Chapter One: A Fateful Encounter

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When most people joined the Marines they expected a life full of adventure and rewards. They thought that they would sign up, fight a few pirates, and become a hero in a few months. Most of them had overly romantic ideas of what it was like to be a marine, and most were disappointed when they realized that their "dream job" mostly consisted of cleaning the decks of the ship they were on or running errands for their captains.

However Cadet Hiro Rolov was not like most people. Sure he craved adventure even more than the others, but he was willing to wait before going on a grand crusade. He knew that he needed more training before he was ready to save anyone. He also knew that the jobs he did were not appreciated and not very important but he still did them to the best of his abilities. Because he knew that everyone had to start low and that with enough effort he could be a great admiral some day.

At least that was what Captain Ozmont told him.

Hiro was busy scrubbing the deck when that same captain came up to him. He stood up and saluted him. "Good job cadet" Said Captain Ozmont as he observed his surroundings. "Why don't you take a break and get something to eat in the galley." "Thank you sir, but I should this finish first. Like you always say, never leave a job half done." Hiro replied. "Yes, but I also told you to never do a job on an empty stomach, so come on."

As they walked in the galley a fellow marine called out "Hey Hiro! Are you done yet? Remember I want to see my face on that deck." "Trust me Johnny I am doing you a favor by making sure you can't see it." Hiro replied. This caused every marine in the galley to laugh. That was one thing that Hiro loved about the marines. It was like being in a big, dysfunctional, some what violent, family.

Later that evening Hiro was on the deck practicing his swordsmanship. He loved training it kept his skills sharp and it was a great way to relieve stress. And Captain Ozmont was always telling "Practice makes perfect." Hiro was just finishing up when he saw something in the fading light. He went up to the railing to get a better look. He was shocked to see a figure holding on to a piece of what was once a ship. "Man over board!" He yelled as he leapt into the water. He swam to the figure and began to drag him to the life line that the marines threw down.

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