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So this is the end of my story. Or at least, the end of the beginning. I've got a lot more interning to do. Thinking back, it seems like Dominic and I got together really quickly. (My mother made sure to point that out when I called home.) But I think that in life or death situations, people tend to cling to life and do things they wouldn't normally. So I guess at least one good thing came of being an intern. Well, two things. My boyfriend is one and all the amazing people I met here- not counting Demon Spawn or Chris- are the other.

Dominic sprinted across the field, setting off mines left and right. It got to the point where I couldn't even see him through the smoke and the flames. I was pretty sure that Chris had come up with this challenge just to get rid of the remaining mines. I never had understood why he made Groups B and C put down so many. It was already the end of the two weeks before the show started, and we still hadn't set off all the mines.

"Jump!" Dominic yelled. "I'll catch you!"

I was standing on the top of a building Group B had recently constructed holding a large amount of red balloons. The idea for the challenge was that I had to jump off the building, Dominic had to catch me, and then he had to run across the finish line. I was surrounded by a few other girls from Group A that were staring at the ground doubtfully. It did look awfully far down. But I had already gone through Mattress Skydiving, so this was going to be a piece of cake. I hopped off the building. (The balloons did nothing to break my fall.) Dominic grabbed me and ran for the finish line.

"And the Golden Couple win again," Chris said, watching us charge past the finish line with an amused expression. "Too bad about the rest of them."

I felt bad for those other kids. Most of them had arrived the day before yesterday and almost all of them were already back home nursing serious injuries. "Stow it, Maclean," I shot at him.

"We have awesome survival instincts now," Dominic commented. "We're like cockroaches. You just can't crush us."

"I'm not a cockroach," I huffed, shooting him my newly created girlfriend glare. He laughed and put his arm around my shoulders. I let him, even though I was still miffed about the cockroach comparison.

"You can go get dinner now," Chris said. "Make sure to have your stuff out of the cabins by the end of the day, we have contestants coming tomorrow."

"Whatever, dude," Dominic said, speaking for both of us.

We strolled off towards the mess hall. I would have liked to stroll into the sunset, but really, around Wawanakwa how many picture perfect moments were you going to find? I was perfectly happy with this one, I decided as I snuggled my head into Dominic's shoulder.

Alexis + Skater Boi = Luv 4Ever

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