Appa flew off into the sky, circling the wall surrounding the city they landed just in time to see a large group of Earth Kingdom rebels marching on the gates.

"Stop!" Aang shouted, bolting over.

The two leaders paused and looked over. Aang and Katara almost fell over. Leading the rebellion were Longshot and Smellerbee,

"Wow, things didn't really change in ways of occupation did they." Aang muttered

Katara nodded, thinking the same thing.

"Smellerbee, Longshot, you don't have to do this, not this way." Aang pleaded.

"Sorry Aang, we've waited a long time for this moment and we're done waiting for justice, it's time to take back what is rightfully Earth Kingdom territory." Smellerbee said and signalled.

Earth Kingdom rebels raised their arms a long, thick arrow type pole and bended it towards the gate. "Please-"

The pole plunged through the gates causing a mass explosion of wood and stone. They marched through Aang and Katara following, "Please Smellerbee, Longshot!"

They hurried up to them and stopped at the sight before them. A large group of mixed people standing ready to defend their city.

Coming to a stop in front of the rebels Katara and Aang couldn't believe their eyes at who was leading this clan of humble people to their deaths.



The mayors daughter and the old freedom fighter.

Sneers waved, "Hey Aang, Katara."

Stopping in front of them Aang and Katara snapped back to attention. "Sneers, Kori, what are you doing?" Aang demanded.

"Well you see-" Sneers was cut off by an incredibly large rumble and explosion.

Marching straight up to him Smellerbee began, "Sneers, where have you being we've being looking all over for-"

She caught sight of Kori and the multi-cultural group behind them.

"Smellerbee, Longshot; this is Kori, my girlfriend."

Smellerbee turned her eyes on him, "Sneers..." She growled.

Aang tried to intervene, "Hey guys let's remain calm, we're friends remem-"

"How can you, she's Fire Nation!" Smellerbee bellowed.

Sneer's eyebrows pulled together, "Well actually-"

"She's a fire bender Sneers, good for nothing more than killing and turning things to ash!"

Kori's hazel eyes blazed and she stepped forward, "Well for your information Smellerbee I'm half Fire Nation, half Earth Kingdom, so half ash maker half rubble thrower!"

Longshot brought Smellerbee back and she looked up at him and nodded, "Good point, I mean how did that happen."

Sneers fumed red while Longshot gave him the thumbs up.

"Alright guys enough fighting." Aang said, a little too late.

A large brawly man flew a rock towards their opposition, "What are we waiting for!"

A mass fight broke out, fire, rock, chains and swords flying everywhere. Katara and Aang stood watching for a few moments, dumbfounded at what was happening. "Unbelievable." Katara muttered.

"I said that's enough!" Aang shouted.

Laying down his staff, two great gusts of wind flew from each side effectively knocking them away from each other.

"No more fighting!" Aang yelled.

"Umm Aang, I don't think that's going to happen." Smellerbee said, from the other side of the gate.

Aang and Katara peered through the dust and their faces fell. The armies were advancing towards each other. "Where are Sokka and Toph!" Katara asked coming to Aang's side.

In the centre of the confrontation stood General How and Lord Zuko. General How read from a large piece of parchment, "The Harmony Restoration Movement will be completed on this day with or without the cooperation of the Fire Nation Colonials."

Smellerbee cheered. "Yes, no more Fire Nation!"

Looking between the two opposing army Smellerbee voice came to his ears, "Aang you have to chose; Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom or us."

Aang's head flickered back and forth panic flush in his chest. Frustration filled his head and his muscles tensed. Katara placed a calming hand on his back, "Aang, whatever you chose, I'm with you."

Her words seeped in and calmed him somewhat but the question still remained.

Who was he going to save, who was he going to sacrifice and who was he going to destroy?