Chapter One

I Share My Popcorn with A Pig

"Percy, hurry up or you're going to be late!"

"Ok, Mom!

Well, its been two years since us demigods (In case you don't know we're half-human and half-god) defeated Kronos the Titan king and peace in the immortal world was restored. A lot of things has changed since then. My satire friend, Grover, has been all over the place now that he's Lord of the Wild so I haven't seen him very much and his girlfriend Juniper (She's a tree nymph) wasn't very happy about being left behind when Grover had to leave. Nico, son of Hades, is now his right-hand man making sure that spirits get to where they need to go. Thalia, one of Artemis' Hunters, has been traveling around the world sometimes sending pelts and stuff to Camp Half-Blood, which is basically a boarding school for freaks like us. Last, but not least Annabeth, daughter of Athena, is officially going out with me, Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon. Today we're going to the movies to see a flick about a girl getting separated from her family and friends and having to find her way back (By the way, Annabeth chose the movie not me).

Just as I finish putting on my shoes, I hear a knock at my door.

"Come in." I call.

I thought it was my mom telling me to hurry up again, turns out it's Paul, my new step dad.

"Hey Percy, can I have a minute?" he asks.

"Sure, what's up?"

Paul seems to hesitate. "Well, I know you're going on your special date with Annabeth tonight."

"Yea, what about it?"

More hesitation. "Um, well your mom a-and I think its time I told you more about how... how hormones may influence you to act when you're uh...alone with the person you like..."

All right, for all those virgin ears out there, I won't go into detail about this conversation with Paul.

Anyway after that awkward situation, I finally leave to pick up Annabeth. When I get to her house, something tells me that Paul's 'man to man' talk caused me to be late. Apparently, me being late doesn't go over well with Annabeth.

"About time you got here, Seaweed Brain. You KNOW the movie starts at 3:15. I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up!"

"Nice to see you too, baby," I say rolling my eyes. Is it that time of the month already? I look back at Annabeth as she pulls her keys out of her purse and locks the door. We have been going out for a pretty long time now, but sometimes I can't fully wrap my head around the fact that we are actually going out. I have been waiting for her since we first met at camp half-blood, and she has finally said yes. Tonight she is wearing a white tank top with shorts, and her old tennis shoes.(After my wardrobe melt down on our first date we agreed casual was the best way to go when we went out, but that's a completely different story.)On any other girl it would have seemed ordinary and not much to look at, but on Annabeth it looks amazing.

"You just better hope we have enough time to get snacks, and be in our seats before the movie starts. You know I hate to miss the beginning," she pushes me forward so hard I almost fall trying to avoid hitting my truck. It's old, red, and needs a good wash, but it's mine. Annabeth rolls her eyes, and gets in the passenger seat. "Why were you late anyway?" she asks after a good eight minutes of driving. Why can't girls just let things go?

" a talk with Paul," I blush remembering the conversation. Beside me Annabeth scoffs and mumbles " Well I hope it was worth almost getting your butt whooped by your girlfriend,".

"Come on. You know you love this face,".

"Don't be too sure, Seaweed Brain," I smile at my old nickname.

"Ouch. That hurt,".

"It should and to make it worse I'm breaking up with for that tree right there," It is a strange joke that goes on between Annabeth and I. We were having a picnic in the park one day, and we got into a fight when a (Super Hot) girl started checking me out. Annabeth was having trust issues at this stage of our relationship, and basically got jealous when I politely waved back at the "Super Hot" girl. (For all the girls out there in my defense I was just being polite)I apparently said the right thing and kind of sobered her up, but then out of nowhere she decided that she would break up with me...for a tree. Ever since then at random moments she breaks up with me for nearby trees.

"You would have to kill me before I let you go," I whisper pulling into the parking lot, and looking her in the eyes. Annabeth laughs and leans over like she is about to kiss me, but of course right when our lips are about to meet she pulls back and gets out of the car. I reluctantly do the same. We were so close...

"That can be arranged," she smirks as I come around to her side and put my arm around her waist. She falls into step with me as we walk towards the theater fitting perfectly against my side as if we were made for each other.

"We're feisty tonight aren't we?" I reply.

"Yes. We are,".

After we get our popcorn and sit down in our seats we wait for the movie to begin. The theater is unusually silent, but we don't really notice. After graduating high school we are going to treasure every moment we have left together before we head off to college. At the thought of losing Annabeth my heart seems to break. I know we have the weekends and vacations, but we're so used to seeing each other on a daily basis it's going to be hard to get used to anything else. What about the guys there? Annabeth will be going to Harvard which is probably filled with smart, talented guys. I can't compete with that. I'm already losing her to trees! I sigh and look Annabeth leaning against my arm. Her gray eyes seem to light up the room like her long, golden curls. She's strong and athletic, but at the same time has a softness about her. Annabeth notices me staring and she smiles. I smile back even though I'm not in a necessarily happy mood, but I know it will make her smile even wider, and when she does I feel a little bit better. I am so used to being with her I can tell you anything about Annabeth. Like the fact that she has a scar just above her left knee from when she fell off a swing when she was five, and another on her elbow from her first sword practice...

" that shadow supposed to be on the screen?" Annabeth asks with a hint of fear in her voice. I reach for Riptide, my pen/sword (I know right. How does a pen turn into a sword?) that is still in the pocket of my jeans, and look where Annabeth is pointing. Out of nowhere a giant pig with wings (yeah I said PIG WITH WINGS) comes swooping above the now screaming and frantic crowd. Annabeth and I stand there frozen in shock until it comes charging for us. "Get down!" I cry. We duck just in time saving our heads, but I lose my popcorn. "That was $7.00 worth of popcorn," I grumble before Annabeth pulls me up. "Come on! We have to get out! Now!". I follow her to the closest exit pushing past people. Then Annabeth stops short when we reach the lobby.

"What's going on?" I ask. Looking back on it I wish Paul would have talked a little longer, because when I turn to look I see something I haven't expected to see ever again.

"Hello, Son of Poseidon," Kronos says.