The Sequel

By: CSI-Panther-Skull

Summary: Sequel to Trunks&Pan go camping.

Pairing: Trunks & Pan

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Last Time,

" My dad's here? "

" Yes. And we have got news for you. " Gohan said, he had goofy smile back on his face.

" What is it? " Pan asked again.

" First, we now know you and Trunks are mates. " Videl said, smiling.

" But how did you know? " Pan asked and her gaze turned to Trunks.

" Sorry. It slipped when I heard the news. " He said, copying Gohan's goofy grin.

" What news? " Pan asked once more.

" Your pregnant! Your going to be a mommy and my baby's going to be a daddy! " Bulma said as she once more was bubbling up with exciment.

Pan was silent for a moment before she smiled the biggest smile anyone ever saw on her face and jumped up from the bed and hugged her mate and then hugged her mother and father and Bulma together, screaming as she went.

Chapter 5

A few months later, Pan was starting to show that she was indeed pregnant. Her and Trunks decided not to see what they were having, they'd know when the child was born in the next five months. Until then, Trunks had to tend to Pan's every beck and call. Not to mention that he rarely let her do anything herself, saying that she just needed to relax and let him do everything for her, well except for going to the bathroom, she said she could do that just fine, but Trunks said when her stomach got bigger he was helping her.

Of course when he said that, Pan's hormones kicked in and she started crying and calling Trunks names of all kinds and saying that she was fat and not as pretty as she was before she got pregnant. Trunks freaked out and didn't know what to do except to hold her and say that he was sorry and that he didn't mean it.

That was two weeks ago. Now they sat down on the couch in Capsule Corp., watching a comedy movie. Trunks was sitting with his legs on the couch and his back against the arm of the couch. Pan was in his lap, her head on his stomach and her hands on top of his as they wrapped around her, slowly going to sleep, listening to Trunks heart beat and the movie that was almost over.

" You know. " Pan said sleepily, " We still haven't picked out a name for our child. "

" I know. But I can't seem to think of any good ones. " Trunks replied as he moved one of his hands to run through her hair, while his tail curled around her ankle and rubbed her foot unconsciously.

" How about...Kihero if it's a boy. " Pan suggested.

" Kihero? That's a good one. But what if we have a girl? " He replied.

" I'll let you decide that one. " Pan said with a smile.

" about..Katina? "

" Perfect. "

Four more months passed by and Pan was really showing how pregnant she was. Everyone was saying that she was going to have a big baby and she and Trunks believed that they were right. Pan thought it was a big baby the moment she felt her weight change a month after her and Trunks decided on what to call the baby if it was a girl or a boy. And since they didn't want to know whether they were going to have a boy or a girl, though she and Trunks did go to the check ups, they still told the doctor every time that they wanted to wait until the baby was born. Everyone of their family members were playing guessing games, Pan's father and mother said it was a girl, her grandma said it was a boy, her grandpa Goku said that it was going to be twins and both would be girls, her uncle Goten said he didn't care which one it was, he was going to spoil the kid anyway, and her grandfather Hercule said it was going to be another girl and was going to as sweet and beautiful as her mom and grandma.

Trunks' mother said it going to boy as well as his sister, surprisingly though, his father said it was going to be a girl, his grandpa Dr. Briefs agreed with his father, but his grandmother agreed with his mother and sister.

Pan was in the bathroom, taking a shower, when she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She didn't think nothing of it at first, but when it happened again, but a little bit more hurtful, she knew then that her water had broken and the baby was coming.

" Trunks! " She screamed out.

Trunks came bursting through the door when he heard his mate calling for him. " Pan! What's wrong? " he shouted as he saw her leaning up against the shower wall.

Pan was breathing deeply and managed, " Baby...Coming...Now. "

" What? "

" The baby's coming you idiot! I need to go to the hospital now! " She screamed as she felt a contraction hit her again.

" Now? " Trunks said as he picked her up and carried out of the bedroom door, getting her robe as he went, " I thought you weren't due for another month? "

" Yeah well this kid wants out now! " Pan screamed out again as Trunks flew down the stairs and into the living-room where his mother, sister, father, grandpa and grandma was standing.

" Hurry up and get in the car! The baby's coming! " He yelled as he shot out the door and out into the sky at top speed.

The rest of the family stayed put for a moment, but when what Trunks said sunk in, they looked at each other and all of them ran out the door at the same time. Vegeta picked Bulma up and he, along with Bulla, flew through the sky while Dr. Briefs and his wife took to the air in their air car.

Chapter 6

They got to the hospital in record time, everyone knew that the people flying was the saviors of their planet, so no one freaked out when they saw them. The doctors got Pan in the birthing room with Trunks right behind her.

In the waiting room, Vegeta was leaning against the wall, Bulla was sitting down beside her mother, who was on her cellphone calling the group and telling them the baby was coming and that they needed to get there.

3 hours went by and everyone of the group was there, even Piccolo. They hadn't heard anything and were becoming worried that maybe something had gone wrong.

" How long did it take for guys when you were giving birth? " Krillin asked the three women that had given birth to the half saiyans and quarter saiyan.

" Well with Trunks, it took me at least an hour. With Bulla, it only took half an hour. " Bulma answered her friend.

" It took almost two hours for Gohan, but it only took an hour for Goten. " Chichi replied.

" It only took me half an hour to have Pan. " Videl said.

" So why is she taking so long? " 18 asked.

" I'm not sure. " Chichi replied.

" Feh. It took five hours for me to come into the world. " Vegeta said getting a word in.

" Really? How did your mother manage that? " Bulma asked, this was the very first time her mate had mentioned his home in a long long time and this time, he had mentioned a family member.

Vegeta was quiet for a moment, when there was laughing coming from Yamcha, causing everyone to look at him.

" And is so funny Yamcha? " Bulma angrily asked her ex.

" Nothing. I just can't that Vegeta actually had a mother. " He said, laughing again.

" Well how do you explain me being here? My father himself bringing me into the world? " Vegeta asked annoyed.

Yamcha shut up then. By the tone of his voice, Yamcha could actually tell that it was a sore subject for the Prince. So he stopped and everything was quiet again.



" The Baby's here! " The women, except 18, shouted and started jumping up and down again like they did when they heard the news.

Everyone turned to the door and waited for Trunks to come out. 1 minute went by, then 3, then five.

" Uh? Shouldn't he have been out here now? " Bulla asked as she kept her knees bent and her hands clasped.

" I think so. " Bulma answered in the same pose.

" WELL? WHERE IS HE? " Chichi shouted.

Everyone turned to look at her and saw her at the front desk and ready to clobber the woman behind it when another,

" WAAAHHHH WAAAHHHHH " was heard shortly before the door opened and Trunks came out, a shocked look on his face.

" Well? Is it a boy? "

" Is it a girl? "

" Out with it boy! "

That seemed to have gotten Trunks out of stupor and he looked at his friends and family. " Your not going to believe it. We had twins! " He said proudly.


" Are they girls or boys? " Goku asked.

" There's one girl and one boy. " Trunks answered with a grin.

" Can we seem them? " Bulla asked.

" Yes. But not until Pan's rested up and back into her room. She'll have the twins with her when she comes in. " Trunks said as he lead everyone into the empty room where the nurses and doctor would bring Pan back into.

30 minutes later, the door opened and the doctor and nurses wheeled Pan in. And in her arms were the most gorgeous babies that they had ever seen.

The girl had her father's hair with a few strikes of black, her mother's face and her father's eyes. The boy has his mother's hair with a few strikes of lavender, his mother's eyes, and his father's face. Both sound asleep as their mother held them to her and smiling happily at them.

The doctor and nurses put Pan and her babies in the middle of the room and everyone, even Piccolo and Vegeta, gathered around the new mother and her young.

" Oh they are so adorable! " Videl said as she rubbed her grandson's soft hair.

" I know. " Pan said tiredly, but she still kept her smile.

" Can we hold them? " Bulla asked as she stared at her nephew and niece.

" Of course you can. " Pan said as Bulla came over to her friend and gentle took her nephew from his mother. He started crying when she did, but after she held him for a moment he stopped and went back to sleep.

" Hey there little nephew. " She said happily at the baby.

Goku came over and held out his arms and Pan handed over her daughter to her great grandfather. Unlike her brother, the girl didn't cry, she instead smiled up at the man that was holding her. Who smiled back and started talking to her in baby talk.

After awhile, the only ones that hadn't held the two were Piccolo and Vegeta. Gohan brought his grandson over to his mentor and held him out to the Namekain. He hesitated for a moment but held his arms out as well and Gohan placed his grandson in his arms. Piccolo had seen how the others were holding the baby and copied it, cradling the child to him and looking down at the infant.

Trunks was holding onto his daughter and brought her over to see her grandfather. Vegeta looked at his son like he was crazy. But one look from Bulma and he stopped, he hesitantly held his arms out and Trunks placed his daughter into his arms. The girl had started to cry when she saw that she was no longer in her fathers arms, but stopped when she saw the person now holding her.

Even though Vegeta was holding her, he kept her at arms length. He stared her and she stared back before she started squirming and kicked him in the face. Everyone gasped, but to everyone's surprise, Vegeta started laughing.

" She's defiantly going to be a strong one when she gets older. " He said after he stopped laughing. He then walked over to Pan and gave her back her daughter. Piccolo walked over to Vegeta and gave him his grandson. Like before, Vegeta kept the boy at arms length and they stared at each other, but instead of him kicking his grandfather like sister had done, he punched his wrist.

" Now that almost hurt boy. " Vegeta said with a proud grin and then handed the boy over to his mother.

" What are you going to call them? " Chichi asked.

Pan and Trunks looked at each other and Trunks said, " The girl's name is Katina. " " And the boy's name is Kihero. " Pan said as they and everyone else looked down at the two twins.

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