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I saw Uncle Henry and Aunt Em before they saw me. I had left Dorothy in my parlor in search of them, and now I flagged them down. Quite frankly, I was worried about Dorothy and her position with Phineas. Ten to one he was leading her on with false hopes and ideas that make him a god and all else a mistaken mortal. Dorothy, in her own way, was too niave to notice what he said was overly defensive and odd. In fact, I doubt she cared. The thrill of having a relative made her so ecastic with joy, she didn't care what he was like. I suppose its an amiable quality, but it can be an unhealthy one, as I believe this to be.

"Uncle Henry!" I called, racing up to him and Auntie Em. "Auntie Em!"

"Ozma." He nodded kindly, but he was tense, as was Auntie Em. "Have you seen Dorothy? She wasn't in her room."

"Yes, she is in my parlor. But I have come to warn you. Phineas was there first." Uncle Henry cursed under his breath and Auntie Em sighed. "He was entirely won her over. And she won't believe anything bad you say about him. Please tell me the story of Mr. Amplehouser, and you can tell Dorothy later, but I need to know now. He might be a threat to my kingdom." I made the last bit up, since I was pretty sure a petty theif would be no problem, but I wanted to know this man better.

"You better sit down, it is quite a tale." Auntie Em looked to her husband, who was still a bit red in the face, and he nodded for her to do the sat in some nearby chairs, and Auntie Em began. Her voice was musical and sweet as she told the story, but tense and brisk.

"Margret was about 18 when she moved to Wichita, Kansas for school. She was a smart, young, pretty girl, and was universally adored where ever she went. She caught one fellow's eye in particular. Giacomo was a very handsome young man, and rather well to do, for obvious reasons. So, Margret being a girl who often read romantic novels, was swept off her feet by the handsome Italian, a kind not often seen in Kansas unless they had a shady business deal. Which I can assure you, he had.

"You see Ozma, Giacomo was a theif. A very well known theif, and he had a ring of theives that he associated with and they made quite a living off of this...I refuse to call it a career, but that is what it was to them. Once Margret found out what it was, she thought it was fascinating and instead of turning them in, she joined them in their ill-concieved adventures.

"Now, about this time, she had a son with Giacomo, despite not being married to him. She was a terrible scandal by this time, and bearing children only made it worse. She was denounced by her father, (Even though she named the child after him, Phineas.) And her brother, who is Dorothy's father, also denounced her. All she had was her theiving beau and his friends. Dorothy's father,( my nephew), was very adamant in his hatred of her, his own sister, but he forgot her, and married your mother. They eventually had Dorothy and things were going very well for him untill the family trip they took to New York.

"Dorothy's father, named Robert, got a good job in New York. He was going to be a lawyer. But as fate would have it, this wasn't to be. They ran into Margret and Giacomo and Benno somehow, and a fight ensued. Dorothy's father was killed in a knife fight with Benno, and her mother took the small baby and left the city, broken hearted. She only just got Dorothy to me before the sadness and stress and trauma caught up with her. She got fatally sick and died soon after.

"After Henry and I knew the story, we removed Dorothy from the situation and moved into the oblivion of Kansas grayity. We hid her past from her, and we didn't like to lie, but the child was going to grow up as a care-free, innocent girl if we had any hand in it. You can imagine our joy when we discovered Oz was the perfect place for her. A neighbor was shifty and had alerted Giacomo and his friends of the girls presance. He wanted the girl, or at least I know Margret did. But now we know Giacomo is dead..."

The story was interupted by Unlce Henry huffing, "And a good thing he's gone too."

"Henry." Auntie Em scolded.

"Thank you, Auntie Em, for telling me." I stood, a little dizzy from understanding Dorothy's...ancestry.

"You don't even know about Phineas yet. But according to my sources he is every bit his father, but maybe more clever and youthful. Beware of him Ozma." Auntie Em stood up as well, though Henry stayed in his chair, fuming.

"I will Auntie Em. Thank you again. I must go and find Phineas myself. I would like to talk to him." I walked off, despite Em's directions to do otherwise. I was the Ruler of Oz, nothing intimidated me, and everything could be won over by sweetness.