The Sequel

By: CSI-Panther-Skull

Summary: Sequel to Trunks&Pan go camping.

Pairing: Trunks & Pan

A/N: I don't own anything that is or related to the Dragon Ball/Z/GT series. And I hope ya'll like the sequel like ya did the first one.

Chapter 1

At Capsule Corp.

Pan was the first to stir from her rest next to her mate. She opened her eyes and saw her mate's face, his forehead and the tip of his nose was touching hers like it always did when she stayed the night. They had been mates now for 3 months and everyone in his family knew about it. The only ones, however, that didn't know about the two, was her family and their( Trunks & her) friends. They wanted it kept that way until they felt it was the right time to tell everyone about them. But for now, they were fine with just his family knowing. Well they (her parents and & friends) do know their together, just not mates.

She quietly got up, removed her mate's arm and tail, and went to the bathroom. There, she washed up, dried off and changed her clothes. She didn't want her father to smell her mate on her, she put on some perfume to further mask her scent and walked out of the bathroom to find her mate sitting up in the bed.

" Sorry Trunks. I didn't mean to wake you. " She said as she sat down on the bed.

" I woke the moment you left the bed. " He said lowly, knowing that he won't be seeing her for the rest of the day, unless she came to train or visit Bra. It had been this way for the 3 months they were together. She would come to him at night and stay with him and a little before dawn she would shower, change clothes, put perfume on and then give him a kiss and hug before leaving out the way she had came in, the window.

" I'll try and come by around lunch. " Pan said as she hugged him.

" Heh. You start coming here during the day all the time, your parents will get suspicious and start asking questions, ones that we ain't ready to answer yet. " He teased before he kissed her, returning her hug. Holding her tight and not wanting to let her go. But unless he wanted her to get caught by her mom or dad this morning, he reluctantly let her go. She gave him one last kiss before getting up from the bed and going to the window.

" I'll see you at lunch, if I can make it. " She said before she jumped out the window and took off towards her home.

Trunks watched her go. He wanted to go with her to make sure she got home alright, but he knew that he couldn't for fear of being caught by her parents.

" How much longer are you two going to put this thing off, Boy? " A deep voice asked from his door.

Trunks didn't have to look to know that it was his father.

" How long were you there Dad? " He asked back.

" Since Pan began to leave out the window. Now answer my question. " Vegeta answered/demanded.

" I'm not sure father. I want to tell her parents and our friends, but she's still unsure of it. So I'll wait until she is ready to tell them. " Trunks answered as he looked out the window, the sun coming up over the horizon.

" Well don't wait too long. You'll never know what might happen before you decide to tell them. " Vegeta said as he turned and went to his own room that he shared with his own mate.

Chapter 2

Pan had made it to her home before either of her parents woke up. She was about to lay down under her covers, with her clothes still on, so it would look like she had just finished getting dressed when she came down for breakfast. But her stomach began churn like it had been doing for last few days and she ran to the bathroom down the hall. She flung open the door and went straight to the toilet.

Her father came to the door, he had been awaken from his daughter's dis-stress. ' It's got to be a stomach flu. ' Gohan thought as he opened the door and saw his baby girl over the toilet vomiting all that she ate.

" Pan? You alright sweetie? " He asked.

" I'm...fine. D-daddy. " She replied as she breathed heavily.

" Maybe we should take you to the doctor. " Gohan suggested.

" No. I'll be alright. " She said as she got up and flushed the toilet and rinsed out her mouth of the after taste.

" Alright. But you will stay home today. Your school work can wait for another day. " He said as he saw his daughter go down stairs. ( she's in her last 4th year in college. )

Pan went to the fridge and got out some milk and began to drink some of it. Actually, she drunk half of the gallon before she stopped and put it back in the fridge.

' Looks like I won't be seeing Trunks until tonight after all. But... ' Pan's eyes widen as she shouted up at the ceiling.


And she shot out of the kitchen window before her dad or mom could stop her.

" Why do you think she's acting this way dear? Gohan asked his mate.

Videl just giggle and asked him, " Do you remember how I was before we knew we're going to have Pan? " And left the room to go shower and fix a less load of food.

Gohan was still standing in their room with a confused look on his face, before it clicked and he paled and said " Oh man. " Before he fainted on the floor.

Here's ch./s 1 & 2! hope ya'll like it and that they ain't too short or sound crappy

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