Chapter 1~

"OH KAKU HARDER D-DAMMIT" then another thrust came harder as the Jashinist was to about spill his seed into this world.

The pounding of flesh gaits flesh became louder and louder. Ungodly sounds was coming out of the Zombie team room.
Hidan and Kakuzu entangle there fingers with each other and their lip lock out of the love.

"Hidan I about to cum" Kakuzu cried out as he thrust into the tight ass that was before him.

As Kakuzu was about to thrust one final time the door was bomb off it hinges. The head of Kakuzu's penis was about enter the noise disturb him.
Kakuzu was fully erected and the disturbance was interrupting him from cumming with this Kakuzu just put the head in Hidan's ass but as he about to fully thrust Deidara bomb them apart.

"WHAT THE FUCK DEI WE WERE ABOUT CUM" Hidan yelled. Kakuzu got and tried to finish the job but Deidara hit Kakuzu's fully erected cock.
"YOU LITTLE WHORE" Kakuzu cried out and holding his member in the of wanting to cum.
"Leader wants you two to come now" Deidara said searching for some form of close then he found some.
"Well he has to wait because we was about to finish making love" Hidan said as about get on Kakuzu. Deidara enough of this so he went over and pull Hidan by the hair the pain cause Hidan to cum.

"AAAAAHHH KAKU" Hidan scream hard as the white salty came shooting out then Deidara back off as he saw stitch up man lick off the white hot seed.

The only reason he did that was because he did want to touch Hidan's sweaty cum body also his sweaty hair any more.

"Kaku I'm sorry I couldn't hold" Hidan said. Deidara throws their close not knowing that Kakuzu was still very erect. Hidan got dress very quickly to make Deidara leave. After he got dress Hidan was push out the door by Deidara so that they wont have sex after he left.

"Goddammit Deidara I'm going to kill you" Kakuzu panted so he dress fast and very carefully. He did not to hit erect member. He wanted to have Hidan to have a little excitement before they leave. He put on his akatsuki cloak to hide his hard on. That thing was large and long.
After he put his cloak on he walk into Pein's office.

[In Pein's office]

"What do you want Leader Hidan and I was busy!" Kakuzu said. Hidan blushed and quietly place his hand on the erect member and rub it a bit. Kakuzu breath in and out softly and took off the hand.

"Well I called you two down here to discuss about the disappearance of high paying bounties" Pein said.
"I've been awear of that" Kakuzu manage to say.
"Look I KNOW that your still erect, for god sakes I can see it though you pants" Pein annoyed.

"Well hurry the fuck up so we can get going Jashin dammit" Hidan yelled.

Pein stood up and turn his back to point to a crested moon island.

"Here you mission, is to go to Crescent Moon Island then to find what responsible for the bounties when you two return report back" Pein as turn around. He made the angry twitch as he saw Hidan and Kakuzu were make-out on Kakuzu's chair. Pein grab the spay bottle.

"No, No not in my office you two" Pein said as stray water on them. Kakuzu stood up as Hidan wrapped his legs around Kakuzu's waste. Then Pein put the file into Kakuzu open hand and they left "Assholes" Pein said as team animal came to the room.

[Back in team Zombie room]

"Before we leave we have unfinished business my love" Kakuzu said as he throw Hidan on the bed.
"Kaku-san we should be getting going" Hidan said but felt the burn warm hard erection on his inner leg.
"Fine I'll leave, but before we go you have to drink some of my hot milk" Kakuzu said the lust and sensation of wanting to cum.
"I'm NOT going fucking to suck your damn cock you never gave me a fucking warning when you cum" Hidan stated the fact.
"I will this time" Kakuzu straddling Hidan's chest.

Now Kakuzu was going to make Hidan suck it weather he want to or not. So he pull out his red hot dripping crotch out of his pants at same time out with boxer. It was burn the unbearable feeling of cumming. Hidan gave in and wrapped his mouth around the rock hard manhood and flushed.

"That it little boy" Kakuzu said darkly as he felt Hidan's tongue twist and turn around on his sweet hot head of the thick member. Hidan tried to put more into his mouth but having trouble so grab the back of Hidan's head and push the cock down lower making Hidan gagged.
"All the way now Love" Kakuzu laughed. Hidan blushed harder as Kakuzu was about to cum with all his might. Kakuzu smirk.

"NOW DRINK" he yell as he cum hard having Hidan see white. Hidan release Kakuzu's cock from mouth and the cum start to spill. Kakuzu close Hidan's mouth and tit it back a bit.

"You have to drink it love" Kakuzu with his eyes half close and half open to see Hidan drink his "milk". Hidan eyes rolled to the back of his head. He drank the salty warm white seed the slide so easy down his throat. Tear flow out of his eyes. Kakuzu smiled then gave a small kiss to Hidan's head. Then push back his member then zipped up his jeans.

"How did it taste" Kakuzu said. "Good Kakuzu-sama" Hidan replied with a smile then lick his lips. They looked at the clock it was time to leave.

[on the road]

"So how the fuck are you going to Crescent Moon Island again" Hidan shouted to Kakuzu.
"By boat Jackoff" Kakuzu replied annoyed by this.
"Who are you calling a Jackoff" Hidan huffed.
Kakuzu smirk and grab Hidan by the waist "You" then smash his lip upon his lover's lips. A few moments later they part then Kakuzu hold up two tickles for the boat trip.

"You son of a bitch" Hidan smile as he grab Kakuzu hand then walked.

[on the boat!]

"Holy Jashin this thing is big so Kaku what do you want to do" Hidan said as climb on the bed like a cat.
"You horny bitch" Kakuzu said squeezing Hidan ass feeling how perfect it felt against his hand.
"AAhh Kaku" Hidan moaned. Suddenly the boat shake violently.
"AW, what the fuck" Hidan yelled.
"Attention passers sorry for that we have boarded to Crescent Moon Island please get you shit and get fuck off and have a nice life" the captain spoke.

"What a hole asshole" Kakuzu growled. The two grabbed there stuff and got off.

[on the island]

The couple looked around to see no one anywhere. The usually fill street looked abandon to one believe. The houses where appear to be never used.

"I no idea" Kakuzu replied as he continue to hold hands.

Then out of the nowhere they saw a body on the ground think it was drunk guy who a few to many. When they got close to it they something shocking. The body was bloody and cover in teeth marks and the eyes was stone cold blue. It looked it been dead for a very short amount of time. Hidan felt something grab his foot.

"Oh Ha ha Kaku" Hidan jokingly said.
"What babe" Kakuzu replied.
"Your trying to scared me" Hidan said get angry.
"Hidan, I'm not doing anything" Kakuzu replied.
"Then who the hell is grabbing my fucking foot asshole" Hidan yell kicking the dead body.

Then all of sudden the body moan and grab Hidan's (again). Then Hidan shriek like a girl.

"Holy shit it a Zombie" his shrieking continue.

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