Alright, so here's the next chapter of Twilight Emblem. Previously, Ike and friends learned that Link and Saria arrived in search of the source. The source being Twilight, which somehow invaded the Hylian realm and spreading towards Tellius. Ike is continuing his work on the reconstruction of Crimea while Link and Saria travel towards Daein.

Without further delay, let's read the next chapter.

I'm also going to use Italics as the Hylian tongue now that Saria is there to translate.

Italics = Hylian Tongue
Normal = English Tongue

Chapter 4: The Rise of Darkness. (Hey! A new title not related to A New World!)


Link and Saria continued to ride along peacefully thinking where this Twilight source is coming from. Eavesdropping in previous markets in villages they passed by, they learned that where they were heading towards Daein. After the fall of the Mad King, Daein was going in a ruckus without a king to lead them. They arrived in another town where they decided to freshen up and get a few supplies. There, they noticed a crowd attraction near a back alley and they were curious of what it is.

"Let's go check it out." Saria whispered to Link in their native tongue.

Link nodded and leaded on. Because of previous statements, all Link heard were gibberish, so he listened out for Saria.

Saria stayed close to Link and listened in, using their sensitive ears to their advantage. "They're saying a fortune teller resides here and she's currently open up for business." Saria replied and began to think.

Link then got an idea, "Maybe she can help us locate the Twilight source." He mentioned in his language.

"Good idea" Saria agreed and looked at the crowd that was currently going away, "We seem to have proper timing too." She added and led them to the fortune teller.

The fortune teller was currently in a robe, wearing a hood that covered a great deal of her face. All they saw was golden eyes and a couple of locks of white hair. Despite the white hair however, they saw that she had smooth skin, therefore they began to think she just has an ailment.

Before they got a chance to speak, the fortune teller spoke first, "Visitors from another world. What business do you have of me?" She spoke out, already knowing that they were not of this world.

Saria cleared her throat, "If you are as good as they say, you should already know why we are here." She pointed out.

They saw the fortune teller giving a smile, "You seek this source called Twilight." She pointed out, in which Saria nodded, "You are heading the right way to Daein, but if you head there just by the power of two, then you will fall like a snowflake on a harsh winter storm." She explained, staring at the duo straight in the eyes.

"What she say?" Link asked.

Saria looked at him, "She's saying we won't last long if we battle the Twilight source as it is." She answered.

Link then scoffed, "We've been through thousands of battles and learned a lot just from isolation. I think we can handle it." He mocked, crossing his arms and looking to the side.

"Overconfidence will be your undoing." The fortune teller all of a sudden replied, startling the two.

"You understand our tongue?" Saria asked, still unsure of what she heard.

"A little" She answered.

Saria then grunted a little, "How? You can't possibly see how our world interacts with each other." She pointed out.

The fortune teller then gave another smile, "I can only see the future and not through the windows of past. I know not of how our world interacts with each other, but your tongue appears to be a more advanced and evolved form of the Ancient Language. A language long forgotten." She explained and handed them a book which had a sun and strange symbols. "What's this say?" She asked.

"Nosferatu." Saria worded out.

"It is a spell that drains the life force of your enemy and restores your own." She explained the function of the spell. She then placed a finger under her chin, "Even with my ability of foresight, you two are a great mystery to me." She mentioned.

Saria put the book down, "Alright then. You say we can't battle with the Twilight Source. What should we do?" She asked.

The fortune teller closed her eyes and focused, "If you wish to gather strength for the battle, then Greil's Mercenaries will lend their blades for the right price. If you wish to weaken the source, then five locations should be dealt with." She answered.

"Is there anything in our way?" Saria asked.

The fortune teller again closed her eyes, "A new force arises. Not of this world and not of yours. But from the descends of shadows. They are beasts; not living, nor dead. They know no mercy or compassion. They will attack villages and they are never ending. Should you wish to stop this force, then make haste to deal with the Twilight source before you become overwhelmed." She explained the threat.

Link then nudged Saria to the side, "She's saying that monsters will arrive soon. Not of this world or ours. Not living or dead." She translated for him.

Link immediately looked to the side, "Twilght Beasts..." He muttered quietly.

"Um...thank you for your time." Saria answered, taking a few steps back.

The fortune teller smiled, "It is you I must thank. Thanks to you, I now have insight on these beasts and how to strike them." She replied and grabbed the tome, "Take this. A gift from me to you." She added and tossed it at Saria.

Catching the book, Saria looked at the book with a quick glance. "Thank you." She replied and took off with Link following close behind.

Now away from the fortune teller, Link and Saria began to think, "She said there are five locations we should go if we want to weaken the Twilight Source." Saria replied, looking at the ground as they walk.

"I still don't get why we just don't march up their door and deal with it there." Link muttered, sizing the crowd within the village.

"With her ability of foresight, she probably saw our defeat and warned us of it." Saria answered, now opening the book and studied a bit.

Link then looked away in thought, "What of these five locations she spoke of?" He pointed out.

Saria then looked ahead, "Probably should have asked her that." She muttered. "Wait. Let's go to a tavern." She suggested.


Inside a tavern near night

Link sat at a corner table, looking around uncomfortably as he was still new to these parts. A woman then came along, holding a menu, handing it to him, "Welcome handsome. Haven't seen you around here before. What brings you here?" She asked, looking at a notepad.

Saria stood outside through the window as taverns didn't allow kids in at night. Saria could have argued that she was older then she appeared to be, but didn't want to draw attention. So, she quickly taught Link a few English words to at least ask a request.

Link still looked about nervously, he still didn't understand what the woman just said and was muttering barely audible evil Hylian curses.

"Tongue-tied are you?" She asked with a smile, "Don't worry about it. I get it all the time...Calill's my name and this is my tavern which I run with a man named Largo. Who you can see is that big brute muttering drunken words at the counter..."

Link still looked at her, "Blah-blah-blah-blah, What in the world is she saying?" He quietly thought to himself, "What were those words to asking for a fireman?" He added to his thoughts.

Seeing he wasn't making progress, Saria slapped her forehead muttering evil Hylian curses. She then looked around, trying to find a way to get in without drawing attention.

Back to Link, the woman who he heard introduced herself as Largo, along with the man named Calill who spoke even more nonsense then that noble at the castle where he was the other day. He then finally memorized the words Saria taught him. He then tapped her wrist, getting her attention.

"" He spoke out slowly.

Calill's expression then changed, " must be associated with Ike." She muttered quietly, "Wait here for a few minutes. I'll send out for a fireman." She then walked away much to Link's relief.

He then looked out the window and noticed Saria was missing, he then took a quick glance around, trying to locate her.

After a few minutes.

A man then came along, "I understand your looking for a fireman?" He asked, sitting across from the table.

Link then looked at the man, having dark brown hair, along with brown eyes and a red headband tied around him. He was even more puzzled, he didn't look like a fireman, then he started to wonder why they were asking for a fireman when there wasn't a fire in the first place.

"Well?" The man spoke out, "My time is precious, I'd rather not waste it." He added to his words.

Link then started to stammer, "Uh...Ike..." He spoke out.

The man then sat back, "Ah yes. I heard of you. You don't speak our language, so this is going to be a bit of a problem." He then crossed his arms, "Where's your little companion?" He asked.

Just then, she popped her head underneath the table, sitting besides Link, "Sorry. I'm here." She replied and straightened her hair, "Kind of hard sneaking passed several people while getting stepped on." She added, then cleared her throat, "Sorry, onto business. My name is Saria and this is Link..."

"I know..."

"Well, we won't have to bother with introductions then." She replied and sighed, "I assume you know why we're here?" She asked.

"My time is precious. However, give me 5000 and I'll tell you what you want to know." He replied.

"5000..." She muttered quietly, then dugged in her pocket and pulled out a purple gem stone, "Will this suffice?" She asked.

The man then grabbed it and looked at it, "More then enough..." He muttered quietly. He then put it in his pocket, "Alright. My name's Volke and I'm associated with Ike as you may know." He introduced himself and started to whisper, "Your looking for something called the Twilight Source?" He asked, in which Saria answered with a nod, "Well, I've been monitoring these lands for a while, long before you came here and noticed five strange activities happening within five different locations. One is south of here in Begnion, another is in Goldoa, then Kilvas, Crimea and finally Serene's Forest." He explained and pulled out a map, "Here's a map confirming the five locations." He answered, handing it over.

Saria then studied the map, "Begnion is the closet. South of here. We should head there first." She replied to Link, who looked at the map. She then looked at the man, "Volke. We're not sure when this is, but I need you to relay a message to Ike. Tell him to be on guard as a new force is going to be attacking anytime." She requested and pulled out a red gem stone, "Here's a tip." She added and stood up, "Thanks for your time." She replied and took off with Link following behind.

Volke just looked at the two gems he received in wonder.

Few hours later.

Ike, Titania, Mist, Shinon, Boyd, and Mia stood out in the open, looking around.

"Tell me why we're out here again?" Shinon muttered, still a bit dazed by his sway.

Titania then sighed, "Volke told us that something is going to be appearing soon. As a force, we want to meet it first." She explained the situation.

Shinon then scoffed, "Waste of time if you ask me." He muttered quietly.

Ike took a turn and sighed, "No one is forcing you to stay here Shinon." He pointed out.

Shinon then scoffed again, not moving from the spot.

Ike then pulled out his sword; not Ragnell, but a different one.

"What's that one called?" Boyd asked, leaning against a tree.

Ike then looked at him, "Does it matter?" He asked, swinging it a bit.

"Seeing as you have a cool sword called Ragnell, I'm just wondering if that one has a name." Boyd quickly answered.

"Fine. You want a name?" Ike called out, "How about Ettard?" He suggested.

Shinon looked down, "One word away from Retard." He muttered to himself quietly.

Ike began to walk ahead, "I'm going to take a look ahead." He mentioned.

"Not alone your not." Mist called out, staying behind Ike.

"I'm coming too." Mia added and walked alongside them.

After awhile, Ike sighed, "What if Shinon is right? What if this is a waste of time?" He wondered to himself.

Just then the area started to shake, causing the three to lose balance and fall to the side, "What's happening?" Mia asked, getting back onto her feet.

Ike then got back up, "Get back to the others!" He ordered in which the two were quick to obey.

After joining with the other group, they started to crowd, "What's going on?" Boyd asked.

Titania then looked around, noticing black things floating, "Ike, look." She pointed out.

The black things then started to ascend to the sky where they gathered and formed a circle which then started to glow strange colors.

"What is that?" Ike asked himself.

Just then, the black circle formed a hole and soon enough, three things fell out of it. They landed on what they guessed were their backs and they turned standing on all fours. They were black as night and on their chests lied some red which glowed eerily. Assuming that's their hair, they had several strands dangling at the back of their heads, in which their faces were covered with masks.

Startled by the sight, all forces drew their weapons and kept their distance and backed into a transparent red wall which prevented escape. The three creatures then observed their prey with a growl. They then let out a terrifying scream before lunging towards them.

Ike was the first to act, ducking down to avoiding the lunge and turned towards the monster. He then swung his sword in an arc, slashing below the monster. The monster groaned in pain and turned quickly towards him where the monster then tackled him, lifting him up and slamming him towards the ground before leaping off and changed targets.

Ike breathed deeply to gain as much air he can before he realized the creature jumped off of him. He then wondered why the creature switched targets, before another one jumped onto him, slamming its feet onto his ribs, making audible cracks. The creature then scooped up Ike and tossed him against the transparent wall and turned away, switching targets again. Another then slammed up against him, knocking air out of him. It then raised its claw in an attempt to end his life.

Just then, another sword stabbed against its back, emerging from its chest. With a quick yelp, the monster looked at the blade, before the blade twisted, opening the wound and therefore, preventing healing. With aggression, the blade was ripped out of it, leaving another cut and the creature falling onto the ground.

Ike then looked at his savior to see Mia swiping black liquid away from her blade, "You can thank me later." She proclaimed making him wrap his arm around her and dragged him away from the other two where Mist already had her staff out.

Mia put him against a tree where Mist already started the process of healing while Mia stood guard.

Titania was knocked off of her horse and laid onto the ground. She looked ahead and saw one of the creatures leaping towards her. She then rolled to the side, dodging the creatures stomp which left an indention on the ground. She then swung her axe at it, lodging inside its shoulder, however, the creature only yelped and backhanded her, making her let go of the axe. Titania again stumbled onto the ground and looked at the creature, who pulled the axe out and tossed it aside. It then slowly made its way towards her.

It then felt a sharp pinch at the side causing it to yelp. It looked at the source of the pinch and saw an arrow sticking out of it. It then looked ahead and saw a man with red-long hair firing another arrow at it. At blinding speed, the creature dodged to the side and seemingly disappeared.

Shinon; who fired the arrow, looked around, keeping guard and an arrow still ready for firing. From the side, the creature tackled him onto the ground, staying on top of him. It then raised its claw and slashed it towards him. Shinon quickly moved to the side, rolled under him and dodged the attack. He then stabbed his arrow on the creatures rib, although it didn't seem to have much affect as Shinon stood back on his feet, it backhanded him towards the wall. It then made its way to prevent him from getting back up and raised its claw again.

Titania; who already gathered her surroundings, grabbed her axe and seeing Shinon in peril at a fair distance, gripped her axe with both hands, raising it behind her and with a yell, threw it at the creature.

Before the creature could attack, the axe lodged inside the back of its head and fell onto the side. Shinon looked ahead, to see Titania on her knees, presumably dropping after throwing the axe at high velocity. Without a seconds waste, he got up, grabbed the axe and sprinted towards her, returning it.

Boyd was swinging his axe at the last creature, who dodged and even blocked the strikes. Boyd managed to guard against a claw attack, where the two were pushing against each other. The creature apparently was the stronger one as it used its other claw to punch him back.

However, as the creature looked ahead, it saw the two of its kind dead and that all the other humans were progressing towards it. It then arched its back and let out another terrifying scream, causing all to cover their ears.

At the sound of the roar, the other two twitched.

Mist; who stood behind the group, noticed this and looked at the one that Ike recently killed. Only to see that it wasn't killed and stood back onto its feet. "Ike!" She warned.

Ike then looked behind and saw the other two creatures back on their feet and made their way towards them. "Damn it! What's it take to kill these things?" He muttered to himself quietly.

They then formed a circle and still backed away from the creatures until they were at arm's length.

Two roars; one deep, and one feline-like sounded out, startled the creatures. As they looked about, a large orange cat jumped from a tree, over the transparent wall and tackled the creature. While a larger blue lion did a similar act, only mauling the unfortunate creature he chose.

Again, one creature found itself alone again, and thus prepared to roar. Boyd then gripped his axe with both hands, "Oh no you don't!" He called out and lodged his axe straight into its forehead, cracking the mask.

With that blow, the last creature fell down and exploded into black objects floating around. The other two followed suite as they exploded as well, turning into black blocks. They then floated back at the sky and into the hole where the hole then disappeared, bringing little light back onto the area and the transparent walls disappearing as well.

The two felines then started to shine and they stood onto their feet, before transforming back into Mordecai and Lethe from the market earlier today.

Mordecai was the first to speak, "Elincia asked Mordecai and Lethe to get Ike. We hear strange noises and we came rushing here." He spoke poorly.

The mercenaries put their weapons away and Titania went to fetch her horse who somehow got away from the fight. "Thank you for showing up. Any more longer and we would have been in real trouble." Ike replied, crossing his arms.

Lethe only looked where the hole was, "What were those things?" She asked, flickering her tail about.

Ike stared where it was too, "I don't know. We were just told that something was going to come here, so we came here to intercept." He explained.

Titania then came along with her horse, "Commander, we should head inside and debrief this new threat." She proposed.

"Right." Ike agreed and turned towards the two laguz, "You two should come too. Never know if they'll attack Gallia too." He pointed out.

As they left the field, the area became dim again while the hole again appeared. This time, several black things came down and began forming an individual. This individual began to take shape of a woman, however, her skin was a strange blue color and her eyes were yellow with red pupils. Her hair was orange and went over her shoulders, being tied in front.

She then made a strange object appear in front of her, "This is where he is." She muttered quietly, then looked at the skies, "He's somewhere in this land." She added before starting to walk.

Greil Mercenaries

Soren sat quietly and absorbed all the information they gave him. "So your saying, these creatures are capable of reviving each other?" He recalled, having all the others nod.

"We were at a disadvantage." Ike pointed out, recalling that they were blacker than night. "They moved at a blinding speed, even outmatching Shinon's arrows." He continued to point out.

Speaking of Shinon, he began to walk towards the door.

"Whoa, where you going?" Titania asked, being the first to notice.

Shinon only showed her a bag of coins.

Titania then frowned, "Your seriously going to go to a pub with all these...things appearing out of nowhere?" She pointed out.

Shinon then sighed, "Of course I am. I need a drink after this encounter, but don't worry. Gatrie's coming with me." He replied.

The man in question popped up his head from the table, "I am?" He asked, unsure of what was happening.

"Shinon..." Ike called out, uneasy of his position.

Shinon then grimaced at Ike, "What? Your that worried? How about we take the kitty-cat with us?" He proposed.

The cat in question hissed at him, "As if I'll ever drink with a human like you." She snapped at him.

Shinon then gave a little smirk, "What? Can't handle a little human drink? Afraid you'll cause an uproar?" He continued to taunt.

"Shinon. You know the bonds between beorc and laguz are still severe." Titania pointed out.

Lethe then somehow figured this was a challenge, "I don't need you to care for my welfare." She hissed at Titania who looked at her surprisingly, "I'll take your offer, but only to show you I can handle your drinks." She; surprisingly enough, accepted Shinons offer.

Everyone was speechless as she walked out. Shinon only shrugged his shoulders as he followed with Gatrie behind. Ike then lowered his head on the table, "Now we all have a reason to worry." He muttered quietly.

Soren was the only one unfazed as he only took a sip from his cup and studying various notes.


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