Lamia POV

"So, how did you get here?" Riley asked me.

"Remember the story about the immortal children?"

"That was you?"

"Yeah, I was in-" I was interrupted by someone yelling for Riley. I looked up to see who it was. Great, it was Victoria. I hate her.

"Riley," she said. "I'm so sorry about what I did and said before. Could we just pretend that everything after Seattle never happened?"

Excuse me? That stupid bitch is trying to steal my man.

"No," I told her. "You can't start over. You had your chance, and you blew it. He's mine, now."

"I wasn't asking you," she snapped, then turned to him. "Riley?"

"Um . . ." Riley said, obviously considering the offer.

"Don't listen to her, Riley," I told him, then turned to Victoria. "Listen, you stupid bitch, the world doesn't revolve around you. You can't always get what you want."

"So you think he wants you?" Victoria questioned.

Victoria POV

"I don't think. I know," Lamia said.

"Yeah, you're right. You're not capable of thinking."

"Wow," Riley interrupted. "This is better than TV. Where's the popcorn?"

"SHUT UP!" we screeched.

I continued my ranting. "Nobody is ever going to be attracted to you. Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

"I can't. You already broke them all."

Okay, that had to be the oldest line in history of the world, but I'd had enough. I crouched down, getting ready to spring at her. I was barely off the ground when someone caught me from behind and pulled me back down. I screamed in fury and tried to break free, but I couldn't.

I heard a voice from behind me. "Victoria, chill." It was James.

"Let go of me," I growled.



"No," he said. "You need to learn to control your temper."

"I don't have a temper."

"You were about to spring and rip her head off, and you're trying to tell me you don't have a temper?" James asked.

"Just let me go so I can kill her."

"No. Look, I don't like her either, but you have to have some self control."

"I have plenty of self control," I insisted.

"Prove it."

"I will. As soon as I kill her."

"No, you won't, becase you're not going to kill her."

"Since when are you the boss of me?" I challenged.

"Since always," he smirked, then began to drag me away.

"Let go of me, you stupid jackass!"

He ignored me and kept pulling. After a while, I realized that he was stronger than me, and just let him pull me away.

James POV

It took a while, but I finally dragged Victoria bac to . . . well, wherever we were before, I guess.

"You can let go of me now," she said.

"If I do, you'll go back and kill Lamia."

"No, I won't," she lied.

I sighed, but I didn't release her. I was about to try to reason with her - an impossible feat - when Laurent came by. Yay.

He took one look at us and asked Victoria and asked, "Did you spaz out again?"

She growled under her breath and asked, "Can I kill him?"

I know I told her she needs to control herself, but Laurent is just so annoying.

"Yeah, go ahead."

I let go, and she lunged forward to rip Laurent's head off before I could even blink. Then, she turned and ran back in the direction that we came from. Wow, when she wants something, she will stop at nothing to get it."

It took a while to catch up to her, but when I finally did, I tackled her to the ground. She growled at me, but didn't fight back, knowing it was kinda pointless.

"It's not worth it, Victoria. She'll die and then come back again. It serves no purpose."

"It makes me less angry, and that's a good thing. Nobody likes me when I'm angry," she pointed out.

"Nobody likes you when you're not angry," I began, but backtracked when I saw her glare. "Well, except me, and Riley and Laurent . . ."

"Laurent doesn't count. He likes everybody."

"Good point," I said. "Anyway, you don't need to kill Lamia because you don't want Riley. You want me."

"No, I don't."

"Since when?"
"Since you called me a spaz," she said.

"Sorry about that, it just kind of slipped out."

"When does it not slip out?"

I laughed. "So, do you forgive me?"


"Awww, come on! Please?"

"I love it when you beg," she smiled.

"You're mean."

"I know. And yes, I forgive you. For now."

"For now?" I asked.

"Well, you're probably gonna say something stupid tomorrow, so . . ."

"Good point."