Chapter 3~

Hidan's eyes widen with fear.

Kakuzu looked at Hidan with confusion. "Hidan you had a nightmare" he said.

Hidan still had fear in his eyes. Kakuzu straddle his hip on Hidan's then when the moon light shine thought the window from the brightness it showed that Kakuzu was himself. There was no blood just him in hot glory. Hidan bit his lip as Kakuzu's head came down. They lock lips and Hidan was not dreaming anymore. He didn't taste blood and the light was dim. Kakuzu move his head toward and Hidan shiver in fear and his eyes widen in fear but when he felt Kakuzu press his cool lips on his neck and suck. He was in heaven. Hidan's eyes rolled back in pleasure. He felt no more but some unsure feelings. Kakuzu lick his down to Hidan's collarbone then bit a little on it. In that moment Hidan freak.

"N-no Kuzu please" Hidan cried. Kakuzu looked up seeing Hidan's normal magenta eyes looked and saw a pink tint to them.

'Was his dream about me' Kakuzu thought as he kiss his way up to Hidan's lips. Hidan shiver in fear.

He felt the warm of his lover's lips and finally press back. Kakuzu smile into the kiss then slide his hand down to Hidan's hips. When he got there he slowly rub the sensitive bone making Hidan moan. Hidan felt pleasure then pain and enjoy it. Hidan felt his partner slide off him and resting on his side.

"You should try go back to sleep Jashin's angel" Kakuzu said as rub his hand though Hidan's sliver hair. Hidan eyes widen as tears came his eyes. Kakuzu rubbed his thumb to caught his tears and kiss his cheek with tender love. What he didn't realize that he fell asleep in Kakuzu's arms again and mumbling some thing.

[Hidan's dream again]

"Kuzu-chan" Hidan weakly spoke. He saw Kakuzu turning his head towards him and he saw the two blood like pool around the two green emeralds eyes that he fell deep in love with. He knew now he wasn't dreaming he knew that Kakuzu was trying to comfort him and help him to relax. 'Wait did he just called me Jashin's angel' he though. "What do you want Hidan-chan" he heard think that he space out for a moment. "You called me Jashin's angel are you converting to the eyes of Jashin" Hidan said with hope. "No they just words to comfort you before you die" He heard darkly. "D-die" Hidan stutter then felt a horrible pain though his neck. Kakuzu pulled his up and Hidan eyes was in great horror. Kakuzu's eyes was from red and green to a deep shad of gray almost black and a light shad of yellow. The look of Kakuzu's skin lighting to a pile white and it horrified him. Kakuzu went Hidan' wonder and lick it.

"Kuzu, please your not a zombie" Hidan eyes water. He felt tears on his neck. "Kuzu-san I love you so why" Hidan cried. "I know that moron" Kakuzu voice like a demon but like the normal deep voice he took a deep breath."But this hard desire for your flesh is so hard to control, Hidan" Kakuzu continue. Hidan eyes water and the water slip out his eyes. "Kakuzu please your my l...lover" Hidan felt light headed. "Hidan I'm sorry I love you but I can't control myself, Hidan forgive me my love" the demon in Kakuzu's was cold. Then a huge amount of pain came from his neck and collarbone.

[Real world]

Kakuzu fell out of bed and plop on the ground. He groan and getting up he looked over to the clock the dim red light reads two-twenty two in the morning. Kakuzu straddle Hidan hips and shook him violently. "Hidan you son of a bitch wake up" Kakuzu yelled. Hidan shot up and bang his head against his lover's. The two men rub each other heads and looked into each others eyes. Kakuzu saw the moonlight shine of Hidan's face and saw nothing but beauty. His pale face cover in sweat and his bright magenta eyes. Hidan saw Kakuzu's face into the moonlight and it was in fear. He looked deeply into Kakuzu's dark, green, emeralds like eyes. His face in the stitches and skin color was the same, dark carmal like. Hidan tears came out his eyes.

"Hidan why are you kicking me out of the bed" Kakuzu said in an angry. "Kakuzu" Hidan wrapped his arm around Kakuzu's torso and cried. Kakuzu made Hidan sit up and hold on to him tightly rocking him back and fort "Sh there, there Hidan I'm here" Kakuzu gently said. He stroke Hidan back in a little fear as he never seen Hidan cry before. "K-kuzu chan" Hidan cried. "Hidan what was in your dream about" Kakuzu nervously asked. Hidan eyes widen and he signed. "The dreams are about you being one of those things" Hidan said though tears. "Hidan look at me do you think I will become one of zombies" Kakuzu sign. "N-No but that creature almost bit you" his response was. Kakuzu kissed him and lick his ear. "Well I guess I have to prove that I'm not one creatures" Kakuzu said in a lust fill voice. "W-what the hell are..." Hidan was silence with warm lips and hold down on the bed.

Kakuzu kissed down Hidan body feeling his cold sweat. He stop at Hidan's belly button. He slip his tongue in and out. Hidan moan loudly. Kakuzu kissed his way up and down then lick some swear off. Hidan close his eyes in pleasure then black out. When he a woke it was the morning sun. He look over to his partner and saw a smile on his face. He brought his hand over to the stitch man's face. Hidan saw Kakuzu's eyes open and smile.

Morning Hidan" he heard. "Morning" Hidan replied. "How you feeling" Kakuzu sat up. Hidan then realize that two was nude and cover in cum. "B-better" Hidan blushed. Kakuzu got out of bed and Hidan had a questionable look on his face as he saw the size of his foot bruise on Kakuzu's right ass cheek. "What" Kakuzu turn back and Hidan just laugh "What" he asked.

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