Book 4: Air

This will mostly focus on Katara and Aang's relationship together. I do NOT own Avatar or any of it's characters. The time frame is after Sozin's comet but i have taken the movie's approach where they are older Katara 16 and Aang 15 after the war has ended.

Aang walked out to the court yard of the Jasmine Dragon and could hear everyone inside laughing together. This is how thing ought to be,he thought, quie,t peaceful, no wars or murders. The sunset was beautiful and the city is quiet. While in his reverie he heard the faint shuffle of feet coming towards him. He looked over to see Katara in her green dress with the pink flower in her hair. The flower accented the blush in her cheeks as she and he couldn't help but think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. We embrace and she smells of lavender. Katara lightly traces her fingers up and down his neck. They pull away to gaze into each other's eyes. Katara leans in to kiss Aang. It's like a breath of fresh air. All the troubles that have been circling their lives are gone, blown away in the wind. There is just the two of them. It was the kiss they have been waiting for, the kiss of acceptance. After everything they have been through they could finally accept that they could be together without any other distractions to pull them apart.

"Aang," she whispers not wanting to disturb the moment.

"Mmmm" he responds.

"Aang I…I love you."

"Katara I have loved you since the first moment I met you." He presses their foreheads together.

"I have a confession to make."

"Ok you can tell me anything."

"I tried to not love you before with the war and everything. I didn't want to distract you when you needed to concentrate."

"Katara loving you is what kept me alive. When I took away Ozai's bending I almost lost myself. But then a memory of you popped into my head and I was able to survive."

"Are you saying I saved you again…" she raised her head looking skeptically at him

"Yeah I guess in a way you did."

Still in each other's arms we kiss again more passionately until an unwanted interruption occurs…

"Hey get your grimy hands off my sister!"

Katara yells "Sokka, go away."

"You're right in the middle of the court yard at least find a corner of something!"

"I think it's about time they confessed their love." Toph always the blunt one, "It was starting to get annoying feeling you guys get all jittery and doing nothing about it."

"Still you shouldn't be doing that to my sister." Sokka as bull headed as ever.

"But what if I did it to you?" Aang silently thanked Suki for her interruption

"Well that's different we're older." Sokka starting to get all red in the face

"Not all that older Sokka." Aang states as he lightly kisses Katara again.

"Well looks like the only person left is Toph." Says Zuko as he puts his arm around Mai

"I don't need anybody, besides I wouldn't be able to even notice someone was looking at me." She says defiantly., crossing her arms.

"That's not a problem Toph we can always set you up." says Katara who is starting to play matchmaker. "You know" with a sudden grin on her face, "I saw Haru giving you the eye while we were at the Western Air Temple."

"Haru! Fat chance on that one sugar queen. I'm to intimidating." Aang thought he spotted a slight smile under her hair.

"No worries Toph," Aang interjected, "we'll find you someone who is not a big push over."

"Thanks twinkle-toes. I think I can speak for Sokka when I say let's find some food, I'm starving!"

As one they leave the Jasmine Dragon to make their way to the middle ring to find a restaurant.

Later that evening everyone was separating to their bedrooms when Katara noticed Aang walking out into the grove. She watched him from the porch as he assumed his meditative position. The moon was only half full but it still glittered beautifully on the river. The reflection on his already creamy skin gave him an ethereal appearance and yet she found herself drawn to him. She slowly walked over to where he was sitting and leaned up against the tree.

"Are you cold?" he asked suddenly.

"No. Just enjoying the night air." She stretched her arms above her then started combing through her hair with her fingers.

They stayed silent for a few minutes when Aang broke it asking:
"Did you need to talk about something?"

"No…well maybe but it's not really important."

"Katara if it wasn't important you wouldn't be out here right now sitting with me. Not to mention Toph has been teaching me more about feeling with the Earth, your heart rate just got faster." He opened his eyes and smiled slyly at her.

"Well mostly I just wanted to talk to you about what's going to happen."

"What's going to happen with what?"

"With everyone."

"Well Zuko and Mai are leaving for the fire nation after the meeting and banquet. Toph is undecided but I think she may go be with her parents. Sokka wants to take Suki to the Southern Water Tribe so she can see his home and from the looks of it I think he might propose."

"And you, what will you do?"

"I'm going to be helping Zuko restore balance and fixing up communities around the world. I'll even be traveling to the temples and fix them up and clean them out. It's probably going to be taking a long time to get everything that I want to do, done."

"And what about me?"

The question startled him, "What do you mean?" He turned to face her.

"Seems like everybody has plans but me."

"Katara you are the plan maker, aside from Sokka and our travels together, you're the one that always knows what to do."

"I don't now….I could always stay with you and help you." She looked up into his eyes trying to gauge his reaction, she saw a mixture of emotions playing through his face.

Aang didn't know what to say. He couldn't ask her to stay. It would be too selfish, but at the same time he wanted her with him. He had gotten so used to her being a part of his life that it became a part of who he was, his identity. And above all that he loved her. He loved her with all his heart and soul. He knew that she missed her people and she missed being in the cold surrounded by her element. Could he leave her behind? Could he take her home and promise her he would be back and leave to fulfill his duties.

"Katara I don't know what to say. I want to say yes but I want to say no."

"Why? I thought you would want me with you." Aang could see the hurt in her eyes.

"I do. More than anything, but I can't ask you to do anything that would make you unhappy. I know you miss your people and your father and Gran Gran especially. I wouldn't be stable, I'll be traveling a lot I wouldn't be able to give you anything but constant stress and you deserve so much more than that…"

Aang continued to ramble on as Katara came to a realization. He loved her enough to let her go so she could be happy. He was willing to give her a peaceful life. What was she willing to give in return? She could see him starting to get a little hysterical so she placed her hands on his shoulders. Aang stopped his rambling and looked up at her. He could feel tears beginning to brim in his eyes and tried to blink them away. He hated showing his weaknesses but with her it just came out.

"Aang," she spoke his name so softly that she could feel his resolve melting, "I don't want to be anywhere without you. I'm coming with you."

A single tear escaped his eye as he reached for her. They kissed long and hard pouring their souls into this kiss. Aang could feel tears running down Katara's cheek. He broke the kiss and wiped them away gently with his thumbs. He couldn't help grinning from ear to ear as he saw striking features. She has grown so much during their travels. She stood a little taller, held her head higher, was an amazing bender, and any youthful skin that may still exist was transformed into womanly beauty. From her high cheek bones to her slender legs there was nothing he didn't love about her. He couldn't love anyone but her. Katara was thinking of the same thing as he was. He wasn't the scrawny kid she and Sokka found in the ice berg. He now stood a head taller than her and earth bending with Toph had given him an excellent body. Even with his physical developments he was still and sweetest man she had ever met. He was merciful and kind and even crack a joke at times, but he could also be firm when he needed to be. He was the Avatar; her Avatar.

After a moment Aang lifted her up and sat her on his lap and cradled her. She silently ran her finger tips along the length of his arms which sent small shivers of delight up his spine. Together they sat under the moon's smile rocking back and forth knowing they would be together forever.