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I haven't been around here a lot during the past month and a half because I'd decided to partecipate, therefore work, at a challenge over at Akki no Ai community on LJ which is hosting a special contest for the NarutoGaara FanDay of July 26th. For the contest, I've picked the 50 prompt list I used to write my last fic and work on it, writing a drabble for each of the words on the list...

At present, I still have some left to write (8 out of 50) and I should probably wait for the FanDay to pass before posting this, but seeing as only one of all the drabbles will be entered for the contest, I guess it doesn't really matter as long as I don't put up the one I've chosen; plus I don't want to post all of them in one big one-shot (as of now, the word count is over 6400 and it'll go up before I finish at at least 8000) but I went with somehow dividing it so it won't be tiring to read. :D

Alright, um, warnings: some spoilers, some AU, different POVs, tiny bit of crack.

Disclamer: I own nothing but the ideas ^^


Ja ne,
Temari 88 :D

50 ways of being together...?

by Temari 88

01 – Comfort :

When his sister comes into his office, an already opened scroll in hand and a sad look in her eyes, Gaara knows those news that he's going to receive are bad ones… he does not reach for the scroll, though, only waiting for Temari to tell him herself and as the woman whispers "Jiraya-sama is dead." all Gaara wants to do is go immediately over to Konoha, hold Naruto close and let him cry his sorrow until dawn comes.

02 – Kiss :

The first kiss they shared was far from what anyone would expect—it wasn't the hesitant brush of lips, it wasn't the heated fight over dominance in a moment of overwhelming passion neither had been able to contain. No, the first kiss Naruto gave Gaara was the simplest kiss two people caring about each other could exchange—it was only a peck on the forehead, yet it was everything for the red-haired. Naruto had kissed his scar.

03 – Soft :

At first, Temari had had doubts on the relationship her little brother had started with the loud Konoha ninja – Gaara was the Kazekage: having a male partner (while not entirely unusual in the shinobi world) might pose more than just one problem for him and she really didn't want her brother to suffer anymore than he already did in the past. Yet when she saw Gaara's expression as he stood at the Gates, watching the spec of orange come closer and closer, she realized that she had never seen his thin lips curve in such a soft manner.