and leech on our place instead.

Not that I don't like Scorpius, I do. However, I don't fancy him around pocking his head and slithering whenever and wherever I turn and go. He's quite a pest that's happily stump on if I'd get the chance. And he'll probably go over he's head to make this summer a living hell for me.

I know I just said I like him but I also sort of don't. It's complicated.

Actually it isn't. He's a git. And a moron. And he's so vain! And very immature. He's also really annoying. Oh and did I mention he's a git?

Al seems to be immune to him. Well he is his best friend though and Merlin knows why he couldn't have found a more suitable person for this family as his best friend and not that slim-ball Scorpius.

This is silly! Why am I wasting good ink on stupid Scorpius? Argh!

Something else to write about….something else to write about….oh! I know!

Lucy's err… less than natural feelings for one faculty member of our school. One Professor Oliver Wood! I know I know…he's practically family…Heck! He is family what with being Roxanne's very own godfather and along with the huge age gap…

He teaches flying at school and he's the referee during Quidditch matches which is pretty cool because he favorites Gryffindor although he tries not to show it. He used to play for Puddlemere United and won England its first world cup in ages (technically Mum caught the snitch thus ending the game with England victorious) before retiring after a really bad back injury.

"He's a Quaffle Sex God! I can't wait to be off age...and not a student…and for him not to be happily married…Or a teacher, whichever comes first." She said to me one day back in school while grinning manically. "Dad would kill me if he'd ever find out. Maybe he'd kill Professor Wood too! Wouldn't it be all tragic and dramatic and oh so romantic!"

"You won't even call him by his first name!" I cried and buried my face in my hands.

"I can't call him Oliver, Lils!" she shook her head at me. "He's a teacher. A very handsome, funny and sexy teacher but he's still a teacher. Besides, calling him Pro-fessor feels so naughty…" and she was off!

"You're sick." I said. "And twisted."

"I'm in love!" she jumped and clapped. I hexed her a moment later. She deserved it.

Tuesday, July 15th

It's raining. It's July and it's raining! Isn't this supposed to be summer? What the hell?

Okay so I'm a little 'moody' but you'd be too if you walked down for a midnight sneak and find your brother and cousin engaged in a very inappropriate physical action.

Not with each other! Blah and shudder!

James and Louis hosted a small gathering in our living room with two muggle girls they met a few days ago. They used to do that back at school all the time. Dom and Roxy reckon they like being watched. Lucy thinks they get off by being in each other company. I think I need a new family.

Scorpius was there too. Well not there there but he found the duo in action as he made his way to the kitchen, which is where I was at the time.

"Your brother is disgusting." He said as he took out and poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice from the fridge. "And your cousin is no better. They Louis was high fiving James behind their back."

"They used to be so normal…" I closed my eyes as I realized what the girl James was with was about to do. "I miss the days when he was getting sick from watching Vic and Teddy."

"Instead of spying them for snogging info?"

I laughed. "You caught him too?" he nodded. "I'm so sorry for you."

"I'm not related to him." He held up his hand and chuckled.

"Let just hope you and Al won't take after him."

"Erugh!" he made a face. "You're horrible!"

"Can you blame me?" could he really?

"Nah…I guess you sort of grew on me…like fungus." I frowned at him. "A very nice and fluffy type of fungus." He beamed slyly.

I crossed my arms and huffed. "Kidding Lils!" he chuckled. "Here," he waved his wand and a banana zoomed into his outstretched hand. "A peace offering."

I took the banana and smiled. "Thank you Scorpius." I than pilled it very neatly and then I shoved it and smooched it all over his face. "Tah!"

Saturday, July 19th

Aunt Hermione Flooed in this morning bearing food and some motherly\auntie affection. James complained he wasn't allowed to be responsible in this house to which Aunt Hermione said: "Once you'll learn to wash your own boxers you'd learn some responsibility."

I would've added: "and stop turning this house into a brothel."

It's stopped raining which is good but now there's a heat wave which is awful because I'm stuck here in this house for days suffering the worst case of testosterone overdose. Thank Merlin Lucy drops in as often as she can (Uncle Percy had her take a summer internship at the ministry!) as well as Rose whenever she's off from helping Uncle George at the shop (she reckons it's a good way to sharpen her business sense if and when she decides to enter wizarding business world- she's so power hungry!).

Al is still acting all weird. He set at the kitchen for FIVE whole hours yesterday staring outside (where it was pouring like doomsday) he had to leave after I played "Where Is My Mind" out loud on Dad's old muggle record player. He fell off the chair as soon as the first notes played. Boy that was hysterical! Scorpius still whistles it every time Al drifts off to…wherever he drifts off to.

I think Dad's lack of musical education when he was younger made him the music monster he is today. Every time we go to London or even sometimes here at the village he finds the way to the closest records store and shop like a hippogriff in heat. He tries to take me with him whenever we're home from school. Most of the time I read about it in the letters him and Mum send me.

Lucy reckons I ought to stop with my muggle music fascination because it's not healthy to be obsessed with something at such a young age. Yes I know. And she's my best friend. I really need to expend my horizons and look for outer family related friends.

Speaking of out outside the family friends, Scorpius is still leeching on our residence and our food and right now he is taking hostage our shower. So much for a warm shower on a cold day, eh?

As for Rose, she's lounging at the living room right now and Al is up in his bedroom (again), doing Merlin knows what (again), and James is out for his first training session with the Cannons. Aunt Hermione asked him to Floo Uncle Ron when he returns and let him know how it went. She also asked to him not to sound too enthusiastic in front of Hugo since he's still a bit touchy about Uncle Ron's comment the other day.

Sometimes Dad calls Aunt Hermione emasculating wench, but always with a smile and slap on the back of his head from Mum. I tend to agree with him (not in front of Mum – I use my common sense). Just look at how Hugo is! He's mummy's little boy. It wouldn't hurt him if he'd have lacking of sensitivity.

Hmmmm…how peculiar I hear screaming and yelling coming out of Al's room. Oh my, something's just crashed on the floor! I'm going to see what's going on.

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