I know it's been awhile (read: an obnoxiously long time) since I've posted anything. This is a randomly inspired drabble collection, set in an AU modern college setting. I'm not considering this a real story because even though all the chapters are interconnected, there will be big jumps in time and character involvement. It doesn't really matter if they are demons or humans.

I'd also like to give a huge, gigantic, enormous thank you and shout out to purduepup, who edited all but the first couple of chapters, gave me great suggestions, and was extremely supportive. Your face? It is awesome.

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F My Life


Today, I was paired with the girl I've had a crush on all semester for our final project. Work kept me two hours late, and when I finally made it back to my dorm to meet up with her, I found out she spent the entire time playing video games with my dorm mates while waiting for me. Now, all three of them are in love with her, too. FML

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Inuyasha glared at the webpage, and what he'd typed late last night glared right back at him. (In the way only an inanimate object can glare.) He grumbled under his breath—nothing specific—and slammed his laptop shut before shoving it into the bag at his feet.

He'd submitted the post right after Kagome had left his dorm the night before, smiling and waving as she left, calling goodnight to all four boys who lived there. Inuyasha himself had waved back mutely, his face going from numb to fury in six seconds flat as his roommates Kouga (who he hated all the time), Miroku (who he hated at least part of the time), and Hojo (who he sometimes forgot existed) said their own goodbyes.

"Thanks, Kagome! Come back soon!"

"Next time, I'm totally kicking your ass instead! …Kidding! Kidding! You were GREAT at that game!"

"Marry me!"

The moment the door had clicked shut, Inuyasha turned on the others accusingly. "Two hours. I was only TWO hours late."

"Exactly," Miroku said, slinging an arm around his best friend's shoulders to steer the furious boy to the couch. "It's your own fault. You should never leave a lady waiting."

"Especially when there's someone like you hanging around," Inuyasha bit back angrily. They both knew that although Miroku was his best friend, Inuyasha wouldn't trust the mild-mannered pervert as far as he could throw him. "Or a mangy wolf like you!"

At the glare Inuyasha sent Kouga's way, the man grinned, well, wolfishly. "I can't help it if you deposited a prime piece of—"


"—like that directly in our laps," Kouga finished smoothly, ignoring the interruption. "It's not like she's yours, you know. She's fair game."

Miroku withdrew his arm and inched away from Inuyasha before adding his own thoughts to the conversation. "I'm sure we can all agree that Kagome is beautiful, charming, and sweet. We couldn't help ourselves."

"Especially after she kicked our asses at that video game."

Inuyasha looked at their tiny television and saw the start screen for some fighting game with a Sengoku period theme. In the background, there was an illustration of an enraged demon battling a fierce-looking woman dressed like a shrine maiden. "She has a little brother," he admitted to the others, figuring this would explain why she knew her way around a controller. "Plus, we all know you guys suck ass anyway. All you have to do is mash more buttons faster."

Kouga scoffed and left the room.

"I think she likes you," Hojo offered helpfully from the doorway. He smiled blissfully even when Inuyasha sent him the dirtiest look he could muster. Honestly, he had forgotten Hojo was there at all.

"What, so you're telling me you didn't hit on her, too?" Inuyasha accused, scoffing. "When I first got home, I saw how you guys were drooling over her, including you."

Hojo paused thoughtfully, leaning against the doorjamb and considered his answer before speaking again. "I don't think there would be much of a competition. Soon as you got home, Kagome only had eyes for you."

"Yeah, 'cuz we had a project to do and were already two hours behind thanks to my dumbass boss."

"I don't know, Inuyasha, she did brighten up the moment you walked through the door." Miroku scratched his chin, mimicking stroking a goatee he didn't have. "Well, you didn't walk through the door. You stormed in so angrily, I think you left an indent where the door handle hit the wall."

Instantly, Inuyasha switched gears, going from angry and accusing to defensive and self-conscious. A fight he could handle, even if it was over "territory" that didn't really belong to him; sympathy and understanding from a wimp like Hojo and what could only be an ulterior motive from Miroku (plus, Kouga was an all-around sleeze) was something Inuyasha would rather shoot himself in the foot than deal with. "Look, Kagome's barely spoken to me outside of class all semester. The only reason she's putting up with me now is because of the project." After a moment, he turned his gold eyes down to his feet to hide his sudden, but very embarrassing, uncertainty.

"No, I think Hojo's right, I think Kagome has a thing for you," Miroku continued teasingly, and the line between a friendly conversation began to blur into Miroku getting his jollies by yanking his best friend's chain.

"So, does this mean you guys aren't going to go after Kagome, too?"

"Not at all. Like Kouga said, she's fair game until you grow some balls and ask her out," Miroku said as he stood up. He clapped Inuyasha on the shoulder in an almost affectionate sort of way, stretched, and finally retreated to his room for the night. When Inuyasha sent a questioning look at Hojo, the younger boy shrugged with a bashful smile and left without saying anything at all. Once he was alone, Inuyasha pulled his laptop toward himself and navigated to the fmylife homepage.

Now, as he sat near the back of the classroom the following morning, his thoughts were sluggish. It really would be his own fault if some other guy snatched Kagome up—be it Miroku, Kouga, Hojo, or some other punk. Inuyasha had never really made a move or even hinted that he might have feelings for her. Actually, he didn't even know if Kagome was single. During class, they chatted whenever there was a pause in the lecture. Kagome was so open and honest, talking easily about her mother, brother, and grandfather; the shrine her family maintained; her three best friends who had not quite made it into the university of their choosing; and even her cat.

Inuyasha had talked (briefly, so very briefly) about his asshole half-brother and how, because both his parents were dead, he worked full-time to pay for his own education; he couldn't exactly rely on Sesshoumaru to help him out. Those facts might seem really personal and intimate, but he had never really cared if people knew about any of that. None of that had ever felt like private information to Inuyasha.

Private information would be how his heart did some weird skipping thing whenever Kagome walked into the room. (Like right now.) Or how he tended to be gruff and rude only because being nice and friendly made him feel uncomfortable and… well, like a wimp. Private information was anything that might give her a clue that he was into her.

"Hey, Inuyasha," she greeted brightly as she dropped into the chair next to him. Kagome tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and smiled at him. Predictably—and a little annoyingly—his heart started to beat erratically. "I think we can probably finish that project if we work for one more night. Two or three more hours oughta do it."

Inuyasha grunted and glanced away. He was still a little peeved about how damn friendly she had been with his roommates while waiting for him. It was her own fault for being so…

"Adorable," he muttered under his breath. It came out more angry and accusing than like a compliment.

"Excuse me?" Kagome asked, looking at him with a confused smile.


A few minutes later, Inuyasha noticed how fidgety the girl was. Class wouldn't start until the professor showed, and Myouga was always at least ten minutes late. Maybe Kagome had noticed that Inuyasha was being more stubborn and silent than usual. Or maybe Kagome noticed the blush on his cheeks. Whatever it was, she seemed restless, and he could tell she kept looking at him from the corner of her eye.

"Class ends in two weeks," she said suddenly.

Inuyasha looked at her, looked away, nodded.

"Then it's break," Kagome continued, staring at him now.

"Happens every year," Inuyasha said gruffly. Then he winced, realizing how rude he probably sounded.

Kagome hesitated but pushed on. "We have different majors, so we might not have any classes together next semester, not even a gen. ed. class."

During the following brief pause, Inuyasha glanced at Kagome, watching her face longer this time. He was starting to get an idea of what she was getting at, but it seemed too good to be true. Was she trying to hint that she'd miss him? The moment of hope was shoved aside by reality. Inuyasha was a total ass, and Kagome was a sweet girl.

After another minute dragged on, Kagome finally dropped the smile, turned to face him fully, and crossed her arms stubbornly over her chest. Her mouth was set in a determined line. "So, there's this website my brother loves. I don't really check it out all that often, but sometimes if there's a good post, Souta'll call me up and read it to me. Or text it. Something. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad or disgusting."

Golden eyes glued on his shoes, Inuyasha and his plummeting stomach did not like where this was going.

"There was a real interesting one that went up last night. Souta told me about it this morning."

"You got a point?" Inuyasha asked defensively.

Kagome's mouth twitched as if she was fighting a smile. "I was kind of hoping you might recognize it. Inuyasha, do you ever check out that website… F My Life?"