Mr. Bubbles – A drabble written from a pic prompt by SweetVenom69. Thanks so much for your painted piggies for inspiration.

Well hello there Mr. Bubbles. Glad to make your re-acquaintance again today.

My tired body sat into the hot bubble bath, washing away the day instantly and making my muscles relax.

I reached for my hand towel and dried my hands. I hit my "relax" play list on my iPod and listened as Debussy took away all the stress inside me. As each note struck, my red painted toes that stuck out of the water tapped to the beat. My eyes were closed with a warm towel draped across my tired eyes.

I let out a sigh and thought of him. His crooked smile made my heart flutter. I thought about how much I wanted him to move in. Edward would probably never go for it. He was old fashioned, but I also knew how much he loved me. I even gave him a key just in case he changed his mind.

I smiled deviantly, secretly wishing he would sneak in while I was laying here in the tub and help me relieve the stress of the day. I fantasized about where and how his hands would trace the outlines of my back, massaging deep and making me feel so much better.

I let out a giant sigh and giggled again. I must have been in the tub for an hour before I hit pause on my iPod. I pulled my ear buds out and reached for my towel across my eyes.

I opened my eyes and nearly died of a heart attack. I almost dropped my iPod in the water and yelled out, "Edward Masen, what the hell are you doing?"

He laughed. "I've been sitting here wondering how long it would take you to realize I was here. I must say I was enjoying the view." He licked his lips and the water wasn't the only thing making me wet.

"Don't ever scare me like that again," I yelled at, splashing bubbles at him.

"Ooh, you are going to wish you hadn't done that." He stood up, removed his button up shirt, pants, and boxers, socks and shoes and jumped straight into my Jacuzzi tub with me. Bubbles flew everywhere. He pulled me close to him and as I turned around, his hands massaged my back and shoulders, taking away the rest of the tension.

I whispered, "You know, if you moved in, you could do this anytime you want."

Edward let out a small laugh, "Bella, trust me, I've been thinking about it. I may have to take you up on that offer."

I turned to face him, my legs wrapping around him and said, "Good, let me show you some more reason why you should."

I kissed him really hard on the lips as his hands pulled me closer. I think that was all the convincing he needed.