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Chapter 2 Lissa's anger


All of a sudden I woke up in the clinic disoriented trying to figure out what happened when it all came back to me. I was still angry from what they did to me and I also felt sorry for Jesse, because his face wouldn't have been the same all because of Rose. This made me smile she always protected me but I also felt a little scared of her for what she did to Jesse, but then again he did deserve it. I also understand why she did it, she took the darkness from me, she would always be there for me and I slowly sat up in the bed. Christian slowly walk over to me with a smile on his lips, "hey beautiful are you feeling okay?" he asked in a relived voice. I nodded "Christian where's Rose? And what happened to me? All I remember is healing Jesse, then nothing" I asked a little worried, hoping Rose wasn't in trouble. "Rose is with Belikov, he took her when the darkness overtook her, and you passed out and the guardians weren't sure if you were okay or not so you ended up here" he said in a worried tone. "Also, Liss they said your fine and that you can sign out once you awake" Christian said with a small smile on his lips. "How long have I been out Christian?" "You've been out for a couple hours Liss, it's 2 hours till curfew" I shook my head.

We left the room and went to Dr. Olendzki's office "Oh good princess it's good to see that you're awake now, when you see Rose tell her that I need to see her and the both of you need to rest." "Thank you and I'll let her know. Does anyone know when Rose and guardian Belikov are coming back?" I asked kind of worried for Rose and what she was probably going through all because she cares for me and the whole darkness thing. Christian and I left for my room we just got on my floor, that's when I started feeling emotions that weren't mine, I was feeling weird and was confused. Then all of a sudden I was sucked into Rose' head, I felt her fighting the darkness and Dimitri oops Guardian Belikov was restraining her while… pleading with her? The look in his eyes looked familiar…. I couldn't place it, it seemed so familiar.

Wait… NO way, I don't think it's possible…. He couldn't love her. Maybe he loves her like an older brother loves his sisters, I mean he IS really protective of her. But that look reminds me somuch of the way Christian looks at… well me. I am completely shocked, I have a feeling that I should've seen that they had feeling for each other. Now that I know it seems so obvious, how long has this been really going on?"Rose this isn't you, Roza please fight it, it's not you" Rose started to struggle and the darkness started to slowly leave her, once it was all gone Rose broke down and cried. Rose started to voice both of our fears about both of us going insane but one thing I didn't expect was for Rose to worry that Dimitri wouldn't be there next time. I could feel how much Rose loved and trusted Dimitri, it was just like me and Christian except it seems their love was more intense.

Then all of a sudden for me anyways; they were kissing with so much love but it steadily grew more and more passionate, uhh…ohh… I felt the electricity that surrounded them, it was intense and they were rolling around on the bed fighting for dominance, god Dimitri's a good kisser, Wait I'm not Rose! His hands slid around her waist another hand slid down our thigh and pulled it around his waist so it was practically wrapped entirely around him, great I'm screwed. Then to my utter relief they pulled apart. Demitri said "We can't….."

"I know…." Rose replied. Then they started to kiss again, I knew where this was leading and I wanted out. I started struggling, I slowly came back to myself and Christian was shaking me.

"Liss, Lissa are you okay?" he asked in a scared voice.

"Fine, I think." Christian looked confused and then he said "What the HELL happened Liss?" "I've got to talk to Rose first Christian." He nodded "Okay, see you later Liss. Love you."

"Love you too" I walked into my room, I was getting kittle nudges of roses' emotions. God they have a lot of stamina, they've been at it for a few hours now. Then she felt all content and high on life and all that, I thought I'd give them a few minutes. Then it felt like they were going for round two, I started to get really worried about Rose, I knew what was going on but I didn't think about it. I was worried she was going to get caught for being out past curfew. I sent her a mental message Rose is everything all right? Rose I want you to stop off at my room as soon as you can. I lied smoothly and then blocked her.

I felt her become teasing then a little amusement and a lot of satisfaction? Okay I think I don't want to know. Then I started to think of what happened and how Rose never told me about her and Belicov. I thought of how we told each other everything, and how she kept this huge secret from me of all people! I was getting really angry when a knock came from the door. I answered it after I finally schooled my face, but it was all for nothing, Rose was standing at the door. I said to her in a scary voice "Rose you have some explaining to do," I didn't mean for my voice to be laced with spirit. Rose looked shocked, she almost took a step back but she didn't of course.


Ohh, shit! Not again I just got over the last one, just fucking great, more darkness for me to suck from her. God dose she ever run out? I mean what has she been doing to build up all of this darkness up? Great just fucking great, now I'm going to have to explain that I beat the crap out of someone again because Liss lost it again. This fucking sucks, I could feel the darkness slowly seeping into me, that's whenI said "Liss please fight it; I don't want to go through this again. In less than a few hours, I know you can do it Liss." I felt her slowly fighting the darkness; I still felt some of it seeping into me, Fuck! When she was fine she tried to help me "Rose be calm, breathe, think of something nice, or someone you like." "Liss, it's not really working" I said a little frustrated. Her technique slowly worked though.

"Okay Liss what did you want?" "Well, Rose like I said before 'you've got some explaining to do'." "What the hell is that supposed to mean Liss?" "Is there anything you've been hiding from everyone expecially me?" she asked in a sweet voice. Ohh, shit. I hope to god she didn't find out from someone else I was going to tell her tomorrow when we had some alone time, Fuck! I'll have to find out from her first because I can't stay the night over here and that's what's going to happen if she does know. If so this is going to be a very long conversation that I was hoping to wait for until I had that conversation with Dimitri. This is fucking great, I really hope she doesn't know, but what else could it be for her to react like that? Here goes nothing I guess.

"Liss what do you mean?" I said in a confused tone. "Don't even try that 'I have no clue what your talking about' speech with me Rose" Lissa said in a hard tone , well for her anyways. "No, Lissa I seriously have no clue on what your talking about. Can you at least give me a hint on what your talking about so I know." I said in an irritated tone. "Rose why are you trying to stall? Okay is there anything at all that you haven't told me? Because that is what I'm talking about, to be more spacific it's from around the time of when we first got back." Lissa said in a really irritated tone. Shit, she knows, she really knows, great I'm royally fucked.

"Liss I really don't want to talk about this with you. At least not yet I need to talk to somone first, kay?"I said in a defeated tone. "Rose, I need you to tell me why you didn't tell me in the first place, why did you wait until I asked? Rose, this makes me feel like you don't trust me" Lissa said while tears were streaking down her face. Oh god, I didn't want her to think that I didn't trust her it was just well I didn't want her to blame herself for me and Dimitri not being able to be with each other. "Liss, I trust you, I trust you with my life but it was something else that made me keep this secret. Liss if I tell you the answers to the questions you just asked you're going to want the whole story, and Lissa I need to talk to him first I promise that we'll talk tomorrow. We can skip class, or skip lunch and I'll come over tonight, kay?" I said trying to get her to agree. "Fine Rose, we'll be talking soon" she said in a final tone. Great just another thing I need to worry about.

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