As soon as he stepped out of the lobby of the air conditioned office Toshiro's hand shot up to his neck to loosen the tie that had hung around his neck. It had only taken a few steps and could feel a sweat creeping up along his hair line. His face instantly made a scowl as he looked for the familiar car that was supposed to be waiting for him. Grumbling, he leaned against the building in the shade, trying to escape as much of the heat that he could. Though, humidity has a tendency to creep on you despite the shade. He took off his jacket draping it over his suitcase on the floor as he rolled up the sleeves of his button down. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head against the building behind him as he felt a small gust of wind sweep over the slight sheen of sweat that had formed on his arms.

Ichigo pulled up to the building trying to look for the white haired man he was late picking up. He looked across the sidewalk, expecting Toshiro to be standing on the edge with a glower on his face ready to yell Ichigo's head off. But alas, Ichigo didn't see Toshiro, at least, not any where along the curb. He pulled the car up to the empty curb, looking around the sidewalk until he finally laid eyes on the man he had been looking for. He could help but form a smile on his lips as he saw his lover with his eyes closed and a content expression finally on his face. Although he didn't want to disturb Toshiro's peace, he knew if he kept the man waiting any longer, the yelling would just get worse.


Toshiro's eyes snapped open at the sound of his name, his eyes instantly finding the orange haired boy parked in front of him. His eyes went from their soft emotion of relation to hard in a matter of milliseconds. Collecting his things from the ground, Toshiro made his way towards the car in front of him. He didn't say anything at first, just basking in the cool air that had surrounded him courtesy of the air conditioner. He let out a content sigh as he felt the car start moving into the flow of traffic. Ichigo had thought he had gotten away with his late arrival after seeing how relaxed Toshiro looked.

"Kuroskai, you were late." Spoke to soon. Ichigo looked over at the small man and noticed that despite not facing him, he knew that Toshiro's eyes were still closed.

"One of my professors wanted to talk about my grades." Ichigo heard Toshiro sigh as he pulled up to a red light. "You okay Toshiro?"

"It's Hitsugaya-senpai." Toshiro turned his head so that he was facing Ichigo. "And I'm fine."

"You sure?" Ichigo knitted his eyebrows together as he stared at the man next to him. "You look really stressed."

"The lights green." And that was the end of the conversation, at least until they got home.

Toshiro led the way to the apartment, instantly throwing his suit jacket over the back of the one of the chairs lined up at the counter. Just as he was going to make his way towards his bedroom to lie down before making dinner, he felt Ichigo's arms wrap around his waist, his mouth lingering next to his ear. Shuddering at the warm air that made its way around his ear, Toshiro felt confused over whether to pull away or lean into the touch. Ichigo made his decision for him, pulling him close so that Toshiro could feel the slight bump that had formed between Ichigo's legs. Toshiro let out an involuntary groan at the feeling.

"You look so tense Toshiro." Ichigo's fingers began to undo the buttons that lined the front of Toshiro's t-shirt. "Let me help you relieve some of your stress."

"Kurosaki, stop." Toshiro tried to walk away, but that only brought Ichigo closer. "It's only six, can't this wait?" Although he was trying to tell Ichigo to stop, he could feel himself close to giving in to the man behind him as a tongue gave a soft lick on the shell of his ear, teeth grasping the lobe.

"Oh, no, no, no. You're not getting away this time Toshiro." He turned Toshiro around, lifting him in the process and pressed him against a near by wall. Ichigo ducked his head and attacked Toshiro's neck.

"Kurosaki." Toshiro wrapped his legs around Ichigo's waist out of habit, quickly falling into his lover's wants. "I need to…" He took in a sharp in take of breath as Ichigo nipped at his neck as Toshiro ran a hand through the orange locks. "I still need to cook dinner and there's so much work to be done." Toshiro could hear his voice coming out unsteady.

"Worry about that later." Ichigo brought his lips to Toshiro's pecking them softly before showering Toshiro's neck in butterfly kisses. "Do you even know the last time we had sex?"

Toshiro couldn't answer that one, partially because his mind was becoming a quick pile of goo as Ichigo's mouth worked against his skin. The other reason was because it had really been too long. Toshiro was juggling a desk job filing papers and other secretarial work as well as dealing with graduate school. In the recent weeks, thanks to a big case that was going on at the law firm he was working at, he had been swamped.

Toshiro tried to push that to the back of his mind as he tangled his fingers at the nape of Ichigo's neck, directing Ichigo's head to face his, pressing his lips firmly against the orange head's. Ichigo smiled into the kiss as he brought his hands away from Toshiro's hips and bringing them to cup his lover's face. Toshiro's stuck his tongue out, sucking in Ichigo's bottom lip in his attempt to gain the upper hand in the situation. Ichigo, surprised by Toshiro's sudden action, opened his mouth and allowed the other's tongue to enter his mouth. They hurriedly kissed one another, allowing their tongues to dance as they battled it out for dominance.

Ichigo's fingers got to work to finish the buttons he missed when Toshiro had pulled out of his embrace earlier. He brought his hands to Toshiro's shoulder to push the shirt off of his body. He wrapped his arm around the smaller's waist to hold him as he leaned off Toshiro so he could get the shirt out that was trapped between his back and the wall. Once the shirt was off, Ichigo stared down at the boy in his arms hungrily, thankful that it was hot outside which lead to Toshiro not wearing an undershirt. Ichigo lifted Toshiro higher on his waist so that he could attack Toshiro's prominent collar bones that were just begging to be sucked.

Toshiro pressed his head against the wall as he felt the warm mouth latch onto his bare skin. He looked down at his lovers head as he placed sweet kisses, lips, and the occasional nip on his body. Toshiro's hands went to work instantly, trying to pull Ichigo's t-shirt over his head. Ichigo ground his hips against Toshiro's pinning, him to the wall as his upper body pulled away so that he could pull the t-shirt off himself. He gasped as Toshiro's lips attacked his chest.

"Hey." Ichigo couldn't help but chuckle. "I thought you were the one against this."

Toshiro merely brought his hands between the taller male's neck and brought their lips to meet again mumbling a quiet "shut up" against Ichigo's lips. Ichigo gladly obliged as he wrapped his hands around Toshiro's waist to pull him away from the wall. Without breaking their kiss, he managed to get Toshiro from against the hard hallway wall to the comfort of Ichigo's bed. Clothing quickly became discarded as Toshiro removed his pants and boxers from his position lying down, all the while watching Ichigo went to remove his own articles from where he was standing. Toshiro got up form his lying down position and placed himself at the edge of the bed, noticing how slowly Ichigo's clothing appeared to come off. His hands shot up to Ichigo's hips and began to press down on the fabric to push them all they way off.

Toshiro stared at Ichigo's manhood, standing fully erect, just begging to be sucked. Without a second thought he brought his mouth around the appendage. Ichigo merely gasped as he felt his body enter the hot, wet cavern. His head rolled back as he felt his lover's tongue rub against the vein at the bottom of his member. He looked down and saw Toshiro bring a hand up to wrap around the rest of the member that wouldn't fit into his mouth. Ichigo could feel his face flush as he stared down at his lover, who's eyes were closed with his eyebrows knitted in concentration. This was one of the things that Ichigo learned to like as their sexual lives began. Even if Ichigo was the one to take initiative of sex with kisses, Toshiro was the one who would deliver. Toshiro was always the first touch or take his lover.

Ichigo watched as the small man worked his hand, twisting and pulling in time with his mouth as it sucked. The sight of the small white head bobbing back and forth on his manhood was too desirable. The two had went from having sex almost every other day to having sex for the first time in weeks which made Ichigo weak. It didn't take long before Toshiro felt Ichigo thrust his hips forward before releasing into his mouth. He never favored the taste of semen, so once he knew Ichigo's orgasm was over, he leaned over the edge of the bed and spit the residue in the trashcan that was strategically placed for situations like this. As he felt the bed sink with the added body weight, Toshiro couldn't help but form a smirk on his lips. He looked over at Ichigo who was lying down with his eyes closed. He wasn't spent, especially since he didn't do much work, but he was slightly tired from the exertion of his orgasm.

"What the hell was that Kurosaki?" Toshiro tried to put on his signature scowl.

"What do you mean 'what the hell?'" Ichigo propped himself on his elbows to stare at the naked white haired man placed at the foot of the bed.

"You said that you were going to rid me my tension." Toshiro crawled on the bed, making his way so that he could straddle Ichigo's abdomen. "And yet," he paused, his eyes sending a smoldering glare towards the orange-haired boy. "And yet, you were the one who got all the pleasure."

Ichigo stared at Toshiro straddling him, his penis still at salute, as his hands were placed on his chest as Toshiro leaned down to placed a quick kiss on Ichigo's lips. Ichigo tried to push pressure against his but Toshiro quickly pulled away, kissing his way up Ichigo's jaw line until he had reached his ear. He licked the shell tentatively while his hands ran up Ichigo's chest and around his neck. Ichigo shivered at the mixture of heat on his ear and chilly hands on his body. He felt Toshiro's head duck closer to his head, lips practically pressed against his ear.

"Touch me Kurosaki." He bit the lobe softly. "Touch me and fulfill your promise from earlier." After biting his ear again, Toshiro pressed his hands against Ichigo's chest to lift his body up.

Without a second though, Ichigo lifted his hand grasping the member in front of him. Toshiro's neck instantly snapped back at the feeling of the long, lean fingers wrapping around his weeping member. Ichigo was quick to get to work, twist and pulling at the right speed. He knew when to apply pressure and how to tease the white haired boy above him. Groans exited Toshiro's mouth as he felt Ichigo's thumb swipe across the head of his penis, adding an indescribable pleasure to the experience. Ichigo looked up at his lover and cold feel the blood pumping to his recently flaccid organ. Ichigo was getting hard and fast. Just by merely touching his love, he was able to make Toshiro pant. But that wasn't even enough for Ichigo. If he really wanted to rid Toshiro of his stress he had to take this a step further.

After seeing Toshiro lean back so that his palms were resting on Ichigo's lower hips behind him, fully exposing his body to Ichigo, Ichigo's penis went from only being half hard to fully erect. Toshiro could feel Ichigo's lonely member pressing slightly against his backside. Toshiro's body shudder at the feeling causing Ichigo to lose his nerve. Toshiro's face went from pleasure to scowl as he felt the heat that was wrapped around his member disappear. He didn't get much time to react to the sudden loss of heat because the next thing he knew he was underneath Ichigo with his lips pressed against the other's. The kiss was hungry and passionate, both of them getting lost as the other's wet muscle massaged their own.

Ichigo pulled away from Toshiro staring down at the white haired man as he panted beneath him, his lungs happy at the air rushing through his mouth. Ichigo pressed three of his fingers against Toshiro's lips, not saying anything but signaling him to open his mouth. Toshiro obliged, his heart racing as he realized what was to happen next. Ichigo never knew he could groan at the feeling of his lover's wet appendage wrapping themselves against his lean fingers, ensuring that they were coated with a thick layer of saliva. Ichigo slowly pulled his fingers out of Toshiro's mouth, causing Toshiro's teeth to scrape against his flesh slighty, releasing more pleasure to Ichigo's hyper-sensitive nerves. Toshiro took in a sharp gasp as he felt something probing at this puckered entrance. He felt Ichigo push one of his fingers into the first digit, feeling the tight clasp of the hole around his finger; he smirked and looked down at the teal orbs that were staring at him.

"You're too tight Toshiro. So," he pushed his finger in further causing a shudder to rip through Toshiro's body. "So, so stressed, it's causing to you become so tight."

Toshiro didn't say anything in response as he felt Ichigo pump his solo finger within his body. Toshiro found difficulty in breathing as he felt Ichigo's second finger join in. Ichigo made quick work as he scissored out Toshiro's entrance, prepping him for bigger and better objects. Toshiro wrapped his slender fingers around Ichigo's neck to pull him into another passionate kiss. Ichigo's lips only lingered for a while, biting on his lover's lip slightly, before trailing down his neck. Sucking on his collar bone to ensure that purple bruise will arise later on, Ichigo made his way down to Toshiro's chest, licking it slightly before wrapping his mouth around the small nub. As his tongue brushed against the sensitive skin, he pressed his final finger in, causing a loud grunt to escape from Toshiro.

Ichigo didn't waste much time, increasing his speed that his fingers were working in Toshiro. He made sure that he'd brush is finger tips against his lover's prostate, causing Toshiro's hips to buck. As his fingers continued to spread out the entrance, Ichigo opted to occupy his mouth with something else. He made his way down his lover's body completely until he had finally faced Toshiro's weeping, neglected member. Ichigo wrapped his mouth around the top of the penis, letting his tongue lap the pre-cum that had already begun to leak out. Toshiro's body involuntarily bucked into the mouth from the sensation that was happening at his entrances as well as the hot cavern that had engulfed him. Toshiro was close and Ichigo knew that, meaning that Ichigo's teasing had paid off. Oh yes, he will definitely forget about work after what was to happen next.

Much to Toshiro's disappointment, he felt the heat leave his member as well as the lean fingers leave his entrance. Like the many times before, disappointment didn't last long. He found himself biting into his bottom lip as Ichigo's large member entered his tight entrance with no application of lube and the only prep offered by Ichigo's limber fingers. As Toshiro tried to bring his hand up to bite into his knuckles to suppress the moans that were daring to leave his throat, he felt a hand latch on to his wrist, pinning his arm about his head. Lips pressed down against his before they were pulled away. He couldn't help but notice the satisfied smirk that had made their way onto Ichigo's lips.

"Scream Toshiro." Without even allowing Toshiro to get used to Ichigo's size, Ichigo had begun to pull out, rolling his hips in a way that hit Toshiro's prostate on point. "I want to hear all the moans and screams that you're trying to keep inside of you."

"N-n-no." Toshiro tried to keep his voice from sounding wary, but it was useless. He could feel his eyes rolling back as Ichigo's hips bucked in a painfully slow manner. "Damnit Kurosaki, hurry the fuck up."

Ichigo ignored the demand, continuing his slow pace. He was happy that Toshiro was finally becoming verbal, but those were not the words he wanted to come out of his mouth. Ichigo's his rolled so that he was pulling in and out of Toshiro at demeaning pace that he wasn't sure he'd be able to keep up with. Feeling the tight, heat encompass his member was driving him very close to the edge, despite already releasing at the blow job provided by Toshiro earlier. Ichigo reached between the pair and wrapped his fingers around Toshiro's not-so forgotten penis. Toshiro growled as he felt Ichigo pump him at an equally slow manner.

"Fucking shit. Kurosaki, fuck." Toshiro growled. "Will stop with your teasing and fuck me like a man." Toshiro's scowled at the man above him trying to get his point across.

Toshiro noticed a familiar flicker in Ichigo's eyes. He swore it was like his eyes flashed yellow and black. "You sure about that?"

Without a response Ichigo let go of Toshiro's penis and wrapped both of his hands against Toshiro's small hips, applying pressure that would leave for sure markings in a few hours. Ichigo began to pound the small body, no pounding couldn't even describe the speed at which Ichigo's hips began to buck. Toshiro could only fist Ichigo's hair with one hand as one arm wrapped around his lover's neck to hold on, as he threw his head back in pleasure. Ichigo took the opportunity to suck on Toshiro's neck, making sure to suck hard on the pulsating sensitive skin. It was times like these when Toshiro thought Ichigo had some sort of split personality. It was like his mind had snapped and he had changed into a crazy person. But in situations like this, Toshiro was quite pleased at the change.

Ichigo wrapped one arm around Toshiro lifting him off the bed slightly to get a better leverage to ensure that Toshiro's prostate was hit with every thrust. Grabbing Toshiro's weeping member, Ichigo speed up his strokes to match his thrust. A slew of moans and groans escaped Toshiro's throat and lips as he gave into the pleasure that was appeasing both members of the party.

"Kuro-Kuro…" Toshiro started as he felt the heat in his lower stomach tighten. "Ah! Ichigo, fuck!"

Ichigo's ears redden at the sound of his first name slip through his lover's lips. It was only in bed that Toshiro ever called him by his first name. He felt the warm cum slip over his hand and splash onto his and Toshiro's chests. At the sound of his name and a few more thrust, Ichigo came for the second time that night. His arms shook as he tried to hold himself above Toshiro's body. He felt Toshiro's limp arms slip from behind his neck, where they had been clawing at his back moments earlier. He heard a soft thump as Toshiro fell flat against the bed, breathing hard as he rode through the aftershocks of his intense orgasm.

Once Toshiro was comfortable, Ichigo pulled himself out of Toshiro slowly hearing a sound that was mixed with a groan and a moan. He rolled to his side softly as his eyes caught the low glow of the clock on the night stand. It read 8:45. Ichigo shook his head in disbelief, since it felt like he had only been with Toshiro for a matter of minutes. Ichigo made his way to wrap around the small body that was lying next to him, but as he made his move he felt Toshiro get up. Despite the tired look on his face Toshiro forced himself out of the bed.

"Where are you going?" Ichigo didn't even bother to hide the hurt in his voice.

"To clean up." Toshiro was bending over looking for his boxers that he had discarded earlier. "I still have work to do."

With that, Toshiro walked out of the room with his clothes in his hands. After making a pit stop at his room for a pair of underwear and pants, he walked to the bathroom for a quick shower. He heard no noise after his shower as he made his way to the living room to work. He spread out the numerous sheets across the coffee table as he typed something on his laptop. It was only once he heard a grumble emit from his stomach that he finally decided to get something to eat, despite it being 9:30.

Ichigo walked out of the shower clad in only drawstring pants and towards the living room with his text books. He sat down on the couch and noticed his boyfri-no…it wasn't that, he watched his roommate in the kitchen, noticing that he was dressed in the same attire. Toshiro only noticed Ichigo's presence once he had turn around from the fridge with an apple in his mouth. He ignored him though, sitting down at the opposite end of the couch, leaning back into the cushion as he read a thick packet of work. The two sat in silence, save for the tv that was playing quietly in the back ground. Toshiro heard Ichigo shut his text books and let out a sigh. Toshiro's eyes glanced up at the clock and noticed that it was already eleven, though he had no intention to stop working so soon, he still had to do homework.

Toshiro was extremely shocked as he felt weight added to his thighs. He looked down and saw a head full of orange lying across his lap as the owner faced the tv. Toshiro lifted his leg trying to signal Ichigo to get off of his lap, but the boy took no notice. Toshiro let out a grumble as he smacked the side of Ichigo's head.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching TV." Toshiro looked at Ichigo's body sprawled across the couch, his long legs draping over the arm of the couch.

"Why are you lying on me?" Toshiro tried to contain the growl that was threatening to break lose.

"Because it's more comfortable, now shut up and stop complaining."

Toshiro couldn't explain the sudden anger that had filled Ichigo's voice but they were both too tired to touch up the subject. Instead, Toshiro returned his thoughts back to the papers infront of him. Toshiro couldn't explain it, although he said it was in it for the sex and nothing more, in situations like these, where Ichigo would initiate contact in a nonsexual manner that Toshiro felt strange. It wasn't a bad strange, it was a…well, there weren't any words that Toshiro could use to explain what kind of strange it was exactly. Instead, he pushed the thought to the back of his mind like he had with so many other feelings that revolved around the berry that was lying across his lap.

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