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Ron Weasley looked around the train station, trying to spot his best friend, Harry. He'd promised that they would meet at 10:20, but it was already 10:36. This worried him, Harry was never late. Ron knew that he had to meet those exchange students, but still. Where was he?

Soon, he spotted that familiar scar imprinted forehead. Harry was with four people he suspected to be the students from New York. The very attractive students...Ron started blatantly checking out the two girls. The blonde had a plaid skirt that met mid thigh, a long sleeved blouse with a black tie to balance it out. She was also wearing a black suede jacket and high brown boots.

The brunette was wearing a blouse with lace designs, a cashmere jacket lined with white and black, a big red headband and matching red tights. Her skirt met slightly below mid thigh, but hugged her curves beautifully.

Ron had to admit to himself he was more attracted to the blonde, though.

Suddenly, everybody in the little group(except Harry) whipped out their phones and seemed to be looking at the contents, shocked and appalled. As Ron made his way over, he ran a hand through his hair, hoping to make a good impression.

"The bitch." everyone looked surprised at Nate's choice of language, but they just had to agree. Gossip Girl was being a huge biotch at the moment.

Chuck just scoffed at the comment about him. As if Dan Humphrey could take over his role on the Upper East Side. That comment about Nate though...He thought back to the Van Der Bass wedding. He thought Nate's dad had gotten away. He'd had a fake passport and everything. He and Nate's eyes met and Chuck shook his head.

Nate nodded, anger slipping away. He wasn't even sure who he was angry at; Gossip Girl, who actually had the nerve to post this about his family; or his father, for being stupid enough to think that he could just split and leave a huge mess behind for him and his mom. His mom...he wondered what she would do now, without a husband or son by her side. But then, he thought, she probably deserved it. She had signed him off to this shady school, after all.

Harry looked at then all confusedly, "Who texted you all?"

The four of them looked at each other until Serena opened her mouth to speak,"Well, there's this thing called Gossip Girl-" she was interrupted by a boy with bright red hair, saying, "Hey, Harry!"

Harry, turned around, surprised, "Ron, what are you doing here? I said I would meet you at-" he glanced at his watch, "-Oh."

Ron nodded, " 'S okay. So, introduce me."

Introductions and hand shakes were made until Harry brought up the subject of the time, "Guys, it's 10:51. we're going to miss the train if we don't get there by 11.

Blair looked around them, "Where is the train? We have instructions to go to platform 9 3/4, but all I see are nine and ten."

Harry sighed, "You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but you have to run into that wall." he pointed towards the one with the number ten on it.

Blair scoffed, "Into the wall? You really are crazy." she didn't tell anyone that she was actually afraid to go head first into the wall, but of course Chuck could see that, "Don't worry, Waldorf; I'll protect you."

Blair rolled her eyes, but grabbed his hand anyway, dragging him close to the wall. "Just walk through." Harry nodded.

Now Chuck looked panicked. "What happened to protecting me?" Blair hissed.

Chuck looked at the wall, and back, "Well, that was before I knew Harry was serious about the wall thing."

"Don't worry; I'll protect you." she mocked before pushing him straight into the bricks. Chuck(and their luggage) disappeared.

Serena gasped and Blair looked shocked. Nate grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt, "What the hell did you do with my best friend?"

"Nothing!" he sputtered, "He's on the platform now."

Ron snickered, but before Nate could lunge at him, he disappeared through the wall too, pushing his own luggage cart.

Blair gulped before running into to wall, grabbing Serena's hand too, so they went through together.

Nate let go of Harry's shirt and went in more cautiously; he was soon gone in a blink of an eye.

Harry adjusted his collar before walking through, muttering, "Muggles."

Hermione Granger turned her slightly bushy haired head from side to side, wondering if her two best friends, Harry and Ron were here yet. Or at least, if Ron was here yet. Harry had to help the new exchange students or something. She would be lying if she said she wasn't excited about them. Finally, there would be people like her at Hogwarts(without the magic though).

She frowned when she saw a brunette boy with a large black coat, monogrammed scarf hanging around his neck. He seemed to be around her age, but she had never seen him at Hogwarts.

He was blinking rather stupidly at the wall he had just come through, shaking his head in disbelief. He was kind of cute though...Suddenly Ron popped up on his side and he(the brunette) jumped, though he seemed glad to see him(Ron). Then, an unfamiliar petite brunette and a tall blonde appeared. Oh, so those three must be the exchange students. But... hadn't' Harry told her there were four-

Another blonde male came into the picture and Harry also made his way onto the platform, though he seemed to be glaring at the blonde boy, who was looking at Harry rather sheepishly.

Ron spotted her and waved her over, "Hermione, over here!"

She walked towards them, smiling shyly at the the strangers. She was introduced, the brunette boy; 'Chuck', smirking at her, while 'Nate' the blonde one, also returned her shy smile. 'Serena" was smiling kindly, but 'Blair' was looking at her with suspicion. That seemed to make Chuck smirk at her even more.

As Harry ushered the seven of them to a compartment, many people staring at them, not just because Harry was plastered across The Daily Prophet this time, though. Everyone seemed interested in the "muggles" who somehow got entrance into the wizarding world. The train started a few moments later, just as they were able to reach an empty compartment.

Blair looked around disdainfully at the hardly leather seats. Since compartments are supposed to only hold six people at maximum(three people to a seat), the NJBC had to be crowded onto one while Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat comfortably. Blair had to be wedged in between Serena and Chuck. Blair scowled at the intense closeness of Chuck and stared daggers at him, but he just met her gaze with an amusedly raised eyebrow.

She pouted, which caused Chuck's eyes to move to her mouth, eyes turning dark. Serena scrunched up her nose adorably(in Harry's' opinion at least) at the look on Chuck's face. Nate shook his head, sniggering ever so slightly.

Hermione, noticing that conversation was severely lacking, tried to bring up a subject that everyone would be interested in. However, right at that moment, Chuck decided he needed to talk to Blair, "Waldorf..." he drawled, "Could we talk?"

The first thing Blair noticed was the way he didn't suggest anything with the word, talk, so it must be serious, whatever he wanted to talk about. So she nodded slowly and they both got up, letting Serena and Nate have some breathing room for a little bit.

Soon the two of them were out of view and another silence settled uncomfortably on the group.

"So..." Hermione started, "How long have the four of you known each other?"

Serena replied, rather sardonically, "Since we were five."

"Oh?" Harry turned to look at the two of them, eager to participate in any conversation with Serena in it. There was just something about her..

Nate nodded, "How long have, um, you three known each other?"

"Since we were eleven." Ron supplied.

"Hmm." was Serena's response.

Cue more awkward silence.

As Chuck led her away, her hand in his, it was hard to ignore the the ever present butterflies that had been there ever since Chuck had asked, 'you sure?' in the limo the eve before her seventeenth birthday.

So when they got to a quiet corner on the train, Blair quickly ripped her hand out of Chuck's. He hardly noticed, his eyes fixated on her face. Blair squirmed under his gaze, "What did you bring me here to talk about, Bass?"

Chuck sighed, knowing this wasn't going to be easy, "Well, first of all, I'd like to apologize for abandoning you at the helipo-

"I don't accept your meager apology Bass."

"But Bla-"

"No." she interrupted stiffly.



"Just please listen to all I have to say." he practically begged her.

She huffed slightly, but relented because he was begging(ha!), "Fine."

He ran a hand through his hair, obviously relived, and Blair couldn't help but notice how cute he looked when he was flustered, "I...um...wanted to say sorry-" at this point, Blair's mouth had fallen into perfect, 'o', "-for...well, everything, really. I didn't mean to, uh, you know...abandon you, but my, my dad gave me this whole responsibility speech, how I would be a...well, a changed man, and I chickened out, and-"

Blair raised a hand to stop his ramblings, and Chuck closed his mouth immediately, afraid he had said something wrong. Blair, almost like she was reading his mind, said, "No, you didn't say something wrong-" (in those adorable ramblings of yours) she added to herself, "-But...look, Bass, you know I can't just...accept your apology-" she saw Chuck deflate ever so slightly in font of her, "-and...everything will go back to normal, you know? I mean, that week...I, I thought you actually...felt the same was I did but-" she cut herself off, blushing, realizing exactly how much she had just revealed in her last words.

"Actually..." Chuck said, "That was the other reason I wanted to talk to you..."

She looked at him suspiciously. Surely he wasn't going to-

"I also dragged you here to propose a wager." Chuck smirked.

Of course he did.

Blair frowned, remembering exactly what happened the last time they made a wager. She and Chuck had ended up...you know on Kati's brother's bed. Though she had gotten a rather nice necklace(and night) from it..."What kind of wager?" she eyed him with suspicion.

She watched as his smirk changed to an actually real, genuine, smile. A smile that confused her even more than the whole, "I'm here to propose a wager" notion. He took a deep breath before saying, "The wager is-" and she braced herself, ready for the inevitable. but what he said was even more shocking than anything she had ever heard come out of his mouth.

"-I try to make you fall in love with me," he silently gauged her reaction, telling himself that the widening of her eyes was a good thing, "-and you try to make me fall in love with you."

Blair had never been so shocked in her entire life. Did Chuck Bass actually just say that to her? Oh God, the world was going to end soon wasn't it? But there was just an eerie silence as Chuck's gaze stayed affixed to her face. She licked her lips, and watched in slight satisfaction when his eyes flicked towards them. After a few more moments of silence, she finally opened her mouth to speak-

"It's a wager." and she was proud of herself when her voice didn't waver. Not once.

Chuck nodded slowly, "So it is."

Serena squirmed uncomfortably as Harry and Ron kept eyeing her weirdly. The silence in the compartment was suffocating. Hermione was reading a newspaper with moving pictures, which kept Nate's interest as his gaze kept flickering towards her(well, the newspaper). God, where were Blair and Chuck when you needed them?

She nearly sighed in relief when she spotted the two familiar figures approach the door. She scooted to the side so there would be more room on the seat.

The conversation picked up slightly when Blair started to chat with Hermione, and everyone joined in. Everyone but Chuck, who was staring at Blair, still thinking about that spur of the moment wager. Was he being stupid?

He felt someone prod his shoulder and pretended to look interested when Nate showed him the moving pictures newspaper, his mind continually going back to Blair. It was then he saw how far he had fallen, and for the first time, he was afraid he would lose.

Because, he realized, as he continued to watch Blair out of the corner of his eye, he had lost a long time ago.

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