Toshiro moved in his sleep, trying to find a cooler spot on the blankets beneath him, shifting the comforters around him as well. Despite seeking the cool of the sheets, his body only met more warmth enclosing around him. Regaining more consciousness, Toshiro felt something other than the blankets wrapping around his small structure. Alarmed at the intruder, Toshiro felt himself waken fully, his hands pulling the sheets so that he could escape the arms that attempted to pull him closer.

"Stop wiggling so much." He could feel hot air linger on the back of his neck, unaware of how close the head of the person behind him was, as nimble fingers rubbed small circles through the fabric of Toshiro's tank top.

With just four words, he was able to tell the voice of the body behind him. Ichigo Kurosaki. Toshiro grumbled and continued to wiggle his way out of the grasp that was attempting to hold him down. With the help of his hands pressing down on Ichicgo's forearms, Toshiro was able to pull out of the grasp and move towards the edge of the bed. Placing his bare feet against the cold floor, he felt his body shiver welcoming the chilling sensation. He smiled slightly as the chill replaced the flush that was quickly taking over his body. Standing up completely, Toshiro started walking towards the door, still not acknowledging the body that was left in the bed.


With his hand on the door knob, Toshiro turned around and looked at the orange haired boy lying in the bed. Ichigo was propping his head with his hand as he stared at the white haired man who was preparing to leave the room. Toshiro ran his eyes from Ichigo's head to his chest that had been exposed when Toshiro pulled himself and the blankets off the bed. The blankets were pulled around Ichigo's waist, exposing the top of his boxers, the only article of clothing that Toshiro knew he was wearing.

"Toshiro." Ichigo's voice came out airy as he stared at the small man in front of him. "Come back to bed."

Turning the knob on the door and pulling it open, Toshiro turned his back towards Ichigo. "As soon as you go back to yours."

Ichigo was not prepared to see Toshiro walk out of the room, leaving him completely on alone in the dark. Toshiro didn't care for the orange haired boy he had left back in his bed. Instead, he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He swallowed the cool liquid quickly, trying to rid his body of the summer heat that had taken over the small two room apartment. He looked over at the glowing clock on the oven. It read that it was already three-thirty in the morning. Meaning he had only gotten two hours of sleep and that he would have to wake in another two and half ours. He sighed as he placed the cup on the counter, making a mental reminder to buy another jug of water for he dispenser.

Toshiro's body tensed as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders, pulling him closer to the warm chest that expanded against his back. He rolled his eyes slightly as he felt Ichigo duck his head closer to Toshiro's neck, his lips attaching to his exposed collar bone thanks to the tank top. Ichigo's hands moved from around Toshiro's shoulders down to his arms, rubbing them slightly, causing Toshiro's body to warm up again after his failed attempts to find away to escape the heat. He simply sighed as he tried to walk away from the boy behind him and back towards his bedroom. Ichigo didn't allow Toshiro to get very far before pulling him back into his embrace.

"Stop trying to get away from me." Ichigo mumbled into the side of Toshiro's neck before attaching his lips onto Toshiro's pulse.

"Stop trying to molest me." Ichigo could hear the annoyance in Toshiro's voice, but decided to ignore it. After all, it made the chase more fun.

"I'm not trying, I'm succeeding."

With that, in a swift motion, he pulled Toshiro's tank top and threw it into the black abyss of the living room. He ran his hands down Toshiro's sleek chest and abs, feeling the lean muscles move underneath him as the smaller boy still resisted his actions. Despite the heat radiating from the chest pressed against his back, he couldn't help but give into Ichigo's hands, they were surprisingly cold. Once he had felt Ichigo's hands venture further down, playing with the hem of his boxers, Toshiro stiffened his stance. With an unknown swiftness, Toshiro pulled out of Ichigo's arms and walked down the hall before turning around to stare at the orange haired boy who was left standing by the counter with a confused expression.

"Kurosaki, it's three thirty in the fucking morning and I've only had two hours of sleep and have to wake up in another two hours. Let me sleep." Toshiro's eyes smoldered towards Ichigo, who had an upset face on.

"Toshiro, I never see you anymore." He took a few hesitant steps towards Toshiro, causing him to take a few of his own steps backwards drawing closer to his bedroom door. "We never get to have any fun, you're always working." Utilizing his long legs, Ichigo covered the amount of distance between them and wrapped his arms around Toshiro. "I miss you, Toshiro."

He let out a sigh and pressed his palms against Ichigo's vast chest, applying pressure to break out of his grip. "That's Hitsugaya-senpai. Ichigo, we have no relationship, you have no reason to miss me."

With that, Toshiro spun on his heel and walked towards his room, missing the hurt face that had made it's way onto Ichigo's face. Wide eyed, Ichigo walked back to his room, closing the door softly behind him as he fell onto his cold, empty bed. In the other room, Toshiro pulled the covers over him, sighing into his bed that had cool down significantly now that the two bodies that were occupying it early had left it vacant for some time. Toshiro rolled onto his side, trying to find a hint of sleep, but failing. Instead, his mind was wrapped around the words he just spat into Ichigo's face.

"No relationship."

This was true, for the most part. Aside from living together and being sexual lovers, they had nothing more than that. Toshiro had just graduated college and was in between jobs when his former roommate had moved out on him, leaving Toshiro to foot the rent by himself. In desperate need, he asked his small circle of friends if they knew anyone who needed a place to stay. On a whim, Toshiro's drinking pal mentioned Ichigo and Toshiro quickly took him in as a roommate without even meeting him. It took a while for Toshiro to remember him, but when he saw Ichigo walking in with boxes in his arms, he realized there was no way he could forget that orange haired idiot. Ichigo was rather infamous around their former high school for the amount of fights and goofing of that Ichigo had gotten into.

Ichigo was entering his third year of college when he moved into Toshiro's apartment. He was extremely surprised by the invitation to move in with the white haired senior. Unlike Toshiro, Ichigo had a clear idea of who Toshiro was. The small white haired boy who despite his size, was three years older than Ichigo. One reason why Ichigo had such a vivid memory of Ichigo was because he, like many people in the school, had admired Toshiro, though Ichigo was more attracted sexually rather than intellectually. Moving in with the man he had liked since high school was surreal for Ichigo, but there was no way he was going to let the opportunity pass.

A couple of weeks after Ichigo had moved in with Toshiro, he had been drinking quite heavily at a party and stumbled into Toshiro's room. Toshiro was clearly surprised to be disturbed during his reading by a pair of lips suddenly attaching to his own. A slew of words escaped Ichigo's lips, all revolving around the idea that Ichigo had been in love with Toshiro. During the unconventional confession, Ichigo's hands worked towards undressing the smaller male, not that Toshiro had been complaining. Despite holding no feeling towards his new roommate, Toshiro was not going to deny himself of a man willing to have sex with him, especially since he couldn't remember the last time he had felt intimacy with another person, not only from the male species.

After their first time sleeping together, Ichigo had awoken in Toshiro's room the next morning. He looked around an empty room, trying to remember what had happened the night before. Ichigo looked up from the bed when he saw Toshiro walk in clad in only boxers with a cup of coffee in his hand. Once Ichigo had taken the cup from him, Toshiro sat down at his computer chair and retold the nights events to Ichigo, in detail. Though, he skipped the part of Ichigo confessing his love, figuring that it was something said on the whim of the moment, even though he knew deep down that Ichigo's feelings were real. It was at that moment that they decided to be lovers. Ichigo's heart was beating at the idea of having a relationship with Toshiro, but the thought was instantly crushed with the next three words that had escaped the lips of his new lover.

"It's just sex."

That was a year ago. Even now, the relationship between Ichigo and Toshiro had on barely changed. There was still romance between them, since Toshiro never mentioned that he knew Ichigo's real feelings. Also, Ichigo never tried to convey them on a level other than sex: because of his fear of rejection and fear that Toshiro will stop sleeping with him and his one chance to be close to his love will diminish.

Toshiro rolled over onto his back and turned his head to stare at the clock on his night stand. It was now four in the morning meaning that he had rolled around in bed for thirty minute and sleep still hasn't crept over him. Sighing, he got up from his bed and walked out of his room. With silent steps, he made his way into his roommate's room, staring at the back of his lover as he faced the wall. He made no noise as he lifted the bed sheet and slipped into the bed next to Ichigo. He turned on his side so that he was back to back against the body behind him. Within seconds sleep was already making its way into Toshiro's body.

Ichigo had felt the shift of weight on the bed and had waited until everything was still beside him before he turned around. His arm quickly made it's way around the smaller man's waist, pulling him close. Toshiro let out a sigh at the same time as Ichigo once the contact between their bodies had been made. Ichigo nuzzled his face against the crook Toshiro's neck, breathing warm air on to the expose skin. Despite his want to get away from the heat earlier, Toshiro found himself relaxing into the body behind him, the sleep creeping on him quickly.

"I thought you didn't want to sleep in the same bed as me." Ichigo mumbled, his lips nipping at Toshiro's jaw line.

"I couldn't sleep in my room." Toshiro kept his eyes closed. "Let me sleep here."

"Of course."

Ichigo kissed the back of Toshiro before bring the boy closer to him again, enjoying the feeling of their bodies spooning one another. Sleep claimed the boys quickly just as like how morning appeared in a quick manner. Ichigo rubbed his eyes as he tried to keep the sun from invading his sleep. He groaned as he turned, feeling nothing around him. He woke up quickly when he realized there was a body missing. Looking around the room, his ears were straining to hear something, anything. But of course, there was nothing around.

Ichigo always woke up alone, even on the days that him and Toshiro slept together. It had nothing to do with Toshiro needing to go to work early. One time, Ichigo woke up in the middle of the night after a night of rough sex with the older male and found not only Toshiro's bed empty, the room as well. Ichigo made his way down the hallway and found his lover sleeping on the couch with his back turned towards him. Feeling hurt and dejected, he back traced his steps until he went back to his own room, not wanting to feel the emptiness of Toshiro's bed.

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