Original Author's Notes:

Part 1:

Disclaimer: It's okay, you can say it: "Tassos owns Farscape." There, that wasn't so bad, was it? And you thought lying was hard, pfft!

Author's Notes: Okay, I know there are a million future fics out there and it will probably seem like I'm ripping everyone of them off but remember this, Shakespeare stole all his good ideas too g. Seriously, I love future fics that ask what would John do if he found Earth again? Secret? Public? How would they face off? I never tire of reading them. Sometimes I agree with what happens and sometimes I don't. This is sort of my blending everything I like, with everything I think the characters will do according to their natures tentatively following future threads the FS universe has thrown out. I've also tried to take a few different angles that haven't been done before. Think of this story as the Post Season Three So Far Future Fic (I know that while I'm writing this someone else will come out with a PSTSFFF and I'll feel like I'm ripping them off too...)

For those of you who read my unfinished story Lost Children, you'll recognize the kids' names. I like them, so I used them.

Just so you know, my knowledge of some Earth procedures is very, very sketchy. I have never been to a cabinet meeting or a news broadcast or a space station or ... you get the idea. So if I totally misrepresent your profession, sorry, you can drop me a note and I can try to fix they nails-down-the-blackboard problems. My knowledge is almost exclusively based on representations in movies, tv, and books.

Last thing, I have the second part mostly hand written and third done in my head. There will be a fourth part too. I am going to finish them and put them up someday, but it might be a while. If people like this part , I'll get it done faster. Feedback works magic.

This story is dedicated to the French language - without being bored and not understanding a word around me, I would never have gotten the tickling idea down on paper.


Part 2:

Disclaimer: Allez, vous pouvez le dire. "Tassos est la propriétaire de Farscape!" Voilà. Ce n'était pas si difficile. Et vous avez cru que c'était dur à mentir! Pfft!

Author's Notes: Just a reminder that this fic is based on Farscape's third season up to Fractures. I haven't seen Fractures, just read the transcript. I also won't see the season finale or season four until I get back to the States in July. (So everyone complaining about not having Farscape for months on end - don't complain about it to me! grin) The rest of the story will go directly to fanfiction.net. and probably the Farscape bboard on sci.com. I don't know when I'll have the third part out. I'm shooting for the end of Mai.

The Microbe Theory: Okay, here's the microbe theory that I've come up with and that I use in my story. If you really don't care, skip it, I know it's kind of long, but it's different than the conventional understanding and here if you want to know. I finalized this while writing the second part so I apologize for any inconsistencies.

The translator microbes give the host the ability to understand alien/foreign languages. For me, what that means is that when an alien speaks, his words in his language go directly to meaning in my brain. Think of it as being fluent in a foreign language without the first four months of incomprehension. John hears D'argo speak in his garbled voice, not English, but he understands the words just like I understand my friends when they speak - the French goes directly to meaning, no interior translation necessary.

That said, I'm also assuming that after a period of time, the microbes will help someone learn how to speak the languages he hears on a regular basis, if the vocal cords physically allow it and the person practices enough. Think of this as learning how to speak Chinese: the sound system is so different that no matter how much one hears it it's still very hard to pronounce, (at least for us westerners). The microbes work in the brain, not the actual muscles. I'm assuming that most people wouldn't bother, (I mean would you?) Children who grow up in a multi-language environment such as Moya would be able to easily pronounce all languages in their vocal cord capability since they'd be hearing them as they learned to speak; that's how Rhia can speak hynerian.

(To read one must be able to sound out the words at least in their head of the language. Based on what we've seen I think that John and Aeryn speak both human/English and sebacean. I'd also think to uncomplicate things in an intergalactic society that there is a universal script that works like Chinese where a symbol stands for a whole word/concept so you could learn to read in any language. )

Last thing (I know I'm getting kinda long here), if you haven't been to the NASA website, it is really cool. It's real easy to find on a yahoo search. Now having been there, I've recognized several discrepancies with my story like the Space Station Control would actually be the Mission Control Center in Houston. But it's easier for me to have it in Florida. (If you want a backstory I'm sure I can make one up grin.) I figure it's IASA and eight years in the future and since it doesn't really matter anyway, I'm not going to worry about it.

As Puck says: "clap your hands if we be friends." Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now I'll shut up and let you read the story.


Part 3:

Disclaimer: It's okay, you can say it: "Tassos owns Farscape." There, that wasn't so bad, was it? And you thought lying was hard, pfft!

Author's Notes: I just want to thank everyone for all the feedback. It really means a lot to me that people are reading and enjoying the story and telling me about it. The feedback really is what keeps me writing through all the tough spots.

As of April, this story is officially AU based on events up to and including Fractures. I haven't seen the last four episodes, only read the Journey Logs, so until July, they don't exist. Where it's possible I have adapted my back-timeline somewhat, but for the most part, it's the same as the one I started with way back when.

This part was hard to write because of all the relationships and reactions. It ended up being about ten pages longer than I expected. I did my best.

Part Three is dedicated to my friends who encouraged me while I panicked and were patient with me when I left them to write in the library, even without understanding why the hell I'm doing this or even what it's about exactly. (Et non, je ne vais pas la traduire!)

Part 4 will be out sometime in July probably. (After my Farscape marathon!)
Now, with great relief and pleasure, I proudly present...


Part 4:

Disclaimer: Allez, vous pouvez le dire. "Tassos est la propriétaire de Farscape!" Voilà. Ce n'était pas si difficile. Et vous avez cru que c'était dur à mentir! Pfft!

Author's Notes: Yaaay! Farscape rocks! I am finally home and caught up and can I just take a moment to say 'WOW!' I knew there was a reason I'm obsessed with this show! As far as notes go, I don't have many. Special thanks to Yahoo for the information on Pakistan and the official govt website for the JCS and military stuff. This part could probably have been twice as long, (and it's already 20 pages more than the first part!) but I wanted to get it finished on schedule. I couldn't do everything that popped into my head. (Maybe if I make it into a movie...)

I'd like to thank everyone who sent feedback: DekotaSkye, NotOnlyHuman, Feynor, Alison, Alynna Lis Eachann, Lynn, BetanSuvey, DM Baird, bigfatcat, Stone Cold, Lauria, Hidra2000, Nonnie, DaBear, Mariah M, ny, GalaxySun617, ajlighthouse, D13mila, Tick Tock, Rowan Seven, Kizmet, Gv2.0, Genesis, Lady FoxFire, Farscape Maniac, Mayco Skywalker, Brenna, Troy, starlight, Farscape Fan, syaoran li, Phil, Buffanatic, aminalhari, trisarahtops, elizbraybet, and special thanks to KFlowers for her wonderful questions that keep me on track. I'm really glad everyone is enjoying the story. I love feedback.

So that said, I have one simple request: please tell me what were your favorite and least favorite scenes from the whole story (parts 1 through the epilogue (which should be up soon)). Just what ever jumps into your head. It's okay if you don't have one or have more than one, you don't even have to answer if you don't want to. I'm just curious. Any other comments (good, bad, and constructive) are all welcome.

And now...



Author's note: Okay, I know I should have had this out about three months ago but now that I'm in school, I have no time and oh so many other distractions from writing. So now that I've caught up on sleep, I know I can't put it off any longer. Thank you all for being patient (and if you weren't, like I get when authors take forever to finish their fic - don't tell me. My sisters probably give me enough flak to make up for all of yours.) So let the denounment begin...

Thanks to the online Federal Sentencing Guideline Manual.


The idea for this story came out of a question: What would happen if Moya returned to Earth and John wasn't aboard?