Here is a new story of mine, crossing Fire Emblem with the Legend of Zelda and maybe a mysterious ooc. Some OC characters as well, maybe I'll add two mysterious ooc...Idk. Anyways, Link has appeared in Tellius for a reason that is unknown at the moment. He may have been followed by other Hylians, or not. Read on and find out.

Chapter 1: Dawn of the New World (For Link)

A young male could be heard riding a horse, which was galloping in the wind. The male kept yelling every few seconds, telling the horse to speed up. The male had blue eyes, matching with blond, unkempt hair, kept inside a pointy hat. He wore a green tunic with a light chain-mail underneath and another white shirt under it. He wore brown gloves that covered his entire forearm, and wore a wrist guard on his left arm. Her wore tan slacks and his tunic made him look like he's wearing a miniskirt. His boots were big and brown, and wore two brown belts. One on his waist, which held several pouches and one across his back and front, which held a sword. His swords sheath is blue, decorated with gold markings. His sword handle is also blue, with a golden triangle in the middle of the blade. He also wore a shield on his back which is rather big. It is blue, with white decorated curves. In the middle was Hyrule's Insignia, which was three golden triangles, forming another triangle and a red double-headed bird, spreading its wings and looking on both sides. His horse was a fine golden, brown color, with a nice white mane and tail.

This man rode on, hurrying for no appropiate reason. After a while, he recognize that this area was no longer in Hyrule. He kept riding in the Lost Woods, searching for a little child who was lost in there. He finally halted when he saw light, thinking he finally went through the Lost Woods which was proven impossible as people were never seen again after they try to get through. When Link got out, what he first saw was another castle, and when he looked back, he saw that the forest he left, started to show a blur and distortion in the air. Link turned the horse around and went go check it out. He reached out at it and saw that it also acted like some water, like it was soft, but not wet. Turning around again, he decided to inspect this area first, thinking that the little girl that was lost ended up here. He rode into the vast green field with a command of his horse.

He arrived in marketplace, probably just a town near the castle. He noticed that some of these people had tails and cat ears, while some had wings. What caught his attention the most was that the people around here had round ears, not pointy like his. His arrival went unnoticed, so he rode on ahead, listening to these words he did not understand. He thought he saw a huge, blue tiger go around the corner, curious, he unmounted his horse and pressed his back on the wall, he looked over, but didn't see the tiger, only he saw a big man holding a crate like it was nothing. He had a fluffy blue tail, and his muscles seemed to serve him well, but that was all he saw. He was about to turn around, but another female stood next to him, and she didn't look too happy.

"Hss, what are you doing beorc?" The lady hissed at him. Like most things he saw so far, she had orange cat ears, and an orange tail, even her hair was orange. Her eyes were violet, and she had whiskers as well. She wore a tight, green shirt with a dark green, short miniskirt. Her boots were brown and went up to her ankles. On her right ankle was a green band while on her left hip laid a knife inside its sheath. Around her neck, she wore a collar which went down her back and ended with bells.

"Well? Answer me beorc!" She objected again, staring into his eyes, but not his ears.

Link did not understand a word she was saying, but he can tell she was angry, "Ego operor non agnosco vos" he replied, but one word didn't make her happy.

"Are you saying I have a big ego?" She shouted, mistaking the language he was speaking into saying she has an ego. Link was about to turn away and walk as if this didn't happen.

She then placed her hand on his shoulder and turned him around. "I am not done beorc!" She shouted viciously, still confusing Link, but he gripped his hands to get ready to defend himself if needed.

"Lethe!" A voice called out, and out came the big man with a blue tail. He had a strong face, with yellow eyes, although it was hardly visible. He had a blue shirt, with baggy white slacks. On his feet were brown shoes, with white ribbons. His blue hair was slicked back and had a short, blue spiky beard. He had dark blue markings on his forehead, and like the girl, he had cat ears, except they weren't as big as hers and were blue. Strangely enough, squirrels would circle around him and even climb on him resting on his shoulders.

"Mordecai hear you shouting, something wrong?" He replied. Even though Link didn't understand him, he did notice that he had a hard time speaking whatever tongue they were speaking.

"This beorc just said I have a big ego!" Lethe snapped back, pointing at Link who looked cluelessly on why she was saying "I" and getting mad at it.

Mordecai sniffed at him, which made Link look uncomfortable, "He not beorc, not laguz either. He has laguz blood in him, but the same as beorc" Mordecai replied.

Link was about to walk away, since he did not understand a single word they were saying. Only to have the same girl pull him back. "Are you saying he's a branded?" Lethe asked, still keeping a hand on him.

Mordecai lifted the hair away from his forehead, which made Link wonder what he was doing. He let go and sighed, "He doesn't have mark" He replied.

Lethe then double-checked, looking closely, causing Link to try to back away, only to have the girl hold him still. "Your right. Maybe it's elsewhere?" she wondered. "Do you have a Branded Mark?" she asked Link, who didn't understand what she was asking.

"Ego sum iens dimitto" He replied, turning around.

The history of a few seconds then repeated itself. "Quit saying I have an ego!" She snapped back, obviously getting more angry every he said "I"

Mordecai finally looked at his ears, they were pointy, unlike other beorc. "Maybe he belong to hawk" He responded, thinking he might be related to Tibarn, looking at his green clothing, and the ears.

"How are you sure?" Lethe asked, looking back at him.

"He has pointy ears, like Tibarn" He answered.

Lethe then grabbed his ears, causing him to yelp in pain. "Your right. Maybe we should speak to Ike or Elincia about him, he seems lost" Lethe spoke and Link noticed she was in a less angry mood.

Link was about to walk away, but both Mordecai and Lethe grabbed him and led him towards the castle. "Qua es vos captus mihi?" He pleaded, even though he knew they wouldn't understand him.

"Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you" Lethe replied, although it didn't help Link none since, well...he didn't understand her.

Link was taken inside a castle, thinking he was arrested for reasons he did not do. But he didn't care, he always escaped prison one way. They passed by the Queen's retainers, one with long beautiful hair covering one eye, clothed in white garbs and a sword on her waist. Another was a male, Link figured they were siblings since he had light blue hair, but unlike her, his was short and he wore light green armor around the building and carried a lance. The other was a man with long blonde hair in a ponytail. He wore a mixture of black, brown, and dark brown garbs. He carried a book, "Quis is iens efficio? Ledo suus hostilis per is?" Link muttered to himself.

"Where's the queen or Ike?" Lethe asked, holding onto Link.

"Her Majesty is at her room with Ike preparing for some construction funds" Lucia answered, pointing her thumb at the audience room.

"Who's this?" Geoffrey asked, taking notice of Link.

"We don't know. He just showed up and does not speak our language." Lethe replied, looking over her guest.

"We think he related to Tibarn. Wears green clothing and pointy ears" Mordecai added, standing behind him.

"Forsooth, maybe he is an elf, given to us by our fair Ashera. He will be the sun of our plants and give us good, fair products" Bastian replied in his silver tongue. As Gibberish this is to Link, he can tell this silver tongued talker is pretty wierd.

"An elf, huh?" Lucia asked, walking up towards him. She was pretty short compared to Link, reaching his chin. She grabbed his ears and observed them.

"Mos populus subsisto contactus meus audite?" He requested, slapping Lucia's hands away.

"What did he say?" Lucia asked, taking a few steps back.

"I don't know, but I don't think he's happy you touched his ears, sister" Geoffrey replied, gripping his lance tightly in case he attacked.

"Bastian. You know more about these things than us. What do you suppose he said?" Lucia asked, hoping Bastian would know.

"Our little sun has spoken a word not of this world. Neither I can understand it, nor do I think anyone else on this fair land can" Bastian spoke, causing everyone to become disappointed.

"Ego volo impetro sicco!" Link shouted, starting to squirm to get free.

"Did he just say we have an ego?" Geoffrey asked, not a bit too happy about it.

"That's what he has told me when we met him" Lethe asked, gripping her hand tighter to make him stay still.

"Vos , vos , vos. Est ut totus vos populus for?" Link asked, starting to move around.

"Our little elf friend is now angry. We have abused our gift from our fair Ashera and now this land might be consume by the water once more" Bastian replied, getting worried for no reason.

"What's going on over here?" A male voice asked. He carried a golden blade and dressed in military clothings. Link guessed he was a mercenary of some sort. The person next to him was a beautiful girl with green hair reaching past her back, Link guessed she was their queen.

"General Ike and Queen Elincia" The trio replied at the same time with a bow.

"Please. Spare me the fomalities. May I ask what's happening here?" Ike asked, crossing his arms.

"We found a man here. We think he's lost, and he does not speak any of our languages" Lethe replied, turning towards Ike.

"Funny man think he elf" Mordecai replied, pointing towards Bastian who casted a death glare at him.

"He does say ego however" Geoffrey replied, looking back towards Link.

"What a strange man" Elincia replied, walking towards Link and observed him. Link tried backing away, tired of getting observed by people in a single day, but Mordecai was behind him so that's out of the option.

"Careful. He bites if you touch his ears" Lucia replied, half a lie, since he didn't try biting when she touched his ears, only slapped it away.

"His ears are like someone I saw earlier today" Elincia replied, stroking his ears.

Link didn't move, nor did he made any attempts to do so. If she is their queen, the last thing he wanted to do was anger them by harming their queen.

"Someone you saw earlier today?" Ike asked, getting curious.

"Yes. She said her name was Saria" Elincia answered.

Link didn't understand what she was saying, but he knew the name Saria. "Saria?" Link asked, causing all of them to look at him.

"Forsooth, the name cause our friend to jump up with excitement. Maybe that's the main reason why he's here on our fair land instead with his little pixie friends" Bastian replied, joyously.

"Do you know Saria?" Elincia asked Link, although he didn't understand her. "Uh...Short. Green hair, green clothing, bare legs?" Elincia asked, putting her hand down to her size, putting her hand on her own hair, grabbing a piece of his clothing, and rubbing Lethe's legs...which made her a bit uncomfortable.

Link understood what she meant and nodded in a yes. "I think our friend understands you" Geoffrey asked, walking up to him.

", name, is Geoffrey" Geoffrey introduced himself, pointing at himself at his name.

"Geoffrey" Link replied slowly, seeing if that's what he meant.

"Seems he understands names" He replied, looking back at the others.

"Let me see" Lucia replied, pushing her brother out of the way. "I, am, Lucia" Lucia had her turn in introducing herself.

"Lucia" Link replied slowly, thinking that's what their names are.

"Forsooth, my name is one chosen by our fair Ashera. It starts with a B, like in..." Bastian replied, walking up,

"Boring?" Lethe asked, cutting him off.

"No, my fair cat friend, B as in Bold" Bastian replied, causing many to hold in their laughs, except Link, since he didn't understand them. "My name is the fair name of Bastian" He introduced himself, but spoke too fast, causing Link to look at Lucia.

"Bastian" She replied.

"Bastian" Link copied her words.

Everyone had their share of saying their names. "What's your name?" Elincia asked, pointing towards him, showing she's asking his name.

"Link" He introduced himself, knowing what she meant after telling him their names.

"Your name is Link?" Elincia asked one more time to confirm it, which was approved with a nod.

"Are you looking for Saria?" Elincia asked.

"Ego operor non agnosco. Tamen Ego sum ut quaero Saria" He replied in his own language.

"There he goes with the ego bit again" Lethe sighed.

"I think ego is a different word in his language" Elincia replied, looking towards her.

"How would you know?" Lethe asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Unlike you, I don't have an ego" She replied, closing her eyes in amusement.

"If you weren't Queen, I'd make you regret that right now" Lethe snapped back, holding in her anger.

"So, he's looking for this Saria child. Do you know where she went?" Ike asked, stepping up.

"I think she was looking for some portal and went towards your base. She knows our language a bit more than him" Elincia replied, turning towards Ike.

"Maybe I'll take him towards there and he can continue searching. I need a few days off anyways" Ike replied, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Hm, understood." Elincia replied, turning around. "I'll give you a week off" She replied, walking away with her retainers following behind her.

Ike scratched the back of his head, "Seems she puts you on a leash" Lethe replied with a smile.

"With the kingdom underconstruction, it seems so" Ike answered, turning towards Link.

"You sure he's not related to Tibarn?" He asked, looking over him again.

"That what Mordecai say. Mordecai think you should ask Tibarn" Mordecai replied, having Link look around.

"Hey, listen. I, might, be, able, to, help, you, find, your, friend. I, am, going, to, take, you, to, my, base, and, help, you, there. Understand?" Ike asked, pausing after each word, causing Link to blink.

"Come, with, me" He replied shorter. Link nodded, thinking he's going to help. "I think he understood me" Ike replied confidently. He than went to walk out with Link walking behind him. Lethe and Mordecai soon followed after and went back to their work.

Link walked towards Epona and pulled on the reins. "This your horse?" Ike asked, pointing at the horse, which Link answered with a nod. "It's beautiful" He replied, before walking again. Link followed behind and let Ike lead him to wherever he said.

And there's the first chapter of my new story.

I had a bit of a tough time speaking for Mordecai and Bastian, but I think I did well on it.

There might be multiple pairings with Link, from the beautiful Lucia to the seducive Vika. Go random is what I say.

Radiant Dawn characters will also appear as well.

The language Link is speaking is actually Latin. I found a translator online and used that. Might be different than what some might have learned in class. So, here's what he's saying

Latin: Ego operor non agnosco vos
English: I don't understand you

Latin: Ego sum iens dimitto
English: I'm going to leave

Latin: Qua es vos captus mihi?
English: Where are you taking me?

Latin: Quis is iens efficio? Ledo suus hostilis per is?
English: What's he going to do? Hit his enemies with it?

Latin: Mos populus subsisto contactus meus audite?
English: Will people stop touching my ears?

Latin: Ego volo impetro sicco
English: I want to get out!

Latin: Vos , vos , vos. Est ut totus vos populus for?
English: Ego, ego, ego. Is that all you guys talk about?

Latin: Ego operor non agnosco. Tamen Ego sum ut quaero Saria
English: I don't understand, but I'm looking for Saria

As you can see, ego is how you say I in Latin. Also, even if you check it out, it might not be accurate, since I had to arrange some of the words so that it may translate properly. Don't has to go Do not.

I think I said everything, now review please

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