What would've happened if the Strigoi attack happened 2 weeks later than it initially did? How close dose Dimitri & Rose get during that time, what secrets have Rose and Lissa been keeping from Dimitri and the other guardians? What kind of special gifts do the shadow kissed guardians have, what if someone unexpected comes back to life?

'Our' Cabin

Emotions filled my body but it wasn't hate, rage or anything like that. It was warm and wonderful and made my heart ache in a good way. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and our lips met. The kiss was pure love, sweet and blissful, with no despair or darkness. Steadily, with love but became much more- something hungry and powerful. The electricity that had crackled between us when I'd fought and held him down earlier returned, wrapping around us now.

Our tongues fought for control as we embraced tossing and turning on the bed. His hands wrapped around my waist, and then one of them slid down the back of my thigh and pulled it up so that it nearly wrapped around him.

At the same time, we both pulled back briefly, still oh so close.

"We can't …." He told me.

"I know…." I agreed.

Now my story


His lips crashed into mine, full of suppressed feelings while his hand stayed on my waist. His tongue sliding against my lips begging for entry, which I gladly gave him, when our tongues touched an electric jolt went though us and we both groaned. His hands started to play with the strip of my stomach that was showing, drawing patterns over it, while my hands moved to his hair. His hair was oh so soft; his hands were starting to make me want him more than ever. His hands were starting to travel up bringing my shirt up with them, his hands stopped just below my breasts. He pulled my shirt up over my head, and then crashed back into my lips, my hands slid down his body feeling his muscles. My hands slid under his shirt and started slowly up his body giving his abs and pecks attention, he groaned. I quickly threw his shirt on the floor, I dove back for his lips; our tongues were sliding against each other fighting for dominance, Dimitri was barely winning while our hands were exploring each other.

Dimitri pulled back and asked "are you sure" his eyes were asking way more like 'if I was positive of him.' "Yes, comrade I'm positive, I want you NOW!"I told him seriously with a little lust underlying it. Dimitri moaned "oh god Roza" his lips were back on mine instantly with his hands sliding down to my jeans unbuttoning them quickly and threw them on our growing pile of cloths. I started kissing and biting Dimitri's neck moving down towards his chest and taking his left nipple in my mouth while rubbing the other one with my thumb. Dimitri started to moan while I was licking and kissing my way down his abs, when I got to the V by the waist of his jeans I started to really suck, bite and lick him there while I started to get rid of his jeans. "Oh god Roza, please don't stop" Dimitri moaned while I finished pulling his pants off, Dimitri Quickly pulled me back up his body and kissed me fully on the lips mean while his hands were working on my bra, he quickly took it off. Dimitri pulled away to place his lips on my breasts and his mouth slowly found its way onto my nipples; Dimitri rolled and sucked my nipple in his mouth while his hand was pinching and rolling the other. "Oh Jesus Christ Dimitri, don't Fucking stop" I told him while my back arched up to him.

Too soon though he pulled away and his lips left a trail down to my panties, his hand slid them down while his lips and tongue didn't leave my toned stomach. I pushed Dimitri onto his back and slowly removed his boxers; I started to pump his HUGE penis and then stopped to suck it into my mouth, I started to pump him with my mouth, and then slowed down to lick his head and roll his entire penis around. He moaned loudly "Oh fuck Roza, don't Fucking stop," I moaned while still sucking him and his hips bucked into my mouth. "Roza, I'm about to cum" as soon as he said this I felt him harden even more inside my mouth. His hips bucked into me one more time and he finally released. "Oh Ro..zz..aa" Dimitri moaned out, I quickly swallowed everything he gave me and licked my lips, Dimitri quickly pulled me to him and started to kiss me, he pulled away and whispered" your turn" huskily. Which turned me on even more, he slowly started to kiss down my body until he reached my Apex. Then he looked up to my eyes while he deviled his tongue into me, my hips bucked and rolled un-involuntarily onto his face, that just spurred him on more.

Dimitri slowly moved to my clit while his fingers slid into me replacing his tongue, my hips were grinding into his face more and more while my moans got louder. I was getting really close I could feel my stomach fill with lava. "Oh FUCK Dimitri I'm gonna cum soon, Shit don't fucking stop it feels too good" I moaned to him. Dimitri moaned at my words and that was it my walls clenched, then I heard some slurping coming from Dimitri. He moved up my body and we kissed deeply our tongues twisting with each other, we both moaned at the taste of each other's flavor. Dimitri pulled away and looked into my eyes when he said "It's gonna hurt Roza" "I know Dimitri, ugh… Fuck Me." With that he kissed me with so much passion and slowly plunged into me it burned and stung at first, I felt my walls adjust to him. Then I thrusted off and on him signaling that I was ready, he then slowly slid in and out of me until I said "Dimitri… Fuck... Oh, I'm not fragile…." "Ugh...Harder please."

He then started to thrust into me with more force; his strides were long and forceful. My back arched towards him "Fuck comrade you feel good" I told him, Dimitri moaned at my words. I put my lips by Dimitri's ear and said "Please Dimitri, Harder" "oh, god Roza, you're so tight and wet" I moaned at his words. Dimitri slid his hands down my thighs and pulled my legs around his waist, "Fuck Dimitri I can feel you even more now" I whispered in his ear. Dimitri moaned, "Oh fuck Roza" Dimitri leaned on one elbow while his hand played with my breasts. My back arched into his hands as he pounded into me, I finally felt like myself instead of feeling nervous. I pushed Dimitri onto his back, and then straddled him and started to fuck him "Oh fuck Roza your so beautiful fucking me" I moaned at his words, thrusting harder and faster. (Thank god for damphir stamina), my back arched and I moaned when Dimitri hit my g-spot.

His legs came up behind me to keep me in the same angle, and one of his hands went down to my clit while the other went to my breasts and his mouth fond the other. "Fuck Dimitri, please doggy style" I moaned out. He pulled me to the front of him and plunged into me hard and fast, he had one hand on my hip pulling me back towards him while his other hand was on my breasts. "Oh god Roza I love you so much" "Me too Dimitri, I love you so much." Pretty soon I felt my stomach filling with lava again, "Dimitri I'm getting close" "fuck Roza I'm there with you, shit" he moaned. That was it I came, my walls clenching him while I felt his sweet cum coating my walls and he was still thrusting into me. He trusted one final time and bent over me panting, "I love you so much Roza, I'll never let anything happen to you" "Dimitri I love you to and I'll never let anything happen to you either."

We slowly put our clothes on taking longer because we kept stopping to make out, when we were finally dressed; we reluctantly left "Our cabin." We held hands while walking back to the Academy, Dimitri's fingers was driving me crazy while they were drawing patterns on top of my hand. I finally had enough so I pulled him to me and stood on my tippy toes and kissed him passionately, Dimitri pulled me up by my butt and I wrapped my legs around his waist while he pushed me into a tree. I ground myself into his arousal, he slowly pulled from me ""Roza, we can't…" I cut him off "Why not?" "Because I have rounds in 10 minutes Roza, not even close enough time." I moaned in his ear "Oh fuck don't say that if we can't Dimitri that's teasing" I pouted. His eyes told me he really wanted to but was fighting for control; he smiled at me and gave me a chaste kiss. "Humph" I pouted again and he slowly took my lip into his mouth, I moaned again "ugh." "Damn lip" he muttered, while he slowly put me down and pulled away. "Sorry Roza I have to leave" "Kay, come to my room so we can ta…" all of a sudden I was sucked into Lissa's head; she was worried really worried because it was almost curfew and it was only dinner time when Dimitri took me (opps).

When I pulled back into my own head Dimitri was standing in front of me asking "what's wrong Rose? Is the Princess okay?" he sounded nervous. "No she's worried about me, she's wondering why I haven't been back yet." Just then Liss' voice said "Rose is everything alright? Rose I want to talk to you stop by my room as soon as you can", then she started blocking ME. Hmm… interesting, she almost never dose that unless… NO. "Dimitri I got to go to Lissa she wants to see me "I told him "Okay Rose." "See ya later Lover" I said with a purr, Dimitri's eyes glazed over in pure lust and want but he slowly regained control. "Dangerous creature" he murmured in my ear and I gave him my man eater smile and slowly walked away.

…..… 10 minutes later ….

When I got to Lissa's I knocked on the door, she slowly opened the door then she saw me and glared. "You have some explaining to do Rose" she said in an angry voice laced with spirit.