Chapter 1: eVil lurx heer but dunt tell noone

it was day and linus give birth to weapon that was now his babe. Linus sad "I love my wepaon like it my babe." and he did. Then Sereal was kidnaps by gobins! And the slayer was there cause Bakarl had army in elfenhem. Serie scream for help but slayer new wat too expect and not want repair fees so he ignored army and leave. And then Seria was the sad. And barkal was mad cause his army was ignored cause noone cared about elfenhim and said "I WILL KILL YOU ALL WIT GOBIN DEMO TAO LUGAURS!" and then the fighter said no and he go away sad but will be back. then she broke the rupes and punched a tee in half cause it looked in her funny.


"i am priets and I am fight dungeon. i hope nobody show up." but then kazon did and posessed him so he was now black priest! oh no! Then black pries turned serea into slipper cause she is kidnapps every two seconds except it was more like two minutes for maybe to ours. hen priest was scarred and shout "i don't want to be demos!" but kazon say he good and priest believed him... FOR NOW.


And then space fell into earth and caused a big boom. Gunner who had been a gunner for days come up from crater and he was HUNGRY and LOST. "I am hunger and lose but i will find food if my name isnt... CABESA CASEDIA!" said gunner who was gunner for weeks. But there was no food so he ate rocks and trees and bee nests and thought about eating his guns but decided to eat other stuff.


"I am mage and i am pertty and powerful and have many spells and" then she bump into wall and lose all hp. then she use last revive token caus she dies a lot earlier. and then someone yelled for help and he lost ten hp cause she had weak ears. but she went anyway and it was loton! "elfenhem is burning but i am too distracted with my petty cubes! i send slayer but he not fight!" and so mage run off but trip and die and loton sigh "u wil be kild by sewra".


Seria was still slipper and Bakal was back and destroying place with gobin demo tau lugars and he laughed. "Ha ha ha!" said dragon bakal. "I am destroy elf place caus I have lost diery!" but then linux's baby weapon give diary and bakal was happy or so ppl bileivid until they got smarted and left with army. and then seria was no longer a slipper but she had evil plans in mind... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

End Chapter 1