All Characters as well as some other stuff (but if you've read the Twilight Saga books you'll know what's what.) belongs to Stephenie Meyer. i've just given my own twist to the story :)

What if Edward never came back to Forks?

What if Bella stayed with Jacob, her own personal sun?

well, edward did come back to forks.


What if Bella chose the second option given to her?

What if her love for jacob was more than her love for Edward?

Bella's POV:

I Sat in my too small room, all alone, trying to make what i considered the most important decision of my life. I love them both, that much i know is true, but which do i love more? As i sat weighing my options, it brought back alot of memories - some of which, i wish wouldn't have come back to me. Edward left me, he said he would never come back, i would never have to see him again, his existance would fade away.But that was wrong. He didn't fade away, He did come back, and he promised to never leave me again. But while Edward was gone, it was very hard, i had nightmares everynight, i felt like i was ripping apart from the inside out. But Jacob, My Jacob, was there. He kept me together. He's never left me, and i know he never will, he can keep me safe - just as Edward does - from the vampires - that want my life, my blood - that seem to be all around me. He loves me, and i love him - i always have, i just didn't know it until now. It was late. and i knew i should try to get some sleep. i could already hear Charlie snoring in his room down the hall. I laid down and tried to get some sleep. But we all know. that's not going to happen, not tonight.

Edward's POV:

I need something to do, to keep my mind off Bella and what she is deciding right at this very moment. If she was to choose me, i don't even have words to describe what that would be like. but if she chose Jacob... i cut that thought short. She may very well choose Jacob, He can give her things that i can't give. If she chose Jacob, she could stay near her family, and not have to think about every movement she makes, she could have children, and she wouldn't have to give her life - her soul - to get what she wanted, if she wanted him.

But if she chose me... would i be selfish enough to take her soul to keep her forever with me? If that's what she really wanted. Then i would do it. I would do it for her.

I took off at a full speed run. The trees passing by so fast, but still clear down to the very last leave, that i would be out of Washington in just a few minutes. I needed to get away. I decided to hunt. If i was going to get to see Bella again. That would be helpful.

Jacob's POV:

i already told you, i don't want to talk about it seth. Seth was really worried about me. I tried to tell him not to be, Bella was making a decision. And i would just have to deal with what ever that decision was. whether i like it or not.

okay okay. jeez Jake, i just thought ... well. i know you're worried about it. but we don't have to talk about it.

Seth Continued to run his part of the perimeter in silence. but that wasn't enought for me. i need time to think alone. Seth, Can you take my part of the patrol for a few hours. i gotta get some rest. i'm beat.

Sure Jake, i got it. go umm... get some rest. Seth was a good kid. He never push things the way other people did. he understood that i needed some time alone. where my thoughts would be just that - my own.

i phased back to human form. i didn't want to go into the house because i new Billy wasn't like Seth, he would push it. i just didn't need that right now. so i went to my garage. Ever since that leech left her, my garage made me think of Bella. we'd spent alot of time here together, fixing up those old bikes she'd picked up off the curb... i smiled to myself, things had been so easy before he came back, they were perfect. stupid leech. But Bella forgave him, and that's what had me worried.

Bella's POV:

i didn't sleep at all last night, or the last three nights, now that i think about it. I'd Kept them waiting for long enough. i'd thought it through, and i had my decision. I Choose Jacob. Now the only thing i had left to do.. was tell them both... i want to tell Edward first, before i even talk to Jacob. Charlie's police cruser wasn't in the driveway when i looked out the window, good, so he's already left for work. I went down stairs threw a pop tart in the toaster and went to the phone to call Edward. This was going to be hard.

he answered on the first ring. "Bella."

"yeah. can you come over?"

"i'll be there in five minutes."

My pop tart popped out of the toaster, making me jump so high that i just had to laugh at myself. But i wasn't hungry anymore. i couldn't eat now. so i just threw it out instead. after i was done with that there was a knock on the door. i went to let him in.

"Hey." i struggled to keep my voice even. but he wasn't fooled.

"Hello, you wanted to talk to me?"

Edward's POV:

"yeah" Bella said as she moved out of the way to let me in, "Come in."

She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. i braced myself for what was about to come, as i sat down across from her.

"Edward" she looked like she was at a loss for words. "i... Edward you know i love you, and i'm really sorry," she looked down at her hands. figitting on the table, so Bella.

"You choose Jacob." i said. trying very hard to hide the hurt expression that was trying to come out on my face. This was very hard for her, i could see that. and i don't want to make it any harder for her than it already is.

"yes." she nodded her head. she was crying.

i was - in some ways - glad she was choosing Jacob. i love her and always will love her, and i'm not in any way ready to giver her up. But i will, because what she wants is more important that what i want, i want her to be happy.

"Bella," i waited for her to look up at me. she didn't, so i reached across the table to lift her chin, so i could see into her face. would this be the last time i touched her? "This is what you want. and i'm not going to keep it from you. this is what you want. and you can have it" i smiled at her. and that seemed to help her a little.

"Goody-bye Edward." she looked back at her hands, then looked back up at me. "I Love you, and I'm sorry."

"Good-Bye Bella" i said, trying to keep my voice smooth. "I Love you, But you know what's best for you. and thank you."

"You're thanking me?" she looked confused

"for talking to me about it, in person, i know it was a very hard thing for you to do. but i'm glad you did."

"I figured i owed you that much, at least." She Smiled. tears still running down her face.

i smiled back. "Good-bye" was all i said. i stood up. and headed for the door.

"Good-Bye" she said again. very low but she knew i could hear it.

Then i was out the door, and i was Running again. i would have to call alice and ask her to get my car from bella's house for me. i did't have patience for it now. i needed more speed. i just kept running. not entirely sure where i was going.

Bella's POV:

now... i'm going to La Push.

To Jacob.