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Chapter Seventeen

In This Together

Wednesday, October 29th

A better day then the one before, perhaps owing to being constantly hugged or innocently asking for some educational advice from Scorpius but I am feeling better than before. Honestly.

"Why are you happy?" Tamara arched her eyebrow once I set down beside her at the Ravenclaw table this morning. I was about to butter my toast (no pun intended) when I beamed at her.

"It's a really lovely morning." I kept on smiling while chewing.

"Are you done with being obnoxious to everyone?" she wiped her mouth with a napkin, and brushed stray crumbs from her robes.

I put my toast down and as she turned to give me one of her stern looks I flung my arms around Tamara and gave her a bone crushing hug. "I'm sorry Tams. I really and truly am."

"You're a right cow." She said while hugging me back, hard. She got quite the grip for a girl her size.

"I am."

"And you are to never act this way ever again."

"I won't." Tamara pulled away and I beamed at her. "I promise!" she arched her eyebrow. "Friends?"

"Until next time." I kissed her cheek as she rolled her eyes. "You are really irritating, you know that, right?"

I do love her when she's so full of that spirit of forgiveness Dad always lecturing us about. Giving her a big box of sweets didn't hurt either.

Other than that, Rose allowed me near Albus again (smallest victory ever) and Scorpius…oh well…my heart bleeds a name and the name is his. Reckon I might just have to throw up in a few moments from this thought.

Funny thing is, fancying Scorpius is very much a lot like not fancying him. Minus the nausea and stomach doing back-flips whenever I see him, he is still a slimy, pigheaded and somewhat pompous git – the difference here is that now we are close friends, seeing that I have none other than him and Tamara, and let's face it, I'm no Harpies fan, meaning I don't go munching on witches' underpants I guess it is pretty clear that I fancy him.

Am I in love with him? Perhaps, perhaps not. What do I know about love? Sure, Dad can write a whole book on how love is the greatest power of all, taking a big leaf out of Dumbledore's book but times are different, nothing is at risk here, there aren't any evil dark lords and eons of blood supremacy. It is a pretty mild period, if you don't take Al's nervous breakdown into count, or the fact that I'm 'Witch of the Hour', according to some fellow female students and the fact that my current relationship with former best friend and now just a cousin I see in classes, Lucy, is on hiatus – it's all normal here.

Thursday, October 30th

We studied poisons and antidotes today. Potions is a most dreary subject, no wonder we have it in the dungeons, they say the urge to kill oneself is stronger during potions class, I find it accurate to the point of playing Hangman with a striking similar shade of red I used to have until a few months ago. Hugo had his own privet lesson in not being a smart mouth around me. Sure, I earned myself with twenty points taken off from Gryffindor and Hugo with a melted cauldron and boils in very intimate places.

"You're so horrible at times, Lils, I can't decide whether to worship you or fear you." Scorpius drew circles on the back of my hand as we set by one of the tables at the library.

"I'd say both," I chuckled. "But I don't want to come off as a vain cow."

"Heaven forbid you would."

I pinched him and tried to control my laughter as he squirmed and almost fell off his chair. "Git." I rolled my eyes. Hugo walked pass us, Lucy by his side, He gave me a snotty look. I answered with the two fingers salute.

"Classy." Hugo muttered.

"I'm surprised you can walk, Hugh, considering." I heard Lucy sniggering and in a moment of weakness I winked at her. She smirked and pulled Hugo away.

"I saw that," Scorpius said, grinning and then turning back to his homework, his grin fading. "This is rubbish." I pointed at his essay.

"I wouldn't be so rush to jump to conclusions." I glanced at his work, it did look like rubbish, but what do I know. I let out a breath and scooted closer to him and covered his hand with mine. "Looks okay to me."

"You're brilliant, Lils." He rolled his eyes.

"Preaching to the choir."

"No, really…the amount of rubbish and bullocks talking that comes out of your mouth…I swear to Salazar, you're amazing." Scorpius smirked.

"I hope you get a T for this." I pointed at his essay and got back to my own homework.

"C'mon, Lils." Scorpius leaned and whispered. "I'm only teasing." His breath tickled in my ear.

I smiled and looked down to see that his hand rested right above my knee. "Move your hand." Scorpius moved it up and down, caressing my thigh. The funny thing was, that he wasn't even looking at me, he was reading his essay, or so it seemed.

"Scorpius." he didn't budge. From the outside I guess it might've looked as if he was really interested in his homework, but I saw it. He was enjoying it. I pulled his hand away from my leg.

What was he thinking?

"You told me to move my hand." He said as he scanned through a book he was using for his homework. "So I did." He smirked while pretending to read something. "Don't tell me it bothered you."

"Hardly not." I placed my hand right above his knee. He gave it a side glance. "The question is," I leaned closer. "Are you going to ask me to move it?" his face turned a dark shade of red.

If there was ever a moment when I thought my life may be coming to an end, what was coming may as well be remembered as such.


I almost broke my neck when I heard that shrill. I turned around to see Lucy's red and enraged face. Way to go Lucy, kill-joy of the modern wizarding age.

"May we help you?" Scorpius asked casually, my hand no longer on his knee. It looked lonely without me caressing it.

Lucy looked livid. It was quite entertaining, really.

"Shall I repeat myself?" he leaned back and arched his best condescending look at her.

"This-is-a-library!" she hissed.

"It is?" Scorpius looked around us, surveying the bookshelves. "I guess you're right. You've done it again, Lucy dearest! You wonderful witch!" he got up from his seat and in a swift move grabbed Lucy by the shoulders and gave her a juicy kiss on each cheek.

I covered my face and tried to control my laughter.

"You're disgusting." She narrowed her eyes at Scorpius as he set down. "Both of you." I felt her eyes on me, and peered through my fingers, I was right.

"Come of it, Luc," Scorpius stretched in his seat. "No one likes a prude." He drawled, but Lucy already stormed off, huffing and mumbling. "She really needs to sort out her priorities." He turned his attention back on me. "Where were we?" he took my hand. "Ah, right." he put it back on his leg. "You may proceed-AH!"

I clawed his thigh. "Next time, Scorp, I'll aim higher."

"Message received." He rubbed his aching leg as I returned to my homework. "Although, I wouldn't mind it that mu-ouch!" I elbowed his ribs.

I left soon after, figured that I'll accomplish more I wasn't in Scorpius presence, having to endure the urge to both hex him and sex him. Damn those ramping, raging hormones!

Monday, November 3rd

Halloween came and went and Al was almost normal during the annual feast. We did have to tame him down when Cleo walked pass our table. He's a lot less extreme with his reaction but boy, I am glad I'm not a biscuit considering what he did to the entire plate (Let's just say that it'll take some time for that second year to recover and eat bread again).

Big News! Lucy is seeing someone! How do I know? Well, being Witch of the Hour has its advantages, and first hand gossip is just one of the perks. It's is still unclear as to who is the unlucky wizard but as far as I know he is not a faculty member, Merlin knows this family can endure only one catastrophe at a time.

"She doesn't seem…coupley," I said to Tamara as we walked down to Potions together. Tamara looked at her and then shifted her gaze at Hugo. "You're insight on the matter?"

"Is it possible that she's dating your cousin?"

"For a Ravenclaw, you're really stupid." I gave her an angry look. "And very sick." I added.

"I had to say it otherwise that image would have stay stuck in my head for ages."

"So you decided to infect me with your twisted imagination? Some best friend you are."

"Hey, you're the one in love with Malfoy and I accept that," she stopped mid-walking and turned to face me. "And as my best friend you have to accept that I too have a dark and twisted side just like you."

"I am not dark and twisted," she gave me a pointy look. "Having green hair doesn't make me dark!" we resumed walking.

"Having a depressed and un-hinged older brother along with an unreasonable attachment to said older brother irritable yet extremely witty and sexy (your words not mine) does," She placed her hand on my shoulder as we stepped into the classroom. "and don't get me started on the whole 'famous parents' issue because that will require an entire weekend to discuss and analyze."

We set together by our table. I glanced at Hugo and Lucy, they looked pretty happy, and never have I felt more distant from someone I am blood related to and more connected to a person who only weeks ago had been a total stranger to me.

"Fine," I said. "I'm dark and broody and somewhat twisted. Can you blame me? Look at the amount of changes that has been going on in my life. I am allowed to be upset, I am allowed to be moody- I've earned that right!"

"The difference is that I accept you for that, Lils, That's what I like the most about you. I'm not an emotional person, Lil, but I do know that this-" she gestured at the two of us. "-is going to last. We're in this together."

"I'm your twisted sister." I said and began to chop the mint root. "I get it."

"No, Lily, we're the twisted sisters." She gave me a loopy smile as she stirred the lucid liquid so it will change its color. She took my hand and squeezed it for a split second before letting go.

"You realize this constitutes hugging." I said as I continued to crush the shrinking fig.

Tamara seemed pleased but only said, "Shut up." We cackled silently, that's what the dark and twisted do apparently.

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