*Tap tap tap*

Hello? Is this thing on? Test. Test. One two. One two.

So. Two years ago. I said this was over. I said this story was a chore to write. Even when I wasn't writing it myself I hated the thought of it. That this story was an albatross around my neck and I just wanted to put an end to any thought of it. Cut the cord. And I did. I told everyone this story was done. And I thought it would fade into obscurity and I'd do new and better things that would get attention and they did! A bit.

But you know what?

When people talk about Casey W or Flux Casey, whichever you want to call me, the first thing they think of isn't Life of a Ninja or The Astounding Naruto Fox. Or even the spectacularly mediocre Harry Potter Game of the Year Edition. Hell, they don't even think of the Youtube channel! They think of Persona 4: Face Every God-Damn Shadow. The piece of crap story that I churned out when I had no idea how to write. And I hate that. So I'm going to fix it. I'm going back, right to the beginning. Fixing the problems. Taking the story in a direction I want it to go. And I'm going to see it through to the end.

I'm back, bitches.

*mic drop*