"You Came from a Tale"

EARLY AN: Hi people! This is my second story ever and current side project to my "The Wandering Sage" story. This is a Romance/Humor NaruHarem with a main NaruHina story placed in a futuristic universe. Reason for that is that I just finished playing Star Ocean: Till the end of Time (after 6 years!) and started playing Mass Effect 1 and 2, and I am just thinking of futuristic stuff so to clear it from my mind and refocus on my main project I started this story, give it a try and let me know if you like it.

Chapter 1: Watching the Stars

Hinata's thoughts

Mom used to tell me that somewhere up in the stars many different kinds of things lived, gods, angels, demons, kings, queens and so on, all of them in castles of silver or cities of glass. Mom always told me those stories with such faith that only until a few years ago I believed her and always wanted to meet them up and escape from this lands and its customs. You see I and my sister are the only children of father and though we have status on our lands we will never be able to lead the clan or take any decisions for ourselves, those things always fall upon the males of our family and usually their views of women weren't any better than those of commoners or priests.

My sister has already been engaged to a young boy from another clan, however she got lucky since this boy is from a very peaceful respected clan and he happens to adore my sister, she always leads and he always follow diligently.

On the other side I am to meet a terrible warlord who needs my clan's fortunes to start a campaign to conquer lands I will never get to see. Father is a bit reluctant but cousin Neji assures him that the Warlord is willing to share land and loot with the clan in exchange for my hand, for I am cursed with an "unparalleled beauty" or so say the maidens from the temple.

Mom used to say that shooting stars were the carriages from the creatures that lived among the stars and that if you prayed hard enough one of them would fall to listen and fulfill my every wish.

At this point it seemed hopeless but within a few hours of being delivered to a monster and have no say about it, I didn't cared and so lifted my prayers to the two shooting stars crossing the night sky.

To my surprise one of the shooting stars emitted a golden glow and started falling from the sky, and a moment after that, the other also emitted a similar glow and also fell from its path. I remained watching the falling stars with great expectation as they started spiraling and several lights went from one star to the other; it was a wonderful dance of beautiful lights as both of them fell graciously to the lands beyond the mountain range until they disappeared from my sight. I managed to still see some intense lights coming from behind the mountains and then nothing as two smoke pillars rose.

It wasn't long before all lights in the house were lit and guards started to scream about the bad omen of two stars falling from the sky. I went back to bed just in case Neji decided to barge in worried about his investment.

End of Hinata's thoughts

As the guards on the house rose at the screams of a seemingly demented priest who did nothing but speak of a bad omen, given that two stars had fallen from the sky on the lands behind the near mountain range.

Lord Hiashi Hyuga demanded to know what was going on since he had been asleep preparing for the ceremonies of the next day. Along with him the Warlord Rikai also raised his men and readied himself for battle given the confused state of the entire clan grounds.

"Lady Hinata! Are you alright!" asked Neji as he barged inside her room.

"I am fine cousin, what's all the noise about? Something happened?" asked a convincingly half asleep Hinata.

"You could say that, the local priest and some guards claim two stars fell from heaven behind the mountain range and now everyone are confused, the fools think it's some sort of bad omen or a sign of the gods. Foolishness if you ask me!"

"Neji, it's disrespectful to speak like that, maybe the gods did send a message you would be wise to at least learn what it is about!" nearly screamed Hinata at Neji's disregard for their people's ancient lore.

"Looking for excuses to delay your future wedding my lady?" said a smug looking Neji.

"Go away cousin, I know you hate me so spare me your cruelty, by tomorrow I will be in the arms of a most distasteful monster and you will have a clear path to rule the clan" said Hinata on the verge of tears.

Neji smiled but decided against doing anything else, his greatest victory was only a day from now, he could wait…

To Neji's dismal the very next day the warlord had called off the wedding until better signs of the gods presented themselves for which he had prepared to start a pilgrimage through the temples in the local villages and cities, said pilgrimage would take him around a month if lucky.

On the other side a lot of people in the clan's main grounds were gossiping and speculating all day long about the two fallen stars and their possible meaning. Some said it was a bad omen about the end of days, others that the gods were forbidding Hinata's wedding from occurring, others that that the gods wanted a temple built on the other side of the mountain, and so on different theories were discussed throughout the otherwise boring clan grounds.

At the clan's council there was also a debate about the two fallen stars significance and the possibilities it represented. At the meeting was the council of elders, Lord Hiashi Hyuga current leader, Neji as the most likely heir and several priests and high maidens from the nearest temples.

"We the gathering of high maidens see this as a clear sign of the gods disapproval of lady Hinata's marriage to the Warlord Rikai; such a graceful maiden is required to enter the service of the gods as one of our travelling maidens!" spoke an aged high maiden before the gathering.

"Oh shut up old hag! You only want to use Hinata's known beauty and kind heart to gather more funds, we all know that's the reason you always pick the most beautiful girls for that purpose! No! The gods sign is a clear one, they want all the local lords to hold services and patronage new temples, as they are displeased with our current level of faith!" spoke a fat priest with the nodding approval of his retinue.

Neji getting tired of those factions foolish bickering stepped up with lord Hiashi's silent approval.

"My lords and ladies, it is obvious the gods had sent us a sign, but are we not arrogant to presume to know what their intentions are less we investigate further? I propose we prepare an expedition to where the stars fell as to ascertain the true nature of the gods' intentions"

One of the few elders who always saw Neji's ambition decided to throw a small wrench on his obvious attempt to take advantage of the situation "And who should we send to investigate? The path through those mountains is a perilous one even though they are unpopulated and an ancient road goes through them. We can't hope to send representatives from the priests or the maidens since each would bend their story to accommodate their goals as for our family we can't be trusted either by any of the one's here" as he said that both the priests and maidens nodded furiously after being called distrustful.

Neji was obviously outsmarted here, he had intended to mock an exploration and call it a sign of good tidings or something to calm things and make lord Rikai return sooner, but being the genius he was quickly thought of a plan that would receive full endorsement and give him some personal satisfaction. "Then I propose to send someone whose honesty would not be questioned and would carry out a diligent work"

The old elder and Hiashi feared the glint in Neji's eyes for they remembered that glint from every time he made Hinata cry, so they cautiously asked "And who among us would have such reputation?"

"Why who else? Lady Hinata of course, she is a gracious and pious young woman" this earned the weary approval of the priest who always liked Hinata.

"Her kindness and purity is unrivaled and stuff of tales in the neighboring lands" the maidens also approved wearily since Hinata always volunteered to help them on the yearly festivities.

"And she is our lord's eldest daughter, upholder of our most elevated traditions and as everyone can account for, is a talented performer of our clan's ancient fighting ways. I am certain she is the most adequate person upon we can all place our hopes not to mention that since the day she was born, she was favored by the gods, it is to my belief that she will be welcomed gladly by the gods and return safely to tell us their devices"

This final statement earned him the favor from everyone in the gathering with all doubts cleared except from Hiashi and the elder.

"Neji! I can't believe that man! When I thought he was mean and always hated me, he always finds a way to worsen his reputation before me!"

Huffed a very angry and tired Hinata as she walked on the abandoned path through the mountains towards the now called "Star's valley". Slowly but steadily with a wooden staff she had been walking for half a day completely alone as instructed by the religious cleansing ceremonies she took before departing.

Nonetheless Hinata was enjoying this rare opportunity to be away from the clan, Neji and her duties. A chance to roam freely and do what she pleases if only for a little while, not to mention that though she was honor bound, she could probably use this chance to get back at Neji for every mean thing he did to her since they were small children.

"He he, this isn't so bad after all. The clear air from the mountains, the silence, the chance to wander around, and be away from Neji! Yup this isn't so bad!" thought an increasingly smiling Hinata.

Hinata kept marching happily through the mountains path until she got a clear view of the valley on the other side. What she saw left her speechless, the slope of the mountain was scraped like if something had clawed its side tearing apart trees and rocks making a clean trace to the base of the mountains were two large objects of glittering metal were slumped to each other.

One was ruby red with small black sections while the other was a deep blue with golden sections, both presented several burning marks and holes on their outer "armor"

Hinata immediately remembered the old stories her long gone mother used to tell, perhaps this were the gods carriages and judging by the scenes from last night maybe the gods weren't dancing but fighting.

As she got closer to the carriages the blue and golden one started to emit several noises and some lights started to glow in it, making Hinata jump back and hide behind a large boulder.

"Please provide a Federation's entry code and a valid genetic imprint" spoke in a rather sensual female voice the fallen carriage to a confused Hinata since she couldn't understand a word of what the carriage spoke.

Before Hinata attempted to leave her hiding spot to try and communicate with the "holy vessel" a loud booming sound came from the forests nearby. This in turn made the vessel to emit red lights and a low siren started to sound.

"Boom!" another large sound from the forest, this time closer. Hinata managed to swallow her fear and went to investigate the ever increasing noises. She had dropped her wooden staff and had her sleeves rolled up, she prepared to fight using her family's ancient style though she knew her fighting skill would pale before the might of gods who could sail the heavens.

Hinata treaded carefully she was ready to fight but also to drop on her knees in case the gods questioned her, if she ever had doubts about her faith they were lifted thoroughly. She kept advancing when large light flashed right in front of her and immediately after a red silhouette felled by her side making a small crater on the ground.

The red creature had the complexion of a female, a rather tall one at that; she was covered from head to toe with tight red body armor and a close helmet that didn't allowed her face to be seen. Hinata froze, she sincerely didn't knew what to do, was she a goddess? Was she a demon? Should she run? Should she stay?, but she was cut short when the red armored creature stirred and moved as if pained by whatever attacked her.

Hinata saw in terror when the red armored one noticed her and raised a scarlet short staff that began to glow with an eerie ruby glow, somehow Hinata knew that the intention of the red armored creature wasn't good but her legs weren't responding and the glow was just growing.

Hinata just closed her eyes waiting for whatever divine punishment she had earned, but a blue flash detonated in front of her leaving the red armored one sprawled in the ground motionless and the scarlet staff broken by half.

As she wondered what had happened, the snapping of a branch called her attention. To her far left another armored creature stood while its right hand and fore arm glowed blue. Said creature stood as a very tall male looking creature and his armor was of a very deep blue color with several golden lights glowing at several points, its helmet was also a closed one so its face remained concealed.

Hinata somehow knew she had just been saved by the other creature so still thinking of them as gods kneeled before the approaching male creature who cocked his head as if confused over her behavior. As she kept kneeling and reciting her prayers, she felt the warm and heavy hand of the creature on her shoulder as it spoke to her in an unknown language.

Hinata raised her face when the god finished speaking and lifted her easily from the ground; clearly the god knew she couldn't understand a word of what he was saying so he signaled her to don't move to what she shyly nodded.

The god walked to the felled goddess and kneeled beside her, and started to roam softly his hands all over her, as he delicately graced her body he went liberating several contraptions on the armor making the few glimmering lights to die. The god seemed content since he made a small laughing sound and proceeded next to remove the helmet.

Hinata saw all this in amazement, though she had a reserved opinion for the groping god, she watched the lights on her die and nearly screamed when the helmet was removed and a bright red color flowed out of it. She then realized it was red hair and that the female goddess looked very much like her with the small exception of her more tanned skin, red blood hair and what seemed to be a couple of small horns poking on top of her head.

Hinata was very intrigued with the goddess's appearance, she was like a woman but at the same time was so different, every person she had met shared very similar characteristics with her; lavender eyes with no pupils, pale skins overall with some exceptions and dark hair of either black or brown color and only white when really old.

The god caressed the goddess's face and suddenly started to strip the armor from her leaving her in very tight undergarments of light purple. The god took the armor which now looked like a really long piece of cloth with some hard plating attached to it, and tossed it at Hinata's feet.

The god seemed a bit nervous and stood back as if thinking of something; suddenly he turned and walked a few far strides towards Hinata who in turn flinched when in front of the armored god.

The god once again cocked his head and chuckled a bit and proceeded to make signals to give him something similar to a rope. It took a couple of tries but Hinata finally understood and gave him the holy rope the priests gave her.

Hinata watched in horror as the god used the rather long rope and started to tie up the goddess, the problem wasn't that he was tying her but the manner in which he did (S&M Style!)

How can a god desecrate something as holy as a blessed rope?

The god turned to Hinata and compelled her to grab the armor and the broken staff and follow him as he carried the embarrassingly tied goddess over his shoulder. They walked back to the downed carriages were the god dropped gently on the ground the goddess and walked towards the blue and gold carriage.

Hinata saw how he interacted with the vessel but was more interested when he started to undo the straps of his helmet and slowly removed it revealing the god's face to her, and once again she was enthralled with the creature's appearance, he had golden spiky hair with a short spiky pony tail that reminded her of the sun, a smooth white tanned skin with thin whisker like marks on his cheeks, and two sapphire blue eyes with black pupils.

As she was admiring him, the vessel suddenly opened and the god quickly stepped in and several noises could be heard as well as his voice in a command tone. After some more noises the god stepped out again and slowly walked towards Hinata as if trying not to look threatening while holding a metallic tube on his right hand.

When the god approached Hinata he kneeled in front of her and gave her the brightest smile she had seen in her life. Shyly Hinata blushed a little over such gesture, but her attention was brought to his left hand as small lights glimmered in it, he moved the hand a bit farther making Hinata strain her neck a little as to not lose sight of the little lights when she felt a terrible sting on her neck.

She tried to scream but the pain went away almost as quickly as it came, she suddenly felt in danger and quickly got in position to fight, even if has a god she wouldn't go down without a fight.

The god seemed without a care and just held his hands up in a give up position while smiling contently, then without a warning he spoke.

"Heh, sorry about that, but it's a bit frustrating talking to you if you can't understand anything I tell you, don't worry though beyond understanding me, that shot didn't do anything else, at least it isn't supposed to do so"

Hinata dropped her stance and got her hand to her neck, just now she could understand what the god said. "I can understand you, but I couldn't just moments ago, how?"

The blonde one walked over to her and sat on the ground beckoning to do the same.

"Well basically that shot will allow you to understand every language known to the Enterran Federation, even some that no one speaks anymore, it's quite convenient since no living creature would be able to speak more than 10"

Hinata was amazed "And you can understand me?"

"Well yeah, though you are from a low world, your language was recorded and studied for research purposes, thus becoming part of the data base in the federation"

Hinata remembering her duties and not fully understanding things as federations and low worlds, fell back to her worshipping ways, and kneeling she quickly spoke.

"I am terribly sorry your divinity, please forgive my rudeness and lack of respect for your highest standing among us; my name is Hinata Hyuga of the Hyuga clan, eldest daughter and emissary of my people. My mission is to learn what your intentions are for my people"

The blonde one cocked his head over such behavior and scratched his head as if he was struggling to understand her words and actions. Finally realizing the mistake he tried to clarify.

"Whoa, you got me very wrong, I am no god miss, and I mean I am godly in my own way but nowhere near a true god as far as I know. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, First Class Justicar of the Enterran Federation's Fleet; I am at best a peace keeper"

Hinata was now even more confused "If you are not a god then what are you?"

Naruto puffed his chest "I am a proud member of the Feranian species and proud son to the matriarch of the Kyubi battle fleet"

Hinata just blinked twice and slightly cocking her head she asked "What?"

Naruto almost tripped and sighed "Oh boy, if you really want to know then we better get comfortable since it's a long story little one"

Both Naruto and Hinata cleared some space to sit down between the two felled vessels and lit a fire since the sun was going down and winds started to cool the day.

"You know? Now that I mention it I shouldn't be telling you any of this, not even my name…" said a bit embarrassed Naruto.

"Why not?" asked Hinata as she sat in the most comfortable position the ground allowed.

"Basically, because I could cause you a lot of trouble not to mention, that if you tell others and they believe you it could cause an irreparable damage to your planet's natural development, even disrupt it permanently…or so they say in low systems instruction"

Hinata frowned a little "I think you owe me, since I lent you a holy rope to bind that demon in a most disrespectful manner, not to mention I was sent here alone in the first place to find out about your presence here, I can't go back without some answers. Let me hear your story and I will feel compensated"

Naruto laughed at this little rant "Geez, a hard customer eh? Fine I tell you some things but you promise you won't tell a soul? You will have to come up with a lie for whoever sent you"

Hinata nodded furiously.

"Alright, to begin with Tayuya over there isn't a demon, at least not the kind you imagine, she is a Thornian smuggler and the reason I came to your world is because she made an emergency hyper space jump to the first available destination and I followed, I tried to disable her ship but she started to glide through your world's atmosphere to blind my instruments and give her a chance to escape, I managed to catch up with her and disable her vessel but she shot back and force me to enter your world's atmosphere, as we fell she kept firing on me and I returned fire, in the end our flight systems failed and dropped like stones against the mountain, fortunately our vessels can survive rougher landings so they aren't too badly damaged"

Hinata felt like a child once again listening to her mother stories "So is she a criminal and you some sort of guardian?"

Naruto smiled "Well she is a criminal, a small time one though, and yes you could say I am a guardian but my duties go far beyond than just catching criminals like her; she only happened to be in the same sector and since I had a few encounters with her, I knew she was up to no good. I chased her all the way here and indeed she was wearing a heavy combat armor and a forbidden Thornian sound weapon, not to mention she was smuggling a full cargo of those weapons"

Hinata had a question about the places he mentioned "What is a Thornian and a Feranian?"

"Those are the names of our species and also the name of our home worlds, or at least where our species come from; they are distant planets orbiting stars far away from here, actually they are so far away that you can't even see those stars from here" responded Naruto at the same time his belly announced his hunger.

Naruto was a bit embarrassed and grimaced at the thought of eating one of the ship's rations; they tasted almost as bad as Sakura's cooking in his opinion.

Hinata smiled and brought her pack forward and presented him with some local delicacies she packed for the journey.

"Wow Hinata this thing is delicious, you made it?" asked a pleased Naruto as he licked his own fingers relishing on the taste.

"Yes, I was taught to be a proper lady ever since a little child" answered a proud Hinata.

"You are so good at this, you should teach Sakura-chan how to cook!" said Naruto as he slumped back.

"Sakura-chan? " Said a curious Hinata

"Oh right! She is like my best friend in the whole universe, she is a bit crazy and the toughest girl in the Justicar corps, but has no cooking or any other womanly traits whatsoever. Can't blame her though, being a Hercian is all about warrior stuff, little time for their women to behave like such"

"I see…so how is your home?, as you can see mine must be very humble" said Hinata wanting to change the subject.

"Ferania is a very old world or so says mother, it's full of gigantic ancient cities and a vast blue ocean, most of the planet itself is unpopulated nowadays, and the cities are mostly empty except for the younger settlements. Most of our people moved to other worlds for colonizing purposes and the rest live aboard the Feranian battle fleets"

"Why move away from your home?" said a confused Hinata.

"Resources ran out in the building of the battle fleets and pollution did the rest; currently the planet has recovered a lot of its green but it will take several decades for the planet to sustain large populations again" said Naruto in an uncaring tone.

"Why build the battle fleets?"

"War of course, unlike humanity who settled out from their home world in an exploring and colonizing spirit, we Feranians went with the purpose to conquer other species and have them serve us as slaves. But our battle fleets turned to be weapons too great and so we fell quickly into civil war. In the end after centuries of infighting the 9 remaining battle fleets signed piece and returned to our devastated worlds to rebuild our species. But it proved a very hard work, we had dedicated ourselves so much to war that we lost most of our technological knowledge and became stalled in our purpose. That was until 20 years ago, when humanity made first contact with our species"

"Humanity?" Asked a really interested Hinata

"Yep, humanity was one of the first space faring species in the known galaxy and also one of the most advanced ones, they went for some centuries making first contact with several other species and helping them develop from low worlds to fully developed ones, they brought to the galactic community a golden age of prosperity and laid the foundations of the Enterran Federation. Currently their home world is the Enterran Federation's capital and the most populated planet in it"

"Wow this is a lot, until yesterday I believed this was everything there was to know, my family, my people and the gods we believe in. Then you come along and tell me there are countless people of so many kinds out there. It's just breath taking" said a now laying Hinata.

"I bet it is. Good thing you didn't freaked out on me. Low worlds instruction always say that an accidental first contact can be a traumatic experience for the host planet. Why weren't you surprised with all this?" asked Naruto as he watched the resting Hinata.

"Mother always told me of the creatures living among the stars, their grand cities, how they looked like and how they behaved. I guess it was easier for me to meet you since I used to wish all of mom's stories were real" said a nostalgic Hinata.

"Wow, your mom must be quite the character! Mine always told me stories of Feranian conquest and valor" said a smiling Naruto.

Both had felled in a long silence after that exchange.

"Say Naruto, will you be able to go back to your home?, your vessel seems badly damaged…" said a hopeful Hinata.

"My ship and Tayuya's aren't too badly damaged but are currently in self repair mode, it should be enough to lift us into space and once there flare up a distress beacon for another vessel to pick me up…" said Naruto as if wanting not to talk about it.

"I see…Would you return someday and visit me?" said Hinata.

"I am afraid not, it's against the law for space faring species of the federation to land on low worlds and much less meet low worlders and only a pardon is granted if it was an emergency situation like mine" said a uncomfortable Naruto.

"And couldn't your people accept mine to be part of your federation? We are very civil and diplomatic, not to mention that though we have wars they are rare" said Hinata insistently.

"It's not that, your people may be good candidates but given some bad experiences the federation no longer uplifts low worlds that don't fulfill a certain criteria. Your people need to be able to at least send someone into space, have long range communication devices and a coherent social and governmental structure. Sadly your people haven't even found the means to fly, much less travel into space. According to the ship's computer your world is at least 500 years away of development before any significant technological breakthrough allows you to be considered for uplifting"

"Very few low worlds had been considered for uplifting and it's only because of a very attractive and convenient trait of said species"

"Oh…so tonight would be your last time here…"

"Yeah, it's a shame you have a beautiful world…let's just get to sleep" Said Naruto as he got up and walked Hinata to his vessel, where both would be able to sleep in the ship's quarters while Tayuya who remained sexily tied was placed in the small cell of the vessel.

The next day Naruto woke up early to run some pre flight checkups and see if his beloved vessel was space worthy, it would hold space travel but planetary landing was out of the question since the stress on the hull would leave the ship unable to lift once again. Content with the checkup and taking advantage that Hinata was still asleep, it was high time to "interview" the prisoner.

Making a gleeful bee line to the small vessel's cell he could tell Tayuya heard him coming, she could always try to be a bad person but deep inside she was just a misguided revel.

On her side Tayuya nearly screamed when she saw herself tied in such "inappropriate" manner but remained calm since her armor and weapons were securely locked away and she was currently in a cell, not to mention the damn rope was really hard and well tied around her body so every time she moved the ropes began to stimulate her stopping her attempts to escape less she makes a mess of herself.

So biding her time and waiting for the pervert to come and check her, she would head butt him and bite him if necessary, hopefully she would find a way to free herself.

She relaxed her respiration when the door of her cell opened and heard footsteps entering. She needed to wait until his face was close enough to feel his breath.

Naruto could tell she was trying to keep herself calm and with closed eyes, so as to play with her, he started to lightly brush his fingers against her legs, her thighs, her arms.

Tayuya tried to remain calm but it was certainly hard under such ministrations, she wanted to laugh a bit over the small tickles of his fingers.

Naruto knowing her struggle decided to wake her up already so he moved his face all over her body from her exposed stomach all the way to her face while slowly breathing over her.

Tayuya felt herself growing hot but his breath told her he was moving closer to her face, just a little longer and he would sport a broken skull.

Naruto stopped a little but continued upwards until his breath was directly on top of Tayuya's face.

At that instant Tayuya opened her furious eyes and threw her head towards Naruto's face with all her might, only to be intercepted by Naruto's lips on hers. Surprised over this she opened her mouth only to have it ravished by Naruto's tongue. Tayuya tried to resist but the more she moved the more the ropes stimulated her, not to mention the kiss was very intense and leaving her breathless. After a while she started to clumsily reciprocate the kiss and moan a little.

At this point Naruto let her go and found her blushing heavily, panting and with glazed eyes.

"Tayu-chan, I didn't knew you were such a wild girl!" said an almost laughing Naruto.

Tayuya regained some composure and finally realized who the one who caught her was

"Uzumaki! You sly bastard! How dare you! I will fucking rip off your balls for this!" screamed a still blushing and nearly crying Tayuya.

"Now now Tayu-chan, you are under arrest for smuggling illegal weaponry, carrying level 5 weaponry with yourself, possessing level 5 armor and attacking an Enforcer. Don't make it worse than it is by insulting me, if you behave I may put up a good word for you, that kiss already helped you a lot in my opinion!" said a now grinning Naruto.

Tayuya just wanted to keep screaming but knew it was no use, Uzumaki was good Justicar despite being a sly fox in her mind, so she breathed a little to speak.

"Fine you got me, where is my vessel and the cargo?"

"Don't worry, your ship wasn't destroyed nor did your cargo" responded Naruto as he filled some status in a data slate.

"Where are we? In the persecution I didn't noticed to what sector did we moved."

"We are in the Augyan system on the only populated world, a low world by the way" responded Naruto as he finished his data input.

"A low world? Damn! I seriously screwed up with controls then, I meant to travel to the Soundya systems" said Tayuya as she blew a hair strand from her face.

"Soundya systems! Now that's useful information, I am certain the judge magister will be lenient with you and your cooperation!" said a grinning Naruto, indeed Tayuya was just a mislead revel not a real criminal.

"Crap! Who cares anyway, I am not getting paid after this anyway so screw those scumbags!" said an embarrassed Tayuya over her big mouth.

"Well Tayu-chan we will be leaving in a few hours, so get comfortable. By the way I hope you don't mind but I took some pictures of you, you just looked angelic as you slept! Ha ha ha!" said Naruto as he came out from the room before Tayuya began screaming profanities at him.

Tayuya did scream a little but after it she sniffled a little "You big dummy, that was my first kiss…"

Naruto was very content and walked over the quarters to wake up Hinata, he needed to start running preparatory systems for takeoff and needed to enslave Tayuya's ship to his own in order to leave no trace of their presence on the planet.

As he entered he noticed Hinata's was still asleep

"Heh, can't blame her, she learned a lot in such short notice, though she took it quite well"

At this Naruto kept watching her as she breathed softly, at this point she turned around revealing something Naruto missed completely last night. Before him Hinata's larger than average breasts heaved up and down under her robe as she kept sleeping.

"Damn! Those have to be one of the largest and nicest racks I have seen in a long time. I am ashamed, how couldn't I notice them earlier?"

Naruto turned around for clues only to find a large stack of silky bandages on the small desk in the quarter.

"So she uses bandages? No wonder coming from a low world and being very religious, she probably hid those wonderful gifts as to not look indecent to others. And of course keep temptations to a minimum. Heh, maybe I should have pretended to be a god, and then maybe I could have…heh heh heh"

Naruto's perverted laughs stirred Hinata to wake up, who at the moment she saw Naruto quickly covered herself with the bed's thermal blankets.

"W-W-What are you doing here! It's improper for a man to be in a woman's room without them being married or blood related!" almost screamed a blushing Hinata"

"Ha ha ha, you are so cute! You really have your customs well nailed! Anyway I came to wake you up, I am leaving in a few hours and you need to be on your way back home by then, I think you would like to take a shower before you go" said a still smiling Naruto.

"Shower?" asked a perplexed Hinata as she allowed the blanket to drop a little giving Naruto a better last view of her "attributes".

"I think a bath is a better word in your case, thing is a small room were water comes out strong and warm, it's a really refreshing way to start the morning. Let me know when you are done!" said Naruto as he opened the bathroom door open and walked outside to stretch and proceed to enslave Tayuya's vessel to his.

Hinata on her side stepped into the room Naruto had told her was the bathroom; she undressed and stepped into the small boxed area where the same sensual female voice asked her for water pressure and water heat. Hinata simply asked for a gentle pressure and the water to be mildly hot. The computer answered her by throwing a really strong and hot water torrent at her.

Finally after several attempts Hinata managed to have a decent bath albeit an exhausting one. She came out quite refreshed but with her skin a bit red since she stayed too long with the hot water.

She walked through the small vessel until she reached the cockpit, where she sat down at the copilot position. A virtual screen appeared before her immediately scaring her due to the surprise. The computer requested her command to which Hinata thought to be a unique opportunity to see part of Naruto's life.

"Ah computer, please show me Ferania…" said Hinata while looking behind her shoulder to see if Naruto wasn't there yet.

The computer displayed several pictures of the planet, it had a massive supercontinent and several smaller ones along with a huge ocean that engulfed them all. Next to this several aerial pictures of the planet's surface depicted the towering buildings of the ancient Feranian cities, some were crumbling and others stood proudly glimmering in a copper tone against the sunset. Following them pictures of some Feranians appeared, like Naruto they all sported unique and different traits, some carried broader whisker marks, others had their eyes encircled by black rims and mostly had bright colored hair. At last appeared the picture of a very stunning woman with really long red hair, red eyes, thick whisker marks and a huge bright smile.

"She looks a bit like Naruto, specially that smile…computer now please show me the Enterran Federation's capital" said Hinata once more looking for any signs of Naruto coming to surprise her.

The computer closed all the Feranian related material and displayed pictures of the Capital world, also known as Terra or formerly Earth. The pictures depicted large white glimmering cities and countless breath taking buildings, statutes, forests and a infinity of people roaming it's streets.

"Wow, just like mom used to say, so those places do exist…after seeing this…and having to return with the family and that Warlord…I wish Naruto would take me away with him…This is a unique chance, he said he would never return, and now that I found out how big life can truly be this world seems so small and unfulfilling…I am going with him, hope they don't get mad with him"

Hinata turned around and went to the security locker Naruto had left barely open last night (a real pro) and took the goddess armor and tuck it away in her small pack. At that moment Naruto returned smiling to see Hinata was already up and going around.

"Had trouble with the shower?" asked Naruto as he walked over to the cockpit to run some more tests.

"Ahh, no no problem at all Naruto!" almost squeaked Hinata

Naruto sent her a quizzical look but dismissed it "You have something for breakfast? Honestly I liked your cooking a lot and I would like to taste it one last time before I go back to military rations and Sakura's culinary experiments!"

"Sure, let me go out and set a small picnic for us, let's enjoy our last meal together!"

With this Hinata almost ran out of the vessel and went to secluded area near the vessels, where she brought some ink and paper to write a note.

"Well it's a farewell note for father and Hanabi…and a little something for Neji! Heh heh heh"

Hinata finished writing her note and left with it her father's heirloom as proof of its credibility. Afterwards she sat to prepare the little breakfast for her and Naruto.

"Hinata, you are the most talented cook I have met, I almost wish I could take you away and make you my personal chef or at least teach Sakura how food is supposed to taste! Ha ha ha! Said Naruto as he patted his full stomach.

"I am glad you like my cooking, I also wish I could go with you…" said a convincingly sad Hinata

"What? But this is your world and here is your family as well, you aren't serious, do you?" said a suddenly troubled Naruto.

"It is my home…world as you say, but my world now seems so small and insignificant. My family would miss me but I am certain they would have liked to see me happy (except for Neji!) Are you certain you can't take me away with you?" said Hinata with also convincingly pleading eyes.

"It's against the law and I am already in a lot of trouble as it is, besides I know your world doesn't seem like much but believe me, you would miss it after a while…I am sorry Hinata, I truly am…" said Naruto now really crestfallen.

Hinata rose and went to Naruto, she graced his cheek and gently said "Don't worry, you have duties and people to answer to, so am I. I thank you for the chance to let me grasp a bit of my dreams, I will be forever grateful to you"

Hinata smiled a little and Naruto did as well.

"Ah Naruto, could I ask you something from you?" said a now strangely confident Hinata

"Sure anything!" exclaimed Naruto eager to please her.

"Would you fly over the mountains? I would like to see your vessel flying in it's full glory!"

"Ah, that would scare the inhabitants on the other side, but they will regard it to some god stuff. Ok you want a show I'll give you one!"

"Thanks Naruto, I really appreciate it"

"Alright! Time to go! Anveena! Start up the engines of my vessel and the rogue trader's" almost screamed Naruto to the vessel as he strapped himself.

The engines started with a low hum and increased to a thundering roar as they gained power. Both vessels started lifting from the ground with some difficulty but steadily nonetheless.

"Great! Now let's give this little planet the show of a lifetime!" At this he pressed the thrusters and sped up along the mountain slope towards the summit. On the other side at the small Hyuga clan village everyone kept staring at the mountain awaiting some sign of the gods, it's been two days since Hinata had gone and nothing happened yet.

Then everyone heard a loud thunder and two brightly colored objects rose with a thunder over the mountain and sped up towards the sky, leaving them all amazed and terrified, except for lord Hiashi who fearing for his daughter went with several guards and Neji on their horse like creatures to the other side of the mountain.

By the time Hiashi, Neji and the guards arrived to the other side, they noticed the scrapes on the slope of the mountain and the burning marks at the bottom. Hiashi looked frantically for Hinata while Neji did as well albeit for different reasons. One of the guards shouted he found something.

Enveloped in her clothes a letter along with Hinata's family heirloom a letter was attached.

"Dear Father and Sister,

I am writing this letter as to inform you that indeed I have met with the gods and they had given me much knowledge and gifts of great value. But along with them instructions for our people and all the people of every known land.

They no longer want women to be treated the way they are, the gods demands that all women be given equal rights and opportunity as men, also they will be given any heritage they deserve by inheritance rights, so that makes Hanabi the rightfull heir to our family, she will be blessed if this happen.

Also the gods want Neji to be punished for his relentless ambition, they demand from him an act of humility in which he will have to travel the land in constant pilgrimage for 5 years and make many acts of piety on every temple he stops at.

This is the will of the gods and it's also their will I accompany them to heavens were I will look after all of our people and bring them many blessings.

I hope I may return some day but fear not for I am going to a better place.

Love you always

Hinata Hyuga, maiden of the gods"

Hiashi started crying and Neji was downright furious but after witnessing the gods departure he would not question their commands.

"To any vessel in the neighboring sectors, this is Justicar Naruto Uzumaki, I am requesting immediate assistance, please respond" said Naruto for the hundred time in all channels.

"This is Enterran battle cruiser Cyclops, we hear your request, where have you been Naruto!" responded a slightly annoyed voice.

"Captain Kakashi, I am so glad to hear you! It's a long story and I will tell you in detail but for the moment I cant's jump to hyper space and I have a second vessel loaded with weapons, so I need the Cyclops to reach me"

"Fine Naruto, we will be there in a second"

Naruto sat back and relaxed as the Battle cruiser arrived on Augyan orbit to pick him up.

"Hey Naruto, how many prisoner did you take?" asked the Kakashi.

"Just one, why?" asked Naruto.

"Because I am picking a third life signal on the other vessel"


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