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So, this is the end of the fiction guys... the last five drabbles!

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Notes for this last bunch: #47 is another (this time hopeful) soeculatin on the manga on my part. ^^

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Temari 88

46 – Sun :

When he was little, he had listened in on a group of kids his age talking about 'teru teru bozu' and had wondered what that was, having never heard of something called that way… when he went home, he had asked Yashamaru and his uncle had told him they were dolls made of cloth or paper that, on rainy days, would help the sun come out faster – they were usually items children created as they hoped they wouldn't get cooped up inside for too long. Gaara had thought it was silly to do such a thing when they lived in Suna: rain was really rare, and precious, so he'd rather hope it went on longer… they had enough sun as it was… he liked the rain. —It had been raining for two days straight now, Gaara was getting worried: Naruto had said he'd come see him, but in that weather he feared something might have happened… he couldn't leave the village to go search for him but an idea struck; a while later, a ghost-like figure made out of a piece of orange cloth was hanging at his office window: a sign that he wanted his personal sun to arrive soon.

47 – Moon :

The battle had ended. Finally. At last, the Fourth Shinobi War had come to an end and with it, the lives on many had been lost – comrades, allies, friends, also enemies – among the chaos that had been the battlefield. It was now the first hospital-free night for Naruto, who had fought with teeth and nails (or rather, fangs and claws) until also Madara Uchiha had fallen; the dark sky above him was devoid of clouds and the moon and the stars shone of a bright light… a figure sat beside him, a little worse for wear but nothing too serious, and looked up as well with his jade eyes. "So… the Moon, eh?"… Naruto burst out laughing, catching the second part of the sentence that had been left out. "… Yeah… what a stupid idea! Haha!"

48 – Waves :

Was idiocy contagious? Was stupidity? He certainly hoped not, otherwise Kakashi feared Suna's Council might declare war on Konoha for 'brain-damaging' their Godaime Kazekage... he fervently prayed no one but himself had caught sight of what Gaara and his idiotic friend (not to mention Kakashi's own student) were doing—he didn't want his hard-earned reputation going down the drain thanks to a stupid idea that had somehow popped in Naruto's mind; he had thought Gaara would have known better than to agree, hell, Kakashi couldn't fantom why the red-haired had agreed!... Then again, it was Kakashi who probably should have known better: the two were freakishly close and Naruto could be very convincing when he wanted... but this! He would have to go up to the young 'Kage and beg him not to second the blond's stupid ideas, not when they were stupider than normal—because Kakashi had seen many things in his life, but Naruto riding on chakra-infused sand waves like he was surfing in the ocean was definitely too much.

49 – Hair :

Naruto had made his way to the Gates to wait and greet the Kazekage upon his arrival for a meeting with Tsunade. He let his eyes wander as he realized once again how lonely he had been since the last time he had seen Gaara… exchanging letters was not nearly enough when he wanted to spend all his waking hours with the other. He sighed dejectedly before focusing on the road leading to the entrance and instantly catching sight of short red hair, his heart flipping and starting to beat faster… he never ceased to be amazed by the beautiful color of Gaara's hair – he simply loved it. "Like father, like son… eh?" he mumbled with a smile as the committee finally stopped in front of him.

50 – Supernova :

He has been following the kid since immediately after the preliminary rounds of the chunnin exams - the blond captivated him in a way the Uchiha didn't; that in itself was worth looking into – and every time he sees the too-bright brightness while he interacts with people, only one word comes to mind: supernova. Gaara can see the light emanating from that body and that soul, he can almost feel it on his skin if he gets close enough, yet he also knows how deep down lurks an unidentified entity, a very dangerous entity… burning away at the blond's power to keep going, until The Day… until all his strength has evaporated and the darkness taken his place—Gaara looks forward to seeing the kid burn brighter than ever, his last desperate cry heard throughout the universe… yes, that will be the best show ever.