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*Pretend that Tasha and Gibby broke up!

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Chapter 1: Gibby POV

I was in Carly's bathroom and it was 7:00 on a Thursday night. That might sound strange, but I was just guest starring on iCarly and there was a bunch of glitter and fish scales all over me. Don't ask.

After a full ten minutes of scrubbing at my shirt, I knew it was useless to even try to get it off, so I just took it off. Ahh, the open air felt so nice on my sweaty belly.

I went back to the iCarly studio and watched them do the final skit that they had planned for tonight. Carly was holding a rubber chicken and Sam was hitting it with a baseball bat. Wow, Sam looked so pretty when she was angry. Her golden curls bounced gracefully around her face, just like my belly bounces when I jump up and down.

She had the most amazing smile, but people who weren't Carly or Freddie didn't get to see that smile too much. People like me get to see her angry face most of the time, and we suffer a lot. But I'll suffer for the rest of my life if that's what it takes. Tasha, my ex-girlfriend, thought she was a maniac. That's why I broke up with her.

I heard Freddie say, "And we're clear! Great show guys! Sam, that was some nice chicken hitting you had going there." She gave him a smile, the smile that made my heart melt, and then starting talking about the ratings and stuff with Carly. Ugh, why did Freddie have to be friends with her! It could ruin my chances with her, especially since he seems a little too friendly with her sometimes.

I casually walked into the studio and leaned against the Freddie's cart tech-cart. "Sup ladi…AHH!" I guess I leaned too hard on the cart and it went rolling across the room, with me falling behind it.

"OW!" I yelled as my head hit the floor. The last thing I heard was Sam's beautiful laughter (which was probably at my expense) before everything went black.

Freddie's POV

Gibby was lying on the couch with a cold ice pack over his head. The poor kid had leaned too hard against my laptop cart and fallen over, and now he was unconscious. Sam had laughed hysterically when it had happened, and I couldn't help but chuckle a little too. Not because he got hurt, but because of how he was trying to look cool when he was leaning. He was probably trying to impress Carly or something, it seemed like he had a crush on her. He keeps volunteering to do embarrassing stuff on iCarly, and he's always around us at school.

And no, I'm not jealous that Gibby likes Carly, I got over Carly a long time ago. I could care less if all the boys in our grade went after her… which they do.

Carly was upstairs cleaning up after the webshow, and Sam claimed that her mom texted her and she had to go, but it was probably because she wanted to get out of cleaning. I got out of cleaning by volunteering to take care of Gibby, which was easy since he was knocked out.

I walked over to the computer to see if the iCarly ratings had come in yet, and Spencer came running ni from his room.

"Freddie! You have to come see this! NOW!" I rolled my eyes and followed him, but then he noticed Gibby lying on his couch, unconscious. "…What did Sam do this time?" Of course he assumes that Sam did it.

"Surprisingly nothing, he did it all by himself."

"Well, as long as he doesn't sue me. Now, follow me!" He ran down the hallway and into the bathroom and I walked in behind him.

"Umm.. I don't see anything Spence." He smiled and turned on the shower, and the water came out blue! "WHOA! How did you get it to do that?"

He shrugged as if it were no big deal. "What can I say? I'm a sculpter-er."

"Okay then. Well, I have to go check on Gibby to see if he woke up yet. Later."

I walked down the hallway and heard a voice coming from the living room. Was Gibby awake yet? I peeked around the corner and saw that he was still asleep on the couch. Well, then who was talking? Another noise came, and I saw that it was from Gibby. Oh, the mermaid was sleep-talking. What? I believe Sam's theory of him being a mermaid, it just makes sense!

I walked closer and stood beside the couch. I wanted to hear everything that a mermaid thinks in their sleep. I know this might be wrong, and my mom would kill me for it, but this may be my only chance to ever hear him sleep-talk, so I can't miss it.

"Ssssss…" he murmured. Why was he making hissing noises in his sleep? But he continued talking. "Ssss-sam… you're soooo funny." I froze. Did he just say… Sam? "Mmmhhmm… that tickles! Oh, Sam, I love you too! You can give me a million wedgies if you want! My mom bought extra lotion! Mhhmm.. that feels.. niiice…" What the hell is he dreaming of! And why is SAM in it? And did he say that he… LOVED her?

I felt anger bubbling inside me and I clenched my fists so hard I thought they would break. Why am I angry? Why am I… jealous? Wait, there's nothing to be jealous of, this is Gibby! He has no chance with a girl like her! But I remembered the way she smiled at him during the web show, and how she asked him out to the Girl's Choice Dance, even if Carly told her to. I remember how angry Sam was when he rejected her. Did she love him back?

"Ohhh… Sam! Where did you learn that! Ha ha ha… my mother will be so proud of me… she thinks I'm awesome…" I didn't even wanna know what he was dreaming about, the way he's talking makes me sick.

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